Tsuki – Chapter 319: Developer T

This is a single cell, right?

This is the impression of Tomoe after seeing the arrangement of the room they will be living in while being guided by Seina and Tigu.

The construction maniac professional eldwa that was given the drawing also chuckled at this.

This certainly isn’t a space that people could live in.

That’s how it looked.

This was the result after the director, the staff members, and some opinions of the children were mixed into it, but now that they think about it, the opinion of a group of people who have no knowledge in construction is just put together haphazardly anyways. Tomoe didn’t take into consideration this.

“This will be more difficult than expected.” (Tomoe)

“Seems so. I would say Tomoe-sama or Komoe-sama can create an illusion that has pseudo-sensation to explain how it would look like.” 

“…That would be quite the construction planification meeting the likes that no one in this world has experienced before.” (Tomoe)

“But this Weitz Orphanage remodeling is a direct matter of Waka-sama, also it is in part related to Lime, so as someone that’s part of the construction department of the Kuzunoha Company, I don’t want to skimp any parts.” 

“I know. This is in a sense a job that Waka ordered me. Well, the small ones can just sleep together in a huddle. For the children that are of a decent age, divide them between male and female… I would say rooms for 4 people?” (Tomoe)

“Sounds about right. The size would be…fumu, I would say 4 tatami mats and a half.” 

“Wait wait, 4 and a half? You are not thinking about making it a 4 story building, right?” (Tomoe)

The eldwa thinks about the size of the rooms from the construction plan.

After hearing the result of the calculations, she hesitated for an instant, and asked about the structure of the building. 

“We are going to be handling it, so it must be a construction that shows the workmanship of the company.” 

“So you say, but it is an orphanage, you know? Won’t it stand out in a bad way? Can’t you proceed with the current 2 story plan?” (Tomoe)

“I feel like it would simply change from single cell to single cell(?).” 

“Hmm…” (Tomoe)

“Then, how about we compromise and go for a 3 story. Is there a need for the staff members to have their own rooms? Might as well just prepare a dormitory and…” 

“No-ja. There’s more than 200 children. No matter how close it is, having them come from a different place is a no-ja.” (Tomoe)

They will be preparing a director room that will be serving as a reception, and make it possible to sleep there, but that doesn’t mean the director alone will be able to care for the children.

Tomoe thought that it would be best if, instead of preparing a night watch place, it would be better for the staff members to be living in the same place as it has been until now.

“…Ah, right. There’s a whole lot of ruffians in Tsige.” 

“That’s how it is-ja. Aside from the outward appearance, there’s also the need for it to be a practical facility in a variety of ways.” (Tomoe)

Places that require water like the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as rooms for training will be on the first floor. 

The sunlight reaches well in the upper area, so making a vegetable garden to deepen their understanding of plants might be a good idea.

If this were their company store, they could use magic tools like they were common items, ignoring all theory and common sense, to overwhelm intruders, but this time around, it is a different matter.

“But this is supposed to be a place that the orphanage hasn’t had before.” 

“On the inside, that is.” (Tomoe)

“Then there’s the need to show that it is new to a certain extent. If we make it so that any idiot can tell that the Kuzunoha Company was involved, it can serve as one barrier of sorts.” 

“…Do you really want to make that 4 story building that much?” (Tomoe)

“I want to!” 

‘Haah’, Tomoe lets out a deep sigh.

So reliable. 

And also amusing.

“Got it got it. I will ask Waka for his approval…maybe we can try going that route.” (Tomoe)

“Alright!! Thank you very much! Then, let’s go to the next point at once.” 

“Hm?” (Tomoe)

“We will set toilets on each floor, and the drainage will be like this and this.” 

“…No. Settle it all on the first floor. It would reduce the pains if the water related stuff is on the low side on the second floor and up, right?” (Tomoe)

“Then, I will set an automatic bath on the first floor that will take away the dirt in your body with small bubbles that I have been experimenting with recently.” 

“Are you making a hotel here?! What are you doing putting experimental stuff from Asora into the new building of an orphanage?!” (Tomoe)

“Eh? I can’t? Can’t it just barely make it? We want to do our best since we have a rare request directly from Waka-sama.” 

“Even a big bathroom is a luxury-ja zo. As long as they have a place to bathe in, it should be okay.” (Tomoe)

“…Got it. For the bathing, we will simply set a place that can put out hot or cold water on the regular.” 

“…Wait. That’s a bit too luxurious, construction mania. You are supposed to be the boss here.” (Tomoe)

“Waka-sama would be picky on bath related stuff!” 

“Think about what’s fitting for the setting!” (Tomoe)

Not only Seina and Tigu, to think that even the one in charge of the construction from their place would get strangely heated up. This was a complete miscalculation from Tomoe.

Moreover, as she listens more and more, she would go ‘what’s with that, doesn’t it sound nice?’, which is the scary part.

Well, they are currently drawing the plans as they adjust those suggestions.

This may sound weird, but they weren’t expecting anything normal to be coming from this from the very beginning.

And then, after one night…

“Uhm, Tomoe-san.” 

“…What-ja?” (Tomoe)

Seina looks at Tomoe with a straight face. 

Because Tomoe was accompanying the eldwas, she missed the time for dinner, and it was only until late at night that she was now able to return to her room, which made her be in an incredibly bad mood.

Moreover, with the instructions of Tomoe as foundation, the eldwas were adjusting the blueprints the whole night as if it were natural.

By the time they were called for breakfast, the blueprints had jumped into a completely different dimension, and Tomoe managed to somehow put common sense to it and adjusted it to a degree that they could compromise.

If they were regular people, not sleeping a wink would make them have bags under their eyes, their bodies would be sluggish, and they would feel horrible, but Tomoe can go one or two weeks without sleeping. 

That’s probably the only saving for her.

“There’s 4 blueprints here.” (Seina)

“By your proposal, it should have been a single cell for residence.” (Tomoe)

“Uhu.” (Seina)

“So we made it a 4 story building for convenience. Thus, 4 blueprints.” (Tomoe)

“F-Four story, you say?! Are you really gonna be making something like that?!” (Seina)

Seina hasn’t even heard about a building with 4 floors. 

Or more like, most of the people in Tsige who face hardships almost on the daily have not seen a building like that.

“We can. No problem.” (Tomoe)

“…Uhm, Tomoe-san.” (Tigu)

“What-ja, Tigu?” (Tomoe)

“It looks like the garden is gone though.” (Tigu)

“There’s one, on the 3rd floor.” (Tomoe)

“3rd floor?!” (Tigu)

The result after thinking (the eldwas) about the location and public order, it ended up with having the garden on the first floor being pointless.

In this fantasy world where they associate direct contact with the ground as receiving the blessing of the earth and the influence of the Spirits, Seina and Tigu do have a point.

But according to the workers, as long as you mix a ‘variety’ of things to the earth when adding it, it won’t be any inferior. 

Even though she told them to not ignore the logic of the world.

Tomoe felt a headache coming to her.

But she decided to shut one eye to something of this degree.

There’s also the justified great cause of showing the people of Tsige the construction skill of the Kuzunoha Company.

On the day of the construction, Makoto will be in the Dusk Street.

Tomoe pumped herself up thinking that she should think up a variety of things until then.

“In that case, what will we do about the luggage placer that was made recently?” (Tigu)

Tigu’s question was natural.

The small hut that the dwarves made immediately when arriving had become the center of attention for the children.

It was as if a small house had been made at the corner of the garden all of a sudden, so their tension being at max was to be expected.

“The luggage carriers will be coming on the appointed day. Just as the dwarves of before, I am grateful that they didn’t hate or get scared of the demi-humans too much. You are raising them well.” (Tomoe)

“I don’t know about other places, but there’s a lot of demi-human adventurers in this city, and for the orphans and us staff members, they are not people we can make fun of. Of course we would teach them that. Lime also said all the time that talking about this and that of demi-humans is something that only weaklings would do.” (Tigu)

“I see, so there was groundwork from Lime, huh. I can understand that.” (Tomoe)

The place has been educated by Lime, so the orphans and staff members don’t show much opposition.

This will make quite the good impression on Makoto. Tomoe praised the fine job of Lime internally.

“Tomoe-san!!” (Seina)

Seina flipped the blueprints and raised a loud voice.

“I am listening one by one here, so can you be a little more quiet? What-ja?” (Tomoe)

Feeling that the excitement of Seina and Tigu was increasing more and more, Tomoe warned them to keep it down before urging her to continue.

“What’s this ascending device?” 

“It is called an elevator. It is a box shaped container that can go up and down to transport to each floor which we use experimentally in the Kuzunoha Company.” (Tomoe)

“How do you move something like that?” (Seina)

“Magic power-ja.” (Tomoe)

“Even if you tell me magic power, we don’t have a mage in our place.” (Seina)

“Figures. In other words, if you want to use it, learn to use magic power.” (Tomoe)

“…That’s unreasonable.” (Seina)

“The main purpose is that we will be using it for convenience at the construction day and for maintenance. But if you want to use it, you can. Just think of it as not being there for now.” (Tomoe)

“Also, about the garden on the third floor.” (Seina)

“Yes?” (Tomoe)

“There’s also a vegetable garden. Where are we going to get the water?” (Seina)

“From the first floor, of course. Carry it. It will be a good workout.” (Tomoe)

“Aah, I see. It was such a normal answer I am relieved. Got it, that will be okay.” (Seina)

“What’s with that-ja.” (Tomoe)

“No, it is just that the construction of the Kuzunoha Company is so incredible, I thought you would say something like the ground would be gushing water or something.” (Seina)

“What’s with that? There’s no way you can make a water fountain garden on the third floor! Seina, you are reaching there!” (Tigu)


Tomoe was silent at the exchange of the two.

(There was actually one on the morning blueprints. A water fountain and sprinklers to water the vegetable garden. Of course I would eliminate those stuff!) (Tomoe)

Tomoe decided to keep it shut that their crazy assumptions were actually there in the morning. 

“Aah, also…” (Tomoe)


“Sorry, but as you can see, there will be quite the changes, so…the schedule has changed a bit.” (Tomoe)

“As in?” (Seina)

Seina questions the effects it will have with the program.

“…Let’s see. It would be faster to do it as the eldwas said, huh.” (Tomoe)

“Eh?” (Seina)

“I will have you two sleep for a bit.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe had closed her eyes to ponder for a bit, and after nodding once, she suddenly said that to the two, and Seina and Tigu collapsed onto the table. 

At some point in time, there was dense mist around them.

“I am the one who has to explain it, so it is not like I can take it easy, but it would save me a bit of the trouble.” (Tomoe)

Saying this, Tomoe leans her body on the bridge and closes her eyes.

By the time Seina and Tigu opened their eyes, they were in the room of a building they have never seen before.

“Eh? Eeh?!” (Seina)

“W-What’s going on?!” (Tigu)

“Don’t make so much noise. The explanation was going to become a pain, so I simply changed the method of explaining to an easier to understand one. This here will be the room on the second floor of the children that are decently aged.” (Tomoe)

“Eeh?!” (Seina)

“I am showing you the finished product using an illusion. Well, it may be slightly different from the result, but think of it as being close to it.” (Tomoe)

“Wow, so this is how it works out there, huh…” (Tigu)

Tigu was at a loss of words spaced-out while feeling the clear sense of touch from the wall. 

Unfortunately, there’s no one here who can tell him: ‘It is okay, there’s certainly a lot of people out there who would think the same way as you’. 

“The small ones will all be sleeping in another room together. It will also serve as a hall and many other things. And so, about this place.” (Tomoe)


“I will have you use one room per 4 people. The beds will look like this.” (Tomoe)

Saying this, bunk beds appear at both ends of the room. 



“Well, you can make a partition to make it a pseudo room for two. Do as you please.” (Tomoe)

The positioning of the beds was freely changing with the words of Tomoe.

Seina and Tigu were flabbergasted the whole time and shocked.

“So, these beds, I will make it so they are decently easy to put together, so I want you people to be the ones putting them together.” (Tomoe)

“Eeh?! We can’t make a great bed like this!” (Seina)

“Not make. I said put together.” (Tomoe)

“…In other words, you will leave them in a state that even newbies can do it?” (Seina)

“Umu. We also have to confirm the state and number of bed covers, there’s the chance there won’t be enough on that day. The workers got way too into it and it ended up in this kind of building after all. The workload is going to increase. Ain’t that funny?” (Tomoe)

“Tigu, what do you think? Could we do it?” (Seina)

“…Hmm, I don’t know. Tomoe-san, can we practice with an experimental one for future’s sake?” (Tigu)

“I have already brought it. If you guys are enquiring about it, I don’t think there will be any problems. We have to push a bit of the work to you guys, or there will be no end, you see. Counting on you guys.” (Tomoe)

“I feel like we are in an unbelievable vortex here.” (Seina)

“You are feeling that just now? Well, it is okay to take several days putting the beds together. You can just sleep all together in the large room till then.” (Tomoe)

“Uhm, Tomoe-san, since we have the chance here, I would like to see a recreation of the water facilities and the garden.” (Seina)

Confirming the size of the bed, Seina, who was mumbling, raised her head and requests of Tomoe.

“I know. I was going to show you all the main places from the very beginning anyways. We are making something this large of a scale after all.” (Tomoe)

The two who saw the garden and vegetable garden opened their eyes wide and cheered. 

When the two learned that there were showers to bathe in, the two were dumbfounded and delighted.

They were pretty confused as to what they would be using such a big washing place for, so when they learned about it, they were pretty shocked.

The gathering of water, the state of the lighting, the drainage channel, and the waterway of before.

Tomoe drove her explanations into the heads of Seina and Tigu.

(It really makes it clearer to understand when they have an image, even if it is an illusion. We have to hurry with the buying of the surrounding land. Twice the market price might not be enough…) (Tomoe)

It was clear as day that there will be complaints from many places once a 4 story building suddenly appears close to them.

It will be the worst reception.

Tomoe, who judged that it would be a pain to have them all understand, thought it would be better to just shut them all up with money.

Just buy it all.

A site where there’s an orphanage is cheaper compared to the average of Tsige as a whole.

But it is by no means cheap.

Due to it being a large scope, it will be quite the expense.

(Well, maybe we can make a fire prevention facility, parks, water purifiers, and company related facilities. Good grief, to think we would also end up having to manage the waning sections of Tsige at the same time. That’s quite the developer debut-ja na.) (Tomoe)

A whole lot of problems appeared in her mind.

Even so, this is a personal matter. 

Tomoe didn’t feel at all that this was out of her hands.

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