Maou – Chapter 38-39: Dancing swindler and the big gold coin

—Yahoo City, in the store of Eternal History.

“This…what kind of magic tool is this?!”

Maou proudly placed the music box on the table, and the moment he winded the spring, the eyes of History opened up wide.

He doesn’t know what power is at work here, but it was playing music that was seeping into his heart.

For some mysterious reason, just listening to it made him remember a nostalgic scenery, calming his heart, and even felt like tears would come out.

“It is too fast to be surprised…There’s still two types of springs.” (Maou)

Maou inserted a spring of different color and elegantly winds it.

This time, a cheerful sound filled the room. Listening to this, the face of History felt like it began to loosen.

“Is this also an article from the other side of the sea?!” (History)

“That’s right. In the winter nights of my country, we would play this while enjoying wine, and it is popular within the refined people.” (Maou)

“This is an unbelievable gem. With no need for musical instruments, no need to call a musician, you can enjoy music in such an easy manner.” (History)

“In dance parties and social gatherings, they would still be needed. However, in the times when you are alone in your room, or when there’s a gathering of people, this one here won’t be as exaggerated and it is a smart choice. Also, it is easy to bring around. Bringing around an actual orchestra would -honestly speaking- be boorish.” (Maou)

History nods at the words of Maou.

Within the nobles, there’s some who would bring around an orchestra, and there’s some who would bring them in their trips, as if that’s just how nobles should be.

In the opinion of History, this was something that would bring forth mocking laughter.

“And so, this article…how much would it go for?” (History)

“I would like History-dono decide the price.” (Maou)

History opened his eyes wide and gulps.

He is telling him to put a price to this unbelievable article. If he were to place a bad price, he might get give up on him.

That fear ran through the body of History. The things that Maou brings are all mysterious, and he is a customer he cannot allow to escape from his hands.

“This must have been quite the expensive good in Kunai-sama’s country…” (History)

“Who knows. This kind of artistic goods heavily differ in worth depending on the person that sees and holds it.” (Maou)

History tried to subtly probe him, but Maou avoids it with exquisite form.

Rather than him not making any commitment, it was more like he was testing him. At the very least, the attitude of Maou only reflected in that way to History.

History was in anguish for a while, but maybe he finally gave up, or resolved himself, he says with a wrung out voice.

“Honestly speaking, I can’t even imagine what the price this article will have when I place it in the auction…” (History)

“Fumu. Do you think it will get a decent price?” (Maou)

“Of course! This kind of mysterious article would have as many people wishing for it!” (History)

“I see. Then, around how much would be the lowest price of the auction?” (Maou)

It is here, is what History thought.

He is planning on judging from that price.

If he messes up here, Maou would most likely send this article to another place. Art dealers can be found anywhere if you just look.

He wouldn’t be losing just once, but might lose all future transactions as well.

History resolved himself and speaks out the price.

He actually does plan on putting that as the lowest asking price.

“I would begin from 15 big gold coins at the very least. I would say a person that can’t pay that much doesn’t have the qualification to stand in that auction.” (History)

Those words made Maou close his eyes, and a silence painful to the ears continued.

For History, this was like a hellish time that could decide his destiny.

Unknowing whether this time was long or short, Maou slowly opens his mouth and speaks.

“You have a good discerning eye. As expected of a person I have approved of.” (Maou)

Maou says this and stands up, and then stretches his hand out to History.

Exchanging a handshake, History felt like tears were going to come out at the fact that he was able to get the trust of this mysterious person that came from the other side of the sea.

Thinking about how he is close to the Holy Maiden, the only thing he could think this man is would be an aristocrat of a distant land. Moreover, holding in possession many unbelievable articles, making him basically like a treasure mountain.

Maou received an astounding amount of 15 big gold coins and left the store with a pleased expression, and after that, the Music Box was bought by a certain Madam.

The winning bid was a surprising 42 big gold coins.

The winning bidder was Madam Kakifry (little sister) who buys every single rare thing.

Obtaining an enormous sum of money, he expanded his store, and increased his standing.

It truly was a win-win relationship.

Kakifry who bought the music box was also plenty satisfied with it, and she gathered envy from the surrounding nobles. For the nobles, having something  others don’t is a big status, and it becomes a ‘weapon’ that’s stronger than military force.


—Yahoo City, popular clothing store: Fashion Check.

The moment that person opened the door and entered, the store owner, Bingo, unconsciously jumped.

It was the Incredible VIP-sama that had come the other day.

“Kunai-sama, I am glad for your visit! Everyone, greet him!” (Bingo)

““Welcome humble customer!””

“Y-Yeah…” (Maou)

Being welcomed grandly by the personnel, Maou looks to both sides in an agitated manner.

He probably didn’t think he would be welcomed this much. But different from last time, he already has in mind the clothes he wants to order.

Maou regained his calm, and then places two sets of clothing on the table.

One is a silk tuxedo that he made before; the other one is a newly made low grade item, Bunny Suit.

Both have 5 defense, and in the game, they are treated as trash.

“Owner, I want around 20 of these clothes made. Can you?” (Maou)

“Please wait a moment…” (Bingo)

Bingo holds them in hand, and looks at the details of them with the eyes of a pro.

In terms of the making of them, they are not that difficult. Compared to the dresses that the nobles use in dance parties, you could call them simple.

The Bunny Suit is the more sensational one, but these kind of clothes are commonly made for places like brothels. Rather it is the fishnet tights that were the most stimulating and this costume he has never seen before had sewn the eyes of Bingo to it.

“Yeah, I think I can make them without problems. But the size…” (Bingo)

“You have someone that can take measurements, right? Anyways, what I am looking for this time around is fast work. Once they are made, I want you to sent them to the Rabi Village as soon as possible.” (Maou)

“You may tell me about speed, but…the making of them will require a decent amount of time…” (Bingo)

“I will prepare the money that matches the speed.” (Maou)

Maou takes out the money with no hesitation and lines up 5 big gold coins on the table.

The dazzling light illuminates the store, and this shine made everyone in the store gulp.

“T-This is…” (Bingo)

Bingo raised a voice that was barely intelligible and looks at Maou with an upward glance. His face seemed as if it were going to cry at any moment.

“This is advance payment. If you finish the job fast, I will pay 2 more. You can do it, right? Say you can.” (Maou)

“I can!! I will definitely, even if for a second faster, shend it to hyou!” (Bingo)

“Splendid. Well then, begin at once please.” (Maou)

“Everyone, it is war now! Hurry!” (Bingo)

The store turned into a big ruckus, and everyone was running as if they had gone crazy.

People who were going to buy the materials, people who were readying the production, people who were preparing the late night meal; what everyone had in common was that…they all had big gold coins for eyes.

Money can sometimes drive people crazy, and at times move them into action.

Maou was watching this as he slowly lights up his tobacco.

His face was incredibly satisfied, and was arrogant to the extreme.

His ability to make people run around wildly was truly like that of a king that rules evil.

  • Chapter 39: Poker face

(Okay, the food has been dealt with somehow.) (Maou)

After that, I headed to the company that’s said to be the forefront of the Yahoo city, and with 5 big gold coins, I made arrangements for food. Things like bread, milk, vegetables, meat, eggs will be sent to the Rabi Village at set periods of time.

Regarding this, before I could say anything, the people of the company began to run around, but their drive to move as soon as possible was admirable. They must be taught well since they are the forefront.

The expenses are piling up, but something like that can be regained when business begins to move.

(Preparations are mostly done.) (Maou)

After that, I sent a letter to Madam Ebifry, then brought a female employee of the clothing store  with me to the Rabi Village.

The female employee was surprised by the fact that we warped locations, but when I made a half-assed explanation like ‘it is a magic from the other side of the sea’, she nodded while trembling.

I feel like she was a bit too scared though…

“There’s no need to worry. Just think about your own work. That money also carries the meaning of ‘don’t say anything unnecessary’, do you understand?” (Maou)


“Right, after you finish measuring, you can enter the hot spring. Two birds with one stone.” (Maou)

“Hotto Spuring?”

When I bring the female employee to the hot spring inn, she opened her mouth wide, and had a difficult to describe expression. I wonder how it looks to the people of this world.

Oh well, I will investigate those things too.

<<Yuu, did you finish explaining?>> (Maou)

<<Yes. There were slight complications, but…Ah, Luna-chan, that’s an electric bath.>> (Yuu)

Akyaaaah! It prickles!!

I wonder why…I felt like I heard the scream of Luna that I shouldn’t be able to hear. Whisper can only be done one on one, so other voices shouldn’t be picked up though.

<<Saunas can be dangerous if you are not sufficiently nourished with water, so take care in that area as well.>> (Maou)

<<I see. And…ah, the Bunny girl, Kyon, that one is a jar bath, so it is deep.>> (Yuu)

Kyaaaah!! Jars are scary!…-pyon.

I wonder why…even at times like this, I felt like I heard a voice that was ending her sentences weirdly.

In a sense, that could be considered will-power—-wait, the conversation is not progressing at all!

<<Also, Chief, I was wondering if the fatigue from your everyday work has accumulated… I would like to wash your back.>> (Yuu)

<<N-No, there’s no need for that. I still have things I am thinking about over here.>> (Maou)

<<…Is it about the village?>> (Yuu)

<<That as well, but I am also thinking about calling one subordinate more.>> (Maou)

The noisy ones are all in the hot spring, so this is a good chance.

Using this moment, I will think carefully about the close-aide summon. Just by summoning them, our strength will increase by leaps and bounds.

If I leave the work to the competent ones, the time I can move freely should increase.

(This time will be a man…) (Maou)

I actually wanted to call Ren, but thinking about the future, that would be slightly bad.

I entered the hot spring inn, and pass through the sign for the men’s bath.


“Fuuh…This is it…” (Maou)

Soaking into the open air bath till my shoulders, I crack my neck from right to left.

When I moved my shoulders, it felt as if the stiffness of my muscles was loosening. Looks like the fatigue from everyday had stiffened me more than I thought.

I scoop water and splash it on my face, and an indescribable bliss spread through my whole face.

It was a moment I felt like it is great to be alive. At the corner of the open air bath, the *shishiodoshi’s* inside was being filled with bath water, and made a nice *pon sound. <A bamboo tube that clacks against a stone when emptied. Used to scare birds.>

When I look up, I could see the moon too.

(Haha, an open air bath in a fantasy world, huh…) (Maou)

If I hadn’t made the <<Hot Spring Inn>> in the game, I wouldn’t have been able to taste something like this here. I am slightly grateful to the past me.

At that time when I made it, I thought: ‘Hot springs in this bloodthirsty game?! (lol)’, but now that is also a nice memory.

(Now then, I should remember the settings of my close-aides in detail once again.) (Maou)

I already have a candidate this time around, and it won’t change.

However, lately, I have rarely been alone.

I need time to carefully think, that includes the future as well. The management of the village, teaching the employees, the guest receivers for nobles and guests, security; the only ones who can do all of these are Ren and one other.

(I will have to think about the near future when I will be leaving the village temporarily…) (Maou)

I want to think that it will be okay if I just tell Yuu strictly, but I would like someone to keep an eye on Yuu just in case.

When considering that, Ren and Yuu have a despairingly bad affinity.

If I am not there, it could easily turn into a battle to the death.

(And having only women around is already getting stuffy.) (Maou)

There’s the need for a reliable lookout and a babysitter.

While soaking in the bath, I think about the male close-aides I myself created.


Katou Masaru, 16 years old.

From the young group side.

A double sword user that wields two god katanas. His strength is still rough in the edges, but he is still in the middle of his growth, so his future prospects are bright.

His personality is simple, and he is the very definition of muscle-brained. He is the type that moves his hand first before his mouth.

Because he doesn’t consider strength and standing at all, he speaks informally to everyone and takes a condescending attitude, he has faced pain due to this several tens of times, but he doesn’t reflect on it -cause his brain doesn’t have space enough to process that.

In his free time, he would do muscle training and tempering himself. He has no interest in anything aside from getting stronger.

At first I thought of him as Kirito, but now…

Doesn’t need money, doesn’t need women; fighting the strong is his only way of living -a sword fighting idiot.

His relationship with Kunai is simply that of superior and subordinate.

Just that, in my opinion as his creator, he is like a problematic neighborhood child. How to say it, he is so stupid he is cute. It is a hard to explain character.

Kondou Yuuya, 16 years old.

Same as Katou, from the young group side.

He has a 100% hit rate with a bow and has abnormal eyes.

The arrows that are shot with his godly eyes that are practically seeing the future, it was difficult to evade even for max value Players.

In this world, you could even say that the moment he shoots, your death is assured.

His personality is narrow-minded, scaredy-cat, and a shut-in.

And fact is that he rarely went out of his room at the Nightless Castle.

Anime, light novels, manga, games…even his soul had been rotten by 2D and has an extreme personality of not having any interest at all in the 3d world.

From the eight close-aides, he is quite innately good and a harmless person. However, because of being a shut-in, the moment you step into his ‘territory’, you will face a trascendental attack that even hell would be lukewarm.

He has a cute face, but he is someone you must not get close to at all cost.

If you leave him alone, he is harmless, so even with the uncountable battles in the Nightless Castle, there were many who would just ignore him.

The female Players would go ‘Kondou-kyun is cute, so I won’t attack him’, so in a lot of meanings, he is a character with many benefits.

So it really is the face, huh, god dammit. I don’t have this face because I want to, you know?!

His relationship with Kunai is…how to say it…he probably thinks of him as a scary person. He is extremely shy towards others, so he practically doesn’t talk or get in contact with anyone aside from the young group side of the close-aides.

Maybe because he was from the same school as Katou, he is the only one he speaks poisonous words to.

Tahara Isami, 31 years old.

This can be considered one of the senior group side.

He is a specialist in guns and is loved by all the firearms in the world. He is being followed around by 47 guns and is haunted by severe stalking tendencies from them.

In terms of his fighting style, he has an arsenal of unpleasant skills. All of his guns hold their own will, and can shoot bullets like a storm.

From the close-aides, he is the only one with the setting of ‘Genius’, and no matter what he is made to do, he will learn it quickly, and will show a result far higher than that of others.

However, he is usually teasing people with a smirk on his face, and his attitude is the very definition of lack of energy.

His ability to provoke people is also uselessly high.

It feels like he has a lax expression, but at the same time it is a poker face, and for the enemy, he is a character that is hard to grasp.

Tahara has a little sister far younger than him, and the setting is that he entered the committee and does the dirty work to earn the money for his sister’s upbringing.

By the way, he has a serious case of siscon, practically a disease.

He categorizes women as ‘Manami’ and ‘the others’, so he has reached a summit where even doctors would throw the towel.

His relationship with Kunai is not good or bad. It truly is a business relationship.

He is a good person at heart, but he shows no mercy to enemies at all.

Nomura Takefumi, 41 years old.

This is also one of the senior group side.

The pride of the Grand Empire, the undefeated and invincible martial arts champion.

You could say he is a world level infamous guy. He is a guy that fell in love, not with a Divine Person, but with a woman from a vassal country, and pushed the marriage even with the opposition of his surroundings.

He also shook his head at the higher ups who tried to convince him, and finally, a part of the group that had their pride crushed went on a rampage; accusing Nomura of drugs, fixed games, threatening, and many other false accusations every day, he ended up being banished from the martial arts world.

After that, he wandered to other countries with his wife, but the people that had a grudge with the Grand Empire killed her wife, and within disappointment and despair, he cut contact with everyone.

Several years after, he passed his days as a corrupted hero, a fallen heel, in the underground martial arts stage where he punched people to death, but he got scouted by Kunai and entered the committee.

His strength was far from his prime, and his past glory was already lost.

You could say he doesn’t have a single shred of loyalty to Kunai.

He only held disdain towards the thoroughly cruel Game. Regarding the committee, he thought that it was a fitting place for a fallen person like him.

Since the time he lost his wife, he rarely spoke, and he wouldn’t converse.

In the setting, if he were to get back the strength from his prime time, he would be the strongest of the created close-aides. However, the key to awaken that is…sadly, lost already.


(This time is obviously Tahara…) (Maou)

Looking back at the male close-aides, I felt nostalgic. I also do think that I created many characters with strange settings.

Especially Nomura, his backstory can be described with the single word tragic.

When I was making him, I thought of it lightly as: ‘An old man with a dark past would be nice!’, but when it actually gains life…

(How to say it, it would be hard to look him in the face…) (Maou)

Leaving the open air bath, I cool down my body.

Next time, I should find the chance to use the sauna as well. Using the jet bathtub to massage my whole body also sounds nice.

While I was thinking that, a voice that shouldn’t be here entered my ears.

“I found you.”

“Brat?! Why are you here?!” (Maou)

It is Tron, who is supposed to be in the women’s bath.

I hurriedly wrap the towel around my waist.

If someone were to see us here, it would be no joke.

“I am going to wash your long hair as a thanks for the dried bread.” (Tron)

“This is the men’s bath, brat!” (Maou)

“I am not a brat. I am Tron.” (Tron)

Or more like, she is butt-naked!

Even if she is a brat, this is bad. The day Yuu sees me like this, there’s no doubt she would sent me a gaze so cold it could freeze a mammoth.

Luna would say: ‘You have finally shown your true colors, perverted Demon Lord!’, and would make a ruckus as if she had caught me red-handed.

“Leave at once! Or more like, at least wrap a towel around you!” (Maou)

“I am okay being seen by Zero.” (Tron)

“I am not Zero!” (Maou)

After that, I somehow managed to shoo away the intruder(?), and after thoroughly telling her ‘don’t call me Zero in front of others!’, I left the hot spring.

I feel like at the end my fatigue shot up… Was there any point in entering the hot spring?

(I should quickly call Tahara…As if I can stand being the only man in this group!) (Maou)

I leave the hot spring and bring up the Admin Window.

If I can be freed from this craziness, spending 1,000 SP is cheap.

“[Admin Right: Close-aide Summon].” (Maou)

This would be my second time, but calling a close-aide still makes me slightly nervous. At the same time, I feel excitement.

In a sense because I am meeting a character I myself created, and as a creator, this can also be considered the ‘ultimate dream’.

“Tahara, show yourself before me!!” (Maou)

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