Maou – Chapter 36-37: Field Hospital

“Fumu, this place looks good.” (Maou)

I walk through the Rabi Village while thinking about its whole layout, searching for the best place to set the Hospital. The Rabi Village has a big mountain at its back, and its front is adjacent to the main road that leads to the Holy Capital.

In terms of positioning, it is by no means a bad one. If we attract people properly, it should turn things around.

It is at a central point from the commercial city Yahoo and the Holy Capital, so I gotta keep in mind to do publicity in both places.

(Now then, I will bring out the base that I made before and…) (Maou)

I bring out the Normal Base I am fond of from the Item File.

By synthesizing a Base Fortifying Item or a Base Evolution Item with it, things like the defense and endurance can be enhanced, and it can change into something that has a variety of functions.

If one pushes the path of enhancing the defensive power, it would turn into something like this: <<Base (Defensive Power: 10, Endurance: 50).>>

It nullifies a variety of bombardment type attacks, and reduces any type of damage by 10.

That’s the basic capacity of a Base.

It has a variety of functions, but their effects will mostly be enhanced as they evolve.

<<Medium Base>>

It is hard to evolve it to this point, but it reduces 20 from all types of damage.

In the game, if you create this base, you could at least pass a day safely.

Not only the outside, but the inside also changes completely, and you can pass a pleasant time as if you were in a high class hotel.

<<Large Base>>

Excluding certain special cases, it is the Base that has the highest defensive power.

It reduces all types of attacks by 40. It could already be called a fortress.

In the game, it is incredibly difficult to break through it.

Now, if you increase the endurance instead of the defense, it would go through a different route.

<<Secret Base>>

It doesn’t change in ability compared to a normal base, but it reduces the encounter of enemies drastically.

It also has the effect of increasing endurance by +25.

Thinking about the outstanding effect of the [Stealth Stance] I used before, I feel like even trying to find the base would be difficult.

In the game, this is simply a stepping stone for the next base, but in this world, I feel like it might have a lot of uses.

<<Natural Fort>>

It is an equal to the Large Base, and it is the base that has the highest endurance.

Different from the Secret Base, it loses its ability to reduce the encounter rate, however, its endurance is 100, and it is practically impossible to destroy it.

On top of that, there’s 15 types of traps set up, and if you have bad luck, just by getting close to it, you will have a terrible time. It is the worst kind of base.

Head injuries from having oil poured on your head and lit in fire, poisoning from poisoned arrows, leg injuries from pitfalls, damage from strengthened birds, vitality decrease from false treasure chests, etc…

(How to say it, I really make terrifying stuff…) (Maou)

I end up thinking such stuff.

It was fine since it was just inside the game world, but if I were to set this thing up in real life, the people would face hell.

Moreover, this is simply one possible path in the enhancement tree; the evolution tree has a thousand worse bases.

(I have to be careful with the setup of it or I might really end up being called the Demon Lord…) (Maou)

I shake my head and throw away those thoughts.

If there’s no need to place such bases, I won’t have to ever use them. I want to believe that such a day won’t come.

“Chief, what’s the matter?” (Yuu)

“No, I was just tasting the moment where we will be taking our first dazzling step.” (Maou)

Yuu who was by my side tilted her head as she asked.

Damn it, she is an incredible beauty, so when she does those kind of gestures, the gap in personality makes her look really cute…

Beauties really can do whatever and they still end up winning.

“If we do treatments here, we will be able to get a good reputation from many.” (Maou)

“Leave it to me. I will become wings and surely bring Chief to the summit.” (Yuu)

“Y-Yeah…” (Maou)

Eh? Was Yuu always like this?

I simply set her relationship with Kunai as superior and subordinate, so it should be a dry relationship.

She shouldn’t have a personality that would make her say such admirable things…

(Well, it is better than being hated or having a wall made between us, huh…) (Maou)

She is one of the specially cruel characters even within the close-aides after all. I have to make sure not to make her angry or make her hate me, and build up a good relationship with her.

“Ah, Maou-sama…wait, please! Can I bring out the dried bread first?” (Aku)

Aku runs to us from afar as she says that.

Dried bread… What is she going to do with something like that? Well, once it is evolved, the insides will change completely, so it would disappear anyways…

“There’s no need for something like dried bread, right?” (Maou)

“That’s no good! It would be a waste!” (Aku)

“I-I see…” (Maou)

Being pushed by that voice, we bring out the cardboard boxes with dried bread from inside the base. I was the one who set it up, but there’s an unnecessary amount of it, oi.

Well, not wasting food is a good trait.

“Tron-san, let’s bring this to the center of the village!” (Aku)

“Yes, carry.” (Tron)

The two carry the cardboard boxes and leave to the center of the village.

Tron was lightly carrying 10 cardboard boxes at once.

That’s definitely not a human feat…

“Well then…let’s begin.” (Maou)

“Yes, Chief.” (Yuu)

“[Rare Item Creation: Complete Set of Medical Tools].” (Maou)

I take out a box with a red cross painted on it from the pitch black space.

If I just synthesize it with the base, it will be finished.

“[Base Evolution: Field Hospital].” (Maou)

The box gets sucked into the base and the outward appearance was visibly changing together with the dazzling light. In the center of it, a building shining a chalkish color appeared, and around it there were a number of big tents in camouflage color.

Inside the building, there’s the medical examination room, the operation room, and there’s even private spaces. In the surrounding tents, there’s pipe beds placed there.

It truly is a field hospital, but the equipment is plenty enough.

“Chief, how about checking the inside just in case.” (Yuu)

“Right.” (Maou)

I am fine with checking the inside, but why are you wrapping your arms around mine.

She is not thinking about dissecting me, I hope…

I have the barrier, so I know I will be okay, but it doesn’t block the psychological damage, you know.

Stepping into the hospital, there were nostalgic modern equipments there. A concrete building, corridor, a variety of medical tools, simple but thankful air conditioning, the smell of disinfectant, the tightly lined up medicines.

(There’s no electricity being generated for it, and yet…it is working without problems…) (Maou)

I do think that it is a given since it is a game item, but at the same time, I feel like retorting ‘Just what kind of logic does this place run with?!’. In the worst case where electricity would have been needed, I was thinking about bringing out a Generator, but it looks like there’s no need to worry about that.

By the way, the Generator is not used to make electricity, it was used to activate the unusable vending machines that were set around the areas of the game in order to steal the juice packs inside of it.

Since you can get a massive amount of juice packs that restore 20 health, a Generator is something that would make someone dance in joy if found.

“Yuu, do you see any problems?” (Maou)

“No, I can begin as early as today. But how should the pricing be done?” (Yuu)

The problem is that.

In this country, the economy and worth of the money drastically differs between locations.

In the village of Aku, a copper and a big copper was enough to live with, and it seemed like she had rarely seen a silver coin.

It looks like the grassy villages do bartering often as well, so it is hard to judge the worth of the money there.

“I am just tentatively speaking here but, let’s just forcefully use our perception of money. If it looks like it won’t work, we can just adjust it later.” (Maou)

“Right. In this world where the worth of things and the culture is different, it can’t be helped if we are to advance with fumbly steps at first.” (Yuu)

A rough estimate would be 100 yen for the copper coin, and the big copper at 1,000 yen. If we think of the silver coin as 10,000, then the gold coin should be around 100,000 then.

I honestly am not sure of the big gold coin’s worth. The Lamda holy coin that’s further on top of that seems to increase in worth depending on the time, circulation, and numbers of it.

There’s apparently a lot of collectors for the Lamda holy coin, so there’s people who would buy many at once, and on the other hand, there’s also those who sell them all at once, so I feel like if people like us who know nothing were to step into that area, we would face pain.

It is basically like shares. A novice putting their hands on it won’t be facing anything good.

“You can go ahead and treat the poor for cheap. Even if we were to collect money from the ones who have no money, we wouldn’t get much anyways. On the other hand…charge the nobles without restraint.” (Maou)

“…Yes, understood.” (Yuu)

Yuu can heal any wound and disease.

No matter how much we cheat out of the rich, my heart won’t pain.

If this were modern Japan, we would even be able to cure incurable diseases, so even if the price were 100,000,000 or 200,000,000, there would be many who would pay for it.

No matter the world, the places that have money will have it. To the point that they can drown in it.

“Gain popularity from the poor, and steal money from the rich; Chief, you are walking the complete opposite path to the Grand Empire, aren’t you?” (Yuu)

“Walking the same path is the epitome of boredom. That’s the same regressing.” (Maou)

Matching the words of Yuu, I say whatever comes to mind.

No, sorry…I wasn’t thinking that far.

I was just thinking that it would be fine to take money from the places where there is money…

Also, Yuu pursues the mysteries of the body and is a scientist that seeks for the infinite evolution that lies within it.

Regression is the word she hates the most, so I decided on using it.

It looks like it was effective, since I could see Yuu smile and nod deeply.

“Yes, Chief and I…will always be tightly tied by the same desire.” (Yuu)

“R-Right…” (Maou)

The smile of Yuu made my heart skip a beat. She is strangely cute here…

I thought this just a while ago too but, was she always like this?

She should be a mad scientist that would dissect humans incessantly, and would find joy in seeing their distorted faces of pain…

Could it be that her personality changed slightly because of coming to a parallel world?

(Well, we have plenty of time. Let’s just watch how she does in the long term…) (Maou)

I left the hospital and begin setting up the Hot Spring Inn.

  • Chapter 37: Hot Spring Inn

(A hot spring right by the side of a hospital, huh… A good idea even for me.) (Maou)

Healing places, I suppose.

I created a new base, and after putting the dried bread outside, I create the [Rare Item: Spring Water] and finished the Hot Spring Inn.

It is a magnificent establishment that has three floors.

The first floor has the bathing facilities, a giant hall, and a cafeteria; the second and third floor are the lodging rooms.

Since there’s open air baths as well, the surroundings of the inn has closely packed bamboos so that it can’t be seen from the outside. It is an appearance that gives the feeling of refined.

(Bamboos, huh…It is somewhat nostalgic.) (Maou)

It feels like the very definition of a japanese inn, and it is a calming view, but I wonder how the residents of this world view it.

I think east and west share the same sense of beauty though…

“S-Something incredible has been made…-pyon!” (Kyon)

“Don’t understand anything-usa.” (Momo)

The Bunnies made a ruckus after seeing the Inn.

If I remember correctly, they are the bunnies Kyon and Momo… These two look good, so I will have them work in customer service.

If only the installments are good but the employees attitude is bad, the balance would be bad.

(There’s even more need to call that guy…) (Maou)

I don’t have deep knowledge in things like the service industry or customer service.

I should just summon a close-aide that can do anything without problems and throw it all to that person. Have to distribute the work, you know.

“You girls, when the work of today is finished, gather all the villagers here.” (Maou)

“What will you do after calling them…-pyon?” (Kyon)

“In order to guide the guests and explain to them, it is most important to experience it yourself and edge it in your mind. So it will be bathing time.” (Maou)

“Bath…? A luxury like that…can only be done by nobles-usa.” (Momo)

Well, normally, the most one can do is wipe your body with a wet towel. It seems like the most they can do is wash their whole body when rain comes…

Thinking about how a cold bath is the highest of luxuries, submerging in water must be an even further luxury than I can think.

In the long past, Japan apparently burned wood to heat up the water and maintained the fire by blowing it, so thinking about the work to prepare such a bath, it must have been impossible to bath every single day.

Gathering firewood must have been hard work too, and I heard that fire magic stones are costly.

(Should I have the hot spring inn for noble’s use and make a bath-house for commoner’s use?) (Maou)

A bath-house can be considered a lower rank from the hot spring inn, but this one doesn’t use a rare item, but the high grade item <<Kanda River>> to make it. <A river in Japan that stretches for 24.6km.>

The health recovery is leap and bounds lower than that of the Hot Spring Inn, so there was practically no one who would go through the trouble of making the Bath-House.

(Okay, let’s use that for commoner use at a cheap price.) (Maou)

If the cost is around 1-3 copper coins, we would be able to see some decent gains.

This one is already exempted from the money gaining plan.

Inside the facility, there’s only a changing room, a big bath, and cold water. That one will be for commoner use. I will place it somewhere far from the Hot Spring Inn.

“Also, in the near future, I will be demolishing all your houses and making them over.” (Maou)

“Eh?! That would be troubling…-pyon!” (Kyon)

“Dark man…you are our benefactor, but that’s tyranny-usa.” (Momo)

“Who are you calling Dark man?! Don’t call me as if I am the boss of some illegal business!” (Maou)

This Momo girl really does speak out her mind…

Well, that might serve as a plus for masochistic customers though.

Anyways, it might be fine for now, but with many nobles gathering soon, the scenery will also be an important point.

In time, I want to move the fields as well, and change the shape of the whole village.

(I plan…on putting a casino in the near future too after all.) (Maou)

From the evolved bases, there’s the Casino and the Underground Casino.

In the game, there would be things like slot machines, poker,  blackjack, bingo to play with. I will have the nobles with money to spare have fun, and get a killing with it.

In the past and the present, east or west, gambles will always have the bookmaker win big.

That will not change even in the Casino I will be setting.

“Kukuku…Ahahahaha! Can’t stop laughing!” (Maou)

“Dark Man, scary…-pyon.” (Kyon)

“Dark Man went crazy-usa.” (Momo)

And in this way, the Rabi Village had the three facilities: Field Hospital, Hot Spring Inn, and Bath-House, set.

You could call it a big first step.


—That night.

“Everyone, go ahead and take 1 can each person.”

“I will do my best in distributing…munch munch.”

Aku and Tron opened the cardboard boxes, and were distributing the dried bread.

It looks like one of them was eating while distributing them though.

The Bunnies at first were looking in curiosity, but the moment they put the dried bread in their mouth, their bunny ears were moving up and down. At a glance, you can’t tell whether they are happy or angry.

(Is this really okay? Giving dried bread to employees that will be working for me now.) (Maou)

Maou who feared their response left the place without making a sound, and began to take a smoke at the entrance of the village. In his eyes, dried bread is an emergency ration food.

It is not something to distribute to employees with a proud face.

But rather than saying he is worrying too much, it is more like he is just way off the mark.

In this country, what the poor people eat was mostly hard black bread that is hard like a rock. For side dishes, it would be soup with small amount of beans and vegetables at most.

If it is a prosperous agricultural community, it would be eggs from chickens, and at times they could also eat chicken meat. However, most of the other villages and the Rabi Village who have practically no bartering would find it hard to even have that.

“Sweet…Soft…-pyon!” (Kyon)

“These are sweets…-usa!” (Momo)

Dried bread is set as emergency ration for cases of disasters, so it is plentiful in nutrients. Since it is used to supply you with the necessary sugar and urge the making of saliva, inside the can there’s rock sugar.

Sweetness is something that can’t be experienced unless you are a decently rich person.

Hearing the ruckus of the Bunnies, Maou who was at the entrance of the village quivers.

He was slightly trembling with tobacco in hand.

(As I thought, they really are angry! I have to quickly do something about the food…if my employees give me the cold shoulder, the plan will crumble!) (Maou)

Maou was being attacked by a completely off-the-mark fear while the Bunnies gathered in the center of the village were about to enjoy their bath time.

<<Yuu, I’m leaving you with teaching the bath manners to the Bunnies. I will be leaving a bit for business!>> (Maou)

<<Y-Yes…I will be waiting for your return.>> (Yuu)

Maou hurriedly sends a Whisper to Yuu, and prepares to leave.

Slapping his face with both hands, seemingly to pump himself up.

“At any rate, money…I will gather money and make it the opening funds. While at it, I will also do something about the food matter, and I will also have to prepare clothes for work use.” (Maou)

Since ancient times, there’s always the dilemma that in order to gain money, there’s the need for money.

Looks like this kind of subtleties are the same no matter the world.

[Mass Teleport: Yahoo City].

The place Maou headed to was the commercial city, Yahoo.

What’s in his hands is the low grade item, Music Box.

In the game, it is a trash item that’s used by throwing it, but its attack power is 1. Its use number is obviously also 1, so it is a hopelessly useless article.

SP remaining: 1,048 points.

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