Maou – Chapter 40-41: Tahara’s Bravery

“Tahara, show yourself before me!” (Maou)

With those words, a giant light of black and white appeared in front, and when it converged…it shaped into a single man.


He has sleepy face, but he is tall and his physique is firm.

“Hmm? Ain’t that Chief-dono? Wait, where’s this place?!” (Tahara)

(Aah, that’s Tahara…) (Maou)

I was wrapped in a hard to describe feeling seeing the character I myself created moving and talking.

But I don’t have the leisure to lower my guard. Same as Yuu, if this guy learns that I am not Kunai Hakuto, who knows what he would do.

“Well done coming here. This isn’t a good place to talk, how about we move to a more suitable place?” (Maou)

“O-Okay…” (Tahara)

Tahara was looking around and scratches his head.

Well, can’t be helped. In this run-down village, there’s a hot spring inn right in front of him; a weird sight for sure.

“Is this a new ‘stage’? As always really putting in the money.” (Tahara)

“I want to explain that in detail as well.” (Maou)

We head to the hot spring inn’s lobby, and we sit at the sofa there.

There’s an ashtray here, and we can talk calmly. The speaker at the lobby is letting out mild music and it is quite the calming space.

“What I want to say first is that this is not the world where the Grand Empire was.” (Maou)

“Huh?” (Tahara)

I explain the same thing I did to Yuu before.

As I explain what I know and what I learned since then, the face of Tahara changed to different shades, and then sighs as if amazed.

Well, this is the natural reaction. It would be scary if he were to immediately accept it.

“Then, do you mean that this place is a fantasy world like that of anime I saw as a child?” (Tahara)

“Putting it simply, that’s the case.” (Maou)

My reply made Tahara fall into a long silence.

He would look up the ceiling with a sleepy face, scratch his cheek; from an outsider’s perspective, he would look like a useless guy, but I can tell…as his creator, I can tell…his brain is currently turning its gears at a fearsome speed, and is forming several hypothesis and answers.

“Well, you wouldn’t say jokes like this even if it were to rain cats and dogs…” (Tahara)

“By the way, Yuu is also here.” (Maou)

“Geh! That mad woman?! Don’t joke around!” (Tahara)

“I want you to cooperate with Yuu.” (Maou)

While lighting up my tobacco with casual moves, I resist laughing.

His reaction to Yuu is similar to mine.

She may be beautiful, but she is scary… Why did I make her setting that way?

“Chief-dono, can I confirm one thing?” (Tahara)

“What’s the matter?” (Maou)

“This really is a world where that ‘Grand Empire’ doesn’t exist?” (Tahara)

“There’s no doubt about it.” (Maou)

Tahara sighs as if relieved and then he also lights up his own tobacco. He is a heavy smoker that doesn’t lose to me.

Maybe he calmed down after a smoke, Tahara speaks slowly.

“Sorry for saying this Chief-dono, but if this is a world where the Grand Empire doesn’t exist, there’s nothing as joyful as that. Don’t know about you though.” (Tahara)

At first he was hesitant, but Tahara told me this clearly with his eyes directly looking at mine.

Even if you tell me that…if it were Kunai Hakuto it would be one thing, but for me, the Grand Empire is simply the game’s background story, and was simply a ‘device’ to make that survival death game.

I carefully made it so that it would mesh well with the world, and people playing can easily get into the game. But it doesn’t relate to the game itself.

There’s probably not that many dedicated players who would read through all the mountains of small stories.

For the casual players, when they begin they would go: ‘Ah, in this game there’s this kind of country, huh’.

“There’s no need to be reserved with me. We are not tied to the Grand Empire anymore after all.” (Maou)

“I see… Then, I would like to ask you a few questions while at it. What do you plan to do in this world? Are you planning on heading back to your original world in the end? What are you planning on making us do by gathering us?” (Tahara)

Maou and Tahara

They were difficult questions.

It is not about how to answer in a way that it can convince him…but because I am still in the middle of deciding my goal. Regaining all my admin rights is a decent one, but investigating the Seraph and returning to my original world…that’s something I don’t know if it is possible.

In the first place, what do I plan on doing after returning?

Unchanging everyday life and work?

Marrying someone, raise my children, and in the end, buried in my grave…

No, before that, what would happen to these guys I summoned?

Even if I return to my original world, the game doesn’t exist anymore. In other words, I indirectly killed that world, their world.

Once my business is over, will I erase them and ‘kill them’ again?

“There’s too little I can say right now. But yeah…at the very least…” (Maou)

Tahara was looking at me; it was an incredibly silent and mysterious feeling. It is the gaze that is trying to push through the pleats of my heart and read through everything.

“I am thinking about walking the complete opposite path of the Empire.” (Maou)

“…Hooh.” (Tahara)

I say the same words that came out in the conversation with Yuu before. And in reality, I wouldn’t even dream of walking that bloodstained path.

Walking that same path would mean ruling the world with military might. Why would I come to a parallel world to kill and be hated?

“…Well, fine. I have earned plenty money from you, I do owe you that. Without you, Manami and I would have died.” (Tahara)

“…About your little sister…” (Maou)

This guy is a serious case of siscon.

I myself made that setting, so there’s no doubt about that.

What does he think about the fact that he is in an environment where his sister is not around?

“It is okay. It would be better if a brother like me, who works mafia-like jobs, isn’t by her side. I have left her in the care of old man Sougen, so there’s no need to worry.” (Tahara)

Sougen…Now that he mentions it, I did make an old man like that in the short stories of Tahara.

The owner of a historical shrine whose influence works even against the higher ups of the Grand Empire and is also a big landlord.

I am glad I made him… If I hadn’t made that setting, he might have pushed a gun barrel on my head and demanded me to return him at once.

“And so, what should I do at present?” (Tahara)

“First will be the management of this poor village. The facilities are: a Field Hospital, a Hot Spring Inn, and a Bath-House.” (Maou)

Changing the layout of the whole village, teaching the employees, plans to gain profit, trouble disposal, contact with the nobles, babysitting; as I tell him those things, the face of Tahara distorts in a funny way.

“Don’t ask for the impossible! Do you think I am Doraemon or something?!” (Tahara)

“You are a genius. You surely can do it. I am the one saying it, so there’s no doubt.” (Maou)

“Ugh! Agah…” (Tahara)

“What’s the matter?” (Maou)

Tahara suddenly jumped and makes a weird face.

Didn’t Yuu react this way as well before?

“F-For some reason, something like a jolt passed through my body…What’s going on…” (Tahara)

“Are you not feeling well? Have Yuu check you.” (Maou)

“Please don’t! The day I get checked by her is the day that my body will be taken apart!” (Tahara)

That’s quite the statement, Tahara.

“Geh! Mad Wo—N-no, ain’t that Yuu… Haha…!” (Tahara)


When I look back, there’s Yuu who just finished her bath and is wearing a yukata.

Her cheeks were slightly red and she looked incredibly beautiful, but her eyes are scary.

I ended up slowly averting my gaze too.

“Maou-sama, who is that person?” (Aku)

“He has a perverted face…You must be a lackey of Maou, aren’t you?!” (Luna)

“…What a beautiful color. A kind person.” (Tron)

The kids at her back were also making a ruckus, and in an instant the lobby gets noisy. Well, Tahara should be able to protect them well and deal with them properly.

With this, I will finally be freed from babysitting…I mean, I can divide the work.

(Now then, we have to make preparations to welcome Madam…) (Maou)


And in this way, common sense-breaking fighting power was gathering below Maou.

In the eyes of the world, this is nothing but a threat.

Whether they like it or not, this group will in time become the center of a turmoil that will drag the whole world. Or rather, you could say this would be the obvious result.


Tahara Isami

Race: Human

Age: 31

Weapon: Several Firearms.
Can choose from any of the 47 he has.
From obscure old guns to sniper rifles; he can utilize any kind of firearm perfectly.
Those girls(?) are all following Tahara passionately and will shoot the enemies with no mercy.
Normally they stay in a separate space, but in battle, they would float in the air and unfold bullets in all directions.

Bullets: Infinite.

Armor: Kevlar Jacket.
Has holsters here and there, and it is made in a way that it is easy to take out guns.
It also excels in defense for the times when it turns into close combat.

Durability: Infinite.

Item in Possession: Night Vision Goggles.
Even in the dead of the night, it can provide vision.
When equipped, it will always give 20% accuracy.

Item in Possession: Lucky Seven.
Grand Empire Brand Tobacco.
Has the effect of recovering vitality by 40.
He doesn’t have an attachment to any brand and seems to possess other types as well.


Level 1

Health: 5,000/5,000
Vitality: 600/600
Attack: 50(+variable)
Defense: 40(+12)
Speed: 50
Magic: 0
Magic Defense: 0

Attribute Skill

First Skill: Rapid-Fire
Second Skill: Barrage
Third Skill: Blind Fire

Battle Skill

Explosive Projectile, Suppression, Incendiary Grenade, Charge Ahead, Serious Damage, Bullseye, Revenge, Counter, Regretful, Prudent, Foresight.

Survival Skill

Information Control, Trap Disable, Trap Knowledge, Worker, Big Fireworks, Spy, Unavoidable, Recovery, Pickpocket, Mysterious Thief, Swift, Fast Learner, Medical Science, Gamble.

Special Ability




  • Chapter 41: Changing Village

After a few days in the Rabi Village, Bath-House.

“Aah, my heart is going usausa~.”

“My skin is pyonpyon~.”

Finishing their morning field work, the Bunnies were using the bathhouse.

Considering that they were even worrying about the water to spread in the fields just a few days ago, this is an unbelievable change. Cause just by pushing a button, they can get as much water as they want.

In front of a place where there’s many seats lined up, there’s beautiful eye-catching mirrors set, and the mysterious thing at the top part of it, the showerhead, has warm water going out at a good strength, and the pleasantness of washing your head with that is something that’s hard to believe it is from this world.

The soap would be one thing, but the Bunnies don’t know well the meaning of shampoo and rinse, so they couldn’t touch those, but they will probably be using them in time.

“Usasa! Disinfecting with the bath!”

Many children were playing around in the bath energetically, but this is also something that’s seen normally in bathhouses.

The bathhouse is open free of charge for the Bunnies, so they can enter any time of the day, and there’s many who would use it in the morning and the night.

By the way, the floor and seats have to be cleaned, but with the constant circulation of water, it is always maintaining its cleanliness.

A bathhouse could be said to not require that much cleaning, but that doesn’t work the same for the hot spring inn.

Today as well, Tahara is zealously teaching the Bunnies the way to clean.

“Got it? The hot spring’s divisions have to be polished with the brush and this scourer. Don’t forget the detergent either, okay?” (Tahara)

Tahara was showing how to do it by polishing the floor and walls. There’s the tiles, but also places where rustic rocks have been piled up. Each part has a different way of cleaning and a different brush that has to be used. More so because in the hot springs you walk with your bare feet, so it accumulates dirt easily.   

Tahara was teaching how to clean each of the divisions, and the Bunnies were obediently following.

Making such an unbelievable facility and having things like bread and vegetables sent there everyday; in order to return this debt of gratitude, the Bunnies are seriously doing their work.

After the lesson was over, Tahara heads to the lobby without resting.

At that place, there’s Momo and Kyon in bunny suits.

“A hot spring inn with bunny suits, huh… At first I was wondering if that would work, but it surprisingly does. They are actual bunny humans after all.” (Tahara)

“T-These clothes…it is embarrassing!…-pyon.” (Kyon)

“You guys are perverts-usa.” (Momo)


The two were hiding their breasts while sending gazes filled with hate towards Tahara, but his expression was unchanging.

For him, all women aside from her little sister ‘are not women’ after all.

“You just have to get used to it. If need be, shake your ass as service too.” (Tahara)

“Definitely no-pyon!” (Kyon)

“Ugah! …I mean…-usa!” (Momo)

“More importantly, let’s review how to receive the customers. Make sure to properly lower your head deeply, and keep it lowered for 3 seconds. Don’t forget your smile and energetic voice.” (Tahara)

Tahara was diligently doing his work, but the important Maou is…for some reason, in the examination room of the hospital with his upper half exposed and was receiving a check by Yuu.

Maou was sitting on a chair and had his steel-like back facing Yuu. Yuu placed a stethoscope on top of that ‘steel’ and was making an ecstatic expression.

“I think I am the very definition of healthy though…” (Maou)

“No, just in case, there’s the need for regular checkups. If something were to happen to Chief, it would be terrible.” (Yuu)

“Well, that’s true…” (Maou)

Maou, who had his back facing her, doesn’t know what kind of face Yuu has. Just listening to what she says, it sounds like she is saying quite the decent thing.

Yuu separates her stethoscope from his back and her white porcelain-like fingers directly touch his back.

Yuu’s breathing slowly gets rough and her face was getting redish, but Maou who was receiving this was getting paler as it went.

A contrast of red and blue.

“I-Isn’t it fine already…? When I feel bad, I will ask again.” (Maou)

“That’s no good, Chief. The check is not over yet.” (Yuu)

The hands of Yuu go from his back to his front, and with her chest pressing against his back, her fingers creep over his chest. This is already not a check up or a medical examination, it is changing into something else.

“It is an incredibly hot chest… So hard and manly…” (Yuu)

“I-I-I have to go to my next job, you see… I will be counting on you next time.” (Maou)

“Aaah, Chief…” (Yuu)

Yuu looked at him with lingering regret, but Maou grabbed his clothes and stands up, then hurriedly leaves the examination room.

His forehead had cold sweat flowing down, but this was a sight that was hard to say if it is a ‘go explode!’ moment, or my condolences one.


Big mining land at the west, in the Dona Dona residence.

“That damn fox Kakifry! Shaming me such!” (Dona)

Dona Dona was putting food in his mouth while hitting the table violently.

In the auction that happened a few days ago, the mysterious magic tool, the Music Box, had been stolen away from him by Madam Kakifry.

Every time he remembers that anguish, Dona Dona’s anger filled up.

“That kind of article is something that only a true noble like me is fit to have! And yet, that lump of fat…what’s that about the country’s number one social gatherer!” (Dona)

Dona Dona shouts while his ugly meat was swaying.

People like him, who have many nobles following him, must not lack in rare articles.

At times, it can have far more pulling force than money.

That’s why the nobles with power would gather artistic goods and would display them. Of course, the rare armours are also counted in that.

“42 big gold coins…W-What a damn joke!” (Dona)

Maybe he couldn’t endure his anger anymore, Dona hits the table with both hands. Because of the impact, a number of the dishes on the table fell to the floor, but he didn’t even give them a glance.

In the recent years, the auctions, where they would say their starting price and fight raising it, has been changed. There were many cases where the people themselves would end up paying more than they expected, so with the tacit consent of everyone about keeping it in a range that is reasonable for themselves, a reform in the rules had been made.

That is…to look at the article, and each one will write their price and put it inside a box. With this, they won’t be paying more than they plan.

In the past, it was nice that the bidding would get heated, but when one calms down and looks, they would notice that the price would get scary, and there were many times when there would be cancelling uproars later.

With this new method of auction, that kind of trouble doesn’t happen…that’s what everyone thought at first.

With this new method, an intense psychological battle takes place in its own way. That’s cause, there’s only one chance. If you really want it no matter what, there’s the need to go for quite the bid.

However, there’s no knowing whether the surroundings placed that much of a price. The others didn’t bid that much, and yet, I alone would be the one who placed a stupid amount; is a state of mind that everyone falls into quite often.

“I think Master’s bid had no problems at all.”

The man that was at the back of Dona with great posture couldn’t watch any longer and speaks to him.

It is the man, Azur, who Dona hired in the north.

In the area, he was known as a skilled assassin. His looks are incredibly good to the point that it was hard to believe he was a man, and his skin was white like ceramic.

Dona hired him as an assassin, but his brain works quite well, and his looks are good, so he normally uses him as a butler.

“To think she would surpass the 40 big gold coins you bid…” (Azur)

At first, Dona placed an unbelievable bid of 38 big gold coins.

It was a plenty enough amount, and it was a high enough bid to crush others like ants.

However, thinking about Kakifry, Dona was careful and added 2 more coins to that and laid an iron wall of 40 big gold coins.

If we don’t take into account the difference in worth and culture, it would basically be 80,000,000 yen. <717,360.00 US Dollars.>

But the one who was called as the winner was Kakifry.

The many nobles that were at the auction were shocked at the bid of 42 big gold coins that was announced loudly, and then an applause at the boldness of Kakifry happened.

“42 big gold coins…Madam really does surprise me all the time!”

“To think that person’s wife would place such a high bid…that magic tool must feel really blessed.”

“Madam is the noble among nobles!”

“Cheers to the victory of Madam Kakifry!”

The applause, the reverence, the storm of respect that had swallowed the place in an instant…that is exactly what becomes the ‘strength’ of nobles.

For Dona Dona, it was like his reputation was completely crushed in front of others.

Losing in a reading match at that place must have been fatal as a noble.

“Damn it…DAMN IT!! Azur, can’t you steal it somehow?!” (Dona)

“That article is already known well around that it is the possession of Kakifry-sama. I could steal it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.” (Azur)

“What should I do then?! Are you telling me to simply wallow about it?!” (Dona)

“How about speaking to the person that brought the music box?” (Azur)

For Azur, this was his attempt at subtly avoid making his Master go into a rampage. He doesn’t have a single shred of loyalty, but if his Master were to fall, his source of income would be lost too, so this was the obvious action.

“Hmph, if I could do that, I wouldn’t be having trouble. At some point in time, that man had taken in the third guardian.” (Dona)

“That’s…” (Azur)


Azur obviously has heard rumors about that man too, but he didn’t expect he was also the person that had brought the music box. From the rumors he has heard in the city, he is a fearsome man that’s called Maou, and he is far from the ‘kind’ image of a man that would bring out an article that makes such mysterious music.

“It is so far that even my ‘wife’ White has strictly prohibited contact with that man. The fool Arts simply nodded at that.” (Dona)

“…Is that so.” (Azur)

Azur frowned for a second at how nonchalantly he called White his wife.

Azur may not be from this country, but he didn’t even want to imagine that pure woman being the wife of a man like this.

“Well, that’s fine. In time, I will steal everything that man has. When that happens, I am looking forward to what kind of distorted face Kakifry will make.” (Dona)

“Yes…” (Azur)

Azur was relieved that he had managed to avoid a rampage for now, and he strengthens his caution towards this man called Maou.

That figure of his changes to a lot of different forms depending on the person that speaks about him.

Some would say he is an extremely rich person, others would say he is the Demon Lord, and there’s some who say he is an aristocrat that came from the other side of the sea.

(Seeing the state of my master, I am sure that we will someday be enemies…) (Azur)

That kind of exchange was taking place in the residence of Dona, but the Rabi Village didn’t have that kind of time.

The visit of Madam Ebifry was approaching.

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