Not a chapter – About the broken links of Tsuki ga Michi

Hey guys, Reigokai here!

Some of you may have noticed already, but a few of the chapter links for Tsuki are down. That’s cause Light Novel Bastion has moved to a new site and the Tsuki novels they had translated went down with old site.

I have contacted LNB and have gotten permission to reupload them in my site with proper credit. Though I would have really liked a prior notice about this, so that I could actually salvage the chapters from their actual site…good thing is that the things uploaded in the internet ‘normally‘ are never lost. However, one important thing will still be lost and that is the comments. Can’t do anything about that one.

And so, I am writing this so that you won’t be surprised when there’s several chapters uploaded about Tsuki which I will be reuploading to this site tomorrow.

I am pretty sure there will still be people who will be shocked since I doubt many will be reading this, but at least dampen it a bit.

That’s all! Hope there won’t be people who get a heart attack and get disillusioned. xD

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0 thoughts on “Not a chapter – About the broken links of Tsuki ga Michi

  1. Had you not said anything, I’d probably start cursing at myself right after reading the first few lines tomorrow.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Thanks for the notice, and also for your hard work and passion.

    On a side note i know they changed sites, but anyone know if they plan to reinstate the botification by mail function? It was really useful

  3. Yeah LNB dropped the ball on that one. Every other novel they’ve ever worked on other than their current 3, are just gone. This resulted in massive holes on NovelUpdate for many of them.

  4. Oh, that’s good to hear, I already contacted them once when I noticed they changed their structure and they told me they couln’t upload them on their side again but it seems that’s fixed now, TY

  5. It’s been a very long time since any new chapters were posted, so I’m no longer that surprised.

    But I’ll be waiting…you know who I’ll be waiting for.

  6. If you have good urls for the old locations of LNB’s abandoned works, try searching the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to see if they archived them.
    It’s proven successful for a number of novels over the years.
    The links from Novel Updates would be a good place to start in this regard.

  7. you dont know how surprised i got when i saw tsuki chapters, but when i scrolled down to start it i saw this. welp

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