New translator, New chapter

Let’s cut to the chase. Typing in cellphone is not my forte.

A new translator has been chosen. Yoshi from Light Novel Bastion.
Wooo!! *Clap *Clap *Clap

He has already released the new chapter. Here’s the link.

Well… what to say, just, DON’T FORGET ME! I am still here! Just kidding :3


161 thoughts on “New translator, New chapter

  1. I read Reigokai-San is coming back this month, welcome back! and I hope it went well with your work trip, I expect you took some days to do some tourism and enjoyed your stay.

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  2. I’ll be honest here so i will say that i can’t wait for Reigokai-senpai to come back so that i can read more chapters like 3x a week >:3 although i won’t complain on Yoshi since he/she is translating many series so he/she can only translate 1 chapter a week with the exception of some sponsored chapters.

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  3. Let reigokai catch up to the most recent chapter. He is reading while translating right? So he probably still not finished reading all tgm chapters from lnb translation…


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