I am back! But my computer begs to differ…

Hello guys, Reigokai here!!

I am so glad so many people are leaving welcome back posts already. They do mean a lot to me :`).

I am now back from USA and China actually. China being the one where I stayed the most, which means, I was completely isolated from the internet as the internet is blocked there. I suffered serious withdrawal symptoms.

Let me cut to the chase since I am in an internet cafe… Yes, I don’t have a computer. The moment I got back, I intended to write a post, but my computer literally blew up. That’s why, it will take a small while before I can actually make a new chapter. Less than a week and I think all the pieces I ordered will arrive, so fret not! At least I wasn’t the one blowing up! (But I almost did).

See ya on my next Tsuki ga Michibiku my faithful followers! I am indeed pleased by your loyalty!

219 thoughts on “I am back! But my computer begs to differ…

  1. It literally blew up? Were the parts made in China? Should I have gone there?


    Aaaaaaanyway, welcome back Reigokai! Yoshi did a fine job keeping the torch burning in your absence, but it’ll be good having you at the helm again.
    Hope your computer is working again soon. Purely out of good will of course, I simply want you to be happy. Noooooo ulterior motives whatsoever. Really. I’m serious.
    You guys believe me right?

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  2. Welcome back Reigokai, it is nice to see your updates again.

    Though I couldn’t offer any help on computer problems or translation, I have tried gathering all resources related to this novel, in case you lost any of them.
    Here is my collection: https://mega.nz/#F!EpQ2UQ4b!lBgqvmdxkGr-5Kwe0t-1DQ

    (btw this includes scans of LN vol8.5, which covered stories that the WN skipped over. Go check it out if you can read japanese (sadly not me) )


  3. Hahahaah, your computer blew up? I may like your computer more than you now reigokai sama, your pc have a fantastic sense of humour, hehe(welcome back my god(?), it sucks to not get any dose of makoto goodness for a while, but your pc do give me a good laugh. What a time to pick to explode!)


  4. Well, thank you for a laugh, i needed one.
    Good luck with trying to get your computer sorted out, and thank you in advance for future chapters.


  5. It choose a good time to blew up, Black Friday and all. although I think it will be cheaper if you wait a month. brought mine from dell just a day after christmas few years ago.

    anywho welcome back! no need to rush. A life without internet and computer for a month. I lived pass that … just barely. I know how you feel. You might want to get water, soda and some food ready then gone missing from outside world for a week. Let’s meet after that, shall we?


  6. Welcome back ! You sure took your time ! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH !

    But the computer blowing up when you finally came back, I didn’t see it coming at all !
    Well, that will give me some time to catch up since the the two last months.


  7. You’re computer blowing up is…..all I can say is that’s it’s Megumin related……. well everything’s good as long as your back……I missed lurking in your website waiting for new chapters :p


  8. Wow, pc exploded just like the………..samsung do computers?
    Well long stoy short i miss you (blushing)
    Translations, dont go again (puppy eyes)
    Jokes ends here……………..now
    Hope you enjoyed your time in china.
    And hope you tell us about that blocked net from a 1 view. Just curious.


  9. Nice…..noooo. Great to have you back!😁 How did it go?🤔 Awesome?👌 Anyway, you were missed. Sorry to hear about your computer 💻 but you solving that so fast⚡️. I look forward to your next update 😆!!


  10. Fumu, as Dec 1, the main author stated that he will continue his works! after working on 10th book volume, and it’s now (sometime later) Reigo-san will continue his translation works…. is this a pure coincidental?


  11. any chance u translate again? would be nice since throwing a bone to light is a waist and they wont translate except their main projects…well if u stopped, can u find a regular translator to properly continue


    1. What the fuck with your comment dude? I hope you’re just kidding. Please tell me you’re not crying just because Reigo-chan hasn’t posted a chapter in what, a week? His PC fucking explouted! It must need time to get it fixed, in the worst case, he might as well need to buy a new one. Your comment irritate me… just wait until his/her PC is fixded.


      1. Yeah, sorry for that. I usually end my day felling irritated because of job (I work in customer service), and yesterday was especially irritating. *Sigh* I need to find a new job, anyway, sorry for that.


      2. Yeah, sorry for that, I work in customer service, so I usually end felling a bit irritated at the end of the day. *Sigh* gotta find a new job, anyway, sorry.


      3. Nah, that’s not true, it just that working at customer service is the WORST THING EVER. No matter what you do in the future, avoid a work relate to customer service.


      4. That reminds me of the Not Always Right website.

        I think customer service could theoretically be made pleasant. There’s just too many flaws in thr system that create an imbalance of power between people and anonymous upper management/customers.


  12. Dearest mother:
    I have completed my enrolment for academy city. I hope to get used to this school as quickly as possible and lead a healthy, academic life.


    I’m surrounded by people who, frankly, scare me…and I’m kind of freaking out.

    There has been no update from the faculty for more than a week. Despair is making my life dark and lonely as I fear the worst.


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