[Not a Chapter] No translator yet

Yes, the title is literally a spoiler.

No translator has been found yet and I am still looking for candidates.
If anyone wants to help out, please send me an email at [email protected] with at least around half of this chapter translated:

No, there’s no real time limit.

I can still check emails in my cellphone and post with it, but translating will prove impossible.

That’s why, even if it’s already past 23 I will still be able to keep you updated. Please don’t fret!


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0 thoughts on “[Not a Chapter] No translator yet

    1. Yes, indeed it has. Without knowing the outcome, we wait for the conclusion of it. But will there be?! Can our MC actually find the correct harbinger of enlightenment?!

      Find out in the next episode of Tsuki ga Michibiku.



      1. Maybe Lion Mask and crew could take it up, they’re wrapping a temporary job this weekend. Don’t know if they would be interested though but their translations are very clean.

  1. Do you have a discord channel? We can all spam you. And spoiler-san cam have channel for his spoiling.

    I wis I could translate, then I’d take it up.

      1. Lol you picked a really sucky time to go there. Especially if ur black or a cis straight white male or mexican or haven’t found something to identify as yet or islamic or someone with a constructive opinion that others may find offensive. Basically you wanna be a yellow colored shim with pink polkadots dressed in a suit of non-objectifiable trigger-proof armor who believes in all gods and is ready to take up the fight for social justice at a moments notice.

      2. Wow I thought you were from USA, and if you are concern about USA building a wall my first guess was that you are Mexican or from Latin America, from where are you from if we can know?
        y deja tu preocuparnos por la muralla, peor aun es que dicen que Mexico la va a construir D:

    1. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t see your comment earlier – I just finished my own translation of ch164. Would you like to exchange translations for comparison? We could discuss a possible collaboration for translating this series while Rei is away. If you’re interested, please join our Discord channel, the link to which is on the front page of lightnovelbastion dot com

  2. Quick capture rei. Cuff rei into a chair next to a computer. Have someone guard rei with a whip to continue our daily fix. Do it nkw before she escapes into US soil.

  3. NO CHAPTERS FOR TWO MONTHS??!!! *thunderstruck*

    (We are sorry for the interruption. The following scene is not suitable for all ages.)
    I’m back!~ that was harsh. well, i hope there will be translators soon. *hides knife at the back.*

  4. Aha-aha-ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (Starting to act like crazy when read this post). Leaving that aside (You’re going to leave it?!), I hope a kind soul will passing through and translate this. I am curious what will happen to Kanae on (I don’t remember exact name) and how Tomoe and Mio conquer it.

  5. It’s fine even if there will be no chapters released for 2 months, rather than you dropping this series. To those guys complaining patience is virtue.

    “It is when you see a mosquito lands on your testicles that you realize there is always a way to solve problems without using violence.”

  6. To be fair, Super-Reigokai translated the last 7 chaps in 6 days which would take Normal-Reigokai nearly a month.
    Plus, it’s not like there is a cliffhanger now.
    So, it wouldn’t be so bad if there isn’t any volunteer (but I do hope someone would turn up).

    (*As a chinese I benefit from knowing the kanji, so with the help of MTL I can grab ~70% of the meaning, but there is risk of getting the totally opposite meaning since I don’t know japanese)

  7. . 〃∩ ∧_∧  ♪
    . ⊂⌒( ・ω・)   Thanks!
    .  \_っ⌒/⌒c   Nepーwait….
    .    ⌒ ⌒  
    forgot that this was not a chapter release.
    Rei-chan have a safe trip! (prepares to travel to USA to stalk Rei)

  8. Oh noes!

    Good thing I saved all chapters as a PDF. Now. going to re-read all of them and noting all things still not explained, like the secret organization Eva-san talks about…

  9. I would love to help but… I don’t read any other language expect for English. That is why I an truly grateful to those people such as yourself that are willing to put in their time so the rest of us can enjoy these wonder authors.

    I am willing to wait a few months for another release, other translators have had too take breaks and life outside is important.

  10. Looking the comments……
    Thinking, its just japanese i can doit,
    Click in the link
    Wait a hell time because of who know why
    See it………..i mean seeeeeee it
    Copy it…..paste in google traductor
    Read……1 line……2 line……3…….7…….closed
    Imagine reigokai-sama and thanks him/her (or whatever is), feel sad……but still with hope.

  11. Thanks for the info!
    Rather than finding a translator to take care of new chapters,it might be easier to find someone willing to translate the POV chapters during your absence.

  12. My poor attempt at translating above link:

    Two Sleepy People
    With my eyes still half-open, I look at the reflection of my face in the mirror.
    Last night, and until a few hours ago, I was in the Capital of the Kingdom of Limia.
    It’s still early in the morning, but it is still dark.
    Recently the Sun has been rising late.

    “Everyone in Asora has become stronger….” (Makoto)

    I whisper to myself while washing my face.
    Shiki and I came back to Asora, Tomoe and Mio arrived earlier than us, and were welcomed by the orcs and dwarves.

    1. And now I feel cliff’d
      anyways just my opinions

      Last night, and until a few hours ago, I was in the Capital of the Kingdom of Limia. -> Since last night, until a few hours ago, I was in the Capital of the Kingdom of Limia.

      It’s still early in the morning, but it is still dark. -> It’s morning, but it’s still dark outside.

      Shiki and I came back to Asora, Tomoe and Mio arrived earlier than us, and were welcomed by the orcs and dwarves. -> Shiki and I came back to Asora and were welcomed by Tomoe and Mio, as well as the orcs and dwarves..

  13. “Maybe Lion Mask and crew could take it up”

    I’m still waiting for LM to translate the latest slime-loli chapter. They seem to only post on weekends???

  14. Welcome to America!
    No chapters for a while are fine (*says while crying inside*)
    But I agree with one of the previous comments, it’d be nice to hear about your status at least once and a while.

  15. can i get good light novel recommendation im not ever ever leaving reigokai but i would like to know if there is something good outthere besides tsuki ga michibiku isekai. btw i allready know of mushoku tensei, tate no yuusha, arifureta, sendai yuusha, new gate and Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, any recommendation is welcome, thank you guys in advance.

    1. Brother?
      You almost read the same as me
      I could recommend: slaughter summoned, slave harem, world teacher, genius sword inmortal and otherworldy evily monarchy
      They are good

    1. Please don’t give us false hopes. I tried to translate it myself but my Japanese knowledge is still too basic. Wait Rei is taking up to Rei ? What … … *reboot* I’m eager to see your translation !

    2. Hey, I’m Yoshi from Light Novel Bastion. If you’re interested in doing a collaborated translation on this series with me, please join our Discord channel and get in contact with me! You can find the link to our channel on our website.

  16. Attention readers of this series! Yoshi from Light Novel Bastion here, current translator of Kuro no Maou and Spirit Migration. You may find our website is at lightnovelbastion dot com. I am going to translate chapter 164 to gauge how difficult/long the chapters are and how long it would take me to do, to see if it would be feasible for me to fit it into my translation schedule.

    HELP NEEDED: With that said, I am not a reader of the series (though I may be in the future!). I will probably need someone to ask about certain context-related things as I go. If you are interested in helping out in this aspect, please join our Discord channel, the link for which can be found at lightnovelbastion dot com (WordPress doesn’t like me posting links in comments it seems). To be clear, YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A TRANSLATOR TO HELP ME WITH THIS, you just need to be a reader of the series.

    1. thank you for trying to translate a chapter and hopefully for picking up this series until rei comes back, ill join your discord to help out with some of the context related things you might come across, i might not be much help us i sometimes miss some stuffs from here and there but ill do what i can and again i thank thee for this

    2. sure i will like to edit,answer your questions if you wanted my help please contact mecom but please ask me at this time cuz i need to work
      Monday 12Pm-18Pm
      other time than that you can contact me to help with editing,answering your questions etc
      Foy out

  17. Eh,,you said that you’ve found a suitable candidate at 20th so, here I’ve been pondering as to why there’s no update till this days, and then this happen…
    well thanks for the notice anyway, and hope your trip goes well.

  18. Hey guys, quick update: I finished translating chapter 164 and also managed it get it through my editor. The final product is now currently in Rei’s hands, and I’m just waiting for his approval before I post the chapter!

  19. to my fellow inpatient readers: if you are looking something to read while we await for new chapters, i highly suggets “slaughter summoned”, i think that is the most interesting story from all the cool recommendations i got, the MC is not your usual MC and that got me hooked, also there are 70 or so chapters translated and is a really fun story to read altough i admit is kind of dark.

    PS: tsuki ga is still number one in my heart !!!

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