New translator, New chapter

Let’s cut to the chase. Typing in cellphone is not my forte.

A new translator has been chosen. Yoshi from Light Novel Bastion.
Wooo!! *Clap *Clap *Clap

He has already released the new chapter. Here’s the link.

Well… what to say, just, DON’T FORGET ME! I am still here! Just kidding :3


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0 thoughts on “New translator, New chapter

  1. yeah, was surprised to see LNB doing the new chapter when there’s no post by Reigokai announcing it.

    He did a good job translating it with his editor.

    Have a nice trip mate.

    1. seems this hiatus is very serious since lnb is’nt translating this series any more, well heres to hoping it doesnt die like entruce wtih junkin money and never translating MND that is the only reason people go to his site since its a good series

  2. Not gonna lie, I stared at the update on NU for a while to make sure it was the right chapter, and was seriously considering it a hoax or random MTL, only started reading it just before this update showed up on my WP.

      1. I know but I liked how Entruce and Shikakku translated atleast a chapter a day instead of the haphazard one chapter every God knows when. I realize that you have other projects you’re working on but that’s just my personal preference. Anyways I actually have more time to work on my own stories instead of searching for who is translating the next chapter. Thanks for picking the stories up btw

  3. Shiro i want to say don’t worry nobody forget you because you have done a great job translating this time and everyone here really appreciate it. Have a happy and safe journey, when you return surely all happen to say hello.

    PS. I apologize for my bad English, I’m from Peru.

  4. Loool.. I knew Tomoe & Mio going to be a sore loser about the achievement. I mean

    Mio: Killed a general (sure this one is a great achievement, i don’t see why she’s still salty about it)
    Tomoe : Dug trench (pfft)
    Shiki : Killed lancer, protected the hero

  5. are the chapters going to be re uploaded here? if so im sure a kind soul wouldn’t mind spell checking and saving for when you return( assuming there is a decent amount of errors)

  6. Reigokai, for the translations and this site can you do a follow up on [Light Novel Bastion] by listing here and linking to their site.

    Chapter 163: Everything without a trace
    Chapter 164: Two Sleepy People (Light Novel Bastion)

    The point you need to think are 3
    1-Will link to every ch.?
    2-or sub-page? (Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu)
    3-or to their main page?
    Why ?
    its just personal opnion
    I realy don’t like an incomplete list q>.<p (kakowarui)

    hope you enjou your trip

    1. You can follow using WordPress, though you have to enter the address manually in the followed sites management screen.

  7. god i gotta love my instinct!!!

    when theres something that i feel i really gets it XD thankz reig senpai and gud luck on your trip

  8. I’m sorry, who were you agai…….oh wait, somebody already did that one.
    Thanks for the news Reikogai, everything’s fine so long as we get a few chapters to tide us over till you return. Hope your business trip will leave you time for stuff besides work. Try to relax eh?

  9. Hail, yoshi! i guess i’ll bookmark both lightbastion and novelupdates now. have a good trip, reigosama! and i hope you don’t have to pay for the wall… hehehhe.

  10. hmm, i’m an ass, i know, but i’m conflicted over this

    on one side, i’m happy that one of the novel i’m following got a continuation in the translation
    on the other side, i’m already following lightbastion and wish that the other novels from there don’t get a slower translation because of this

    1. I mean, I don’t see that happening. They’ve done one translation for this novel in what, more than two weeks? Pretty sure the only one taking a back seat is this novel. I’m not trying to be a complete ass, but if you agree to pick up a project, you’re essentially saying, “I will do the best to provide the service that you were able to provide.” If it’s too much work, why pick it up in the first place? It makes you look bad and the original project lead feels bad for trusting someone else and being let down. Saying you’ll do something, and not following through, is irresponsible.

      1. Hey, let’s not forget that translators are people who have lives too and we’re just translating in our spare time. Translating chapters does not take top priority in our lives. I was really busy last weekend due to unforeseen circumstances. Releasing a chapter is far more work than most readers will ever understand, and I simply didn’t have the time I needed to release a chapter this week. It’s not like I wanted to deliberately skip a chapter and keep everyone waiting.

        “If it’s too much work, why pick it up in the first place?”

        I picked up this project for you, the fans. The more reasonable fans have been showing me nothing but love and gratitude. This kind of entitled attitude like I owe you the chapters, in your own words, “makes you look bad”.

    1. More than a week? Don’t worry, their project is as many as Risingthedead you know. Maybe it had been bury somewhere. LOL!

  11. seems to be another left for deaf project…well i will miss this good series…heres to the minimal hope that a regular group will pick this up and give it the respect it deserves

  12. …so, how much money would be needed to buy this man a pc and a 2 months internet deal wherever in America he might be?
    Think we can pull it off with relative ease.

  13. reigo san i hope y are enjoying your trip, i think i still enter this website atleast once a day just out of habit xD, i have been able to read some really good story`s from this community recommendation, but boy do i miss tsuki ga xD, also thank you very much to yoshi san if he is reading for taking up this project(im also cheking your website for updates !).

    1. It’s nice to know that my work is appreciated by some, while some of the other fans are leaving me angry, impatient comments… The next chapter will be released on Monday (my time, which is the day after tomorrow)

      1. I did help a bit an animesub (as rawhunter) and I know your fellings also I have recommended many ppl “go read other novels until the releases don’t come”, most of them (Novels) are for free and you (readers and me) are alot of leecher on their works so be thankfull to the translators the their works
        I also did feel sad when the release didn’t come but well translator have problems with the translations to be very faithful with the original and for sure [Real Life] situations
        Yoshi, take your time (not to long plz lol ahuaauhauha) we are wait for your next releases

  14. Long time reader, but first time posting. I hope you’re enjoying the study abroad, but come back soon!! The other site, no offense, kinda slow due to all the other projects and they take a long time to update. So far only one has been translated and it’s killing me!! Also, I want to read more of your original story, in some ways, I enjoy it more than this novel :p

  15. You’re unforgetable, Reigokai! How is your trip going? And your work? Btw, where did you even go in the first place? lol

  16. I’m still waiting for you to come back! You will always be the best choice for this novel translation, especially the new translator haven’t translate any chapters for 12 days, thus there is only one chapter translated

  17. You guys need to be more patients, if im not wrong, Reigokai will return in november, yoshi will release monday, if was not for him whos know when we would read new ch.
    Im also mad on this wait but its not to point to lose my hairs XD

  18. chapter 168 translated. looks like they’ve found a sponsor and an editor. PRAISE THE SUN! (why is the sun a black raven?)

  19. Remember remember the fifth of November, and also reigokai san xD
    im not sure but by my numbers yoshi san finished the last ark ? maeby xD ?
    i cant wait for the new ark to start !

    1. yah i hope so soon too…lnb is butchering the trans and the fact they are more about their own trans and are taking on new trans, glad they got some usage outta taking over this to boost their own dewindling site, but do hope one day for regular trans again

  20. UPDATE

    no chapters in 7 days, I think the withdrawal symptoms are showing up. I feel nausea and I’ve been having periodical heart and stomach pains. The memes are keeping the pain away but pepe can only do so much.

    3 more days…. i have to stay strong

  21. 8 days since the last update, i feel like my heart is heavy
    lets be strong brothers, winter is coming and so is reigokai !!!!

  22. Dude when are you returning? We need you! Waiting for more than a week per chapter is killing me. You’re not forgotten!

  23. give reigo a break, he wasn’t on vacation, he was working on paperworks for 2 freaking months, if he comes back, the first thing he’s gonna do is rest, well that’s just my opinion

  24. I read Reigokai-San is coming back this month, welcome back! and I hope it went well with your work trip, I expect you took some days to do some tourism and enjoyed your stay.

  25. I’ll be honest here so i will say that i can’t wait for Reigokai-senpai to come back so that i can read more chapters like 3x a week >:3 although i won’t complain on Yoshi since he/she is translating many series so he/she can only translate 1 chapter a week with the exception of some sponsored chapters.

  26. Let reigokai catch up to the most recent chapter. He is reading while translating right? So he probably still not finished reading all tgm chapters from lnb translation…

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