Chapter 163: Everything without a trace

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“Did you go crazy?” (Makoto)

“No way. Just that, there were two things that made me laugh, that’s all” (Sofia)

“Hah?” (Makoto)

I spontaneously make a voice of amazement.

Even when I dispelled the charm, it just made her not talk about the Empire hero anymore, but her personality didn’t change that much.

She is still emitting blood thirst, and yet, she suddenly began laughing.

‘Did she go crazy?’ is what I thought.

But right after, I could tell that the power of the laughing Sofia was showing a change.

I see.

At the very least, she has a basis for it huh. It is not like she went crazy.

“The first one is that, my so called companion died in a truly fast and easy way” (Sofia)

“Lancer died huh” (Makoto)

I haven’t extended my [Sakai] to where Shiki is, so I don’t know if what she is saying is true though.

Well, there’s no way Shiki would lose.

But to be able to do the killing blow as well. Shiki has gotten stronger than I thought.

“The other is that, the gamble was as expected, my win. I was amazed by how strong my own luck is” (Sofia)

“Gamble? With Lancer?” (Makoto)

She hasn’t done a gamble with me.

There’s already nothing I want to test with her.

If she intends to do something, it is fine to watch what she will do, but I should put a finish to it soon.

“Yeah. If I die before him, I would become a part of his collection. If he were to die first, he will give me the remaining life he has. That kind of gamble” (Sofia)

Remaining life.

Lancer has several lives.

“… And, you who has won the gamble and received that life, what is it you can do? That sword and that dragon power, you can already tell that they are completely not up to par, right?” (Makoto)

Having Lancer’s power dwell in her at this late in time, just what would she be able to do?

Even if her sword gets slightly stronger, even if the teleportation with the light swords gets slightly better, there’s absolutely no point.

“… Ah, it isn’t something that makes me laugh, but there’s another thing that I have noticed” (Sofia)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

The joy in her expression was gone, but Sofia continues talking.

I will wait for you, so you don’t need to buy time in this way.

I sighed.

“I did this quite a lot in the past, but you know, people that fight while looking down on their opponent… are really disgusting. I have reflected on this” (Sofia)

“I see” (Makoto)

So you say.

I don’t know if she is trying to provoke me here but, right now I am able to hold the reins of my heart to a certain extent.

The conclusion of this battle as well, and its result, will most likely be reached in a quite plain manner.

This cold emotions that even felt extreme, this battle thoughts of mine, there’s no problem with it.

I think that this is simply a mental state I reach when I am fighting.

I can move like a soldier as if flipping a switch, that’s all.

This thing that is inside of me is probably a habit of mine.

It isn’t something special or anything like that.

I have experienced fights of life and death in practically a daily basis, so I probably just adapted to it.

It is not that there’s another person inside of me.

I am slightly able to accept this.

No matter what Sofia says, just like how my magic power body doesn’t let attacks reach me, I am able to take everything by surface and ward it off.

“And, those kind of people let down their guards. That’s why I was able to make it in time. Let me show it to you then; the trump card that overwhelmed two superior dragons and killed them” (Sofia)

“The strong will control the battlefield and will act as they please. I actually think that this is providence though. Is it negligence?” (Makoto)

“Even now, you are not even trying to stop me. If that’s not negligence and conceit, what would it be?” (Sofia)

“… Leeway?” (Makoto)

There was no answer from Sofia.

In exchange, a nauseating richly colored area was spread on the floor and was expanding with her as the center.

Before long, it also reached my feet and it was even stretching up to the sky.

When I thought just how far it would expand, it didn’t cover the whole space of what was once the audience room, and its expansion stopped.

A space that is not kind to the eye.

Right after an impression I didn’t place much interest in, an ear-piercing sound as if nails were scraping glass resounded heavily in the place.

The richly colored area broke and scattered, and it returns to the scene of the audience room.

But, this is…

As if affirming my guess, from Sofia’s feet, no, from every part of the sky, swords began appearing one after the other.

Each one of them were swords with different design.

The similarity they shared was that they were swords and that it was clearly visible that they were quite the quality swords.

It is a line up of swords that seemed as if someone ransacked the smithy of an elder dwarf.

“Welcome to the cage of swords. This is the place where Lancer stores the swords he gathers. And, it is also an execution ground” (Sofia)

Sofia’s fearless smile.

“Impressive. You brought me to an isolated space” (Makoto)

“It was just shifting it slightly though. But the entertainment it provides is plenty, so don’t worry” (Sofia)

“No no, just forcefully bringing someone to another space, it is a first for me. No well, putting aside an exception, I have almost never experienced this. Even if it is small, it is quite impressive” (Makoto)

Sofia silently closes her eyes and breathes in largely.

Ignored huh.

But even Tomoe was unable to do it, so this is quite considerable. Seriously.

Was that ear-piercing sound the moment when the space got shifted?

What’s amazing is that from what I see, it is as if we were still in the same place.

This might be the first time today that I have felt admiration towards Sofia.

She didn’t attack me immediately, so I decided to use [Sakai] to understand the characteristics of this space.

“Increases the power of the one that deploys it. But what’s best at is… the cohabitation of swords and life?” (Makoto)

“That’s not on the level of a revelation. Did you do something?” (Sofia)

“Well a bit here. So all the swords here are the life of Sofia. That it produces infinitely depending on one’s worth, quite the unpleasant power there” (Makoto)

From the stocked swords here, I can feel the pulsation of life.

It is as if the swords and her are sharing lives.

Looking at her reaction, it seems I am not wrong.
“… A thousand and eighty. They are not infinite” (Sofia)

“Seems to be slightly fewer than that though. There must have been many used when Lancer was fighting Shiki” (Makoto)

It is a magnificent view as well. A splendid power there.

Thinking about the individual battle prowess of Sofia, fighting infinitely in this place, even superior dragons would not like it.

On top of that, in the first time I fought with her, she already had the Waterfall dragon. In other words, she first obtained the power of the dragon that was specialized in healing.

I feel sympathy towards Darkness Clad and Crimson Light.

“It doesn’t change the fact that we will continue this dance of swords until you die” (Sofia)

“But too bad. At the very end, you brought the worst power you could have brought out, Sofia” (Makoto)

Towards the Dragon Slayer that had taken two swords in hand, I announced this.

I probably did a heartfelt expression of pity there.

Sofia didn’t do any refutation, and in exchange, she stared at my left hand.

“Raidou, what is that?” (Sofia)

“Things like warrior or magician; they are wrong, totally wrong, Sofia. You see, I am…” (Makoto)

I turn my left hand towards her.

While still holding it.

My weapon that I took from a different space a few moments ago.

In this place, in this space that Sofia has created and reigns over, I am able to do this.

It feels as if I am putting Asora into practical use and I do feel bad about it.

“Aaaah!!!” (Sofia)

Must have been her instinct.

With wide opened eyes, Sofia roars.

In a speed that can be compared to that of a bullet, she cuts towards the magic power body.

Heh~, the strength is high.


I will change [Sakai] to enhancement.

The magic power body that was sharply torn up by Sofia was instantly regenerated to the point that it was practically not injured anymore.

After confirming this and nodding, I take a white arrow in my right hand similar to the bow I have.

And then, I fix the arrow to the string.

Sofia continued her attack from the sky. Her eyes not straying from my left hand in any moment.

“This is… Azusa. My weapon. The craftsmen that made this were adamant in having me place a name to it, you see. And so, I have given it the same name of an ancient bow. It is called Azusa Yumi” (Makoto)

I pour a massive amount of magic power to the bright white arrow in my right hand.

Steadily turning its color to pink, and then, turning into a deeper red.

It is an arrow made from the same material as my ring Draupnir.

This is what I thought when I obtained this magic power body.

If I can’t construct a spell by using a massive amount of magic power at once, I just have to accumulate it.

That it is fine to just use what’s accumulated.

Even if there’s a limit to how much can be accumulated, the power of this arrow that has turned completely red is a lot stronger than any magic I can use.


As if being manipulated by her will, the other swords aside from the ones in both her hands, began to attack me as well.

Slash, stab, swipe, rain incessantly.

Attacks that showed no mercy.

Within all that, Sofia was skilfully evading her own attacks while flying around, changing her position, and continuing her attacks.

She is even bringing out spells. She was literally utilizing everything she had.

Doesn’t matter.

A bow that is unusual in this world. I utilize a form of holding the bow that I am accustomed to and draw Azusa to its very limit.

If I have to kill you over a thousand times before this ends, I just need to do this all at once.

These swords and Sofia as well; I will vanish everything in this one attack.

“Raidooooou!!!” (Sofia)

I eliminate Sofia from my field of vision.

I close my eyes and turn silent.

Even if you get impatient now, it is already too late.

“O bow of Azusa, draw forth and bind the spirits wicked… Just kidding. I only have vague memories of it though” (Makoto) <Thanks to Darkslime for the help in translating this part>

“You, you are—-!!” (Sofia)

She herself secluded us in this small place.

There’s already no escape.

There’s no need look at Sofia who is trying to confuse me by flying everywhere.

Just by hitting something, the attack will reach this whole space after all.

I slowly open my eyes.

“I am an archer. Name is Misumi Makoto. It would be pitiful to shout out a fake name in your last moments right, Sofia?” (Makoto)

“I still haven’t… that guy… Root… I have not even met the harmony supreme dragon yet!!! Like hell I will die!!” (Sofia)

Even though I went out of my way to tell her my name.

She ignored it.

“You are talking about Root huh. Harmony, you say. I feel like chaotic would fit him more. But, how laughable. You haven’t even noticed that the person himself is using you as a substitute for a camera” (Makoto)


Not only is he not giving her any attention, she is even being used, and she didn’t notice until her last moments.

I feel like, conspiring to fight with Root is also a mistake, but the result of her challenge was quite the unsightly thing.

And that title of Dragon Slayer as well.

“Goodbye, Sofia Blue. Ah, Root, you owe me one, okay?” (Makoto)


A glance.

As if looking deep into the eyes of Sofia, I told that pervert that is definitely watching this live feed.

Pointing towards a random sword stabbed in the ground, I fire my red dyed arrow.

The arrow that went through the magic power body destroyed the sword and made a high-pitched sound.

The bright red light of destruction that was flooding this small space was rapidly filling it up and vanishes the large amount of swords that existed within it.

It obviously touched the surface of my magic power body and slowly scraped it off, but it didn’t reach all the way inside.

The part where the arrow passed through has already been closed.

No mistake.

But different from me, the screams of anger and agitation of Sofia were resounding.

But it didn’t change anything.

Soon her body was engulfed by that light and her voice abruptly stopped.


It happened soon after. The space she created made a breaking sound similar to glass and was destroyed.

In the silent audience room where no one is present, there’s only me with my bow.


Plain, huh.


You were also the same.

The scent of the wind that was different from a few moments ago helped me confirm that I have returned.

… I noticed that Root was looking at me at around the time when Sofia began flying around the sky.


I was surprised but, it is Root.

I don’t know what connection Sofia had with Root, or for what reason she showed so much attachment towards him.

I actually don’t have much interest in it, but it feels like it might serve to pester Root, so I will talk to him about it at a later time.

As an apology for the habitual perverted utterances he does.

“Next is… the Stella Fortress huh” (Makoto)

Going there is such a pain.

But even so, if I shoot straight from here, it would turn pretty bad.

… It seems like Seiko was also my deed, so I should try to be prudent about grandly changing the topography.

If there’s people in between the distance of the fortress, I would be killing them pointlessly as well.

If possible, I want to destroy only the target.

I look up.

It is still night.

While still cladded in my magic power body, I kick the ground.

After a leap of several meters, at the moment the momentum weakened, I used magic power to harden my footing and do another jump.

When the whole capital was in my field of vision from below, I increase the altitude even more.

“If it’s from around here… I think it will work” (Makoto)

I materialize magic power to serve as footing and stand in the sky.

Remembering last time, I look at the approximate direction of Stella Fortress.

But just by doing that, as expected, the darkness of the night still gets in the way.

Let’s try this.

I mark a place I can tell with the topography that it is there.

Concentrating at both ends, me and that place, I don’t spread my awareness to everything that’s around, but at the place that I am looking at. As if tying it to me.

This is a method I used in Japan when my target had quite a lot of distance.

With several trial and errors, my vision finds a giant fortress that is not lighted.

Must be that.

Well then, let’s do it.

I take another arrow from a space where nothing is supposed to be.

There’s no need to carry a quiver. That’s the good part of this method Tomoe thought of.

It is also good that the gist of this method is practically the same as opening a door to Asora.

It is not like I have a grudge towards the building, so the time I used before I drew my bow to the limit wasn’t that long.

There’s no need to wait for the arrow to turn red after all.

“With this, a business dealt with” (Makoto)

How far is the distance, frankly speaking, I don’t know.

Several tens of kilometers, no, maybe even more?

But strangely, I didn’t feel like I would miss at all.

The red light makes a trail, and that fired arrow hits the objective location. It created a beautiful pillar of light.

I patiently look at it and confirm the state when it is over.

If it is still safe, I would have to shoot another one after all.

… Looks like it will be okay.

The fortress and, of course, a portion of the terrain around it was dragged as well; the ground turned mortar shaped.

With this, the request of the Goddess has been finished.

I disperse the magic power serving as my footing.

As if being pulled from below, my free fall began.

I confirm the place where Shiki is and, creating several footholds, I alter my trajectory.

Safely dropping to the ground, or more like, I crashed onto it.

If I left my body in the center of the magic power body, there would have been no problems.

If I get dropped in the future, I will be totally fine.

Confirming the figure of Shiki that seemed as if he had trouble saying something in thought transmission, I could tell that he was fine.

He is fine but…

“Why… are you in that form?” (Makoto)

“I am truly sorry. I have exposed my appearance. Lancer was unexpectedly…” (Shiki)

Shiki lowers his head deeply.

Shiki’s form was not the Lich but the hyuman one.

“Seems like you are quite exhausted. Let’s return quick” (Makoto)

“Is it okay to leave the capital like this? The hero… it seemed like she was no stranger to you though” (Shiki)

While making a face that can’t hide his exhaustion, Shiki still asked me about my actions from here on.

I did say senpai after all.

Of course he would remember.

If Shiki and Tomoe looked at my memories, it wouldn’t be strange for them to know her as well though.

Now that I think about it, they didn’t show much interest in my classmates and friends.

“The people of Limia should be able to do something about the capital right? It seems like the King is also hurrying, so if we are going to involve ourselves, it is fine to do it later. If we do things without understanding the situation, I think like it would turn troublesome later after all. About the hero… well, she is indeed someone I know. I will talk about that when we return. Not only did she see me in that appearance, I also saw her in such an appearance as well. Honestly, I don’t know with what face I should be meeting her with” (Makoto)

I showed her a special effect hero cosplay and I saw her sexy cosplay. Just what kind of face should I make? Seriously, whenever I am involved with the Goddess, nothing good happens.

“Long time no see… would obviously be bad huh” (Shiki)

“… Impossible” (Makoto)

“But Hibiki didn’t seem like she was that embarrassed with her appearance though. When I was looking as well, she didn’t show any noteworthy reaction and was unreserved” (Shiki)

“Well, isn’t that because you are a skeleton?” (Makoto)

“She also saw me in this form though” (Shiki)

“Hm, did senpai have that kind of preference?” (Makoto)

I never heard of this.

… No no, don’t be troubled by this.

Even if she has that kind of preference, it is not like it is well-known.

In the first place, I have only seen senpai in regular clothes once, and it was by chance.

It is practically the same as not knowing her at all.

How stupid.

Let’s return quickly.

It is me, so at worst, I might even run into her if I stay long.

It seems like there’s no survivors around here, but even with that.

“Also, about the adventurer of Tsige. I was unable to save him” (Shiki)

“Can’t be helped. An adventurer is that kind of job after all. He himself chose to participate in the war and came all the way to Limia. He must have been prepared” (Makoto)

“It would be good if that’s the case” (Shiki)

“If senpai is fine, for the time being, there’s no problem. Don’t mind it much. Try sleeping for a bit” (Makoto)

“… Now that I think about it, there’s no contact from Tomoe-dono and the others” (Shiki)

“They are probably already in Asora. In thought transmission, she told me, while giggling, to look forward to her report” (Makoto)

“As always, so much liberty, those two” (Shiki)

Shiki makes a distant look.

“At that side there was no Dragon Slayer and hero, so wasn’t it easy? You shouldn’t blame yourself too much, Shiki. You really did well after all” (Makoto)

It seems like he was slightly dispirited so I try cheering him.

“Waka-sama, looks like you easily handled Sofia. I don’t see a single wound or dirt” (Shiki)

A heavy gaze. It seems Shiki faced quite the hard battle against Lancer.

But to encourage him by saying that wasn’t the case, I think that it would make him even more despondent.

“Well, she was a handy opponent to test my power” (Makoto)

“… I have to become stronger” (Shiki)

“Yeah. If there’s anything I can help with, I will also accompany you” (Makoto)

“Please! Oh, and by the way Waka-sama, I saved one of the companions of the hero party. They said they wanted to give their thanks but, what should I ask for?” (Shiki)

Ah, Shiki returned to the Rotsgard Shiki.

That he doesn’t drag it forever is also a strong point of Shiki.

… It is a strong point he got by being thoroughly beat up by Tomoe and Mio though.

It is a splendid strong point, no doubt about it. Yeah.

I have to learn from him too.

“A reward. Isn’t it fine to just ask them to leave it as if they didn’t see your appearance?” (Makoto)

If he doesn’t do that, at worst, Shiki won’t be able to appear much in Academy Town or in places with many people. And I would face the full brunt of the business again.

It would turn into a situation several times more scary than this one.

I would sleep with a stomach pain.

I-If it’s the cash register where I serve the customers with my japanese style ‘a smile for zero yen’ I feel like I might be able to manage somehow though.

“I already tried saying this, but who knows what will happen” (Shiki)

“I see. In that case, ah, if I remember correctly, in the hero party there’s a Priestess-san from Lorel, right?” (Makoto)

I have thought of something good.

“Yeah, she said her name was Chiya. For a hyuman, she had quite the amount of magic power. In the future she will most likely become a prominent priestess” (Shiki)

“That’s why, in this way…” (Makoto)

I tell Shiki what I thought.

“Understood. Then” (Shiki)

“Yeah. Let’s return to Asora” (Makoto)

I don’t think there is a banquet at this late night.

But it seems like their side had a big victory. In that case, it should be fine to do a banquet tomorrow.

While worrying about Shiki who has used his power too much and had his footing staggering slightly, we silently left the capital.

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