Chapter 162: The conclusion outside the castle

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Shiki made a heartfelt click of tongue because, even if this was within anticipation, it was still heading at a considerably bad direction.

The true swords that Lancer was creating improvised, were already calculated by Shiki.

It depended on the situation of the surroundings, but he has already inputted the fact that Lancer’s fighting potential increases at random.

But that performance was quite high.

The real body itself has skills that Shiki had to revise his own evaluation quite a bit.

The reason was easy to understand.

Because in this capital, there’s the elite army that Io led, and the adventurers that came from Tsige.

As if each sword held a will of its own, Shiki was unable to differentiate between which sword was attacking him.

But still, among those, there are times when a sword made from a hero as material was mixed in the group, and its power surpassed that of the rest. Shiki was suffering.

From an outside perspective, it looked like Shiki was at an overwhelming advantage.

Even Lancer who was holding his ground, has fallen in shock at this situation and has already lost his composure.

Just as Shiki planned.


But the truth is different.

Shiki had already controlled the flow of the battle and taken the initiative, not showing a single restraint and charging forward.

To the point that the saying: ‘No need to think of later’, was quite fitting.

That’s why it looked like the fight was overwhelming.

(Even so, I won’t let it even smell like a hard fight and kill him. This Mitsurugi alone, as long as I have named myself as the servant of Waka-sama, I can’t show an unsightly performance) (Shiki)

The difference in ability between Shiki and Lancer wasn’t that much.

If Lancer was a simple superior dragon, that is.

He offsetted the darkness that Shiki emitted, spouted out quite the powerful flames, weakened the effect of the poisons that he was afflicted with, and at times even completely neutralizing them, Lancer was, frankly speaking, too much of an opponent for Shiki.

In terms of instantaneous fighting power, Shiki would be able to rival him.

But even with this, it wasn’t an advantage that can win him the fight.

Because he would only be lining up by doing his maximum in an instant after all.


Truly an all out.


Lancer’s sword and spells, his special tactics; Shiki was shutting them out with the countermeasures he had thought out in advance.

At times increasing his power to the very limits at the last moment, he dealt with it without showing any agitation.

Attacks with crazy might that would certainly turn the flow of the battle, were being deflected in the midst of this sword dance with a nonchalant face.

The blaze that came out from Lancer’s mouth was a high density flame that Shiki didn’t expect as a threat, but even so, he immediately coped with it.

An attack that even if it hit, it would still be possible to continue battle, but he didn’t even let those kind of attacks go through.


Shiki did all that and had overwhelmed Lancer in all senses.

This wasn’t a feat that could be done unless you habitually fight with opponents stronger than yourself.

Shiki has evaluated his master Makoto as stronger than Lancer.

It is true that Lancer has grown slightly stronger since the time he battled with Makoto.

Because with the varied fighting methods and judgment Shiki has, he would be able to fight in quite the advantage against opponents with the same ability.

However, with the current Lancer that has the power of other superior dragons like Sofia, the story is different.

As a result, the words of Makoto were off, but because of Shiki’s fine play, in terms of result, this situation is the most favorable.

In other words…

It would be one thing if it were within expectations, but Shiki has to finish this before something out of expectations happens, or he won’t have any chance of winning.

The poison of Ascalon is slowly eating into the body of Lancer.

It must have surpassed his healing and curing powers.

A part of his right hand has turned into stone, and there were spots in his body that were visibly dark red.

He was certainly cornering Lancer.

(Please don’t notice. Just like this, die!!) (Shiki)

It is simple luck that Lancer has still not noticed yet. Shiki understood this.

“It would be one thing if it were the Devil itself, but for his mere servant!!” (Lancer)

Lancer was also desperate.

The number of swords was innumerable, and aside from swinging, there were also others who were used simply as piercing projectile weapons.

His ability to control all of those at once is also plenty monstrous.

Shiki’s sword clashes with Lancer’s.

Shiki’s spells clashes with Lancer’s spells.

They respectively clashed.

Sword and spell.

In a few, Shiki had an edge.

That’s why the equilibrium broke, and the one who ended up wounded was Lancer.

Even in swordsmanship, Lancer was also the one being crushed.

The battle was slowly drawing to a conclusion.



A horizontal slash. What Ascalon caught was not the abdomen, but the leg.

It cut off the leg of Lancer that was jumping.

Shiki was going to decide the battle here, but because of the voice that came from the back, he stopped his charge.

He must have read wrong, is what Shiki thought for a moment.

Slowly turning…

“No well, it seems that wasn’t the case. Looks like luck is still on my side” (Shiki)

It was a matter of chance.

‘If Lancer were to notice it’, that kind of probability.

Shiki won the gamble.

A male stretched his arm and moved his mouth to tell something to Shiki.

The adventurer of Tsige.

He probably was an acquaintance of Tomoe and Mio at some point, but for Shiki, it was the first time meeting him.

However, there was too much distance.

The words that were his testament were unable to reach Shiki.

His body was pierced by the light swords.

The barrier was destroyed.

And maybe she was pushed away, the Lorel Priestess Chiya was on the ground.

(He covered for her huh. I appreciate it, adventurer. If that girl or the hero were to turn into swords, I would have lost) (Shiki)

The new barrier that Chiya created, Shiki disguised it so it looked as if he himself had created that barrier.

He made it look like the barrier that has been repelling all the light swords of Lancer.

In truth, the barrier that Chiya spread didn’t have the defensive power to continuously block the light swords.

If the attacks were to concentrate, it wouldn’t even last for one minute before being destroyed.

If it is from a physical sword, it might even break in one attack.

But if it’s something Shiki has spread, it would be a different story.

And in truth, it has been able to block the attack of 3 physical swords at the same time.

After showing this to Lancer, Shiki dissolved the barrier he made.

Against Lancer, he had no leeway to create a firm barrier that is not for his use.

He cut one of his cards to grab the attention of Lancer and made it seem as if the barrier Chiya created was the same as the ones he has been creating until now.

It was a trivial thing similar to an amulet, but it seems like Hibiki and the others understood its meaning, they didn’t make any mention of it and were somehow able to properly convey the plan of Shiki.

After that, Lancer’s physical swords were practically all gathered towards Shiki, and a situation where Hibiki and the others were attacked and become the power of Lancer, was avoided.

The hero and the priestess.

For Shiki, these two turning into swords would be the worst scenario.

He doesn’t know how much power that would give Lancer.

Moreover, one of them was left in his hands by Makoto, so it is a scenario that must be avoided at any cost.

From what Shiki has seen of Hibiki, she is not a girl that would be so easily defeated, but when he actually heard her scream, he felt insecure of this.

Luck is at my side, is what Shiki confirms as the safety of the hero and the priestess were reflected in his eyes.

At the same time, he once again felt the strong need to decide the battle this moment.

“Tch!! I missed! But with this guy I will!!” (Lancer)

Lancer didn’t show even a single shred of remorse at the fact that he tried to assassinate a young girl.

It seems like he lost his ability to regenerate his leg, he was using a sword as substitute for a cane.

The adventurer was wrapped in light and was taken in by the swords. As he himself turned into a new sword, it turned and flies at high speed towards Shiki.

From Lancer’s back, several tens of swords float and turn towards Shiki.

Moreover, as if surrounding Shiki, physical swords and light swords appeared.

“… Hoh~ so even you can tell huh? That this is the decisive moment” (Shiki)

“I have never been this cornered since the time with Sofia. Turn into a good sword and serve under me!!” (Lancer)

“Who would serve under someone like you. I have already found someone to serve!!!” (Shiki)

Shiki who had Ascalon thrusted out, fired off several spells as he charged against Lancer.

Lancer and the many swords meet that attack.

Two shadows overlap.

A shockwave and a sword rain blew violently, destroying the surroundings.

“A mutual defeat?”

“No, Larva-dono’s lost… eh?”

After the instantaneous-like destruction, Bredda muttered mutual defeat, but Hibiki denied it.

But soon after, words of doubt leaked out.

From the scene she and the others see… there’s a man that is missing one leg, and a Lich standing just in front of him.

The Lich has an innumerable amount of swords piercing his body and remained standing with an abnormal appearance.

That’s right. Just like Hibiki stated, it looked like Larva lost.

The reason it doesn’t look like a mutual defeat is because Ascalon is not piercing Lancer.

But that Ascalon is also the reason Hibiki was in doubt.

There nothing held at the Lich’s hands.

“Kukukuku! Did you see that, servant of the Devil?! This is the reason the dragons rule, this is why they rule the world of the stron—” (Lancer)

It seems like Lancer was unable to see Ascalon.

Looking at the Lich that had lost the light in his eyes, he must have felt certain of his victory. He voiced out triumphantly…

And became the last words of Lancer.




From Hibiki’s eyes, the giant sword was reflected.


The falling body of Lancer indicated that the sword had fulfilled its task.

What that girl saw at the back of Lancer, there, the shadow of a person with long red hair was there.

Not even knowing about his existence until now, Hibiki saw a young slender man holding a black great sword.

“Who… are you?”

“… Pathetic. But right now this is my all huh. ‘Sword Emperor Possession’ cancel” (Shiki)

While looking down at the body of Lancer that was dispersing like dust, Shiki mutters.

It was at a volume that couldn’t be heard.

While exposing this body, Shiki walks towards the location of Hibiki and the others.

The black great sword Ascalon had returned to being a black staff with few decoration.

This exterior appearance that was disguised with the form of a Lich.

Using the short distance teleportation that he never showed Lancer not even once, he made a direct hit with Ascalon.

For Shiki, it was a paper-thin victory.

Instantly blaming his own lack of power, Shiki returned to where Hibiki and the others are.

“Are you… Larva-dono?” (Hibiki)


“Eh, are you kidding?”

The doubtful words that Hibiki said, made Bredda and Chiya react.

For this mysterious person to be the same as the Lich, in the common sense of this world, it was hard to believe.

The line of the living and the undead is not something that can be crossed at will after all.

Even if he is holding the same weapon, for the common sense of hyumans, it would be impossible to imagine.

It is because Hibiki basically still had the way of thinking of her previous world that she was able to notice.

(An otherworlder huh. A hero is troublesome) (Shiki)

While thinking this way at Hibiki who easily connected his identity, Shiki returns to where Hibiki and the others are.

‘So you can return to your previous form’ is what his master said in the past, so he is the same as her. Shiki was surprised that this people have quite the extraordinary conception.

For Shiki, this is like putting on a substitute for armor, so if he were asked if he is actually back to the living, in essence, it is different.

But this also can’t be considered at the level of clothes.

And there’s no problem in having his master think that he can return.

Shiki thought that there’s no need to unnecessarily explain those details.

“Normally, it isn’t something that can be so easily noticed though. Honestly, counting the disgrace from just now and this, my head is even hurting” (Shiki)

Shiki regrets the fact that he had to expose this appearance.

“You were a hyuman huh” (Hibiki)

“Fuh~ in a distant past that is. Priestess, move aside. I will keep my promise” (Shiki)

“Eh? Ah, okay” (Chiya)

“Fifth step ‘Keto’ release. At worst, if at the very least his soul is still floating around here, something can still be managed. ‘Silver Arm, Agat Arm’, Supplement my healing” (Shiki)

A new ring is fit onto Shiki’s finger.

A yellow colored light overflowed from the ground and envelops Wudi.

Hibiki and the others reflexively gulp their breath.

With Chiya’s healing, the hole had closed, but the color of his skin that showed no signs of recovering, turned from ashen to a normal color.

Shortly after, his chest clearly went up and down and returned into calm breathing.

“It should be fine with this. After this, just make sure he reposes” (Shiki)

Chiya nods at Shiki’s words.

“You saved us, Larva-dono. I will give my thanks at a future date” (Bredda)

“I will consider it” (Shiki)

“… Servant of the Devil, those words… should I take those words in literal meaning?” (Hibiki)

“So you heard what Lancer said. Forget those words” (Shiki)

“Don’t ask for the impossible” (Hibiki)

“In this terrible scene, even if few in numbers, there are voices asking for help. Residents that evacuated, that are holding uneasiness. Instead of being concerned about me, you should have many other things to do, right?” (Shiki)

(Kugh, as expected, I have used the rings a bit too much huh. That damn Lancer, he really did give me a hard time. With this, even if I return to Waka-sama, I would only serve as an hindrance. I have to rest for a bit) (Shiki)

“This time you won’t stop us?” (Hibiki)

“I won’t help you either though” (Shiki)

In this situation, the only thing that could be a threat for Hibiki would be Sofia, is how Shiki thinks.

And his master Misumi Makoto is there.

At this terrible scene of the capital that has made both armies unable to continue battle because of the rain of light swords, and on top of that, Lancer and Shiki fought; no matter if it’s to find any survivors or to escape, there would be no one who would blame Hibiki, is what Shiki has concluded.

“This is something Bredda said as well but, I will definitely give my gratitude in the future” (Hibiki)

“Fumu. Then, I will be keeping that in mind” (Shiki)

“Hibiki, first let’s find a place for Wudi to rest. At the outside of the town, there’s already several camps being set. That place should work” (Bredda)

Bredda shoulders Wudi.

Hibiki glanced at Shiki once, but without turning back a second time, she left running.

(The last words of the man that was turned into a sword. And the previous words of him when he said ‘that person resembles those people’. It feels like it associates with Tsige. Also, the swordsmanship of the devil’s servant named Larva, the sword was different, but his style was similar to my sensei. To a level that I can’t think of it as a coincidence. Also, the devil, that white person wearing a special effect hero suit. There’s a high chance that Larva and the Devil have some sort of connection with an otherworlder. Tsige, otherworlder, and that abnormal strength. Maybe… Kuzunoha Company is related to this? Then is that white guy, Raidou? But Mio-san was not there. The other close aide called Tomoe-san was not there either. A name like Kuzunoha only exists in Lorel so, it slightly bothers me… I don’t think that it is completely unrelated though) (Hibiki)

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    4) Superior Fire Dragon Crimson Light Akari
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