Chapter 134: The enemy of my enemy is?

“That last one looked pretty fun-desu wa ne” (Mio)

“Umu, maybe I should also try it once. It’s an interesting idea-ja” (Tomoe)

“… A Shining Wizard and a midair combo. Don’t tell me Yuno is the same type as Eris” (Makoto)

The team battle finals concluded.

He may have shown surprising defensive power and toughness, but it didn’t turn into as much of a close game as I thought, and Ilumgand sunk.

In the middle of it, there was something that caught my attention, but that was also finished when I saw the midair combo.

As the Hopelace’s second son, he talked about authority, showed a fight that was completely different from his general notion, and without being able to show off much in the match, it finished.

His relatives must have come to see him as well. How pitiful.

The last spear totally hit his face too.

Even if it’s wooden, it was still impressive that the spear broke.

Was the throw of Yuno that good, or was it the face of Ilumgand that was hard?

Whichever it is, I think his consciousness was taken away with that attack.

“The ideas of Waka’s students are interesting. They are weak, but I could feel that they are used to scheming” (Tomoe)

“Right. The finals were pretty fun. The body techniques of that girl were great” (Mio)

Tomoe and Mio seem to have enjoyed it.

That they didn’t show any will to evaluate the fight in the end is, well, it can’t be helped.

They are not hyumans to begin with, and in their perspective, they honestly feel that they are no more than chicks.

But I feel a bit relieved.

If they are able to think that well by themselves and look for their own style with a clear objective in mind, no matter when my class finishes, they would still be fine.

Well then, I will go to the waiting room as well and congratulate them.

And while it, check Hopelace’s state… No, I should not do that one.

It would be troublesome if I get into a problem again.

I stand up and was about to move, but then, I noticed an abnormality.

Jin and the others prepared their weapons. Yuno lost her spear so she made a stance with her fists.

Those movements were already at the level of martial arts.

I didn’t teach her that at all, or more like, I can’t teach her that, so she probably learned hand-to-hand combat from another teacher.

But the referee already declared the end of the match.

There should be no need for them to prepare their weapons.

And in the direction they are facing, there’s the fallen Ilumgand.


“Waka, there’s a strange magic power coming out from that brat. He is releasing an incredibly wicked aura that is coiled around emotions” (Tomoe)

Tomoe tells me.

I am not using the [Sakai] for search and examination.

I am using it to suppress my power after all.

Also, my perception ability without using Sakai is not impressive at all.

“Really, but it is strange-desu wa. It looks like it is not only the current emotions, old emotions are joined together as well. It feels awful-desu” (Mio)

Mio is looking at Ilumgand as if looking at something weird.

The released magic power was probably amplifying. It changed into the special color that appears when powerful magic power is unleashed or used.

At that point, even I can clearly tell.

What I am saying is that his magic power had changed to the color suitable for water magic, blue.

I am not saying it defines the weakness and fortes of an individual, but it does have a big effect in the path you take.

His gentle blue that’s close to light blue is normally seen in people specialized in healing and support.

By the way, in my case, it is a darkish deep blue. Its specialty is… Tte, this is not the time for that.

“It doesn’t seem… like he is doing this out of his will. Should we stop it?” (Makoto)

“Aren’t the people managing the tournament the ones who should do something? It does feel strange though” (Tomoe)

In the middle of Tomoe’s words, Ilumgand stands up.

Jin and the others take proper battle formation. But Amelia who is outside the stage shouts something.

After that, the three dissolve their stance and go down the stage. As if following Amelia, they all simultaneously left through the exit.


They went to take the weapons in the waiting room huh.

That means…

“Waka-sama, it seems it has turned into a slightly bad situation. Should I say, it has eaten a lot?” (Shiki)

Just as I thought, Shiki speaks.

“Jin and the others went to retrieve their weapons right?” (Makoto)

“Yes. I told them that it was a reward from Waka-sama for winning the championship. Just in case, I thought they would be able to hold it back temporarily with those so I instructed them to return” (Shiki)

“That… noble, just what is going on with him?” (Makoto)

“He is in an incredibly dangerous state. No, it can already be considered too late. He has taken a dosage of at least several months to make his body get used to this abnormality, and that time has come” (Shiki)

“The time… has come?” (Makoto)

So it is really not his will.

But it is surprising that it was able to escape all the diagnosis of the academy.

Doping for several months?

“Yeah. That’s not hyuman anymore. It is already beginning to change into a variation” (Shiki)

“… What’s a variation?” (Makoto)

“Just as the word implies. It’s when a hyuman changes into something that’s not hyuman anymore. I am also a type of variation. I turned into it by my own will, so my circumstances are different from his though. There was a period of time when I was interested in the borders of hyumans and non-hyumans, and experimented with it. I presume there’s no mistake” (Shiki)

“Just for what or who did he do this for? Hopelace is a big noble right? Is there anyone who would choose to make them their enemy? From what I hear, it seems to be quite planned out, and it feels ominous” (Makoto)

“… Waka-sama, are you really saying that? This kind of advanced magic, use of drugs, and the nature of the plan. Hyumans are the target. Seeing the situation, there’s only one power that would execute this kind of plan” (Shiki)

“Eh? But the demon race is different right? Rona-san pulled back her troops and she said that she would cooperate for the sake of Jin and Amelia” (Makoto)

That’s right.

I requested Rona-san to hurriedly withdraw the demons in Rotsgard. There’s no way she would do something like this.

“But, did that woman say anything about not doing anything in Rotsgard?” (Shiki)

“No. She just listened to my request, and then I promised her I would meet the demon lord later, that’s all” (Makoto)

“Then, even if this is the deed of that woman, she hasn’t broken her promise with Waka-sama. At the very least, that’s what Rona would say” (Shiki)

Wouldn’t that just be a play of words? Sophism?

I didn’t want the demon race to cause any problems in the school festival.

Because the matter with Hopelace suddenly came up, I asked Rona to temporarily withdraw the demons since I have scarce personnel.

She accepted that.

Then, that would mean she doesn’t intent to cause anything here right?

Didn’t it mean she accepted that?

“Isn’t that just sophism?” (Makoto)

“It was only a verbal promise after all. Even if she acts in a good willed manner, Waka-sama is still hyuman. I don’t think Rona would reveal everything to you. Also, that woman saw a part of Waka-sama’s power and has caught a hold of my existence. In that case, no matter what strife they cause, we would be able to get through it, that’s why she didn’t say it beforehand. Or maybe, if she told you and you were to do something to counter it, it might bring big disadvantages for her” (Shiki)

The demon race…

I thought at least the demon race would be…!

In terms of forming a relationship or negotiating, I thought they would not be a bad option, and yet…

In the end, maybe the thought of expecting a genuine ally was wrong.

Advantages and disadvantages, phrasing, diplomacy.

It is truly filled with troublesome things.

“From what I hear, the demon race is also not the type that one can deal with ordinary methods” (Makoto)

“Every single one deceiving Waka-sama… They only think about themselves! How unsightly. I can’t forgive them-desu wa!!” (Mio)

In truth, I didn’t feel confident working along with hyumans, so I wanted to try talking with the demon race and see. But, are you trying to tell me that that thinking was naïve?

Or are you telling me to swallow something of this level and negotiate with the demon race?


The regret that had no place to smash into and the mortification that couldn’t turn into words, were turned into breath and exhaled.

Damn it.

Damn it, damn it, damn it, DAMN IT!!!!

I know!

I have already noticed!

This place is bigger than I thought.

Me and the Kuzunoha Company have gathered quite a lot of attention and have begun receiving interference.

This place doesn’t belong to any country, so I thought it wouldn’t gather that much attention, but I have understood that it was completely the opposite.

Not only the four major powers, even the demon race has locked their eyes on us.

Getting played around by the hyumans, Merchant Guild, demon race; not only can’t I freely do business, I am beginning to lose my understanding of how to act.

I stayed unaware of the wideness of the stage I am standing in for way too long.

Can I do it? At this late of a time?

Using Kaleneon, I would hide from all troublesome things in a place I can’t be found.

Even so, as long as I have talked to the Ansland sisters, there’s no way I can just not do it!

“R-Raidou-sensei, this is terrible! There are several monsters rampaging in town!!”


“At the surroundings of Gotetsu, at the surrounding of Kuzunoha Company as well; everywhere has fallen into a terrible chaos! For now it doesn’t seem like there is that much damage, but…”

The voice of Eva and Ruria.

When I turned, I see that the two of them were there, out of breath.

Truly good timing.

For them to come talk to me when I thought about them.

There’s also monsters in the town huh.

Because of my experience in this kind of things, my head was able to stay calm.

Tomoe told me that getting ahead of myself is not good, but the summer vacation was valuable for me.

I see.

Ilumgand’s variation. Things similar to that are probably happening in several places.

Rona-san… Rona.

Damn it.

You… deceived me right?

‘I didn’t lie’ or ‘You didn’t ask me’, I don’t care about any of those.

If as a result, I have seen it in that way…

You won’t have any problems if I act dishonestly as well right?

It is okay to think that you guys had nothing to do with this and cope with it while having that thought in mind, right?

I do think it was a one-sided trust.

Even so, I can tell that the feeling of being deceived and my opposition to her are welling up.

“If we don’t run away fast or deal with it, this place will also be dangerous sensei!”

[Eva-san, Ruria, calm down]


“It feels incredibly dangerous!”

[Yeah. Please tell me everything you know. Also, it may be a bit fast, but I want the answer as well. I want to hear the answer from the question a few days ago]


I could tell that both sisters gulped their breath.

It is weird that, seeing the restless state of these girls, I am steadily growing calmer.

The surrounding audience that saw the abnormal state of Ilumgand, and some that maybe heard the information from outside, suddenly fall into a state of panic, and the noisiness also increased at a fast rate.

The only ones calm around were us.

… It thoroughly makes me hate my own naivety.

I have not been through any bad things with the demon race, so they are good guys. Truly a childish thought.

I am an idiot who doesn’t even know the ‘N’ in negotiation.

The enemy of my enemy is my ally.

Even when I was in Japan, I thought: ‘like hell that’s the case’, and yet, in reality I thought exactly like that.

I am an idiot, truly an idiot.

Even I think I am hopeless.

— But…

Even if it is an idiot, it doesn’t mean whatever they do will be forgiven.

No matter how stupid that person is.

No matter where I go, I won’t change my thinking that: ‘Instead of the one being deceived, the one doing the deceiving is the wrong one’.

No matter what.

If this were a genuine negotiation and business discussion, me who was deceived would be the losing one.

But that’s wrong.

This is a fighting scene where strength dictates the direction.

In that case, there are plenty of things I, we, are able to do.

First, I will hear Eva and Ruria’s feelings.

And then, decide what I should do.

Without showing my disarrayed inside, I wait for the answer of the two with the usual face of Raidou.

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279 thoughts on “Chapter 134: The enemy of my enemy is?

  1. Now he has been messed up from the two sides. I hope his mind isn’t broke like mc in arifureta because it will be boring if there is 2 good novels with the same conditions. I really curious what will he do now

    Thanks rei-dono

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  2. Since he already promised to meet with the Demon Lord, though he had other goals in mind, he should take that opportunity to give Rona a figurative slap in the face while there.

    After some small talk and exchanging pleasantries with the Demon Lord:

    Makoto: “You know, Demon Lord. Not too long ago I was considering supporting Demons from behind. I though you were the good guys, especially after meeting Rona, and the Hyumans were mostly pricks to me.”

    DL (Demon Lord): “Umu. So what changed?”

    Makoto: “Well, Rona turned out to be just as much of a prick as the Hyumans.”

    Rona: “…!!! Hey, what do you mean by that!? I didn’t do anything to you or yours!”

    Makoto: “You promised not to cause any trouble during the tournament.”

    Rona: “I promised to withdraw all the Demons for the duration. Just as you asked of me!”

    Makoto: “You’re twisting my words. You knew the intentions behind my words. If you think what you did makes you smart, then you’re wrong. It makes you unreliable instead.”

    Rona: “…”

    Makoto: “I have no intention of dealing with someone who will take any opening to screw with me. I do not want to waste my time worrying about covering every possible eventuality when making a deal, simply because you’re only capable of following the letter of the deal, and not the spirit of it.”

    DL: “So, if you have no intention of working with us. Why did you come here?”

    Makoto: “To negotiate for the lands of (whatever his parent’s country was called). You give me the lands, and I forgive you for what you did.”

    DL: “And what makes you think we’ll agree to that?”

    Makoto: “What makes you think you have a choice? I was willing to offer you guys some favorable terms in exchange, but Rona here convinced me that I want as much to do with the Demons, as I do with Hyumans. That land will be mine. It’s your choice whether you give it willingly and we part on friendly terms, or not.”

    Then, Makoto says his farewells and starts to leave. He’s blocked by some Demons, at which point he takes off his seals, and the magic energy emanating from him creates so much pressure that everyone there drops to the floor, unable to move a muscle, and hardly able to breathe. Makoto then walks away, and once he gets outside the castle, he opens a gate, steps through, then seals it behind him.

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    1. That was a great scene portrayal. Too bad that ain’t gonna be how it goes down (not a spoiler since I can’t read the raws). I could see something similar happening, except it happens by mistake. Like Makoto mentioning the incident and voicing his impressions of Rona because of them. The DL reads into his words that same threat (though not exactly what he meant), and Rona being embarrassed the same way (again unintentional).

      I wish your version would be the true version though.


    2. Makoto: “You’re twisting my words. You knew the intentions behind my words. If you think what you did makes you smart, then you’re wrong. It makes you unreliable instead.”

      Except this part is false. She asked him why, he said not to ask, so she complied with exactly what he requested. The responsibility for this is entirely on him.

      Rona: “Did you forget that when I asked for your reasons you opted not to give any and instead just told me not to ask? So now you’re trying to blame me for not reading your mind or predicting desires you didn’t choose to share? How nice for your conscience to blame someone else for your own mistakes.”

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    3. Yeah… Not gonna happen pal, but hey she do screw some things and end having to taste a litle of makoto wrath later, so keep your hopes ok.


  3. I hope he goes on a little monster exterminating rampage and ‘accidentily’ blows up the merchant HQ along with stringing Rona up by her neck.

    The enemy of my enemy is also my bloody enemy so they can all burn in hell, I am neutral so i will kill them both equally 😀

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  4. all hail cliff-sama,
    now that he found out even demon race can not be trusted, I am curious about the question more. Rona an idiot that for sure. Makoto clearly state that done do anything that will disturb the festival and she gone and done that.
    I guess she did not anticipate that he really thinking on siding with demon, tough luck Rona I guess


    1. I think she planned this as a way to test his power and Shiki’s loyalty to him, something along the lines: “if Raidou survives then he’s worthy to be an ally, if he dies he was never good enough”, maybe she thinks she can still rally him to the demons cause after this.

      The only reason I can come up for her to follow through with her plan that doesn’t make her sound like an idiot is that she thinks the likelihood of it working and crippling the hyumans is worth antagonizing the unknown element that is Raidou and his company…


      1. It maybe she want to test makoto, but there is no way to get an ally (although fake) that way, she did not get enough info of kuzunoha and makoto but she still take chances to make an enemy of him. That is not a strategist way of thought.

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  5. rona want makoto have debt to her and change side to demon but
    she use drug to many human to attack at the same time.
    if she want to kill vips,she should come to attack by herself.

    Makoto and vips still watch tournament
    what is rona expect outcome.
    1. Makoto stay still ,watch many people die and chang side to demon.
    2 Makoto shiki and his student figth back but can’t do much.
    3. Makoto wipe out demon force.


    1. The unexpected action that might screw up Rona’s plan could be to cure everyone infected, sell some favors, gain strong supporters(Limia’s King,Lorel etc…) and use that position as leverage against her.


  6. Finally MC matures a bit. Finally a truly neutral country’s going to be established. And in process some demons’ll get annihilated.


    1. Like a truly neutral country was never a powerhouse… Gundam has a lot to say about that and Makoto will follow it, also “SPOILER AHEAD!” Only mutants will fall this time, the demons AND hyumans will get their chance on the second phase of the plan.”SPOILER END!”


  7. Hmmmmm, people are debating a lot over Rona’s actions, right?

    First and foremost, Makoto is a “Hyuman”. The race that’s in war with the demons. There is no way Rona, as a demon general, is going to give information about her master plan to kill enemy VIP’s. It would be stupid if she did so. Not to mention, this plan has been hatched by months, from the time she and Makoto first met at least! Did Makoto actually expect a demon general to listen to him, a single hyuman, and simply give up on a plan involving the future of her entire race? That was merely naivety from him!

    On Rona’s side she’s made a mistake of ther own. When Makoto called her to remove her soldiers, she should have said something along these lines: “we are going to make a move during the festival. Be careful and get out of the way”. There was no need to say anymore than this. If you want to bring someone over to your side, it’s just logically obvious not to put that person in risk with your own schemes. And, giving Makoto a hint will deepen mutual trust. “Larva is Strong, so Raidou will not die”? And what about Makoto’s employees (which are mostly powerful, but some not that much, like the Edwas)? His students? The people he cares about and would definitely protect? Did she not consider she’s going to attack these people as well? In the end she completely discarded Makoto…


    1. excuse me for this please…

      Rona is a strategist from the demon race camp, right? and the effect of the medicine that Hopeless was taking(that’s from Rona’s calculations to create chaos), was due on the day of the end of the tournament, right? indeed, she has discarded Makoto by not giving cautions of the events going to occur, and that is according to their plan as well. But, in a sense, a strategist has a pride to keep the schedule of effect of their plan and processes the events along the line to see if an obstacle will hinder it. and like the conclusion Makoto reached was that Rona did not lie in their promise but also did not tell the truth.

      what i am saying is this. Rona’s target is not Makoto, but the hyumans present in Rotsgard that day. remember that she said, she cannot understand Makoto’s thoughts (as a strategist, that’s an obstacle or a landmine that is visible but untouchable), thus warning him may ruin their plan. Makoto said so himself, he is neutral, but put your shoes in Rona’s. Makoto is of the enemy’s race with broad intelligence gathering strength, so tricking him is the best option to proceed their plan.

      and you got to admit… the anticipation to know what Makoto will do from now on is exciting… ne~? ^_^


  8. his entire fault lies on his ignorance….
    the moment he kill that bitch long time ago, i would expect he would go ‘naofumi’, but due having someone! a family to as an outlet and escapism … he remain oblivious with enmity that gather around him,


  9. With how popular the translation is becoming, I would advise the translator to add a plugin to collapse (hide / show) the comment sections. It causes the page to take forever to load on the smartphone when there are hundreds of additional comment content to load. Loading speed problem doesn’t exist on pc/laptop.

    This is on a multicore 2.3GHz 4GB ram smartphone with a 28MBps/5MBps Internet connection.


    1. Wasn’t anywhere near as bad when the comments still used paging. With the unlimited length comment section it is getting resource intensive, especially for chapters that have a lot of comments. Instead of having 3-4 pages it’s all in one long list.


  10. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, really shouldn’t be taken literally. A smarter version would be:-
    The enemy of my enemy is my potential and likely temporary ally of convenience.


    1. The enemy of my enemy is an enemy of my enemy if my enemy has an enemy that’s an enemy of my enemy unless the enemy of my enemy is an enemy of their enemy where the enemy of that enemy is not an enemy of my enemy.


  11. If you’re using the wayback machine to get these, what will u do when you run out and why are u translating from the wayback rather than the normal edited version?


  12. I have not been through any bad things with the demon race, so they are good guys. Truly a childish thought.

    Hey dude.. Did you forget it’s a WAR with their entire race in stake.. I really hope he won’t save hyumans besides his “friends” and pupils.. He don’t have any reasons after all.


  13. This motherfucker is one stupid and naive motherfucker !!!!! how can you not learn after so many times bruh this is really getting on my nerves this is completely the authors fault for making an op mc and then not knowing how to fucking make the rest. I feel like he only wanted an OP mc he didn’t think about the rest much so he just went with ha merchant guild ok lets make that ahh adventurers guild cool cool lets go with that ..hmm lvls yes we got to have some lvls in there so i can make the mc look even more op put some op side characters and thats it we good FUCK the character development of the mc he already op so there POOOWEEER YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE there TAKE in bitches in YOUR FACE that should satisfy you fuckers (AND HIS NOT EVEN USING IT or tried to control it i mean what in the ACTUAL FUCK)… i feel like the only thing he did of his own free will is to me that company nothing else and save that Toa girl i guess.


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  15. Re-reading this, Rona really fucked up by going through with the plan. They gain the possible destruction of Rotsgard, but lose Makoto’s cooperation.

    Even if it was just as a merchant, we’ve seen via Tsige that his goods are capable of revitalizing at least smaller towns, and while his teaching methods wouldn’t be as ground breaking for demons, the growth rate is still crazy. He would also be providing them with (fairly small) amounts of high quality medicine, weapons, and armor.


  16. yeah thats what you get for being a naive brat you thought you could just waltz around like you’re in earth huh i hope it gets nailed into his stupid head that things are different in the world that he’s currently in and being a softy fag will only get him in trouble.


  17. “Eh? But the demon race is different right? Rona-san pulled back her troops and she said that she would cooperate for the sake of Jin and Amelia” (Makoto)

    *Scratching my hairs furiously

    Eh my arse … This Guy … Where’s that B!tchslap you got from Merchant Guild Rep. earlier go ? … is that self reflection/contemplating about naieveity just a facade ?

    Gosh, when i see the slight progress on MC brain, i thought he learned his lesson … Now, he back to square one (o.O)

    *facepalmed … But still enjoying it anyway


  18. ‘Instead of the one being deceived, the one doing the deceiving is the wrong one’.
    I’m glade he didn’t change his way of thinking


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