Chapter 135: When I incidentally look, there are several paths

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[Both of you, are you fine with that? I will ask once more, you don’t have any regrets right?]

“Of course. The name of Eva and the family name Ansland. If you are saying that’s the price, I will give them to you. Please do as you wish” (Eva)

Eva-san didn’t hesitate and answered my last confirmation immediately.

I thought she would be more adhered to her name. How unexpected.

“I also don’t mind. To begin with, the time I was Ruria Ansland wasn’t that long, so I don’t have any attachment” (Ruria)

Following after her sister, Ruria also agreed.

Her gaze slightly strayed from me and directed it to the stage.

Ah right, Ilumgand was meddling with her.

I think her name has already turned into a name that’s only be called when criticizing her. A name with no worth.

“Raidou-sensei, you also asked Ruria huh. What an evil disposition. What did you intend to do if one of us were to reject it?” (Eva)

“Really. You even told me to keep it a secret from Onee-chan. That kind of thing, I think it is of bad taste” (Ruria)

[If your opinions didn’t match, I would have wanted the two of you to forget that decision. But, I am glad. In a close future, ‘the moment’ will certainly come in some way. Please don’t forget this agreement. It may just be a verbal promise, but if it is broken, remember that your lives will not suffice]

For a second, I remember Rona and add words.

This time, I am the side that’s granting the wish of these girls.

There shouldn’t be much to worry, but just in case.


After confirming again that the sisters nod, that cry resounded in the whole competition ground.

The unpleasant voice was from Ilumgand. No, the former Ilumgand.

While enveloped in a sky blue light, he convulses every now and then, and all parts of his body were swelling.

His skin color also turned into an ashen concrete-like color, and was turning into something humanoid.

Currently, he looks like a 2 meter meat ball with legs.

Should I call it, in the midst of transforming?

His neck is stretched in a pretty strange way and it’s quite horrific.

“He is absorbing the magic power of the collapsed ones. From what I can tell, that necklace is a tool that efficiently absorbs magic power of things in a particular state” (Shiki)

Shiki’s calm words.

“Fumu, using emotions as its fishing hook, it ties up magic power and when the main body awakens, it will begin gathering magic power from its surroundings. If it’s able to add to its power, it would make him a monster with the magic power of 6 people. Also, if you scatter people like that around the area and one were to activate, that person can use the others as feed. How interesting-ja na” (Tomoe)

Without showing much interest, Tomoe complements Shiki.

“I wouldn’t want to eat that-desu wa ne. It looks as if he were in a drunken frenzy, and on top of that, he looks unappetizing. And filthy” (Mio)

Mio turns her head away as if treating him like a filthy thing.

Jin hasn’t returned yet.

They left temporarily to get their weapons after all. They will show themselves in time.

“Shiki, I understand how he turned that way now. And then, can he be turned back to normal?” (Makoto)

From what I have heard of Eva-san and Ruria, there are also turned variations infesting the town.

Just in case, depending if there’s a chance to return them to normal, my orders will change.

“That would be difficult. That thing is something similar to a dish that used hyumans as its ingredient. To turn something cooked into ingredients again is… there are times when it is just not possible. Even if it is really possible, it would get increasingly difficult depending on how many were affected, and I think that it would take quite a long amount of time to resolve the situation this way. I wonder if it’s worth enough to do that” (Shiki)

Shiki doesn’t seem to like the idea that much.

But as long as I am not sure if this will be targeted to people close to me, I want to at least leave a counter-measure for it.

Because in basis, we don’t have allies.

When I heard the comparison of turning cooking back to ingredients, the first thing I thought was that it was impossible. So this would be troublesome for Shiki.

“… Understood. Tomoe, call Mondo from Asora. Have him team up with Lime, make them give instructions to Akua and the others, and have them suppress the turmoil in town. I want some of them as samples for Shiki and the Arkes to research, so tell them that it is fine to use the Tree Punishment. Be the supervisor of their transportation as well please” (Makoto)

“As you will” (Tomoe)

After confirming that Tomoe nods and turns back, I tell her in thought transmission to order the standby personnel to suppress the town’s turmoil.

To call Mondo and have them listen to his and Lime’s orders.

The town seems to be in a terrible chaos, but our employees are all composed people.

In this kind of moments, they are truly reliable.

When the thought transmission connected for instructions, they already moved back all the merchandize that was in display, on top of that, they activated a defense barrier around the store and were in standby inside.

“Shiki follow-up for the students. No matter how monstrous Ilumgand turns, Shiki will still be able to handle it right?” (Makoto)

“Of course. Can’t even consider it a warm-up. But, the orders just now, with the current number of people in the company, I think it would be hard to cover the whole town” (Shiki)

Shiki must have noticed that he would end up doing something laborious from the orders I gave to Tomoe and seems to be dejected, but he nods at my question and points out the problem in my order.

“… I see. Then I will call the Mist Lizards too. It would be troublesome if they were mistaken for mamonos, so… after incapacitating Ilumgand, let’s have the students divide in 3 groups and help” (Makoto)

“In 3 groups?” (Shiki)

“Yeah. Later I will be calling the third Mist Lizard the students will be meeting” (Makoto)

“Understood” (Shiki)

“And then, Mio and I will…” (Makoto)

Grasp the number of monsters and their locations, after that, back-up everyone.

After saying all my thoughts, I closed my mouth.


What am I doing?

I suddenly remember the bitterness of yesterday and my thoughts get interrupted.

It’s true that Rona got me good.

In her perspective, it is something I didn’t ask, so she didn’t tell me. And from my perspective, I thought we were partners.

In the first place, we are not from the same camp, and making a request as if predicting her future plans, I can’t help but feel stupid.

I don’t think I will be able to easily trust the demon race anymore, and the promise I did with her, has already changed subtly inside me.

But even with that, is there a need for me to mobilize the Kuzunoha Company to suppress this chaos?

It can put Rona in check. And I can also get back at her for deceiving me.

But aside from that, what merit do we gain?

Yeah, think about it.

Not the usual where I concentrate and think by myself, but the thinking method I am familiar with until now.

Maybe because it has been long since I have used the bow alone, I have been thinking about thinks by myself, and most of the time I have reached the conclusion in that way.

But after coming here, probably because of my own limits, things have not gone well.

My field of vision is too narrow.

I should place several things in the balance, think about the future of that decision, and the things I can do.

The way of thinking that the representative talked about, the way of thinking about putting advantages and disadvantages as priority; maybe I should use them as reference.

(Tomoe, sorry. Can you return?) (Makoto)

(Yeah. No problem. Should I have Mondo return to Asora as well?) (Tomoe)

Mondo is already in the company?

No real need to return him.

(No, that’s fine. Just that, please wait for a bit before shifting to action) (Makoto)

This is something that I should probably say in person.

(Then, I will order them to continue in standby and I will be returning) (Tomoe)

(Thanks. There’s something I want to consult about) (Makoto)

Well, this is fine.

“Shiki, the previous order won’t go. You two, there’s something I want to ask you” (Makoto)

Right now, it smells like an emergency situation.

Not for the company, but an emergency situation for the town itself. In other words, it is a crisis for everyone except us.

This is probably quite the chance for us.

There’s the saying ‘burglars in fires’, and this is exactly the fire. <As in, burglars appear in chaos>

Everyone is restless and being attacked by the menace called monsters.

I wasn’t the one who caused it, so the inhumane example of arson to steal is not that accurate though.

There’s absolutely no need for me to hurry.

Because we can get through rough directions after all.

Even if it’s not to the level of theft, I can move in a way where I can take advantage of the situation.


The surroundings are getting spacious.

Because everyone has noticed the abnormality and has escaped from the stage one after the other.

Truly a panic.

If I just deal with the thing that was Ilumgand, this place will turn in a pretty safe place. Well, we are the minority in here though.

Even so, in this kind of situation, Rembrandt-san will probably be looking for me.

I did tell him my seat number, so he should know my approximate location. Depending on the content of the meeting, it could be dangerous.

“Ah, Tomoe. Sorry for changing my opinion. There’s something I want to consult you three. This situation, what do you think we should do? For Kuzunoha Company and us, which action should be the most beneficial? Shiki, what’s your take?” (Makoto)

After waiting for Tomoe’s return, I ask the opinion of Shiki.

The one that knows the most about Rotsgard and Kuzunoha Company is Shiki after all.

“How should we move, is it? Eva and Ruria are here, so I think the first thing we should do is make this place safe. In terms of benefiting the company, I think there’s the option of only moving the minimum possible. Just when needed” (Shiki)

“So, don’t act?” (Makoto)

Eva and Ruria seem to feel relief after hearing Shiki’s words.

About those girls, I don’t mind what they hear from us.

I have established an agreement with those two after all.

Of course, it is not a pact made with magic, but more of a promise.

I have also told them that they should prepare for the consequences if they were to break it.

Those two are free to interpret it in any way they want, but I don’t think they are taking it too lightly.

“Yes. Including the demands of the merchants and several other factors, the more damage this incident causes, the more time it will take for it to happen. I don’t have any guarantees of how well it will go, but there’s the chance that several companies will disappear. No matter which, I think that it benefits us better than suppressing the turmoil promptly and showing our power. If we take the initiative imprudently, the guilds that were in cahoots for trying to bring us down and the major companies might treat us as their private army, and just like how the representative clamored, they might really demand for the 90% of our profits, and to share our transportation method” (Shiki)

I see.

Even if I move through my current emotions of Rona and bring down her plans, it won’t benefit us huh. The thing about keeping the demon lord in check certainly is a dangerous thought.

I still don’t know how the guild would act after all.

I can clearly see that it will not turn into anything good, so that’s why I am here thinking about struggling but…

“Tomoe, what do you think?” (Makoto)

“Right…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe looks like she is pondering.

I thought she would agree with what Shiki said.

These two are the same in the part that they both look at the advantages and disadvantages after all.

“There’s also the choice of suppressing this turmoil anyways. Like a hero of justice” (Tomoe)

“What do you mean?” (Makoto)

A hero of justice you say.

The bad habit of Tomoe came out again?

“It may come with the demerit that the merchants will see our fighting power, but by respecting the hyuman life and not requesting for a reward, not only the store, we would be able to turn the people in this town to our side. No matter how much they try to bite us, if the residents treat us as heroes, they would need the resolve to attack us. Protecting the residents can actually become a wall that protects us from ill will” (Tomoe)

To act the part huh. In that case, it would be indispensable to resolve this in an early stage.

“Then it would be bad if we don’t move as soon as possible, right?” (Makoto)

“No, it’s still too soon. The best time is when there’s a considerable amount of damage and the residents are falling into despair. The direction is important in the play after all. If we just close the lid after 5 minutes, the gratitude would diminish” (Tomoe)

I tried pointing out this suggestion and see, but it seems she had a different opinion.

… I see.

It is true that a hero of justice, instead of coming before the person is attacked, they come after the person has already been attacked and is already in a pinch. If they were to come before the problem occurs, no one would be grateful towards them.

Tomoe is saying that we should aim for that gratitude.

I see. It is better for them to be in a pinch.

In that case, there’s still plenty of time.

Should I wait for a certain percent of the town to be destroyed, or when the defensive forces of the town clash with the monsters? I feel like that might give quite the impact.

Just that, there’s also the possibility that they will hate us for not coming out faster.

If we don’t place a good reason, it might become a double-edged sword.

“Mio, do you have an opinion?” (Makoto)

Honestly, I didn’t expect much when asking her.

She sometimes shows impressive intuitions, but in basis, she is a person that’s more instinct less thinking.

“How about using this chance to kill every hindrance? If it’s now, we can use the chaos to bring down every problematic one. It may bring suspicions if only the merchants interfering with Waka-sama are brought down, but if we kill a decent amount of them, we can cover it up-desu wa” (Mio)

Slaughter everyone that’s a hindrance. She is saying that we should kill everyone that’s close as well huh.

What a straight opinion.

It certainly does have an immediate effect. Just that, this method is more like cutting the weed and leaving the root, so I feel like it won’t resolve the main issue.

This opinion of mine is probably stemming out of my impression from that representative, but I feel like merchants are stubborn towards people that are successful, so even if we take care of the bunch that are bothering us, I don’t think that would be the end of it.

When thinking that way, I can tell how scarce of an existence Rembrandt-san is.

And I don’t know how he was in the past.

“Well then, what does Waka think? If you stopped the order from a while ago, you must have a guideline already, even if it’s vague” (Tomoe)

Tomoe turns the question to me now.

True, I do have something in mind that’s slightly different from the order I gave a while ago.

“… Well, yeah. One is that the even if we don’t do anything, the matter will resolve itself; the other one is how it will affect the future demon lord meeting if I were to save Academy Town” (Makoto)

“Hoh~, a meeting with the demon lord. No matter the form, if you plan on meeting with the Lord of the demon race, suppressing this situation would be a minus” (Tomoe)

It’s just as Tomoe said.

It will obviously not turn into a plus.

Or more like, I have already told you that before so you should know.

Tomoe sometimes schemes things, who knows what she is thinking.

In her answer just now, she might have done it just to increase the amount of options.

Shiki and Mio also gave out different options after all.

Well, right now is not the time to guess the real intentions of Tomoe.

I did feel like negotiating with the demons because they haven’t shown any direct antagonism towards us, and if we were to move now, it might turn the negotiations with them into nothing.

I have ended up defeating a few demons in the wasteland, but no one knows about that event.

What I know is that there were demons that were trying to use Tomoe.

“I at least want the area that Tomoe pointed out, Kaleneon. It is in such an inside part and it isn’t that vast either, moreover, from what Eva-san said, it was a place that didn’t have anything special and it wasn’t as if it was prosperous in resources either. It seems there were also many uncivilized places around the area, so in terms of future worth, I don’t think it is worth much to the demon race. I think it won’t be that hard of a negotiation. But, if it’s a negotiation with a hyuman that has destroyed their plan, I feel like it might become harder to ask for something or to get something. It might even turn into being unable to meet” (Makoto)

“Your guess about Kaleneon is probably right. The castle they were re-utilizing didn’t have that many soldiers, and they weren’t in alert mode. Instead of a military position, it felt more like a base to advance the cultivation of new lands” (Tomoe)

The words of Tomoe make the eyes of Eva and Ruria open wide.

Well, of course they will react like that.

Because Tomoe is talking as if she has seen Kaleneon already.

If it were from a hyuman, this is something hard to believe.

Kaleneon is in a pretty deep part of the demon’s territory, so there’s no one who knows its current state.

And that truth also served as the trigger for the foolish thing I thought of. <Something he thought of before all this happened>

“If we suppress the situation in Academy Town, no matter how well we resolve it, Rona will probably suspect that it was our deed. This would be the case if we were to follow Tomoe and Shiki’s suggestion. And, in the case we use Mio’s suggestion, we would have to totally migrate to the demon race side or there’s the chance it would cause trouble for the store in Rotsgard and Tsige, and also to the people related to me. Well that’s the worst case scenario where we don’t do anything to resolve the situation, moreover, they discover our connection with the demon race though” (Makoto)

The things to consider were steadily extending and it is becoming more difficult to predict the developments. I could tell that my mind was falling into disorder.

But I can still think of things roughly while arranging it.

I don’t want to get talked down like yesterday anymore, so I have to do my best.

Endure, endure.

I can easily reach to a conclusion when alone, and yet, when other people mix in and give out their thoughts, it feels like a foreign substance is trying to blend in and it makes it hard to put together.

In the times when I was in the modern world, I didn’t have to think about anything this seriously.

Even my future, I was the type that just thought: ‘it would be nice if I were able to live by doing only archery’.

“Related to Waka-sama, by that, you mean the Rembrandt Company and the students? Also a few adventurers in Tsige would enter the list as well, right?” (Shiki)

Shiki complements what I said.

In terms of adventurers, Tomoe and Mio are more related to them, but no doubt that it does relate to the Kuzunoha Company.

The only ones I have been directly involved with would be Toa-san and her group.

And my current connection with Lime is more like a connection through Tomoe.

Also, he already knows about Asora, so he is basically on our side.

About Rembrandt-san and the students, what should I do?

From how the representative talked, I think that if I make it as if Rembrandt-san was exploiting me, the criticism from the representative won’t be that much.

As long as the whole hyuman race doesn’t know that I am in the demon race’s side, there shouldn’t be that much to worry about.

No, even so, there’s no telling what might happen.

In the worst case, there might be the need to take them with me.

About the students, well, they are not my employees or anything like that.

Will they get implicated in this?

Even if it is discovered that a temporary teacher has been communicating with the demon race, instead of the students, it feels like the academy itself would be the one receiving the criticism.

It isn’t like I have been using dangerous medicines like that Ilumgand screaming who knows what, and the fruits of Asora underwent examinations beforehand and there were no problems.

… That they weren’t able to detect the use of medicine that transforms people into variants brings out questions as well.

Also Jin and the others did show their abilities. Many people witnessed it.

When taking that into account, there shouldn’t be anyone who would condemn them.

Thinking about how the hyumans have been until now, there should be more people who would want to shelter them and utilize them right?

I think that even if I don’t do anything about the students, they would still be okay.

Thinking about it in loss and gains, their growth may be remarkable, but currently they are still not strong enough to be considerable fighting powers.

In the worst case scenario, I can bring them with me and they will be safe, but nothing good will come out of it.


If I am prioritizing loss and gains, there’s no need to be concerned about the students.

Actually, if I am going to the demon race, they are a connection I will have to cut.

Reeled in by power, the students took my classes and grew, but in all of that, the truth was that the temporary teacher was actually of bad origins. That could turn into a demerit.

That’s about it.


If we are talking about that, if I do as Mio suggested, it wouldn’t be necessary to continue my relationship with Rembrandt-san either…

Just that, as a human being, I am hesitating.

“Waka, it seems Rembrandt is coming here” (Tomoe)

Rembrandt-san. So he really is coming.

It’s true that at first our connection was just because that’s how it developed.

But I thought I would follow his steps and become a merchant as well.

Now, I am attached too.

Should I abandon all my connections and start over at the demon’s side?

Even if there may not be many, should I treasure the people I have become close to?

My current naivety will get in the way when dealing with people in the future.

Is it okay to wipe everything clean?

I can’t brush off this anxiety.

Damn it.

There’s no time.

I have to make a decision now.

No, that’s also not right.

I can’t hurry this.

The surroundings were making an uproar a few moments ago, but it is beginning to calm down.

It’s not that it has actually calmed down. It’s just that more than half of the audience has escaped already.

First, I will meet with Rembrandt-san and rethink.


The Rembrandt couple have found us and hastened their pace. Seeing that, I try to hold down my impatient feelings.


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