Chapter 133: Team battles, conclusion

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On the other hand, Izumo and Yuno approach the 6 that were lying in wait.

The two warriors were already prepared with their lances, but the arias of the magicians would still take time.

The first one to act was Yuno.

She hasn’t closed the distance between the closest warrior, and yet, she threw the spear in her hands as if sewing the two warriors.

The spear that flew straight ahead made a direct hit towards the chest of the furthest male magician as if it gravitated towards him.

It didn’t pierce.

It was wooden, on top of that, the tip was dull and rounded.

The spear lost its momentum and fell in place, but the magician that was hit by the attack was thrown back heavily and falls face up.

“Bull’s~ Eye~!!” (Yuno)

A cheerful voice resounds in the stage.

As if truly enjoying it. A voice that just hearing it would cheer you up as well.

Even though what she is doing is not fun, but more like, something incredibly painful.

Yuno didn’t stop for even a second, and the warrior that got his attention taken by the flying spear, even if he tried to stop her approach, his legs couldn’t move.

It’s Izumo.

He stopped his accelerated movement and finished his aria. Because of all the attention Yuno took, the caution towards him had lowered, and without missing that chance, ice climbed up to their feet. They were wrapped in ice to their knees.

Just like that, Izumo begins to chant an aria at the proximity of the two warriors.

The attention to Yuno switches to Izumo.

This time, Yuno acts.

Just like how the spear went in between the space of the warriors, she gets into the bosom of the closest magician without faltering.

The spell still hasn’t finished yet, and looking at the magic power that has only gathered to the tip of the staff, she looked at the chin of the magician and slowly pushed up the bottom of her palm to it.

The palm stroke of a small build girl.

Be that as it may, she used her lower body as a spring, placing her weight on it and make a blow.

The man that received this on his chin sprang up, and even his body slightly flew up.

In the middle of the welling up cheers, Yuno took her time to change her palm into an elbow strike right onto the open abdomen.

Both of those attacks had body enhancement applied.

It isn’t something that a magician hurrying with his aria would be able to endure.

He pathetically falls to the outsides of the stage, and his doll is destroyed.

Remarkably loud cheers resound in the area.

“Ooo~ne!!” (Yuno)

Yuno’s eyes were already focusing on the next target. All the magicians that were lined up were her targets.

The first man that received the spear attack was trembling intensely while trying to somehow stand up.

She understood even that.

That’s why she said ‘One’.


Seeing her companion being blown away, the woman magician’s aria is broken.

She knew that she was the next target of Yuno Rembrandt because of those ferocious eyes aiming at her.

“Second one, I will be taking it~!!” (Yuno)

Easily slipping through the swung staff, she gave up on activating the spell and gives out an attack with her staff, but the small build girl evaded it.

How is she able to make such bewildering movements in close range? The magician girl was unable to understand at all.

In her field of vision, Yuno was already not there anymore.

Where did she disappear? Before she was able to feel that fear of not knowing where her opponent is, she felt a blunt but strong shock.

That’s when she was no longer able to feel fear anymore.

“Freebie!!” (Yuno)

Yuno instantly appeared behind the magician, and smashed an elbow on the girl’s medulla oblongata.

It can be called a pretty dangerous attack.

Of course, the doll that served as the scapegoat was heavily damaged at the head part, and shook weakly.

It narrowly escaped destruction.

But along with the words ‘freebie’, Yuno grabbed the arm of the girl and threw her to the remaining magician, and with that, the doll was destroyed completely.

In just a short amount of time, Yuno defeated two magicians with scary body technique.

It’s still not over yet.

The dance was still not over yet.

“Okay, three!!” (Yuno)

The female student, having her comrade thrown at her and losing her balance, by the time she faced forward, Yuno was already there.

She placed one leg on the knee of the kneeling girl.

The moment the other leg of Yuno took the field of vision of that female student, the fight was already decided.

She doesn’t know that that technique is called ‘Shining Wizard’ and it’s a technique that is praised highly.


She just did it because it seemed like she could do it.

Looking at the movements of Yuno that didn’t let the magicians do practically anything, the sensei of her, Raidou, stiffened his face and was impressed by her growth. Later, this will please her a lot.

“Spear recovered~. And then, fourth!” (Yuno)


Yuno arrives at the place where her thrown spear was and recovers it.

The male magician that was finally about to regain his footing from the damage had his staff hit by the spear.

With that attack that was made without delay, the staff made a dry sound and falls over.

And while it, she does a side strike at the magician as if saying ‘go to sleep’.

Sinking once again, he didn’t move an inch more.

The doll was also destroyed.

“Done! It’s my win huh, Izumo-kun” (Yuno)

“Just a bit longer and it would have been mine. I have lost” (Izumo)

Izumo turns around and looks at Yuno.

Those movements were the same as a victory declaration.

In her field of vision there were the backs of fallen warriors with their whole body wounded.

“Wind Blade. When activating it with shortened aria and continuous fire, as expected, its power falls. It ended up feeling as if I brought them down with numbers. Hah…” (Izumo)

Just as Izumo said in his disappointed words, the well-build warriors had several shallow cuts everywhere and their equipment was shredded.

One of them was staggering and then collapsed. The other warrior was collapsed a long time ago and lost consciousness.

Having their movements sealed, the pitiful warriors were mangled by a large quantity of invisible blades.

“Fufu~ well then, the one left is…!! AAAAAHH?!!!” (Yuno)

“Eh, Yuno, what’s wr—ong…? Jin, didn’t you say you wouldn’t do a head start!?” (Izumo)

For the first time since the match began, the voices of Yuno and Izumo were flustered.

In the place they are gazing at, there’s the remaining one, Ilumgand Hopelace, and their comrade, Jin.

Against the rampaging Ilumgand that’s leaving all to strength, Jin didn’t back off even once, but it is just that he hasn’t let a single direct hit connect, and has one-sidedly attacked.

When Jin and the other two made a preparatory meeting, he promised. It doesn’t look like he is holding back.

That tempest of attacks had an intensity that was as if saying he wanted to end the fight.

‘We will defeat Ilumgand with the three of us’

‘That’s why Yuno and Izumo will defeat the other members first’

Jin would pin down Ilumgand.

That’s the kind of plan that was promised.

“Haven’t you become laughably tough, Ilumgand-senpai?! What interesting physical strength! Try struggling more!!” (Jin)

“Guugh, uwu, destroy, destro- giii”

The strength and technique of Ilumgand has enough competency to win the last year’s tournament without doubts.

And yet, Jin was overpowering him.

Concentrating on a strength based fighting style can be considered an error of Ilumgand though.

In the guest seats, it was already not only just a part, everyone had begun noticing this abnormality.

That between them, there’s not only a difference in level. And in those, there were discerning ones that have begun understanding that Jin and the other six students were learning in a different way.

“Ah… If we don’t go soon, our share will be gone!” (Yuno)

“Wait a moment, Yuno” (Izumo)

“Izumo-kun?” (Yuno)

“This is strange. He is being beaten up that badly, and yet, there’s practically no damage in the doll. From what I see, it isn’t like all the attacks are being absorbed by the armor” (Izumo)

“… That’s true” (Yuno)

“Also, Jin is mixing several attacks with the intention of knocking him out, and yet, it isn’t showing effect at all” (Izumo)

“Well, Jin may have a bad mouth, but he is unexpectedly kind at times. Against Hopelace, who has been doing whatever he wanted until now, I wouldn’t go for the knockout but for the eternal embarrassment. Jin is probably thinking about the after-effects or something like that” (Yuno)

“… You, you are actually quite the wicked one huh. Well, I do feel the same way as you regarding Ilumgand-senpai though” (Izumo)

“Anyways, let’s go” (Yuno)

“I am fine here. I will begin my aria. If you two are in the vanguard, I can be at the rear without worries” (Izumo)

“I see. Then!!” (Yuno)

Yuno finished her conversation with Izumo and gathers strength in her legs to join the fight of Jin against Ilumgand.

Almost at the same time…

Jin takes distance from Ilumgand.

And it wasn’t as if he was planning to do so. It looked like he did so because it was an urgent evasion.

“If you plan on coming, be careful! Senpai feels kind of dangerous right now” (Jin)

“Un-der-stood~!” (Yuno)

While a flashy exchange of blows unfolded, Jin was minding the state of his two companions. Jin notices Yuno’s fervor and gives her a warning.

With a light tone and showing anger every now and then, Jin was grasping the progress of the battle composedly.

(This guy being dangerous is strange. No matter how many times I hit him, his movements don’t grow dull, and I can’t knock him out either) (Jin)

Even though he shows sharp techniques from time to time, in basis, Ilumgand has been leaving it all to strength.

Swinging around his great sword, striking his opponent, and inflicting damage.

The way he is using his sword is that of someone that has learned the ways of the sword, but those thoughts were dyed by strength.

It was clearly not the usual him.

Even from the perspective of Jin who clashed swords with him a few days ago, it was enough to consider abnormal.

“Referee! Is it okay to continue this?! Senpai is clearly strange” (Jin)

“Everything… if it weren’t for him… if he weren’t there… if he just…”

“… I can tell that he still holds the will to continue. Seeing the doll, your attacks have not done considerable damage. Continue”

The referee is judging by the doll’s damage.

As long as it is safe, and as long as he isn’t knocked out, it seems he intends to let it continue.

‘Maybe this has something to do with Hopelace giving money?’

For a moment, Jin thought of that, but it can also be taken as the referee’s way of judging things.

Also, if it’s okay to continue, he just has to finish it fast and there would be no need to tag along with this strange play.

“I-I!! Along with the hero-sama, ideals, my ideals… Raidou, Raidou!! Don’t get in the way”

Ilumgand bellows. In that resentment, the name of Raidou was mentioned.

Not Jin, Yuno, or Izumo.

And then, his strength increased more than before.

Jin felt as if Ilumgand’s body grew a size larger.

The hand of Jin trembled slightly.

A loathsome color was also mixed in his expression.

“… Like hell I know! I am not sensei, and I don’t care about your ideals. The ideals of someone that uses dirty methods, there’s no value in listening to them!!” (Jin)

Cutting the words of Ilumgand, Jin slips through the great sword that was swung downwards and closes into Ilumgand.

The hook that was released towards Jin, and the combo of sword and fists were unable to catch him.

(The bad feeling is getting steadily stronger. I don’t know what he is planning, but I have to finish it fast. From what I can tell, it looks like he also prepared something for Yuno and Izumo. Push it through or will I be able to finish it?) (Jin)

Jin’s body contracts like a spring.

To use his body as a firing support for his lunge.

The released body became a blur, and the lunge accurately aimed at Ilumgand’s jaw.

“Yuno, Izumo! If you are going to do something, join together! We are pushing it through!” (Jin)

It will hit.

Thinking that, Jin turns his eyes towards his comrades for an instant and tells them his intentions.

They already began moving.

While thinking that he probably wants to link attacks, he clearly tells them that he will be the origin point.

At this point, the expectations get off the mark.

The lunge of Jin was unable to hit Ilumgand’s jaw.

Ilumgand made his body smaller, and stops the oncoming attack with his face. Precisely speaking, with his mouth.

With his teeth, he stopped the lunge of Jin completely.

“… You must have a screw loose!!” (Jin)

While distorting his face because of the strangeness of the situation, Jin immediately copes with it.

Releasing the handle from his right hand, he hits the pommel with the lower part of his palm.

Stepping strongly on the stone paving and directing the strength of his lower half to his palm, he pushes in one breath.

The tip was still stopped by the teeth, but by applying that strength, the body of Ilumgand rose obliquely backwards.

“Nice. Leave the rest to us! Yuno, I’m counting on you. Aerial!!” (Izumo)

The spell of Izumo activates.

Several meters around the circumference of Ilumgand, a light emerald luminescence radiated.

Jin, who was slightly inside that area, does a back-step and retreats.

The body of Ilumgand that was about to fall, stopped in midair.

And then, just like that, his arms and feet rise up as if being pushed up by something.

It was the effect of the spell.

Binding the freedom of the target and the things several meters around, it pushes them up with wind.

That’s all that spell does. Aside from that, there’s no attack power.

“I can hold it for 20 seconds okay?!” (Izumo)

“I know! Well then. Here I gooo~!!” (Yuno)

She was already approaching Ilumgand who was beginning to rise, and with a violent light in her eyes, Yuno enters the emerald magic area.

Also, in that last step when she entered, her hair flew straight up.

Of course, knowing her own velocity, Yuno rides the ascending flow and arrives to where Ilumgand is.

From there, the attacks of her began.

They were thoughtless attacks.

At first, they were attacks that took into account the rising speed, and while avoiding the arms and feet that were swung disorderly, she dished out merciless consecutive spear strikes.

Moreover, those were attacks aiming at the joints of the armor and at the unprotect parts.

It was clear that she was moving in a way that is not normal in that space.

Completely different from Ilumgand who is unable to regain the balance of his body, she was showing vivid moves.

“It’s probably almost time~ well then, senpai, it seems you like weapons to the point of eating them, so~ this is a present!!” (Yuno)

Kicking the body of the great sword that was aiming at her, Yuno exits the area of the spell.

A throwing stance.

She places acceleration and endows the spear with magic power.

The magic power endowment, even when it leaves the body of the caster, its effects will still linger for an incredibly low period of time depending on the caster.

For Yuno, it was a distance that barely reached that effective time, but without even faltering for a bit, she shoots the accelerated spear towards Ilumgand in a situation where she doesn’t have stable footing.

Of course, since she exited the rising area, she will drop.

Taking in mind the safety of her, Jin hurries to the estimated drop point, but that was needless worry.

Falling from around ten meters up, Yuno decelerates with plenty leeway at her landing point. Accurately speaking, she used an incomplete floating spell on herself and safely landed.

A perfect floating magic was still not achievable for her.

Even before the drop of Yuno, the area that had begun to dim in color lost its effect, and before she landed, it vanished.

The one left there was only Ilumgand who had blood flowing at the side of his face.

Witnessing a midair fight for the first time ever in this tournament, the audience was dumbfounded, but the moment they saw the appearance of Ilumgand, they finally checked the doll.

It was heavily damaged and shaking.

Still not destroyed.

But what will happen when he drops?

He will at least not escape without any injuries, that’s for sure.

“You do some scary attacks, oi” (Jin)

“If the person is not used to midair, it will not be able to resist properly, so at first I was trying it out for fun, but for people that experience it for the first time, it is unexpectedly effective. So the two of us discussed about it” (Yuno)

“To use this on Zwei-san is our current objective!” (Izumo)

The three gather harmoniously and were conversing.

In the moment of the drop…

A dull sound reverberated.

Two of Ilumgand’s dolls broke.

They splendidly broke.

“…… T-The end!! Team battle finals, winners: Jin Roan, Izumo Ikusabe and Yuno Rembrandt!”


The tournament in this land was still not over yet.

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