Chapter 129: Kuzunoha’s meeting

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In the time when Princess Lily was troubled in stepping to action regarding Jin and the others…

At a section of the audience, two girls wearing clothes that remarkably stand out were sighing.

Raidou- Makoto’s followers, Tomoe and Mio.

The other follower, Shiki, was babysitting the students, so he was doing separate actions.

“How boring~. When there’s this much difference in power, it isn’t a fight but a show-ja na” (Tomoe)

“That’s why I was saying so since yesterday, wasn’t I? If they were not Waka-sama’s students, I wouldn’t even be here watching-desu wa” (Mio)

“If they were our students like with Shiki, we would be able to enjoy it in a different way but… Mio, what is that bizarre inflated bag-ja?” (Tomoe)

“What you ask, it is the specialty products of booths here and there-desu wa” (Mio)

“It is an answer, and yet it isn’t. No, what I am asking is about the amount-ja yo” (Tomoe)

At the side of Tomoe there’s Mio and further after, there’s several big light brown paper bags. Seeing that, she asks with enmity.

Mio’s answer was nonchalant, and she tells her that it is all food.

But what Tomoe wanted to know, is just as she said, the amount of it.

In the seats that are supposed to be fully occupied, one of them is being totally occupied.

To protect her honor, Mio explains that this is originally the seat of Makoto and because he can’t come, she is just utilizing it in an effective way.

In no way did she put all that food because she doesn’t want anyone else to come sit there.

“I will eat it all by the time we return, so don’t mind it. If you want me to share some with you, just say it honestly okay?” (Mio)

“I don’t need any. I feel like it might give me a heartburn” (Tomoe)

“Hmph, if this were alcohol, you would take it without doubt” (Mio)

The two of them leisurely watch the team battles unfolding in the stage while doing trivial talk.

There were no matches that were worth watching, and even in the matches with Jin and the others, the opponent was so weak it wasn’t fun.

Moreover, their master Makoto was not there.

Watching those matches earnestly might be something hard to do for these two girls.

“At this rate, I can’t expect much from tomorrow’s semifinal and finals. Well, we will be able to sit along with Waka, so that’s fine” (Tomoe)

“Same-desu wa. If I am together with Waka-sama, the place doesn’t matter” (Mio)

“Fumu, it seems it is done already-ja na. Mu” (Tomoe)

Tomoe and Mio notice something at the same time.

“Mio, Waka is calling-ja. We are going back” (Tomoe)

“I know already-desu wa. It seems he is slightly dispirited, so let’s hurry” (Mio)

Receiving a thought transmission from their master, Tomoe and Mio both nod and get up from their sits.

A short and straightforward thought transmission.

‘I have something I want to consult about, so I want you to return to the company’, is what he said.

A tone with no vigor.

While holding worry in their chest, they meet up with Shiki and return to the company.


“For the time being, it is fine to kill that representative-desu wa ne?” (Mio)

“Mio, the talk has not finished yet. Calm down first” (Tomoe)

“What stupid thing are you saying? I am completely calm-desu wa. Can’t you see that I clearly understand what I should do?” (Mio)

“That’s why I am telling you to wait for now. The talk has not finished yet-ja. Wait for a bit” (Tomoe)

“Such abusive language towards Waka-sama… abusive language… it wasn’t such a lukewarm level-desu wa ne? How should I kill him?” (Mio)

“Mio. I am telling you to hear what that very Waka has to say until the end-ja” (Tomoe)

After I finished telling the outline of what happened, Mio stood up and tried to leave the room.

I didn’t have the vitality to stop her immediately, so Tomoe took my place and inhibited Mio.

Even I could tell that Tomoe was looking at me with fainthearted eyes.


Inhibited was it?

I feel like she didn’t stop her…

“As I thought, one of us should have gone as well”

It’s Shiki.

In terms of result, it is just as he said.

It might have been better if I had one of them accompany me.

If I had one of my followers with me, I felt like they would resolve it with strength. I thought that if that happened, then it would be pointless.

The first time Rembrandt-san met Tomoe, he was left completely speechless and was pretty withered.

I wanted to know the extent of the ill will the other merchants held towards me.

In the past, when I met Rembrandt-san the first time to give him the Ruby-eye’s eyes, it went well, so I thought maybe I would be able to hold my conversation if the other party was a merchant.

The context matched when I associated with Rembrandt-san, so even with the matter of Tomoe’s level, I think I would have been able to manage it properly. But this time, the representative was someone I had no connection with.

I didn’t want to prepare something like intimidation in our first meeting.

That naïve way of thinking led to this.

I was pushed into an unreasonable situation, made a fool of, and returned like a loser.

“Sorry for saying something like wanting to go alone” (Makoto)

“If one of us were with you, there’s the chance that place would have turned into a sea of blood, so not everything is bad. Don’t mind it that much” (Tomoe)

“Waka-sama is not in the wrong!” (Mio)

Tomoe tries to comfort me and Mio interposes with a rebuttal.

No, no matter how you think about it, the way I dealt with it was bad.

“Now that I think about it, not a single one of us has knowledge in business. We all began as novices. There might have been more ways to deal with it if we were introduced by Rembrandt-shi and taught the basics” (Shiki)

Not might. That’s what we should have done.

Before that, there’s the problem that even when I myself began a company just recently, I still went and did things here and there, neglecting the business.

And in truth, the company still did well.

No, that’s how it looked.

That’s why it brought upon more negligence.

It may be this late of a time to do so, but I have to reflect on it.

“Shiki, even you! Why does Waka-sama have to feel down?! In the first place, Waka-sama was displeased by the shortage of medicines that can’t reach the hands of the people and were easily losing their life, so he aspired to spread medicines, right?! Why does he have to learn how to act around those merchants to not be resented?! He is doing something that’s good for everyone, and yet, why?! Isn’t this ridiculous?!” (Mio)

The words of Mio that were trying to cover for me no matter what, were grinding at my heart.

That’s right.

I wanted to sell medicine in order for everyone to have an easy way of reaching out to it.

For that reason, I wanted to do business widely without minding which country it was.

Because of circumstances, we also handle various miscellaneous goods as well, but those are just extras.

Doing something good.

Because I had that thinking in a part of me, maybe that’s why I only looked at the people I was selling to.

Not doing anything excessive with the price because of people of the same trade, the counter-plans I did for the copies and resale; those were the only things I thought of.

And in truth, even the price might be questionable. We collected everything ourselves, had the people needed for the compounding, and left it to a point where we would barely escape deficit.

That is… within the range?

That’s probably not it.

Since the time the people made a rude comment of my demi-human employees, I haven’t gone to the meetings of the merchants in the area.

Lately, Akua, Eris and the eldwa craftsmen have grown more accustomed to socializing with hyumans. But, even so, it was most likely an error to not relate with the merchants around.

Ignoring association must have made the impression of Kuzunoha Company even more ominous.

Even if I have good intentions, a business is a business.

There will obviously be competition.

There will be people who would want to eliminate the ones who have the same target of customers, and if you do something that stands out, the big companies will place an eye on you.

I didn’t make a method to cope with it when something like that happened, and have continued until this day.

As expected, I can’t order to eliminate them just because they have kept an eye on us after all.

In Tsige it was different, but in Rotsgard I don’t have any backing.

In other words, I was defenseless.

“Mio, that’s just idealistic talk. It isn’t just distributing. As long as we are doing a business, these kind of things happen. I won’t say Waka has done nothing wrong, but I have to admit we were somewhat defenseless” (Tomoe)

“… I hold the same opinion. Of course, it is true that I should have acted in a better way. I have no excuse” (Shiki)

“!!! There’s something wrong with you guys! Even though Waka-sama is the absolute rule! The stupid ones are the merchants that are only looking at the near future!” (Mio)

Mio would most likely stand by my side no matter what happens.

Even if I were to turn into a fiend, even if I were to become the enemy of the whole world, she would still be willing to fall to the same place as I am.

That’s why I have to put myself together.

If she falls so far, that’s all my responsibility.

As if persuading myself, I try to kill the unfair anger that’s inside me.

At the very least, I don’t think this is something that is fine to solve with just violence.

The existence of Mio who is willing to give her everything for me, prevented my current unstable emotions from rampaging.

“… Waka. That representative said things that are difficult to forgive, but he also said good things. How about it? I think that since we have the chance, there’s also the option of giving up on hyumans and opening a store in the villages of demi-humans” (Tomoe)

“Serving only demi-humans?” (Makoto)

“Yes. If you wish to, we can also serve demonic beasts and mamonos. Also, Waka told me, that you wanted the four seasons. I don’t think Waka likes conflict, so you probably intent to have a relationship with the demon race in order to secure that place right? Then, I think it should be fine to do business with them. Continuing business in the hyuman society and having our hearts crushed, it would only create more weight in Waka, and I don’t think that’s a good idea” (Tomoe)

“The demon race publicly hates hyumans, but they are generous towards other races. I think the proposal of Tomoe-dono is worth considering” (Shiki)

“I… don’t understand complicated stuff. But I don’t think there’s a need for Waka-sama to be under people that just want to take advantage of Waka-sama’s kindness” (Mio)

Kindness huh.

Maybe I was looking at it that way in some part of me.

And, maybe the people around saw it that way as well.

“I…” (Makoto)

“Waka, please tell us what you are currently thinking. If Waka so wishes, we will fight with whoever. Also… we will lower our heads to whoever you wish us to” (Tomoe)

Mio and Shiki nod at Tomoe’s words.

Right. There’s no need to hide anything from them.

They are my family in this world after all.

“… Just like I promised to Tomoe, I plan on having a connection with the demon race. After a conversation with one of the demon generals, I promised a meeting with the Demon Lord. It will be after the school festival is over, but I intent to meet with the Demon Lord and ask it to let me take over or borrow one location where Tomoe says the four seasons are in” (Makoto)

I resolve myself and tell the three what I was thinking.

Tomoe nods with a joyful look and glittering eyes.

Shiki looks like he consents. He silently nods with his eyes closed.

Mio simply accepted my words and was smiling.

“If that happens, it will create a big debt towards the demon race. Talking to the demon lord. I can’t say anything definite, but I don’t think it will end in a simple manner. Will the hegemony of this world continue in the hands of the Goddess and hyumans, or will it be plundered by the demon race? We might even have to participate in that conflict. If I had to speak my ideal scenario, it may be naïve, but it would be to hold a connection with the demon race while continuing business with the hyumans. But depending on the situation, I don’t know what would happen” (Makoto)

I bring a world map from the shelf and spread it on the desk. And then, I place a hand on the location Tomoe pointed out before.

“This was the place right, Tomoe?” (Makoto)

“Yes. That’s the place” (Tomoe)

“The previously associated country of Elysion, Kaleneon. The place is around Yamagata prefecture and Tsukiyama huh” (Makoto)

The place that will provide Asora with the four seasons.

And also the place that is deeply connected with the two hyumans I met.

“Yamagata?” (Tomoe)

“Nothing. Just pointless rambling. What’s important is what I said before that. It’s a country named Kaleneon. That place… seems to be the native country of my parents” (Makoto)


“My parents met there, and after that, they became adventurers, traveled, and transferred to my world. In other words, to me, it is also my home in a sense. Of course, that has nothing to do with the four seasons, so it is fine to ignore that point for now” (Makoto)

I have no emotional attachment at all anyways.

If possible, I would be happy to obtain even a little bit of information of my parents, but it is a country that has fallen to ruin.

The demon race probably knows more information of Kaleneon.

If they didn’t turn everything into ash when they invaded that is.

“But Waka-sama, if I remember correctly, Kaleneon is the place the librarian Eva and Gotetsu’s Ruria…” (Shiki)

As if remembering something, Shiki says the name of the Ansland sisters.

“That’s right. The birthplace of those girls. That’s why I had each of them decide something. If both of them accept, I…” (Makoto)

I tell the three of them what I was thinking.

That’s my last resort.

It may be a foolish thought that can’t even be called resort though.


“Fu… fufufu. Isn’t that interesting, Waka?” (Tomoe)

“Right. Depending on how it is done, it might even become a card to solve our current problem” (Shiki)

“If it’s something Waka-sama has decided, I don’t have any objections. Also, I think it is stupid to not use the strength we have and just worry” (Mio)

My family accepted it.

In that case, as Kuzunoha Company’s Raidou, and also, as the third one to descend to this world…

Well, the two heroes are in the hyuman side, so it should be fine for one to be behind-the-scenes on the demon race side right, bug Goddess?

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