Chapter 128: Tournament, first day of the team battles

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— Participants’ waiting room

“Do you think… there will be rule changes?”

“There will. No doubt. If Hopelace doesn’t do anything after yesterday’s match, then that means he gave up, but that’s definitely not gonna happen”

Daena answers Amelia as if saying to give up.

From the tenacity in the individual battles, he understood the adhesion of the interfering nobles.

It didn’t show in Daena’s tone, but the individual battles of him ended in disappointing results and he feels bad for his wife that came to spectate his matches.

She praised the contents of the match, but as a man, he wanted to move on a bit further.

Thinking about the Goddess’ blessing included, in this world, the battle power of women’s increases more than men.
But in this decades, the battle power from blessings couldn’t be relied on, and in that meaning, the male side is stronger.

And then, in this tournament, having the Goddess’ blessing is prohibited.

The Academy thought about the dangers of fighting in that kind of state. This has been a rule since the time the Goddess was still active.

“The team battles have less restrictions than the individual battles after all~. No matter which one of us that senpai fought with, the result would be obvious” (Yuno)

“Yuno, you can’t go lowering your guard too much. Sensei will probably see through that” (Sif)

“Uh… I will be careful” (Yuno)

“Well, I do understand how Yuno feels. Champion-sama is in our team, and even the winner of the warrior category, Jin. The semifinals and finals are tomorrow, so today might actually be a boring one and no problem will happen” (Izumo)

Izumo cuts into the conversation of the Rembrandt sisters.

They haven’t touched the topic of Izumo’s grading, but it doesn’t seem he is minding it much.

He looks relaxed.

“Sorry for the wait”

Jin and Misura return to the room that 5 people were having a friendly chat in.

“Welcome back. Did they tamper the rules?” (Amelia)

“Yeah, just like expected. But, something even bigger happened” (Jin)

“What?” (Amelia)

Seeing Jin’s discouraged face, Amelia asks anxious.

“It seems… Sensei can’t come today” (Jin)

All the five faces changed.

Their emotions were varied, but the color of disappointment and despondency were the common points.

“What about Shiki-san?!” (Amelia)

The first one to react was Amelia.

She was completely putting Raidou as secondary.

“Shiki-san and those two aides, Tomoe-san and Mio-san, will be coming to spectate. Sensei himself won’t be able to come, but it seems there’s a message from him” (Jin)

“Why can’t he come?” (Sif)

The next one was Sif. Yuno and Izumo, all the other members also nod. Must be a question they all hold.

“It seems the Merchant Guild has called for him” (Jin)

“Oto-sama couldn’t do it…” (Sif)

“Looks like it. He was even called in this kind of day, so it is quite the problem. Even though I asked so many times to not cause problems for Raidou-sama…” (Yuno)

The eyes of the Rembrandt sisters had an ungentle light residing in them.

It disappeared in a few minutes, and Jin internally felt fear of them.

“Well, can’t be helped. And, what kind of changes did the rules have? Looking at Misura’s state, it seems to be quite severe” (Amelia)

As if saying: ‘if Shiki is coming then that’s fine’, Amelia asks about the rules.

Noticing that Misura’s state was not like usual, she has prepared herself for the pestering to a certain extent.

“Ah, no… This one’s like this because of another thing. About the team battle rules, there was only one point that was added. Honestly, it pissed me. That he thinks he will be able to defeat us with only that” (Jin)

Jin fearlessly laughs.

That smile was not towards the rules that were changed, but to the plotter that thinks he will be able to defeat them with something so shallow.

“Hmph~, don’t beat around the bush and just tell us”

“Level restrictions to the whole party. The total should be within 365. If your number is over that, you have to adjust the party in order to enter that margin” (Jin)

“… So he is telling us to go with 3 people huh. Those numbers are like sniping us” (Amelia)

It was just as the bitter smiling Amelia said.

They registered as a party of 7 and it has been accepted, and yet, it has changed to only being able to participate with 3 in the scheduled day.

It couldn’t be helped.

“And in truth, it is really a snipe. Because when adding the levels of Hopelace’s party, it almost reaches that number. The only team that surpasses that number are us” (Jin)

“I am amazed. But just like Jin said, in terms of conditions, there’s no problems for us. With only this much, nothing will change. We are stronger when teamed up after all. Why is Misura making such a cornered face then?” (Amelia)

“That is…” (Jin)

“… They told me… they would train me” (Misura)

Misura mutters with a pale face. This was a strange way of talking for him.

“By whom?” (Yuno)

Yuno urges him to be clearer. Because it didn’t sound like something to be so cornered about.

“… By the sensei’s close aide, the blue haired one. The one called Tomoe-san” (Misura)

“No way!!”

The voice of the Rembrandt sisters sync perfectly.

“That’s true. It seems she was impressed by his match with me, and after the school festival is over, she will have a bout with him while training him” (Jin)


“That Tomoe-san is. There’s been almost no adventurers that have caught the eye of Tomoe to the point that she would want to train that person. Misura-san, that’s amazing”

The surprise of the sisters was understandable.

Tomoe looks after the adventurers in Tsige sometimes, just like Mio, she practically has never taken a pupil or has taught anyone personally.

At most, there’s Lime who suddenly announced his retirement in the Adventurer Guild and seems to be personally adoring Tomoe, and also Mio, who has looked after one female adventurer with black hair.

“Well, it is supposed to be, but he was intimidated and is now completely scared” (Jin)

“If you were told that kind of thing, anyone would” (Misura)

“What did she tell you?” (Izumo)

Izumo probably found the scared Misura funny, he asks him with a smile on his face.

“… She placed a hand on my shoulder… and told me to please don’t die, with a straight face. I will hold-back, cause I don’t want to get scolded by Waka, she said” (Misura)

“Uwaa, she is practically not caring about you”

“See, see?! If a person with a crazy number like 1,500 says that to you, it is obvious that the color of your face would drain too, right?!” (Misura)

“Even if you die, Shiki-san will definitely bring you back. Well then, since Misura is not at his top condition, he will be in standby at the first match. Ah, Jin. Can we change members in this tournament?” (Amelia)

“Wa?! I can do it, I will do it! Yesterday I was totally unable to show off, so please don’t go excluding me!!” (Misura)

“… You are merciless Amelia. Changing is okay. Just that, if the team loses, even if you didn’t participate, everyone will be done for” (Jin)

“Instead of the match, it feels like choosing members will be more troublesome~. Well then, let’s decide quickly” (Yuno)

Placing their tension in a place completely different from the team battles, Jin and the others’ incandescent participation battle began.


The princess of Gritonia, Lily, clicked her tongue internally.

She was looking at the team battles that were unfolding in front of her.

A match that is being held 3 versus 7.

Thinking about it normally, the 7 should be overpowering them.
But the reality was the contrary. The 3 were playing around with the 7.

The hyuman’s way of thinking is that a power fight from the front is the basic.
But the fighting style of those three was different from the public recognized way of fighting.

Frankly speaking, it is a fighting style that resembled the demon race.
Using coordination, technique and strategy to overturn disadvantages.

Truly what the demon race has been doing when fighting against hyumans.

Lily who has been fighting with them for a long time could recognize that that is the fighting style of the demons, or not.

That style is the style the weak ones use to fight against the strong ones.

Scheme, and fill up the difference with their own strength.

Hyumans don’t know of it, or maybe they forgot this way of fighting a long time ago. But it’s true that this method is really useful. It is also knowledge that the empire’s army is trying to implement.

And they were able to splendidly utilize it, moreover, students that just with their own strength are able to overwhelm the opponent.

When she watched the individual battles, she could tell that they weren’t normal. But, she didn’t think that they were able to display such an ability in teamwork.

To the point that it made her think this will become even more one-sided than in the individual battles.

The ones fighting right now are, based on Lily’s memory: the warrior category winner, Jin; the one who showed splendid spear-handling, Yuno Rembrandt; and the one who participated as a magician yesterday, Amelia Hopelace.

Today she is not holding a staff, but a bow.

If the hyumans possessed the same teamwork and strategy as demons, this would be the living representation of it.

For Lily, there is nothing that would make her happier than this. If they have strength in their side and they’re able to have the same level of strategy as the demon race, they should be able to easily overpower them.

Normally, she would have tried to secure these splendid people without being reserved on the conditions.
But she can’t.

They are kids that have been influenced by the tone of Raidou after all.

For Lily, there’s nothing more irritating than that.

Even when they possess the specialized dragon summoner girl, they were simply overwhelmed. The Kuzunoha Company that Tomoe is in, is involved in this after all.

(It feels like I am seeing wooden dolls and scarecrows being beaten down for training…) (Lily)

It was already something that both sides could not call as a match.

Just like how Lily compared it with, it really did feel like they were watching a training where they continue hitting on a scarecrow.

The frontline quickly cuts in and destroys the stance of their opponent’s vanguard, force them to protect their middle, and it even puts pressure in their rear lines.
In the opening that is created, a spear is added in, and in the formation that has crumbled promptly, use magic to shave it off.

Even when they try to counterattack, the rear guard students that were attacked by arrows and magic were unable to properly chant their arias or take stance.

Those 3 were clearly used to group battles. And they are completely playing around.

No, in Lily’s eyes it was as if they were trying to show off their moves to someone, and so they were thoroughly taking their time.

She could tell that probably, if they were in the mood to do so, the warrior category winner would be able to defeat everyone alone.
But they didn’t do that, and were utilizing teamwork to attack and pressure their opponent.

Not show, but showcasing.

Even the princess was able to tell their intentions.

Because of the fighting style they chose, the fight that would only need a few minutes to finish off, was lengthened to around 5 minutes.

The result was obviously, total annihilation.

Unable to land even one effective attack, they were defeated.

The students of Raidou didn’t even sweat.

The 3 went down the stage and gathered. All 7 were talking about something, and their figures as they returned even looked refreshing.

Why is it that, even when they are students, they are able to display so much skill in group battles?

How can they maintain that level of composed thought process when they are  still students?

Lily mulled over it.

About how much of Tomoe’s warning should she abide to.

She can tell that she is genuinely interested in them.

If she were to take an attitude that has nothing to do with Kuzunoha, maybe she can make contact with them.

Even so, she wanted to know.

The teaching method of Raidou.

The true ability of those students.

If Tomoki were here, she would have been able to use his eyes to attract them.

But if Raidou were to notice that, it is over. If Tomoe were to get wind of it, there’s the danger of being done for.

When Lily looks at her surroundings, the King of Limia, the priestess faction of Lorel, the Church’s Archbishop, the elite teachers that have been invited to the academy to commentate, and the heads of the Academy as well; were looking at the match as if eating into it, and also looking at the students.

It can be said that they are no longer nameless students.

The attention they gathered yesterday has soundly fixated itself today. And, in the people here, there’s already some that have information of the Kuzunoha Company and Raidou.

Gritonia already has a trump card which is the hero.

After his meeting with Tomoe, it was as if he made a complete turnover. He endeavored in training and is increasing his strength.

He is plenty reliable, but Raidou and their students are also hard to give up on.

No matter how reliable he is, there’s only one hero.

The flexible thought process that the hero has which differs from the hyuman’s push through power thought process. In the future, there will be the need for more people with the same way of thinking.

Lily was looking at Jin and the others as quite the appealing talents.

(In that case, after expressing my gratitude, I will make contact with Raidou entirely regarding the students. I wonder if by doing so, I would still be able to maintain my promise with Tomoe. Raidou. He is calling himself a merchant, but he has this much nurturing ability. I don’t want Tomoe only, I want him as well. Giving him to another country would be too much of a waste) (Lily)

While the team battles continued, Lily’s thoughts were exploring for a method to a favorable relationship with the Kuzunoha Company.


“The world has what’s called remarkable figures”

“Yes, father”

“When looking at Hibiki-dono, I sometimes think that way, but to think that I would be able to meet people like that in the traditional education emphasized Rotsgard, I didn’t expect it at all”

“Currently, we have gathered as much of their personal information as we could”

The first day of the team battles has ended.

The four remaining teams were introduced and the event ended for the day, but in the conversation of the second prince that accompanies the Limia King, he was only talking about one team.

Even though there’s also a team with the second son of Hopelace which comes from Limia Kingdom.

“Umu… I do admit their competency… but what we truly have to look at is not them, but at the teacher that taught them that way of fighting” (King)

“What do you mean? Yesterday, we began the investigation of the classes they take and the ones they have in common. Also… for some reason, there was already a teacher that Hopelace household has investigated, so I have also included that person as well in the documents” (Prince)

“N? The Hopelace household? I knew that he was doing something in the background with the Academy, but to think it had to do with that teacher. My intuition was lacking. That group of kids are without doubt students overflowing with wisdom, but this time, I think that the core of the surprise should be the one who has taught them this path” (King)

“You are saying… there is someone that is producing remarkable figures?” (Prince)

The prince slightly knits his brows at the foresight of the king and asks him the meaning.

The prince was also surprised by their orderly way of fighting as if he was watching their own country’s hero.

But, if there’s a teacher who is ‘teaching’ them and creating this kind of students, the first one they have to make contact with is, without doubt, that teacher.

Even if the Limia Kingdom is unable to secure those students that are still in their teens, it is fine if they are able to obtain that teacher.

“Looking at the state of Hopelace’s second son, there’s the chance that he has done something bad” (King)

“With that much ability, I thought it wouldn’t be strange to balance it. But in the team battles, the rule that was added seemed as if it was sniping at them” (Prince)

“Even if we try to restrain him now, it might be too late already, but restrict the head of the family from interfering anymore. Also… do you know the name of that teacher?” (King)

“Understood. It is a class that the 7 of them have in common, and it is also a teacher that Ilumgand-dono has taken interest in, Raidou. He is also the representative of a recently made company, Kuzunoha” (Prince)

“Raidou… Kuzunoha Company’s Raidou huh. Do you think you can schedule a meeting with him?” (King)

“I will try to. But, there’s still one question remaining” (Prince)

“What?” (King)

The prince’s expression changes into a gloom one, and after saying Raidou’s name, he turns to the king and talks as if questioning.

But the king in question didn’t mind that attitude and just urges him to continue.

“It’s about the Hopelace’s second son, Ilumgand-dono. From what I remember, before Hibiki-dono came to our country, he already held doubts in our country’s nobles, and when he met Hibiki-dono and exchanged words, he admired her ideology. He even turned his treatment of just being a spare of the next head, the eldest son Woken-dono, and vigorously polished his abilities in the academy. Why is that kind of person doing deeds that are synonym to our country’s corrupt nobles?” (Prince)

“… That’s, I don’t know either. If Woken, who is in the frontlines, were to die, Ilumgand would succeed him. I was expecting as much from him as I was from Hibiki-dono” (King)

The attitude and way of acting of Ilumgand towards Raidou and also Jin and the others was practically as if he were a completely different person, is what the king and prince wondered about.

“Was he indoctrinated by those merchants and have taught him those kind of ways? Or did he drown in his political power? Whichever it is, it will disappoint Hibiki-dono” (King)

“Should I investigate?” (Prince)

“No. That’s something the Hopelace should do. There’s no guarantee they will tell us everything anyways. Put the Kuzunoha Company as priority. Well, we will be moving after we drop Stella Fort though” (King)

“… Finally, huh” (Prince)

“The motivation of Hibiki-dono felt stronger than ever before. Her secret stay in Tsige has made her grow greatly, and she has also obtained reliable companions” (King)

“Adventurers. Their disposition was clearly different from those of the kingdom. In time, I am thinking about giving Hibiki-dono independent authority to a unit of her direct supervision” (Prince)

“That’s good” (King)

Limia’s King looks at the far future.

The hero that has descended to the kingdom, Otonashi Hibiki, has given the kingdom many changes. In times, Hibiki voices out things that question monarchy, and between the Limia nobles, there’s rumors going around about the possible discord between her and the king.
And in the big nobles, there are many who think of her ideologies as dangerous.

In truth, the king publicly shows as if he is against that change, but internally, he is accepting it.

That’s why he has cooperated in several ways to benefit Hibiki.

That she was able to head to Tsige and the adventurers she brought from Tsige were smoothly accepted, was heavily influenced by the cooperation of the king.

And the one who’s serving as the point of contact is the second prince.

The king tells his intentions to the prince and the prince transmits it to Hibiki. Their relationship is favorable.

“Gritonia’s Lily, the priestess of Lorel, the border of the world that spread beginning from Aion, the Adventurer Guild that continues protecting neutrality… We need Hibiki-dono to concentrate just on her duty of fighting against the demon race, but it is hard” (King)

“Defeating the demon race won’t make the world peaceful instantly after all. That person also seemed to understand that” (Prince)

“But there’s nothing wrong in reducing that sadness. Joshua, this may be troublesome, but I am counting on you” (King)

“Yes, your wish is my command, father” (Prince)

The second prince of Limia kingdom, Joshua, makes a gentle smile as he accepts the king’s words.

Kuzunoha Company.

They have also arrived at that name.

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