Chapter 60: Retribution

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“This is… Tsige? Did I… return?”

A woman’s voice.

“A… A ha! I was saved! This air, this scent, there is no doubt! It’s Tsige!”

At that moment, I found the girl.

At the place where I was following, I found her.

In a narrow back alley with no presence of other people.

That was the place where that girl just woke up in. I was surprised. That was truly one of the three people. The girl that acted like she was the leader.

She had terrible injuries in all her body.

They were serious injuries, to the point that it would be impossible for her to return alive if she were in the wasteland.

But well, this is the town. If she exits to the streets and calls out, she would be saved.

No matter how late in the night it is, the Tsige who has a lot of alleys in the brothels should have someone passing by.

The chance to meet a bad person is there. But if it’s her, I feel like she would be splendidly saved by a good willed person.

That’s right, if only she is able to exit the alley and call out.

The girl could have been saved.

If only it were a bit later in time, at a time where I didn’t know such a thing happened.

Not even I know what happened to my body.

It was at the time when I was pondering about how to ask the collapsed girl about what happened while walking closer to her.

My magic power that was clinging to her body and the reason for her wounds were because of the disaster in Asora.

I wanted to know. That’s for certain.

“… Tailing, ambrosia, hostile demi-humans, kill, #$%&, objective, hunt them down, mist town, Raidou, the enemy <>? Town, danger, conspirator, doubts, why did those two? ()=~|~=, escape, success, Tsige, smash, kill, steal, snatch, right, fortune, Ando? Trash, foolish demi-human, night, treasure mountain, !”# ravine, a tracker, strongest weapon, trump card, good-for-nothing ring RTGH, exploding light” <OMG this is nightmare right here>

Suddenly, a big amount of something began to flow into me.

I was being forcefully shown a high amount of images with high volume and speed, reading aloud sentences that didn’t follow any logical connection, and the sudden letters continued like subtitles that didn’t have any sense. Sometimes, I caught on a wave of sounds that were like noise which I couldn’t catch their meaning and a richly colored stain-like pattern was mixed in.

Anyways, it made me want to puke. My head felt heavy, it stirred me heavily and even made me feel pain. To casually pour so much fragmented information without rearranging them, it made my head feel agony.

What in the world is this? The experience of someone else? Or maybe, memories?

The feeling of having a person’s memories pouring inside of me is just terrible.


This was not the first time I felt like wanting to puke. Her thoughts, and the contents of the latest memories I could read. Obviously, I couldn’t remember all the memories’ information that was poured. The last thought that flowed into me. That definitely remained in my head.

I was planning to heal her first when I was getting close to her.

Just how much time did it pass? The bodily sensation of time certainly felt long, but it may not have been that long.

But well, I had already deactivated [Sakai]. The intention to heal was lost entirely.

This is not all the hyumans right? This is only her way of thinking and experiences after all.

However, they may have a lot of common points between them. Thinking like that, when I saw beautiful people, I felt a strange sensation from this world, or more like a distortion.

The view of hyumans on the demi-humans, no, the way they view anything that’s different from them. It may be an extreme case but I have seen one example of it here after all.

Anyways, this one is no good.

Wanting to vomit, disgust, and also anger. I felt a hatred that was close to being anger, on a level I haven’t felt before.

Those kind of things were revolving inside my head. The want of shouting, screaming, was filling up in my throat.

The moment she understood this was Tsige and was letting out a voice of joy…

I dragged her inside the mist. Along with all in the circumference.

For her, it must have been like all was enveloped by mist suddenly.

The sudden change of the situation made her shake her head left and right in order to confirm her surroundings.

Inside the dense mist, I approach the girl that hasn’t understood that she is in a different space.

“Who is it?!”

She must have confirmed that there was someone else from my silhouette, she shouts at the place where I was.

“You are… Raidou?!”

I didn’t answer. Because there was no need to exchange our intentions.

“I see, so you chased after me. But it is already too late. This is Tsige. You, who are cooperating with demi-humans that attack hyumans, won’t have comrades!”

“Cooperating? Ah~, in your memories that is the case huh. I don’t have any intention of explaining it, so just think whatever you want” (Makoto)

It was not definite, but I feel like I saw an image of her comrades’ circumstances and a conversation saying that the demi-humans were responsible.

I use the most fitting words in Japanese to tell her what I feel.

“What? What are you saying? Did you go crazy?”

Of course, she didn’t have the blessing of the Goddess as an intermediary, so she couldn’t understand Japanese. She must have felt uncomfortable by me who was saying words she couldn’t get.

“I am seriously disgusted by myself. I now think from the bottom my heart that I should have killed you guys when I could. But since I was at my limit with just handling myself, somewhere inside me still measured the hyumans of this world as the ones in my own” (Makoto)

“I am telling you that I don’t understand what you are saying! Talk with writing like you always do!”

I could tell that her voice was growing hysteric by the moment. She must want to hide her fear. It was the life she had finally saved after all. She must want to treasure it.

“For such a beautiful person to normally strike a conversation with someone like me, seriously, what a joke. Am I not the prime example of a man that would only be called out by a catch seller?” (Makoto)

“Raidou. Release this mist and free me. If it is now, I can still spare you. You may be incarcerated, but even if you are arrested it won’t be a death sentence immediately”

She stood up by sliding on the alley’s wall and prepares her weapon. Even though she should have seen my fighting, she still thinks that looking at the level is a believable value?

“Is that a bluff? Or are you serious? It is about you, there may be something. You are certainly more incredible compared to someone like me. You are blessed like a hero from stories” (Makoto)

I seriously thought that from the bottom of my heart.

“Even if I am injured, I am a level 96 adventurer. I won’t fall behind a merchant”

“By chance we were staying in Asora at the same time as the forest ogres, so it was in a state where they didn’t pay much attention to us, and we were lodged in a place close to the dwarfs’ disposal storage. They didn’t have that much sense of danger, so we were able to steal an equipment, even if it seemed of inferior quality. We got our hands on a damaged Draupnir and when we were discovered I ran to the mist gate that we had passed through before, and was able to push aside the pursuers with the ring that I threw and exploded by chance. Just in case, I used the tool called Clay Aegis or something like that and while being the weakest three, one of us survived. By chance, there was a wave of magic power that was similar and was able to wrench open the mist gate, which I used to return to town”

Just what kind of joke is this? Just how many miracles had to happen in order for this to happen? Will of the heavens? Or maybe unconventional luck? This is already not on that level right?

The connection I did from the scene I got, may have been a bit wrong. There is a chance that a certain percent of it may have been her own desires.  And also, it is not certain that those were actually her memories. That’s right, even if I try seeing the current situation objectively, I see her luck as abnormal.

Certainly, what we did carried a big problem. Suggestion and strain.

It is at the level of a junior high school student opening a cafe at a culture festival trying to actually sell food and drinks. There are a mountain of problems. Of course, you did a lot of it mostly because you were in the festival mood, and you noticed just now, meaning, you noticed too late.

Once again I say it, these people had way too much luck. No, in the end here I am confronting them, so maybe she is unlucky? The other two seem to have already died after all.

“This is the last time, I know that this weird mist was something you made. Release it”

My right hand held the grip of the Athame and unsheathe it.

She must have understood my answer. I heard a low sound of someone gulping their breath.

I am glad I brought this dagger with me. There is no better weapon to take care of someone like this.

What I understood with the guy’s death.

The highland orcs that were accompanying these three. While they were running, these thrash did that to Tomoe’s body portion, the Arke and the guy who was close to them.

The two of them informed him of the abnormal event, told him to step back, and even with that, he, who was trying to capture those three… How foolish. He should have stepped back. Tomoe’s body portion tried to reduce the force by placing herself in the front and the barrier was destroyed along with her, and then, the Arke that was behind walked through the steps of death. And the highland orc that was there… even though it was something a highland orc would not be able to resist…

If he were not controlled by the sense of responsibility and had obediently stepped back, he could have been saved.

But his actions and the death afterwards, I don’t want to blame him for that. At least he tried in his own way to desperately take them back after all. And it is also the truth that he died while trying to do it.

That’s why, he may have been wrong, but I think his actions are worthy of respect. With the dagger that I have received from you guys, I have taken revenge for him, is what I will tell Ema and the other highland orcs. At least I hope this will help out somewhat.

With a cold and calm thinking, I thought about the things that will happen hereafter.

“This is the dagger that’s been handed down by the orc who died because of your useless struggle” (Makoto)

The girl doesn’t say anything more to the fact that I wasn’t speaking with her in writing.

While pouring jeers onto me who was getting closer, she pointed the tip of her long sword to me.

Without caring about the cries that were coming out from her mouth, the sword looked like it was waiting for me to get closer. No, maybe she plans on notifying the surroundings by letting out a loud voice. If this was Tsige, it could have been successful with her luck.

I already know that because of her body’s injuries she is not in the state where she can charge at me. She is seriously injured after all. Of course, she should know what can happen if she turns her back to me.

The distance between us slowly disappears.

It may be obvious but the one who gets the first strike is her. The range between a long sword and a dagger is different.

Her eyes told me that it was time to release the spring that was charged. Our distance was close enough to confirm our faces inside this mist.

Her aim… seems to be my throat. A thrust huh.

The point of the sword that carried all her might, makes a high-pitched sound just before reaching my face. [Sakai] barrier. It was a sound like the mutual clash of swords. Her body was also washed away like when one gets pushed back by a sword, both of her arms going upwards.

I didn’t have any hesitation.

Doing one step to the front, I hit both of the arms of her with my Athame. The dagger that was swung in reverse made a deep blue line and I disposed of both of her arms and the long sword at the same time.

There was no resistance. I didn’t feel much resistance when I did this with the black spider as well. There is no way the thin arms of this woman would prove any obstacle.

In return, a small amount of blood stuck onto me. How annoying. I kick the girl, who still hasn’t made a cry and had only begun coloring her face in fright, in the abdomen. The space between her and me once again widens.

Blown away and mixed in the mist, her silhouette screams. What is up with her?

Ah, what a pain in the ears.

Didn’t you kill as well? With that worthless sense of value of yours, thinking that hyumans are supreme. For me, Tomoe’s body portion and the orc were also in the same, no, their lives were heavier than yours.

I approach without any hurry to the shadow that was writhing in agony. It was just as I imagined me taking the life of someone. No, it was even more than that. I may be a selfish and arrogant person.

I don’t know what would happen if it had nothing to do with me. I may be a disgusting existence.

Even though I am going to murder someone who has the same form as me, I didn’t feel any sort of guilt. Only anger and killing intent. I was being spurred on by the impulse that I should do this.

“… Hii!!!”

She must have noticed my approach. She rolled over and turned, like a caterpillar that was trying to hide in the ground. From her mouth, fear was leaking out.

It would have been fine if you just squirmed there in pain and blood. Because there is no way the result would change anyways.

“Then, sayonara” (Makoto)

“Sa-SAVE ME~!!! I will do anything, any-“

There was no need to hear until the end her boring pleads.

Just like how she aimed for my throat, I also pierce my dagger at her neck. For a short while, she convulsed, from her wrist, neck and mouth, blood flowed.

Until the end, we didn’t exchange a single “conversation”.

My knees lose strength.

Maybe because I had done a murder, or it might be because I wasn’t able to stop the rampage of those three and was unable to save the orc…

I cried.

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    Now Makoto who followed bitch catch up on her, he was planning to heal her but suddenly some data memories(maybe he got the ability from tomoe but not sure) came inside him and he saw why bitch tried to seduce him, why she followed him in the forest ogres forest, how she felt greed and envy to the folks of asora, and how she was the cause of the explosion(here where makoto discovered that there was a casualty, ema’s papa, chief Orc), that she was planning to return to asora and wants plunder the place and kill all of the folks in there and lastly which is the one that makoto snap is is HYUMANS ARE SUPREME ALL DEMI AND MONSTER MUST BE KILLED FOR HYUMANS(I’ll also snap when someone wants to kill my friend just be racist), bitch was shouting she was back at tsige and makoto thought that she was lucky to she manage to came back at tsige but was also unlucky cause he caught up on her and when she was planning her next move when suddenly she was caught by mist she look back to see makoto there speaking jap which she asks if he is insane, bitch try to corner makoto by saying he was collaborating with monsters and that he just surrender already and get arrested and he won’t die just yet(lol so your saying in the end he will still die?) on the other hand makoto is unsheathing the knife he receive from chief Orc and was glad that he has it cause with this he can take revenge for him, seeing it bitch ready her sword with a jeer cause he knows makoto’s lvl(lol) and said she won’t lose to a weak merchant, bitch had the first attack and yelled to attract the folks of tsige but useless cause she is in the mist of Makoto then her thrust was block by sakai raising her two arms in surprise which makoto given a chance executed three attacks which cutting bitch two arms with knife and a kick sending bitch flying without letting her to react at all then makoto slow walk to the agonizing bitch which bitch notice and let out a pathetic scream and tried to run when makoto is caught her pleaded for her life but before she can finish her pleading makoto said his goodbyes and thrust the knife in the neck of the bitch which she squirmed a bit before dying then when makoto cool down he started crying

  18. i don’t know you guys but this chapter is pretty easy to understand (the only hard part is the amount of “data” he get by the memories in the gate, the girls is the adventurer who wanted treasures from a little chapters ago (the same of the POV chapter) she is not Toa who is the one seeking the dagger.

    They were a guy and two girls team , they reached Asora after Makoto asked tomoe help to deal with them, tomoe make a big mistake and left them wander at will with the dwarfs and orcs but they grow scared for they concept of them as monster (most likely the high orcs) and were really unnable to read the mood, then they lured most likely by this girl waited to stole the weapons storage (but it wasn’t, it was the failure storage with plenty dangerus things like makoto rings) and the one there to ward was a high orc.

    The orc realize they steal and he start to pursue the dumb trio with the male arke and mini tomoe who noticed this, the greed bastard girl trow then one of makoto’s ring and tomoe and the arke tried to stop the orc who still follow them due to his sense of guilty (most likely this guy make ablunder under his ward and allow the trio to stole all so he felt responsible for all), the ring craked and tomoe who was aware of what was going to happen tried to protect the orc and the arke steping in front of them, without success ; and the ring blow insta killing the orc, the two companions hyumans and mini tomoe and nearly killed the arke (whom makoto saved after).

    This open the mist gate and when she thougnt was saved, makoto reach her and saw all the fragmented memories and fellings from her like fragmented message, what made makoto snap and kill her fr the displeasure he sensed of his way of though and apraise the people in asora.

    i gonna say this but here the one to blame wasn’t the greed idiot girl, but tomoe who most likely left the trio be, since the hyumans can’t understand the orcs and arkes and see them as monster there is no help that they wasn’t able to see them as lowly begins, but what ultimately sick makoto was the point of view of this girl who value only the things thatwere beautiful and hate other things.

    More likely makoto act were wrong since he also was unnable to judge her out of his wrath.

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    1. What? The girls who confessed to Makoto weren’t chosen as heroes. That was just us readers assumptions. There is a chance that the girl who is a hero is an acquaintance of his, but that’s it. But Tomoe was only injured because of the backlash from her clone being destroyed. Are you talking about the raws?

      1. well yeah the raw since i cant read raw someone said tomoe and mio died by the hand of makoto friend the hero girl when the bug order her killed makoto and the rest of his follower i dont know which chp they discuss but someone already tell that in the spoiler

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    Still, I’m glad that I was wrong about it being the bug.

    1. Not only was it justified, if she had been allowed to live, she would have riled up the hyumans spouting off nonsense that paints her in the best light possible.

      1. He could had had her held trial in Asora for her crimes, to let her see how pathetic she was before executing her. However, he was to angry to think like that. To kill in mere rage is to basically be a beast.

      2. Those are our sensibilities. That world has different sensibilities. Plus, the trial would have been a farce. There were eyewitnesses, and her own memories incriminated her. She obviously was unrepentant and planning on leading an attack on Asora (it wouldn’t have worked, even if they could get in, but it would have been stupid to allow someone like that to roam free). All that was left was the punishment.

      3. Let me straighten one thing up, I said there was nothing to justify the girl’s actions. Makoto’s actions were justified, but he carried out his justice with rage. He gave in to the one side of him that even he knew he never had. Makoto doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to murder, even those who deserve it. However, he let the killer within out. His rage caused him not to think. And now he has a dead body to dispose of. Personally, torture is the better way to go. Being maimed is 20 times worst than death.

      4. I see where you’re coming from now. I can’t really say if killing her out of rage was the right mindset to do it in. We’ll just have to see if he can live with it. And as for torture, that would be good if he was wanting to send a message to those who would attack Asora, but he’s currently trying to make everyone see that Asora is harmless, and the racists would have used this girl’s torture to make others angry, plus, she would spread lies about how the demihumans of Asora attacked her party and tortured her for no reason. Torture would be satisfying, but it would backfire in a big way.

    2. We live in a world where there are police, courts and codices of law, which is why we very rarely encounter justice in rage these days and in these countries but in the past and even now in some rural areas (especially India), village law still works a lot on outrage. Just have to understand that their ways are not our ways and it is very, very counterproductive to think they think like us or should think like us and be forced to. If they want to change, it must be by their choice. Just understand that “outraged justice” is still a form of justice that is possible, both in the past and currently. Think of them as the “Wild West” or something like “Fallout”. Rough and tumble justice.

      1. As I’ve been addicted to New Vegas lately, I have to agree with you on that one. Makoto is like the Courier, wandering the wastes and the one in charge of his own decisions. We can consider the greedy one as Benny, someone who is ready to betray even her two comrades when the situation depends on it to further her own girls. Where Makoto came from, is more or less the old world where there were laws and such. As Makoto being the Courier can basically also being the player, we have morals that are of the old world. But some of the decisions made, had to be against the old world morals that constrain us. So yeah, this is a case of wasteland justice. I just hope Makoto doesn’t regret his decision, there is no check point to go back to.

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    1. this two last chapters makoto have been telling us one and another time that he felt discomfort from the magic of an orc that he couldn’t find, and more likely the Strange stone that he found was either , the cracked ring or a magic core from the high orc who died(i think is the ring since we don’t know if the orcs have a magic core like the other demons since they are a sentience specie).

      And this is far from ideal for him, he would find guilty in what he had done if someone told him that he just did the same thing what the adventurer did to the demi-humans, either way he is gonna be pushed to grow in a forced manner and he from his point of view (ours too) is just a kid, he is not ready to be forced to kill someone with that mind set of his.

      That is why i told here that tomoe would either try to comfort him or feel even more guilty, since this could change the entire mindset of makoto(while is naive is not bad behaivor, in fact is far better than this world; but with this he can fall in a wrong way, of thinking about everyone), this is why is a great chapter, the way this develop would make him either a better guy or a Demon lord-like guy who search the vindication of the world.

    1. The idiot trio slipped past their guards, and grabbed one of Makoto’s used power drain rings. They then started using the pent up power in the ring by making it go haywire to get the Asora residents to back off while making a break for the Mist Gate, then threw the ring into the Mist Gate on the verge of being cornered to make the ring explode. The explosion killed one Orc, fatally wounded an Ark (the one Makoto and Lich’s healing saved), and destroyed Tomoe’s duplicate guide as it worked to minimize the damage from the explosion (causing massive physical feedback damage to Tomoe). Two of the trio were killed by the blast they intentionally created, and the bitch slipped through the Mist Gate that had been wrenched open by the blast. At the very end, the bitch was only concerned about her own safety, (didn’t care about her party mates) and knowing the location of the Ambrosia to return later to make her fortune.

      So she was killed in vengeance for being a horrible person, who’d killed and gotten others killed for her own greed.

      1. Ummm overall i did think it was something like that with a few differences opinion
        1. All orc and dwarf are dead because of the ring explosion
        2. Most of arke are critically wounded
        I know i’m not supposed to complain about the translation but honestly, i lost my comprehension since the time lich gets introduced

      2. How do you say it?
        I mean im grateful but it would be nice if the translation could give an imagination of what truly happenin
        I surely lost myself when he explain about his anger
        Im confused as wether the orcs died (especially about Ema the first heroine cause tge translator mentioned her last update) as if the orcs died but at the previous chapter it only mentioned that most of the settlements people are injured with the exception of fatally wounded arke (which makes my back turn cold…) actually can someone tell me what happened from tge lich battle chapter?

    Took you long enough,he is trying to act cool like Satou (DM), he is way too soft on other,indeed he is as OP as Satou but Satou is an adult,he know what he is doing,now that he has learn his lesson,try to not make the same mistake again :3 (seriously,world where the hyuman worship bug cant be anything good)
    cant wait till his next kill

    1. i disagree,he should had let her go with no harm to get her to think abouth her action but killing wont bring back anyone…also he might start to kill more and more slowly becoming less human…is that truly what you want ?

  23. It’s really too bad. It’s always sad when a character throws away his principles.

    Now that he’s been able to de-humanise a hyuman enough to kill them without guilt, it’s all too easy for him to kill the next one, and then the other, and finally he’s a genocidal warlord at the head of an army. The moral high ground is gone.

    1. When did he throw away his principles? He realized he was wrong, that the hyumans of this world believe in the genocide of the other races, not the humans of his own world who wouldn’t naturally despise demi-humans (I won’t even go into how ironic that concept is coming from a Japanese author).

      I would say he actually lost some of his naive thoughts and faced the harsh truth of reality.

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      wanna know why? simply thx to what happen`d on the ogre village he focused to much on his own interests and fear, even going back to asora he simply care for the lich wisdom and he knew that Hyumans were transported to asora, and he clearly know that every hyuman see Profit as priority specially he saw them first hand with the ogre`s on the flower -_-. yet back in asora he only care for lich and talks. even tomoe sayng sorry that she made a mistake i think the one saying it should be makoto and i am sure that will happen in next chapters because in these last 2 he noticed it

      anyway i really hate makoto`s naivety but is not like i want a completly heartless character, actually i am more worried about the info of the demon hyuman companions that are the exact ammount of the adventurers he is helping with tomoe and mio and also were found on same place where he was told traitors were

  25. The orcs and dwarfs moved away thanks to the sacrifice of the orc,arke, and clone that got in between the blast from the ring but still get hit but not strong enough to kill them but they were suffering two adventurers died in the explosion one fled while heavily injured only be caught up to by the MC then killed her out of a fit of rage

  26. die sucker!!!

    It’s always sad when a character throws away his principles.
    1. It’s a legitimate self defense. A psychopath tried to kill him. Just desert.

    Now that he’s been able to de-humanise a hyuman enough to kill them without guilt, it’s all too easy for him to kill the next one, and then the other, and finally he’s a genocidal warlord at the head of an army. The moral high ground is gone.
    2. Who died and made you the fucking pope? Are you saying all the cops and soldiers who have killed their opponents have been de-humanized?

    1. @pipo:

      1. Legitimate self defense could be argued if she was going to actually hurt somebody else at the point she was attacked by Satou. She wasn’t. Read it again: she had reached Tsige and was about to leave the alleyway and lose herself in the crowd, when Satou pulled her in using the Mist Gate. Then they were in a halfway space between Tsige and Asora where there was no one else, and she could not possibly harm him if she tried (although she did). So there was no one she could possibly harm such that Satou could invoke self-defense.

      In fact, if you look at it, the “idiot” trio clearly thought that they were in danger. They managed to grab a hold of the used power ring, not quite knowing what it was, and tried to use it to make a break to the nearest exit. They did not know that it could or would explode, and remember, the explosion killed two of the three. So it’s much easier to chalk the explosion and the victims (an Orc, a Dwarf, Tomoe’s clone, the Arke who survived, and the two hyumans who got caught up in it) as an ACCIDENT.

      Finally, notice that when Satou caught up with her, he was intending to *heal* her. He was suddenly hit by a wave of hateful thoughts coming from her, and *only then* he decided she had to die. Not because she had killed those followers of his, but because she was bigoted against humanoids. Essentially, she was executed for being guilty of “crime-think”.

      2. As it happens, I am Catholic, but cannot be ordained a priest, much less elected Pope. Regardless, I do not appreciate either the “ad hominem” attack nor the fallacy. When a cop or soldier strikes down a wrongdoer, IF THAT WRONGDOER IS CLEARLY TRYING TO PUT SOMEONE’S LIFE AT RISK, they are justified in their action.

      If, however, the wrongdoer is simply trying to escape or has surrendered, then to strike them down regardless one must, of course, think of them as less than human. And in Satou’s case, the unnamed adventuress stopped being a hyuman like he himself is and became a creature worth less than the dead Orc or Tomoe’s clone. He himself said it.

      So he did de-humanise her, and since he did so with her, he might do it with the next batch of adventurers who look askance towards his merry band of humanoids. It’s easy once he’s done it, particularly since he was able to look her in the eyes and slash her throat as she pleaded for her life.

      So yes, I’m disappointed in this main character, particularly since he seemed so humble and kind in earlier chapters, in stark contrast to the Goddess who dragged him away from all he knew one moment and discarded him in the wastes the next. He seemed different from her, but now, not so much.

      1. Heh. It must be nice to be so assured of your religious and moral beliefs that you can force your expectations on someone in another world under an other god’s governance.

        First of all, these people didn’t have any reason to believe they were in danger. That would be like saying a racist group believes they’re lives are in danger because they suddenly find themselves in a community that they’re against. I don’t know much about other countries’ racist groups, but if you know anything about American history, then you can think of it as some KKK members suddenly finding themselves in a friendly black neighborhood. No matter how the locals treat them, they’ll still be racist bigots.

        Second, that wasn’t “crime-think”, those thoughts were her memories more or less confessing not only to the crime, but also to the fact that she had no remorse, and the fact that she was going to use this as a means to bring the hyumans against Asora. She had no problems telling others whatever needed to be said to get them to believe that the people of Asora meant them harm, even if they were bold faced lies. This wasn’t just punishing a killer with no remorse, this was protecting the people that had sworn themselves to him. They rely on him to protect them. If he didn’t do this much to someone that was obviously a threat, I’d have lost respect for him.

      2. Exactly true. He ought not’ve done what he did. This type of thing can and WILL screw him up for the rest of his life. This kind of bullcorn is why i stopped reading re:monster, overlord, and several other light novels like it; the character goes down a path that leads essentially to evil. The become unforgiving, non-mc like characters. Now that’s not to say that there are no likeable, or at least respectable, evil mc’s (Othello’s Iago being my main choice), but this way of…. Turning…. Put’s a person at risk, whether mc or not, of BSODing. The thoughtless, wanton judging without proper forethought is indeed a main cause of vaderization.

      3. @coatl45:

        It is nice, thanks. I feel that if you aren’t confident in your own religious beliefs, then can you really say you follow that religion? This also applies to ideologies: if I were to call myself a Libertarian, I ought to believe in the “Invisible Hand” of the market and in its power to generate the most amount of wealth for the greatest amount of people, otherwise what’s the point?

        That being said, the principles I invoked to base my argument, while Christian in origin, aren’t disputed by any modern Westerner: belief in the rule of Law, right to life, all people are fundamentally equal, the right to self-defense and the requirements which need to be in place in order to invoke it. Basically no Westerner conversant in moral philosophy would disagree with any of those principles, though they might (as you are) dispute their applicability in the concrete case we’re analysing. For instance, I’m sure Dr. Richard Dawkins would agree with my basic argument, if he were given to reading light novels.

        Regarding whether they had reason to believe they were in danger or not, *given their worldview*, they should have believed that they were in danger, yes. After all, as far as they know, humanoids are hostile. If you were in (say) Mosul, surrounded by ISIS warfighters, you would certainly believe yourself to be in danger, *even if they acted friendly towards you*. After all, everything you know about them tells you that they kill your kind, and who knows when they will decide to kill the infidel dog, after all? The same thought applies to hyumans and Orcs. Now, *in actual fact*, they had nothing to fear, but they could not *reasonably* come to that conclusion that flies in the face of their accepted wisdom. The key word here is reasonably: there is no valid logical argument, coming from the premises they know, which yield the result that they should trust the humanoids.

        Regarding crime-think, I grant that she did hate the humanoids, and she did throw the ring, and that the ring’s explosion *did* kill the Orc, the Dwarf, the Arke (almost) and the two hyumans. However, and Satou should be intelligent enough to realise this, she could not have known that the explosion of the ring would be strong enough to kill the humanoids, otherwise she wouldn’t have thrown the ring that close, because there was a good chance that she would have been killed, as well (as the other two were). Instead, she threw the ring in order to cover their escape as they dashed towards the Mist Gate. The death of the four was, as a consequence, an unfortunate accident, and she did not set out to kill them specifically when she threw the ring.

        Now, this does make her guilty of what US police would call involuntary manslaughter, but that is all that it is. The fact that she hates and fears them has no bearing on the concrete case, since it was involuntary. And of course, no Westerner (and no conemporary Japanese, specifically) would advocate death penalty for involuntary manslaughter. So why did Satou kill her? The only possibility left was not because she hated humanoids, but because *Satou* hated *her*. And, speaking as a Westerner, that is deplorable. He is the actual hate criminal and murderer.

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    I doubt a good guy like Makoto will outright hate the hyuman race, but this certainly is a good first step to war against the bug.

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    1. I’m a little occupied right now. I am done with exams but I still have one big project. By Wednesday I will be officially entering vacation so I can squeeze out more chapters then

  29. Reading this chapter just reminded me that no matter what, always kill enemies when you spot them. I never understand why in every story they leave them alive until they finally lose people important to them and then regret it. It’s always best to just kill your enemies, then you wont have problems in the future, even if you do, it’s just more people to kill who once gone will solve your problems again.

  30. I’m a human and honestly…. If these other races really existed in our real world…. Like draconians,high elves and dwarves….. I can’t see myself thinking that humans are supreme race….. Or hyumand what eva.

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    This girl said something like “free me” and suddenly “By chance we were staying in Asora at the same time as the forest ogres, so it was in a state where they didn’t pay much attention to us, and we were lodged in a place close to the dwarfs’ disposal storage. They didn’t have that much sense of danger, so we were able to steal an equipment, even if it seemed of inferior quality. We got our hands on a damaged Draupnir and when we were discovered I ran to the mist gate that we had passed through before, and was able to push aside the pursuers with the ring that I threw and exploded by chance. Just in case, I used the tool called Clay Aegis or something like that and while being the weakest three, one of us survived. By chance, there was a wave of magic power that was similar and was able to wrench open the mist gate, which I used to return to town”
    Author plz stop make fun of us!!

  32. There were worst people that MC spared though like Level S Adventurers that have become essentially Mafia Bosses and work with thieves and assassins to keep themselves in power.

    Now that MC killed someone like this, it would only be bullshit if MC decided to spare people in the future.

    This girl didn’t even know the rings would explode like this. Blame the dwarves for not telling the MC that his rings are a potential bomb in the making.

  33. Well Makoto finally did what I’ve been waiting for. He is finally getting a better understanding of the reality of that world, maybe he will stop that stupid idea of randomly “inviting” hyumans to Asora. Also, about time he takes a stance and pick a side (mamonos obviously) which will probably lead him against the heroes, or viceversa.

    Also, those thinking he lost his principles and became a dehumanized character: I don’t believe so, IN FACT these kind of things make characters feel actually human and less cartoony, while also help to develop them further and over the usual archetypes. The fact that a MC stop being a good-two-shoes pr*ck doesn’t mean he is going rotten… on the contrary, I see him as a good portrayal of a REAL human-character with flaws and all.

    Remember, HE DID IT out of his anger, and to make the death of those two meaningful.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  34. What flowed into him maybe a bit of mind control. Maybe a magic spell of the demons to turn him against the humans.

    I don’t think you need something like this to make him a real person.

  35. i wanna say.”you JUST killed ONE person,dude??why so much monologue??”…
    but if i don’t connect it with CN novel and a little humanity then it seems plausible?

    1. your comment quality is shit, lul
      for starters, you try going to the raws site and using google MTL
      i assure you it’s 2x worse
      the grammar sense is already a lot better than many other translations, it’s just evidently not by a native speaker
      your comment consists entirely of you pouring insulting labels, with no examples, and it literally does not provide any way for anyone to help you
      you haven’t bothered reading the manga, which makes the scene clearer


  36. The Author seems fixated in making the MC as realistic teenager/amateur as possible. Repressing his inner conflicts, sexual desires, Ect. Like a person in puberty..

    I hope MC learns from this. He keeps making mistakes after mistakes.

  37. These last 2 chapters Slapped Makoto/MC the face really hard.

    This kind of ‘Bad Consequence expererience’ is necessary for MC to grow into a proper leader of Asora.

    I hope he learn from this and not just ‘merry going/naively’ making decisions anymore … cz the ones who will bear the consequences isn’t him, it’s his people/Resident of Asora.

  38. “somewhere inside me still measured the hyumans of this world as the ones in my own” there’re humans on Earth that have the same mentality as that woman , isn’t the author beautify the picture of humans a bit too much?

    1. he’s a highschooler, and not particularly invested in modern politics
      as an american, I assure you that if I hadn’t gone as far as reading the entire history textbook and then watching a ton of youtube videos discussing history, I also would have a decently rosy picture of humans
      at least for me, I can entirely understand makoto’s naivete in this regard.

  39. And this moment, this exact situation will affect the history a lot, I wonder if this dosn’t had occured Makoto would be different after, thought is probably that in some point the same would happened.

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