Chapter 61: Hereafter

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Tomoe is in front of me right now. Mio is also here. Shiki is also here. The dwarf elder is here. Ema is here. The Lizard captain and the Arke are here as well.

When I say Shiki, I am talking about Lich.  As soon as I returned here, I gave him a fitting dog name to him who was waiting worriedly in front of the closed mist gate.

It’s not the Shiki from corpse okay? Nor Shiki from ceremony. It’s the Shiki from knowledge. <Knowledge is written Chishiki which he took the last character Shiki>

It’s already been one day since my ‘first experience’.

After that, I returned to Asora like nothing happened. As if nothing, but well, the inside of me was a complete mess though.

I cried for quite a while and I didn’t want to show them my swollen face, so it took me a bit of time to return.

And so, I thought about a lot of things. About what would happen from now on. These two days were that kind of period for me.

Well, that place which was swallowed by the mist was no doubt an Asora, but that was Tomoe’s power. Regarding that, I will confirm it later.

We were all gathered at my house. At the large room which Ema told me she planned to use as a meeting place.

By the way, one part of the room is not yet finished, or more like one part is in a completed state. I don’t really want to think about how big it would be if this were finished. I am a Japanese and a plebeian after all.

When I check the state of everyone that was around the giant table, my facial expression turned stiffer.

From the start, we were reunited here to discuss something important, so there was tension in everyone’s’ expressions, but the change in my aspect made their atmosphere turn even tenser.

“In the other day’s case, an orc as well as Tomoe’s body portion… died” (Makoto)


“We have already done a departed soul banquet and have also apologized about that case, but the number one reason lies in me. I totally took the wrong way of dealing with those three” (Makoto)

Departed soul banquet. In other words, a funeral.

It was a case where there were no traces of him left, but we did as what the orc and lizard warriors do to mourn their comrades, light a fire and do a banquet. With his death, they told me about it and we did this for the first time.

I really feel bad about the first victim happening because of my own blunder. I lowered my head uncountable times in front of his family and orcs.

Tomoe also lost her body portion and received an injury, regarding that I lowered my head as well, but she didn’t seem to take it well and had an unpleased expression. She did accept my apology though. I was also told that there was no need for me to go directly to the orcs bereaved family.

But this is my own way of closing things after all. Not because I chose it to be, it was just because of my carelessness that a life was lost.

If in the future they are forced to a fight because of the results of my own decision, at that time, I will not apologize individually.

I will have them follow me. And the dead will be mourned with the departed souls’ banquet. I have decided on that. This is for the sake of not breaking if a friend dies in the future.

“… Regarding this town’s relationship with hyumans, it was too optimistic. They are adventurers and there are some that have considerable ability. I wasn’t even seeing them as a threat and didn’t deal with them. For them, this town is a clear foreign body and we should make sure this doesn’t happen in the future” (Makoto)

I temporarily stop my words and look around, everyone was shaking their heads vertically.

“First of all, the highland orcs. Ema, I am thinking about strictly choosing the scope where the hyumans will be guided and can act. No, I will say this clearly. I want to create a separate area where we will be guiding them” (Makoto)

“Create… an area? Of course, if it is Misumi-sama’s direction we will follow, but I don’t understand the meaning too well…” (Ema)

“Okay. In simpler words, at the borders of this lands we will construct another barrier and have it isolated. I want you to create a small town there where the adventurers will be guided into” (Makoto)

“A town inside a town?” (Ema)

In other words, I want them to make a fake town and accompany the hyumans. What we need is a certain extent of materials to create a state where money is circulated in Tsige and the base. It’s not like I am seriously trying to make them have a cultural interchange with them after all.

“That’s right. And the people that will be entering it, no matter if it’s you guys, or the lizards, or dwarfs; make sure it is someone that has decent strength. I will have Tomoe bring the adventurers in, so we will have them think that is the whole mirage town” (Makoto)

Ema seems to be convinced and nods. Looks like she understood what I was trying to say. For the sake of avoiding any damage on the people that have no power, I will have people that have enough ability engage them.

“Doing that, the weak and young ones will be able to avoid the adventurers, is what you are trying to say right? Also, rotating with the ones that have ability to deal with them, no, we will be actively seeking for high levels to look after them” (Ema)

“That’s right. I think we will be diverging from the current plans, but I want to prioritize this one” (Makoto)

“No problem. There are no specific designations for the sections right?” (Ema)

“Of course, I don’t mind you doing it however you please” (Makoto)

Ema smiles as if satisfied. I am grateful for Ema, who even after she lost a comrade, she still interacts with me like always. I am truly grateful. I still don’t know in which direction the current town will be going into. The best option should be to leave it to her. Also, Tomoe can’t make a clone anytime soon after all.

“The next is about the elder dwarfs” (Makoto)


The elder and Beren are present.

“First of all, I have something I want to tell you guys” (Makoto)


The two of them look at me with serious eyes and wait for my words. Though, I think they already know what this is about.

“About the equipment that is supposed to be disposed in general and also about the ring. You guys are first-class craftsmen so I know that you do this perfectly. But this place also has other races coexisting. It is troubling if you do careless guarding on a place that doesn’t even have a key” (Makoto)

“We are incredibly sorry”

The elder deeply lowers his head. These guys are super high-class craftsmen. They should know just how dangerous the failed works and scrapped articles are. But without a strong impact or an inspection of sorts and since they know there is no spontaneous discharge, their way of handling things was sloppy. It felt like they treated the warehouse as a garbage can of sorts and just threw things in there.

There weren’t cases where someone would use those scrapped articles to do dangerous things after all. It is because even children dwarfs knew not to do it that the view of danger in that area was so low. Even though those things should have had as much security as masterpiece articles.

The used Draupnirs were there as well. Cracked and damaged goods were also there. It was the very definition of dangerous.

The theft of the ring affected their state of mind.

“Don’t forget that the adventurers view your weapons with that much amount of value. The things that are planned to be scrapped should be scrapped as soon as possible. The things that can’t be should be stored in a place with high security. This must be done immediately” (Makoto)

“Yes, without delay”

“Okay. After that, I want you to help Ema select the dwarfs. I will ask Elder for a report of the progress in the armor at a later time. I would like Beren to do a trip in Tsige and narrow the candidates” (Makoto)


The two of them answer me with strength-filled words. Their state of mind should be okay now. They will probably be able to properly manage from now on. In truth, the things that they consider garbage class weapons are also valuable in Tsige. Looking at the list of stolen goods, I understood that they shouldn’t take it easy when they do the trip. Maybe there is the option of giving the mission to a young dwarf that has a good amount of sense to go there in the guise of training. It’s probably better to just wait for Beren to put together the dwarf candidates that can go.

“Next, Mist Lizards” (Makoto)


The one that answers me is the Lizards’ captain. Since they are warriors, this position is the one that holds the highest authority. Being the representative means that he is the captain of the whole force. It seems that it points to someone that has a certain amount of ability and is able to look at the units as a whole and lead them.

“Right now it seems that you guys are pioneering, guarding, hunting, doing public works, construction and various other miscellaneous works. Thanks for everything” (Makoto)

“Those words are wasted on me. *The time we are given to train the whole force, we try not to be frugal with the cooperation of others*” <全体訓練の時間を頂戴している分、他の方々への協力は惜しまぬ所存です>

They are diligently cultivating the battle proficiency of their force. Because of that, it is impossible for them to help in all the works, but even with that, they use the spare time to help in a lot of areas.

“I am thinking of changing your placement a bit” (Makoto)

“Yes. As you order”

“Hereafter, we will be concentrating our eyes on the inside for a bit. The hunting and training in the outsides will become secondary. We will be reducing little by little the pioneering and guarding, as well as the public works and construction” (Makoto)


“In exchange of that, I want you to patrol the town” (Makoto)


“Simply speaking, it is a job where you follow a number of routes, look for abnormalities and deal with them. I will explain the details to Tomoe at a later time so I want you to work as the head and assign people this duty” (Makoto)

“This town has quite the scale. Isn’t it a bit difficult for only us?*” <He is speaking Tomoe style here>

Maybe it is because Tomoe’s influence easily affects the lizards, their way of speaking is stiff or more like, old. It isn’t inconvenient or anything, but the gap of being lizard faced is just…

“You are the ones that are able to use Tomoe’s network the best after all. We will have the orcs work in divisions and cooperate. The prior problems will be given to other people so it is fine to just think about patrolling as your role” (Makoto)

“Understood. We will give our all to fulfill our duty”

Just like policemen patrolling the town. I feel like 8 or 9 cases out of ten, making Tomoe the head would make arson or theft happen again, but I am also conscious of that so I am doing this while knowing.

The method I know the best to maintain public order is the Edo Period method.

The modern era’s police officers and the way they patrol should be almost the same. Probably. Let’s believe in the achievements of Edo. It is a lot better than not doing anything.

No matter who I request it to, the head count is really a problem. But this isn’t something that we will be able to resolve in the instant.

There is also the option of letting the forest ogres into Asora, but as long as my sentiments don’t accept it, I don’t know if we will be able to create a good relation. Their consciousness of me is also opaque as well.

There may be a need to recruit demi-humans and mamonos that possess intelligence.

If we bring in a race that is clearly lower in level than the current residents, we might be able to create a hierarchy of sorts and do many other things. Maybe I should try exploring the wasteland at fixed intervals.

While taking care of not accidentally making it an army.

Nodding at the lizard that lowered his head and gave his words of understanding, I look at the Arke.

“The last one is Arke right?” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama. First, let me express my gratitude. Since that time, I didn’t have the chance to meet you personally, so I was waiting for this moment”

Uwa. What incredibly fluent common language! He totally surpassed me. Yes, I won’t be hearing any opinions telling me that this wasn’t a competition to begin with.

Incredible. He perfectly learned it. But, thanking me for what? I wanted to begin with the apology but…

“Gratitude?” (Makoto)

“Yes, to thank you for saving one of my kin-de gozai masu. I heard this afterwards, but it seems that without the treatment of Waka-sama it would have been dangerous. We wanted to thank you at least once”

The Arke that was serving as a representative, placed one hand on his chest and lowered his head. The other two also imitate this.

“No, he was originally injured because of my own miss. It was a given that I would help him. Instead of thanking me, I should be the one apologizing” (Makoto)

“I thank you for your benevolence. It makes me feel glad all over again to serve Waka-sama”

Uh~ it’s no good no matter what I say huh. When I apologized to Tomoe, she also said some unreasonable things as well.

By the way, the one who is talking is a female. There are four Arkes in total, but counting the seriously injured male, there is also another one, making it 2 males and 2 females.

“Well, it is great that he is safe. So then, there are a number of things I want to ask for you Arkes. Right now, how many are able to transform into hyuman appearance?” (Makoto)


They are seriously exemplar. When I am talking with her, I get the impression of a person that has excellent grades and is serious. It may even naturally create a sense of inferiority.

“I-I see. Everyone. Then the first one should be easy. This is something I told the orcs as well, but I will be creating a division separately to deal with the hyumans. I want you to shift individually and stay in that town in your hyuman form” (Makoto)

There are only four of them after all. Moreover, there is still something I want the others to do, so it would be hard to have many of them stay.

“Just one person every shift, moreover in hyuman form-desu ka?”

“That’s right. I want you to act as if you are an adventurer that is sojourned because of your skills” (Makoto)

“To act as a hyuman?”

“That’s how it is. Also, if there are any strange movements, I want you to report it. And I want you to gather information even if it isn’t useful. Even if they suspect of you, people of your class will have no problem dealing with it. We would be giving a special treatment to the ones that have surpassing skills after all” (Makoto)

“Investigating from the inside and picking out the problem before the seed appears, right? Understood, we will be staying in shifts at the town”

Great. It seems that there is no problem in the first one.

“And the other one. It’s about the pioneering you have been doing but, the need to use people in town will increase so there will be no hands circulating in that area. That’s why I want the other three that are not staying in town to report the pioneering and investigation’s scope and direction. Of course, I don’t mind if the speed decreases” (Makoto)

“Yeah, no problem. Is it okay for us to train in combat and research on black magic?”

“That’s fine. I would be happy if you get someone to learn medicine manufacturing as well, but I don’t mind you guys training and researching, feel free to do so. If there is any pressing matter, it is okay to just leave the pioneering and investigation for a later time” (Makoto)

It seems that it was an unexpected condition for them. The three Arkes look happy.

They have been coveting for knowledge lately, saying that there are a lot of things to learn. This is good. It would be nice if Mio also took interest in something as well… aside from me.

“For now, this is what I have thought. If problems appear in the way, I want you to report them. Then it is fine to go now. Excluding Tomoe, Mio and Shiki” (Makoto)

I personally tell my three followers to stay here and the others begin to leave.

Fuh~. Maybe it is because I spoke with strength, my shoulders were stiff. Tilting my head left and right and moving my shoulders up and down, I relax myself.

“Waka, you were quite… calm” (Tomoe)

“Waka-sama, good work-desu” (Mio)

“Waka-sama, you did splendid managing all those different races” (Shiki)

“Thanks” (Makoto)

I give my thanks to their complements. Though the praise of Shiki had something to do with the power bug gave me so I felt complex feelings from it.

I have to tell these three about what I have thought out. About what I think and what will happen from now on.

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