Chapter 59: What can’t be regained


Judging from last chapter, I think that it is impossible for my original waifu, Ema, to actually be Makoto’s follower. On top of not having where to put on rings, she would actually become comestible if she were to make a pact with Makoto. 🙁

Anyways, enjoy this mysterious chapter.


A giant vestige of magic power arrived at our location like a sudden gust. Just what in the world?!

No, there is no way. This is…

“My… magic power?” (Makoto)

That’s right. What I felt in my skin was my magic power that I had begun sensing when I arrived at this world.

“I am truly sorry Waka. I have done a blunder” (Tomoe)

I, who was leaning my body onto the window and not paying attention, heard the voice of Tomoe in my ears.

She sounded like she was in a painful state.

When I turned around, what I saw in my eyes was Tomoe who was standing on one knee and having blood flowing on one side of her lips, also Mio and Lich who were looking at Tomoe with an uneasy face.

An enemy attack? But in these situation only Tomoe?

Right now, the only ones in this Asora, aside from us, are a number of adventurers and the idiot trio, and also the forest ogres. I don’t think there is anyone among them that could wound Tomoe.

“Tomoe! What happened?!” (Makoto)

“Guh, those three…” (Tomoe)

After saying that, Tomoe collapsed. The blood hasn’t stopped yet.

Kugh, the situation in our surroundings. What is going on?!

I spread out [Sakai]. Even if I can’t spread it through all the town, I will do it in a way that I can still maintain precision, but then… I got a shock.

The surroundings were filled with remnants of what seemed to be my magic power and I was unable to get a proper grasp of the situation.

I stop relying on the [search] and begin to earnestly infer the situation from the terrain and people, I change the [search] to grasp only physical things and spread out [Sakai] once more.

The abnormality… found it!

Somewhere around the side alley I used to connect to Asora.

The surroundings of that area were incredibly cracked and it looked like a crater!

Was this the reason of that light a few moments ago?!

I see some shapes close to that area that seem to be unable to move. I have to go there!

“Mio! I leave you in charge of Tomoe. Lich come with me!” (Makoto)

Without waiting for their reply, I ran out of the room.

The weapon that I asked the dwarfs to make hasn’t been finished yet. At the room, I only took the ceremony dagger that I got from the orcs.

Damn it, if only I could fly in the sky at times like this! Why is it that I can’t use the wind element at all?!

If I’m not wrong, ‘Those three’ is what Tomoe said. Three, don’t tell me that it is really those idiot trio? But there are people accompanying them, so the things they do should be known.


It’s Lich’s voice. Thought transmission huh. Looking at my sides I see that he is still not with me. I, who was using the shortest route in a hurry, answer him without slowing my speed.

(What is it?) (Makoto)

(I am sorry. Since I am not used to my body yet, I can’t run well) (Lich)

Are you a geezer?! Ah, well, he was bones right. Then couldn’t he just float or something? Was his only choice to run?

(Can’t you come by floating?) (Makoto)

(Of course. But the place that Makoto-sama is heading to seems to have injured people, so if possible I wanted to use healing magic) (Lich)

(Healing?! Lich, you can do recovery magic?!) (Makoto)

Are you kidding me? In what world can an undead use recovery magic?!

As expected of the Goddess. She really gives crazy rules to the world. No good, just thinking about her being involved, I end up accepting anything with a simple sigh.

I should properly ask Lich about the undead after everything is solved. Leaving aside now that he has a flesh body, I just can’t put aside my prejudice of an ex-skeleton having recovery magic.

(… Yeah, I can use it. Actually, it is my specialty) (Lich)

It’s your specialty you say?

My vision of an undead is being completely destroyed. And he is even saying it as if it were an obvious thing.

(… If you are able to do it from where you are right now, could you heal from there?) (Makoto)

(I have received your order clearly) (Lich)

Honestly, I haven’t understood and accepted it yet, but the important issue lies in another area. That’s right, there is no need for him to hurry and reach where I am, because he still has something he can do.

After asking him to use recovery magic, I cut the thought transmission.

Even if my physical abilities have gone up, I am inside a building.

My speed can’t go up that much compared to when I am outdoors.

While feeling frustrated for my tardiness, I still continue on without lowering my speed and arrive at the scene.

I was too concentrated in running that the things that I heard from my ears slipped by.

The groanings of agony, the sobbing, the cries.

The remnants of destruction of a stone paving that was violently gouged out. Things that were scooped out and blown away were not few in numbers.

In that place where orcs and dwarfs were suffering, this town was dyed by the colors of violence for the first time.


Just… what in the world happened?

Something exploded. That’s what it looks like to me. It may be a bit of an exaggeration to call it a crater, but the stone paving at ones’ feet was all over the place and the brutality of a power that can mow down trees. All of this made me think of a weapon of some sort.

But what was preoccupying me the most was… my magic power.

This place was the densest. Meaning that this place was the center of all the remnants in the area.

The other magic power that I can perceive from here is Lich’s magic.

The healing light was faintly enveloping the people suffering. A yellow and warm light.

I also spread out a [Sakai] with healing property to all the injured people that my sight can confirm.

At any rate, there is nothing else I can do if I don’t have anyone who is able to talk.

I have to do something about this situation where not even a single one is able to get up and help others.

And then, while looking at my surroundings and trying to understand even if for a bit the situation, I saw something with my eyes.

Something that at a glance looked like a chrysalis.

It was close to the place where the supposed explosion took place.


Don’t tell me…!

I ran to that place. That is, that is no chrysalis!

“No… way” (Makoto)

The upper half was burned, missing both arms, and the body was filled with cracks and cut open. Legs were torn off, and it looked like a chrysalis that was cut off from its thread.

But this… no, he was…!

“… Arke” (Makoto)

He, who is supposed to possess quite the power, how in the world did it turn out like this?

No, that’s not it. That’s totally not it!

Is he breathing, is he still breathing?!

Without feeling any sort of disgust, I hurriedly run to his side. I concentrate on his mouth and chest and check if he is breathing.

A cold body that was practically impossible to feel any warmth in it. And also, I could feel that characteristic rigidness I felt at my childhood when a car ran down a stray cat.

No way, is he already… dead?

My head was a complete blank. Even though I didn’t feel anything when an unknown person died. And the Liz, as well as that time with the demon race and the many other demonic beasts.

My mind was completely blank, not knowing what to do, I could tell that my body was being controlled by trembling.

(Makoto-sama! At the place where you are right now, that person is the most injured one! The other ones have already passed the dangerous part, so I will be concentrating on that part now. Please, I ask for Makoto-sama’s cooperation!)

Just before I couldn’t think about anything else…

I heard Lich’s voice. It was a voice that returned me to my senses!


He is not dead?!

Something I can help out with…

That is [Sakai]. There is nothing else but [Sakai].

… If only I were able to use recovery magic, it would have been a different story!

Why is it that I “can’t use” the healing formula at all?!

Even though I can understand the aria and composition, I can’t manifest that power for some reason. Not being able to use the attribute I want the most, how unreasonable is that?!

Damn it! Can I do this properly without magic?

… My priorities are all backwards huh, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t enough, I have to do it!

I make a quite small [Sakai] that spread out just in the area around me and the Arke. The property given is healing.

Lich releases an even deeper light and enveloped the Arke’s body.

But there was no reaction.

Is this not enough? Is it because I am missing my own recovery magic?!

(Lich! Can’t you increase your output more? From what I see, I don’t feel like he is on his way to recovery!) (Makoto)

(For now it is! Right now I am using the spell while heading there, but if I am not seeing it directly, it won’t be as effective. I am also continuing my treatment on the other ones, but is it okay to neglect them and concentrate on him?” (Lich)

(Rejected. Continue doing that. When you think it is okay, I want you to concentrate on the Arke) (Makoto)

(I am heading there as fast as I can, so please continue healing as well Makoto-sama) (Lich)

Healing huh. What I am using is not magic. I can’t use the healing attribute, Lich. I don’t know the extent of its effect, but I might have been able to increase its effect if I had coupled it with magic, and yet…



That’s right. Sakai. Strengthening and healing, strengthening and search. I can give [Sakai] two effects. Does it have to be two “different” effects in order to work?

Could it be…?

I concentrate on the [Sakai] that was wrapped around the Arke and me.

I put together the healing, with another healing. Will the effect go along with me or…

[Sakai] is different from magic. I am not able to tell from plain sight if the effect has become stronger. It is one thing if I look at the target, but there is no other person close by, so I can’t tell If it is a success or a failure.

Even so, I do it like the times when I put strengthening and healing together, having an image of the surface, I concentrate on putting on healing and healing together.

“The cracks are… closing!!” (Makoto)

The effects have increased! I’m probably not wrong about that!

The numerous cracks that were running down on his hard skin that looked like serious injuries, were closing like thin linings and then, disappeared!

Yes! Yes!

The lower half and legs portion that were cut down were forcibly adhering themselves.

The right arm that was lost from the roots, and the left arm that was lost till the elbow as well. It was being regenerated from the top of the shoulders to the elbow. It looked like a gore image, but I, who was being overwhelmed by happiness, didn’t mind about anything like that.

He can be healed!

Now only thing left is for his consciousness to return. If his consciousness returns, it is probably alright.

The normally earth colored skin was even deeper and his skin that I couldn’t feel any vitality from had its flexibility return to normal and his warmth was returning. His healed arm moved as if having a cramp.

“Are you okay?! Do you understand me?!” (Makoto)

His eyelids also shook, and then they opened. His consciousness already returned?! For it to go so well…

“U… a”

“There is no need to force yourself to talk! It’s okay to just nod and shake your head!” (Makoto)

It seems that the Arke understood what I was saying. He hesitated a bit from my words and he certainly shook his head vertically.

At that moment, I felt relief and strength left me.

I am so glad. Seriously.

I confirm my surroundings again.

The thick magic power of mine still remained and it was obstructing my ability to collect information and understand this situation.

But I didn’t use [Sakai], I used my naked eye to understand that this disaster was being controlled slowly.

After this, I can ask the people that have calmed down about what happened.

The mist gate, that entrance which I used once in order to return here. Could it be that it is connected to this in some way?

I don’t think it is a complete coincidence.

That’s how I felt. Because of the disruption, I am unable to estimate its precise location, but I look at the vicinity of the area where I transferred from.

It seems that there isn’t anything special.

It’s not like it is close to this explosion looking place anyways. Am I just overthinking?


There is something there.

Judging that the Arke was already okay, I get closer to that “something” and pick it up with my hands.

A fragment of an accessory?

It can be seen as a chain as well, but… this is not something from here.

Should I spread out a search? But my magic power is obstructing me so…

No, just like in that time with the healing, isn’t it fine to just place search and search together?

My magic power is interfering with me knowing what happened here so…

I go over my magic power with the second search, I try using it as if tearing away the upper membrane of something.

I feel like I can do it. The smoke like thing that was obstructing me disappeared.

The ones who were here were… the Arkes, orcs, lizards…. And there was Tomoe mini as well huh.

And also, close to the Arkes there are remnants of the orcs’ magic power as well.

Then, where are those two?

Even when I try to confirm it with my eyes, I couldn’t find those two in the area where I slightly felt their magic power.

I suddenly remember Tomoe’s bad condition.

If the body that she herself created received a fatal injury, she wouldn’t have received such a wound.

Meaning that, something happened around this part to Tomoe’s body portion.

And also, the other magic power that I found, the orc…

The worst happening crossed my mind.

This fragment, just what it is…

For the sake of shaking off this bad dream, I continue my present duty.

Three. There is certainly three differing magic powers here. If it is three, could it be the three that Tomoe mentioned? Certainly, judging by the strength I can feel it is hyuman as well though.

But just what danger would they do? Even in Tsige, they were just a few ways higher than the general populace you know?

I follow the three magic powers.

Two of them disappeared as if cracking, and the other one had entered a strange distortion.

The cracked and disappearing one resembled the magic power of Tomoe’s body portion that I felt a few moments ago.

I could feel that my instincts were strangely honed. If it is now, I feel like I might be able to do the distinction that Lich does. Maybe it is the effect of the [Sakai] that has two overlaying properties. Or could it be… that there is another reason?

No good. First I have to track the remaining magic power.

I feel like I have seen that distortion somewhere before. It looked like the times when Tomoe creates a mist gate.

At the time when I returned, there was something like that too. No doubt about it. It must be the remains of a mist gate. They said it would disappear as time goes by, but it seems that quite a few things remain.

At that side, the hyuman’s magic power continues. Strange. This is certainly strange.

“Makoto-sama, sorry for the delay. It seems that you somehow managed to save the seriously injured one huh” (Lich)

“Lich, I leave you in charge of this place” (Makoto)

“Eh, Makoto-sama?” (Lich)

I just leave a few words to Lich who ran to where I was, and once again open the mist gate from the remains of the distortion.

While feeling an unpleasant uneasiness.

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