[Not a chapter] Explanations in need

Okay, people seem to be confused since the Lich chapter, in which the author seems to have taken a different approach and put bits and pieces of information in multiple chapters which you have to rearrange like a puzzle when you get the necessary information. (Shouldn’t be doing this since I am in exams though… but seeing all the comments I can’t concentrate properly anyways)

My summary of this:

Three idiots tailed Makoto and Mio who were looking for the Ambrosia patch, got attacked by two forest ogre girls. After Makoto send those three idiots to Asora, he kicked the orc girls’ asses and was guided to their village.

In the village they met their elders which invited them to a banquet. After returning, the two ogre girls wanted Makoto to meet their Shishou, but Adonou appeared. Then came the Shishou of the two girls and forced a handshake with Makoto who was actually trying to activate a curse spell on Makoto, called the Forest Punishment. This transformed people in trees but Makoto having a crazy amount of magic power wasn’t affected. Mio blew him away.

After that comes the banquet, Lich came out from the Shishou and he blanks out. Then Lich kills Adonou and fights Makoto. Makoto beats him with scary darkness magic.

Tomoe arrives at the village only to find everyone was afraid of Makoto. They then discover Tomoe is actually supreme dragon Shen and also Makoto’s slave. Tomoe wants to invite forest ogres to Asora but Makoto refuses but lets a few of them stay in Asora.

After that, Makoto begins a conversation with Lich about his objectives. Graunt and world travelling talk. Then it ended in him becoming a servant of Makoto.

Now comes the confusing part I suppose. A flash of light illuminates the room and Tomoe gets injured. This one is because Tomoe mini was destroyed and she received damage from it. Makoto leaves Tomoe to Mio and has Lich accompany him.

Makoto noticed that there were traces of his magic power all around and many people were unable to move, so he runs hurriedly. When he arrives the orcs were INJURED and an Arke was seriously injured. Makoto discovers that he can overlay 2 of the same effects on his [Sakai] and successfully heals the Arke. After that, he begins investigating.

He arrived at the place Tomoe mini dissapeared and he sensed the magic power of an orc as well. Then he felt three differing magic powers which were the magic powers of the three idiots. When he followed those powers, two disappeared like in the case of Tomoe mini, while another escaped through a mist gate.


Explosion explanation. Three idiots stole a ring of Makoto which was filled with magic power. Got discovered and chased by Tomoe mini, Arke and an Orc (No details on which orc exactly). Three idiots threw ring and ring explodes which killed Tomoe mini and the orc, while leaving Arke seriously injured. Two idiots died and one escaped because of Makoto’s magic power explosion which wrenched open the mist gate.

Makoto opens mist gate again and follows last survivor of three idiots.

Crazy girl is racist, Makoto gets angry, racist girl gets killed.

If I am missing anything or it’s still unclear… too bad. There are a lot of explanations that were pretty accurate in comments. If you still don’t understand with this, then go browse commentaries for more detailed ones.




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0 thoughts on “[Not a chapter] Explanations in need

      1. yeah me too,i think it was unnecesary a special post forthis but its seems that there are plenty people who just can’t read the chapter for any reason.

        in fact this last chapters are plenty clear :/ and english is not my forte so i can’t understand why the confusion.

        If there was anithing that was miss in your summary is the fragment of the ring that makoto found in the place where things blow up.

  1. I’m not terribly impressed by what the author did with these chapters. Perhaps the intent was to try something new, but (at least from where I’m standing) it just came off as poor transitions between chapters.
    I hope they go back to a more, ah, orthodox style in future chapters.

  2. I agree that I was lost when I read the previous chapters, but the helpful comments helped me understand the situation and this article settled my worry even more thanks. I find myself supporting the opinion of RKain, I hope it gets normal soon.

  3. Im happy that all the explanations here tallies with what I understand of the story.

    Good to know im on the right track. Also, thanks for making it clear for many others.

    1. why would lich resurrect her? when makoto killed her cause he was mad at da bitch…if lich do that, then makoto will punish the lich

      1. well as punishment the lich might resurrect her as a undead slave puppet ergo a monster her being a racist and all that

  4. Thanks Rei. I think one of the reasons everyone was confused might have also been because the author skipped over the feast, at least, that’s where it got fuzzy for me.

  5. I think there ‘er 2 women and and one man

    the leader that introduces herself before the ogre village arc and tried to seduce Makoto was the greedy one and racist .

    the man only thought about increases his power via the possession of good equipment.

    the other women wanted to search for mist town, and may if she was fortunate she thought they will get something good there (maybe like makoto who spread rumors about mist town and how generous there people are).

    and I think the other two got pulled by the greed of the leader woman, who she always think that her companions are idiots.

    also why Arke = Archahne is a guy I thought they are female species kinda like Lamia….!!??

  6. ah… perhaps it was the two girls that tried to follow & seduce Makoto but always failed since whenever there were always either tomoe or mio beside makoto (or makoto hard to follow). But since it was explained in POV, it was rather difficult to understand.
    when they finally managed to follow and get close, it was in the forest ogre village when makoto & mio in forest ogre villages looking for ambrossia flower.
    From there, I think those two girls followed Makoto / Tomoe to the gate mist and entered sneakily. Perhaps….
    then managed to steal ring but surprised to see the orc races etc. They got angry thinking that Makoto and the orc together so caused ruckus.
    But they got caught by tomoe mini, arkes, and the other orcs in the gate mist. One threw the ring they still and boom……

  7. oh so it did happen the way i thought it went, besides the fact that i thought that 2 orcs were dead

    thanks for the explanation

  8. Wait a minute last time i read that the others are gravely injured and the male arke is near death bed and was save by makoto by overlaying his sakai. It dint stated the a Orc died on the last part? how there was a orcs died on the explosion of mana?

  9. Thanks for clarifying some doubts.
    I actually can understand most of what happened but looks like i missed out some parts like who is adonou and 2 ppl died and tomoe got a mini?? Man i think i need to reread those previous chapters again to get a clearer view of this story.

  10. Thanks for all the hard work! Good luck on those exams and this may seem a bit demanding but…please update frequently! I am so excited to see what becomes of our Hero next! With that being said thanks again and keep up the good work. 😀

  11. Thank you for taking time from studying to explain the situation for those who got confused. I pretty much understood what was going on, but you reassured me on it.

  12. Another part is that racist girl was about to raise a mob to loot Asura, not knowing that it is in an entirely different dimension(?).

    I get the feeling that the woman that was killed sort of dragged her entire team into it, the other 2 seemed ok and not prone to “get rich quick” schemes. In the end though, it was the woman who killed them with the ring bomb.

    One very interesting thing to note, apparently Clay Aegis can take a single attack of Makoto’s though the user *may* receive some damage. This is from a charged up ring worn over a long time though, an attack which is not “charged up” might not penetrate. Clay Aegis also stopped one of Tomoe’s punches during the slave rescue mission so it might be a “absorb one hit and break” item. It also means that under the right conditions, people can actually resist Makoto’s attacks, at least for a short while.

    1. yea but it didn’t stop tomoe punch for long (it was one single punchbut was at low output at first then she increased the output A little bit) after that he was sent flying with the birds LOL

  13. I Pretty much understood the story never need the explanation but it is still good you put this up for those who didn’t so I say good job.

  14. Thank you very much about the explanation, even though you yourself are very busy. It really clarifies many things. I was wondering to drop reading this at the last chapter when i feel it really got confusing but i thought, rather than being a bad person and cursing on my bed, i would rather give a reader feedback to reigokai. I mean, when you cant understand something, isnt it common sense to ask to those who knows? At such thought, i would once again say thank you to reigokai dono that would be so kindly explain the recent chapters and condemn those who doesnt care the suffering of someone who wants to understand but couldnt

  15. The story’s pretty straight forward. What’s there to be confused at? I mean we’re all able to read a lot of literature works in the internet (Light Novels) reading at least two titles should suffice one’s precognitive capacity. I mean, this isn’t one of Sherlock mysteries isn’t it?

  16. Precognitive ability?? Is that somekind of a psychic power?? 🙂

    We’re still waiting for Rei to finish his exam papers. Also, Christmas holiday is coming so next chapter will come a little later. Like.. GoldenWeek-JUMP-on-hiatus kind of late.

  17. Just goes to show ya how poor most peoples reading comprehension skills are. Thanks for the translation BTW the “mechanicals” (Mechanical translators / translate.google.com) made a hash of this chapter it took 3rd stage guild navigator deductive reasoning to figure out what was going on . XD Great work and the synopsis is bang on too.

    1. Yeah… Just wait for it a little longer with us. ; )
      Just to ease your concern and curiosity while waiting, kindly be informed that I already dig through Rei’s posts and his internet data and after spying on his home a little while ago, it is confirmed that Rei is still studying for his exams. : ) Although it’s a little ‘last minute’, he’s surely making progress with his studies.
      No offense, he’s not reading our comments now anyways..
      So.. Next chapter will come after exam, which will be sometime around 20th Dec. 2015, at about 6-7 a.m (my country time) I presume, if my informer get it correct. (Don’t get your hopes high though cause the informer’s cheap)

      1. “Reigokai
        December 14, 2015 at 6:29 am Reply
        I’m a little occupied right now. I am done with exams but I still have one big project. By Wednesday I will be officially entering vacation so I can squeeze out more chapters then” Soon people soon.
        P.S. An actual post of his.

  18. I think most people probably just forgot about the adventurers. I mean I did, so I was a little confused over who it was talking about. :\

  19. (つ -‘ _ ‘- )つ Darn..
    Past One, you ruin my joke of the year.. 😉

    I’m just guessing by his previous records and translation speed and increased difficulty in the author’s writing. Also taken into account was Rei’s exam prep. and Christmas holiday (and seriously, my informer could’t get any cheaper) so I guess we luck out when Rei finishes exam early.
    Well, if all goes well and Rei finishes his Big Project early (star wars themed christmas deco probably) then we will get te read the next chapter earlier than 20th Dec.
    *It’s already 17th Dec so I won’t put my hopes too high. Give him time to rest, man.*

      1. It’s okay, really.
        If anything, the author is at fault because that style of writing is confusing and hard to translate (It might not be as confusing if turned into anime though).
        But in writing, it will surely make people confused and is difficult to translate to second language. I’m afraid that some of the author’s original intention are already lost in translation.
        Except for some reader with high imagination and language mastery.

  20. Way late here, but just started to read this and thought i’d say that the orc that died within the context is Ema’s father “the village chief”.The orc that gave him the dagger. well thanks for the translations

  21. No no you didn’t miss anything. True be told the only part which with i was confused was the moment when Lich appeared, it was so sudden that i thought i missed or forgot one part of a chapter. Thanks for the explanation anyway.

  22. the orc who died is the one which makoto heals first with his sakai during the city construction period, based on the manga

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