[Not a chapter] Explanations in need

Okay, people seem to be confused since the Lich chapter, in which the author seems to have taken a different approach and put bits and pieces of information in multiple chapters which you have to rearrange like a puzzle when you get the necessary information. (Shouldn’t be doing this since I am in exams though… but seeing all the comments I can’t concentrate properly anyways)

My summary of this:

Three idiots tailed Makoto and Mio who were looking for the Ambrosia patch, got attacked by two forest ogre girls. After Makoto send those three idiots to Asora, he kicked the orc girls’ asses and was guided to their village.

In the village they met their elders which invited them to a banquet. After returning, the two ogre girls wanted Makoto to meet their Shishou, but Adonou appeared. Then came the Shishou of the two girls and forced a handshake with Makoto who was actually trying to activate a curse spell on Makoto, called the Forest Punishment. This transformed people in trees but Makoto having a crazy amount of magic power wasn’t affected. Mio blew him away.

After that comes the banquet, Lich came out from the Shishou and he blanks out. Then Lich kills Adonou and fights Makoto. Makoto beats him with scary darkness magic.

Tomoe arrives at the village only to find everyone was afraid of Makoto. They then discover Tomoe is actually supreme dragon Shen and also Makoto’s slave. Tomoe wants to invite forest ogres to Asora but Makoto refuses but lets a few of them stay in Asora.

After that, Makoto begins a conversation with Lich about his objectives. Graunt and world travelling talk. Then it ended in him becoming a servant of Makoto.

Now comes the confusing part I suppose. A flash of light illuminates the room and Tomoe gets injured. This one is because Tomoe mini was destroyed and she received damage from it. Makoto leaves Tomoe to Mio and has Lich accompany him.

Makoto noticed that there were traces of his magic power all around and many people were unable to move, so he runs hurriedly. When he arrives the orcs were INJURED and an Arke was seriously injured. Makoto discovers that he can overlay 2 of the same effects on his [Sakai] and successfully heals the Arke. After that, he begins investigating.

He arrived at the place Tomoe mini dissapeared and he sensed the magic power of an orc as well. Then he felt three differing magic powers which were the magic powers of the three idiots. When he followed those powers, two disappeared like in the case of Tomoe mini, while another escaped through a mist gate.


Explosion explanation. Three idiots stole a ring of Makoto which was filled with magic power. Got discovered and chased by Tomoe mini, Arke and an Orc (No details on which orc exactly). Three idiots threw ring and ring explodes which killed Tomoe mini and the orc, while leaving Arke seriously injured. Two idiots died and one escaped because of Makoto’s magic power explosion which wrenched open the mist gate.

Makoto opens mist gate again and follows last survivor of three idiots.

Crazy girl is racist, Makoto gets angry, racist girl gets killed.

If I am missing anything or it’s still unclear… too bad. There are a lot of explanations that were pretty accurate in comments. If you still don’t understand with this, then go browse commentaries for more detailed ones.




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