SG – Chapter 6: Ice Princess

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The necklace she gave me was just a long narrow crystal with a string slipped through it that has nothing out of the world.

Despite that simple look, it is worth 1 million. In other words, this would be close to 100 million in my former world. 

You wouldn’t even be able to obtain something like this unless you are a noble. 

According to the flavor text in the game, there’s dense crystalized ether inside the crystal, and that creates a miraculous synergy to supply mana. 

I feel like you would become a cripple from mana overdose if something like that were to break, but the item probably won’t break since it is a game. 

Ether is the source of power in this world, and it is somewhat close to radiation -is what’s explained.

Ether crystals are basically radioactive materials. In small doses, ether can make a human stronger, but if you were to get basked in high density for an extended period of time, you could destroy your body and be crippled.

Necklaces are items that monsters drop rarely. 

When I tried equipping it, my MP was certainly recovering, so it is an item with worth. 

My mana that only recovered 2 in 5 minutes was now recovering 2 every 10 seconds.

However, because the intervals are now gone, the pain has increased even more than in the beginning, and it was eating away at my mental strength. 

The burn goes back to normal thanks to Hanagasaki’s Heal, but for some reason, the pain alone remains. 

I can endure a number of Bolts now, but she was dutifully recovering at every shot. 

She and I continued using magic single-mindedly without saying a single word while sitting on a rock at the corner.

Even though she should be a mage, she is using Heal, so it seems like she engraved a healing Domination Crest. 

“Is a blank book that interesting? Even though you are together with me, you don’t even spare me a glance.” (Reika)

She suddenly said that.

“Don’t take interest in pointless things. More importantly, can you show me your Domination Crest? The healing Domination Crest.” (Takashi)

“Ask that to your girlfriend or something, is what I want to say, but fine. I shall make a special exception here and show you… But too bad, I have it at my waist. It is not somewhere you would be hoping for.” (Reika)

Saying this, she flipped the blouse of her uniform. 

Even I skipped a beat there and reflected on the fact that I shouldn’t have requested this of a person from the opposite gender that I just met recently. 

Hanagasaki’s Domination Crest is Healing Ⅲ which is the rarest one out there. 

The Domination Crest on her ceramic-like skin was still small, so she hasn’t raised it.

“It is a complex 3rd Generation one. That’s a noble for you.” (Takashi)

“I am impressed that you know. It was a secret from a noble household until just recently, so there’s only a few who know. Did you ask me to show you because you wanted to brag about that knowledge? So you really asked because you had ulterior motives.” (Reika)

I had no business tagging along with that chit-chat of hers, so I just responded with the bare minimum.

“Feel free to interpret it as you wish.” (Takashi)

It seems like this lady has quite a lot of confidence in herself. 

No, it would be better to say she has a correct grasp of reality. 

“And so, what Domination Crests do you plan on getting engraved as someone aiming to become the strongest? I would like to hear about it for reference.” (Reika)

Hanagasaki said this while showing no interest whatsoever, probably to stave off her boredom.

I thought she wouldn’t believe me anyways, so I told her the truth.

“4th Generation Healing and—” (Takashi)

“There’s only 3rd Generation Healing. Were you listening to what I said?” (Reika)

Well, in the common sense of this world, yeah. But I really am planning on getting that one engraved.

But there’s no point in saying that here.

“Whatever. Any more is a secret.” (Takashi)

“Oh, is that so? So you can’t tell me. Then, let’s continue the Bolts. Want me to give you a hand on the Bolts too?” (Reika)

Hanagasaki raised her small palm and I jumped away. 

I would be turned to cinders in an instant if Hanagasaki were to shoot a spell on me with her magic power.

It seems like that was a joke. She was laughing with a cute face.

What does she get here from teasing me?

“You are also quite the carefree one. How about increasing your own level?” (Takashi)

“Don’t worry about me. I have nothing to do because my level is so high I don’t have anyone to party with. If you fear my magic that much, shouldn’t you just go and level up?” (Reika)

Even though Hanagasaki gave me the impression she was the unfriendly type, she was unexpectedly easy to talk to once I tried.

But I find it hard to believe that she has no one to party with because her level is high. 

It would rather make everyone want to party with her.

Why is she lying like that? 

There must be a reason why she is lying here.

I really do have to raise my caution.

A Slime showed up after a while, so since I have healing magic with me, I decided to increase my physical related Skills too. 

My physical resistance increases even without successfully avoiding it, so I am grateful for the healing. 

We did this until late in the night while including dinner, and bid farewell to this girl that tagged along until the very end in front of the dungeon.

Then, we did the same thing the next day, which is a day off.

It must be amusing for her to see me rolling around against a Slime, Hanagasaki was laughing. 

“You look really pathetic.” (Reika)

“I agree.” (Takashi)

I know that better than anyone. 

I dislike this, but this is not the time to be worrying about the gaze of others. 

I tell myself to try hard here and continue.

Raising my Skills here needs concentration.

Hanagasaki began to give me advice on how to carry my body as time went on. That advice seems to have backing to it, so she must have decent knowledge about it.

I don’t know why she knows that, but I gratefully listened to her advice.

There wasn’t much progress in the magic resistance for the two days, but on the 3rd day, the success rate increased drastically to the point that I could finally feel the Skill had increased.

She doesn’t see anything, so she probably can’t even tell what’s going on, but it is now the ideal flow where the evasion success rate stimulated the increase in the Skill, and the increase in the Skill stimulated the success rate of the evasion.

The damage will be halved once it gets to 100, so I won’t mistake that one point alone.

I know this pain to a spiteful degree, so I could tell clearly when that moment came.

The piercing pain that had been tormenting me until now, this pain reaching all the way to my bones, had been reduced to just a little shock.

Now that I have reached this point, raising the remaining 50 feels like a simple job.

But I don’t think I will be able to raise it to 150 even if I were to do this until late in the night of the last day. 

I thought doing this much was enough, but there’s no point in raising it half-assedly later on. 

I gotta increase it all the way to 150 to reduce the damage even more or the effectiveness will go down. 

For example; even if I were to cut 49% of 1 damage, it would still be 1, however, if I can cut it to 50%, that damage apparently turns into 0.

I slowly got more leeway, making me want to increase my physical resistance too. It would be inefficient against only 1 Slime, so I went off to search for more Slimes.

I went around the 1st Floor with Hanagasaki to search for Slimes.

There really are a lot of people. It is a floor where even tourists are around, so it would be difficult to find new Slimes.

I walked too much and ended up in an open space where a bunch of Slimes surrounded us. 

There’s too many, so we have to reduce their numbers, but I don’t know how many it is okay for me to defeat. 

Slimes began to gather in the time I was hesitating, and just when I thought it was getting dangerous, Hanagasaki defeated around half of them.

“I thought you were thinking about doing some training of sorts, but were you actually looking for a roundabout way to kill yourself? Sorry for getting in the way of that.” (Reika)

I was even grateful for that snark of hers.

We still haven’t made a party, so I shouldn’t be getting EXP here.

“You saved me there.” (Takashi)

And so, I began training my evasion against 3 Slimes, and a big Slime suddenly appeared in front of me.

While I couldn’t even react to it, Hanagasaki came in between me and the Slime. The attack of the Slime hit her and I was blown all the way to the wall together with her. 

I readied my wooden sword for this one, but Hanagasaki stood up immediately with her leg bleeding.

“I can handle this by myself. You don’t want to level up, right? Then stand back.” (Reika)

Just as she said, even when she got hit a number of times and was blown back, Hanagasaki managed to defeat the Boss called Super Slime. 

I was going to use a Potion on the wounded Hanagasaki, but she stopped me with her hand and used Heal on herself. 

“Let’s return to the place we were.” (Takashi)

“Are you fine with the Slimes already?” (Reika)

“It is not like I have to do that right now.” (Takashi)

“I see.” (Reika)

After that happened, it got late, and the Bolt finally didn’t even feel like it hurt anymore.

My HP isn’t lowering either, so I can tell for sure that the Skill has been raised completely. 

In the first place, once it goes over 100, I could still have increased it with hard work. 

“Finally done. I can raise my level now.” (Takashi)

“I didn’t expect you to continue this charade just to be alone with me in the dead of the night.” (Reika)

Hanagasaki said this while crossing her arms in front of her chest and making a weird pose. 

Even I had to retort to this one.

“As if.” (Takashi)

Hanagasaki wrapped both of her arms around her body and acted as if she was moving away from me. 

I thought she was being serious here, but it seems like that was her attempt at a joke. 

Of course it would be. 

Even if it is late in the night, there’s not a single reason for her to fear me.

I even ended up injuring her, yet I had her tag along with me until this late in the night, so I felt like she had the right to know the reason.

She has even broken the curfew of the dorm today, so there’s no doubt they will call her parents. 

A lady of a notorious family breaking their curfew might create a lot of issues in their reputation. 

She is even going to be tagging along in my leveling, so it isn’t a surprise that I am beyond grateful here. 

I sighed and shot a Bolt on myself. 

It seems like my Magic Proficiency was also maxed just now, the cooldown has gotten short, so I use it in succession.

Hanagasaki knew about the magic proficiency one, so it didn’t surprise her that much.

And then, I told her this while showing her my mobile terminal.

“I was raising my hidden stat: Magic Resistance. Even when I get hit with magic, I am not receiving damage, right? It is something that I can’t do unless it is when I have low Magic Power.” (Takashi)

The moment Hanagasaki heard that, her face turned grim for the first time since meeting her. 

And then, she took a step away from me. 

“I-If that really is true, I would like you to not tell me such national secret level information so nonchalantly. Just who in the world are you?” (Reika)

It seems like telling others about this is taboo. 

But I did feel like it would be fine to tell Hanagasaki.

You could say I am still lacking in my sense of danger.

“I just thought of it by coincidence. Don’t tell anyone.” (Takashi)

“You are the one who shouldn’t be telling anyone. If it were known that you have such knowledge, you could even have your life targeted, you know? Don’t spit out such fearsome things ever again.” (Reika)

Hanagasaki, who has been keeping her ice-cold expressionless face until now, is losing her composure this much, so I must have said something really bad here. 

Even though I just told her with the intention of thanking her for her help, her face was terribly pale. 

The information in the Strategy Guide not leaking until now was just pure luck.

I reflected on my carelessness and decided to be seriously careful about keeping the information sealed.

“But you get it now, right?” (Takashi)

“Right. But it is already too late for me.” (Reika)

“That’s not true. Classes in the magic branch have their Mind stat raised too, so there’s no need to do the same. For magic classes, it is better to raise your resistance and evasion against Slimes. You should be able to do that later too.” (Takashi)

Hanagasaki was looking at me dumbfounded. 

It is true that she reprimanded me just now about not leaking out information, but I can’t just leave the explanation halfway since it would leave things unclear.

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