SG – Chapter 8: Bishop

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“Move, weaklings!” 

When I returned to the dungeon entrance, I heard that voice.

I looked at where that came from, and the delinquent group from my class were being pushed away by students of a different class. They were pushed away as if hit by a car, flying 10 meters away. 

What pushed them was the slender arm of a female student. 

It looked bad, but the person that was pushed away seems to be completely fine most likely because of the strengthening of levels.

They were even shot a Flare Burst by the male student by the side of the girl, and the guys were rolling on the ground, turned into balls of fire.

“Uwa, that’s dangerous. Those are Class A students.” (Ayano)

“How tyrannical. It would be better to not get close.” (Reika)

The two criticized them, but as someone who has been troubled by the delinquent group, I thought that maybe they are the good guys.

It seems like there’s someone who can use Heal within the delinquents and is healing them, so there’s no need to worry about that.

The Class A students didn’t even spare them a glance and left the dungeon.

I separated from the two in front of the dungeon, and began walking to the school building in order to finish my business before dinner. 

“Get out of the way!” 

I was suddenly thrust away from behind as that shout rang and was on the verge of falling.

“Oi, be careful.” (Takashi)

The delinquents of my class simply clicked their tongues and left. 

Even if they are mad because Class A kicked their butts, what’s the point of directing that at me? 

If you are mad, keep your mouth shut and level up.

Oh well.

Sparing them any thought would just be a waste of time. 

I bought a steamed bun from a store midway and went to a river at the back of the school building. Walked to the basin at the side of the sakura tree, and threw a steam bun there.

After I did that, I kneeled and prayed for help.

I heard a strong ‘alright’ from out of nowhere.

The Bishop Class showed up in the Class Change options while I was still half in doubt. 

As someone who had way too low stats and couldn’t get the blessing of any decent God, I could only choose 3 Classes. 

A 4th one was added to that. 

I will be leveling this Class until I get to the point where I can use the Holy Magic V: X-Heal.

I have to do a petition in the mobile terminal to hide my Status before I do the Bishop Class Change. 

The ones who have already changed to hidden Classes have done this petition already, and the academy turns off that function of the mobile terminal so others can’t tell your Status. 

The reality is that the information goes directly to the research institution running parallel to the academy, but that’s a top classified secret of the academy. 

Well, they don’t know what Class you have despite that, so who cares. 

Of course, they can still see something’s off by looking at how your stats increase, so they will be able to notice that you have a special Class, but the academy would want to keep it a secret that they are extracting information, so I doubt they would be doing anything on their side.


HP +100
Strength +80
Magic Power +80
Vitality +80>>

There’s 3 stat increases there, and the stat growth is also high.

It is highly adaptable both in the frontline and backline. The strongest within the Classes that can be unlocked at level 5.

Because of the obscure and tight unlock requirement that it can only be done in the cherry blossom season, the unlock difficulty is the highest. 

The unlock condition is to receive the blessing of the sealed dragon god, Princess Seoritsu.

Normally, depending on your stats, you will only be unlocking Warrior, Swordsman, Foot Soldier, Mage, Priest, and Thief. 

Even Jinguji and Hanagasaki, who have special Classes at the end, are currently a Mage and a Foot Soldier because they still haven’t fulfilled the Class unlock conditions. 

It is about time, so I head to the laboratories on campus. 

You normally can’t enter the labs, but there’s tours for the general public today, so entrance to it is looser. 

I brazenly entered, looted the items inside the labs, and filled up the Item Box that still doesn’t have much storage room.

Once I was done with that, I stood at a corner of the corridor in Building E – Room 301 and waited there. 

I continued waiting while enduring hunger. 

I should have bought my own share of steamed buns too. 

The cafeteria must be closed at this time already, and it is questionable whether there’s still food left in the stands. 

While I was thinking that, a thud sound was made and the door to the labroom was opened. A scientist-looking man with disheveled hair showed up.

“Ooh, just in time. Can you become my guinea pig? I have finished a prototype for a new Domination Crest. You must still have space to add more, right?” 

A crazy man with tattoos all over his body already with no blank space on him aside from his face.

The term mad scientist surfaced in my head, but I didn’t say anything and just nodded.

When I did, he pulled me into the labroom by the arm, tied me to the bed, and got pushed a nitrous oxide breathing mask. 

“Around here, please.” (Takashi)

“Got it.” 

“Please engrave Tough Ⅰ, Exorcize Ⅳ, Summon Ⅱ, Flash Ⅴ while at it.” (Takashi)

“Oi oi, I’m not free, you know? Don’t request so much just for lending me a bit of blank space from your back. You also lack common sense.” 

That short exchange took me everything I had and I lost consciousness. 

When I woke up, I was still on top of the lab’s bed. 

I was the only one there, and I couldn’t see the man before anywhere.

I got down from the bed, searched for a body mirror, and checked my back with the one I found in the neighboring room.

I confirmed several small Domination Crests at my back. 

In the note pasted at my back, there’s ‘It can’t be helped, so I listened to your selfish request. Clean up my room before I return as payment’ written on it. 

Looks like he engraved all the Domination Crests I asked for.

You normally would have to go to the city and fulfill special conditions, and yet, I managed to get Domination Crests comparable to those for free. 

It is a method that’s not shown in the Strategy Guide, so I managed to save several tens of thousands of yen.

In this new edition Strategy Guide, it says that this person even discovers Heal Ⅳ, so I tried asking for the hell of it and it worked.

I was cleaning up and the scientist came back, so I stopped my hand for a bit. 

“You are up now, huh. I am going to begin work already, so you can go back. By the way, what’s your affiliation?” 

I was suddenly asked this and found it hard to answer.

I should have read the Strategy Guide more. 

I don’t know what to say in order to play this off.

“Actually, I got lost on the tour, and I was searching for the exit.” (Takashi)

“How can this be?! That’s troubling. Oi, you, can you promise not to tell anyone?” 

“Yeah, I am fine with that. I won’t tell anyone. You did engrave a whole lot of Domination Crests after all.” (Takashi)

“I don’t mind you showing the Domination Crests, but please don’t show anyone the Domination Crest I engraved in the middle.” 

“Got it. I won’t show anyone.” (Takashi)

“Fuh, that’s great. Well then, you can go now. Follow the yellow line on the corridor and to the right, and you will reach the exit.” 

I left the laboratory and it was already 9pm.

I don’t feel like going to the dungeon at this time, so I brought preserved food used for dungeon dives from a store and ate it at a bench.

With this, the Heals I can use as a Bishop are already as powerful as High Heals.

But if I were to change to a Class that can’t use magic at this junction, I would only be able to use the initial Heal that has bad consumption.

The endgame is to get the Heal Ⅳ Domination Crest for the X-Heal to heal thousands of HP.

I can’t use Rapid Cast yet, so it takes time to cast. I can’t use the final form of the battle style that is fighting while healing my HP in an instant with healing magic.

Tough is a body strengthening spell that buffs your Strength stat; Flash enhances the Agility stat temporarily; Exorcize is a type of debuff heal; and I have also obtained the Domination Crest that allows me to use summon magic. 

Well, I say body strengthening, but it is only a 5% increase in its first stage. 

The Rapid Cast Twin Sword Magic Swordsman is not the cool kind where you infuse magic on your sword, but the kind that uses buffs to strengthen yourself. 

I got an unexpected windfall and gathered all the Domination Crests I needed.

In that case, what I need to do next is to fight the Super Slime. 

I was walking down the schoolyard late at night while thinking this, and I saw the shadow of someone heading to the school building from the dungeon.

What’s weird is that the silhouette seemed to have what looked like 2 horns on their head.

Looks like things that shouldn’t have come out from the dungeon have come out now that the game has become reality. 

My legs were trembling and it took me my all just to stay up. 

I don’t think it will harm me as long as the protagonist discovers its identity. There’s no way I can fight that thing alone as I am right now.

If by some prank of fate the identity of that one is discovered, I will have no choice but to leave the academy silently. 

It will be the end if I end up raising a weird flag. 

With the game becoming reality, the NPCs must be ignoring the action restrictions in the game and can move around as they please.

There really are factors that can’t be predicted.

This guy eating students and switching places should be something that happens far in the future. 

It would mean I have to ignore people dying, but there’s nothing I can do. 

Its actions have changed compared to the game, so there’s no knowing who it might end up switching places with.

But there’s no doubt one person within the students that are remaining in the school building will be dying. 

Even with that, the only thing I could do was leave that place while trying to not make a sound with the single thought of not wanting to die.


The next day, after classes, I went to the room in the 1st Floor where the Super Slime is.

Because of what happened yesterday, I want to raise my level quickly, but I can’t prioritize EXP over everything else.

I should do everything I can to protect my own life first. 

This is also an action that’s not recommended in the Strategy Guide. 

The 1st Floor branches out in complicated corridors, and at the end of it, there’s an open space where the Super Slime is at.

The accursed place where I ended up getting Hanagasaki caught up in.

This place spawns a boss Slime at a certain rate. 

It is dangerous and doesn’t give good EXP, so it is avoided by the students. 

The EXP is not good, but the boss has a rare drop. 

I was going around this open space of the 1st Floor that’s pretty vast. 

The mobile terminal has a GPS and detailed maps until Floor 20, and you can also look up the shortest route to the exit, so there’s no worries about getting lost. 

I am aiming for the Ring from the Slime boss showing up here that has an awfully low drop rate.

My classmates have already gone to the 2nd Floor, and I can’t see other people doing the same.

I soon found the giant Slime the size of a giant rolling ball, but I suddenly got hit by a tackle the moment I saw it, and was sent flying with an impact so strong it felt as if I got hit by a car.

Even with that, I didn’t forget to land a counter on it. 

I can somehow deal damage to the Super Slime, and I was dealt 10 damage from that blow, so it is not so strong I wouldn’t be able to defeat it. 

The tackle of that giant body is impossible to avoid, so I would match the timing, shoot a Bolt, and cancel the attack for a second by stunning it. This is the way to fight it that’s recommended in the Strategy Guide.

It didn’t go well at first, but I am slowly getting the hang of it. 

Thanks to the Vitality and HP I got from my Class Change, I can endure the attacks of the boss Slime if I just stand my ground.

I defeated 15 after 5 hours. I got 6 Slime Rings, 3 Potions, and a Magic Crystal. 

Slime Rings aren’t worth even 1 yen, and even if I were to sell it, it would only be 35 sen* <a hundred is worth one yen>.

After that, I would go everyday to the dungeon after class. It was after 10 days of defeating 150 of them that I finally managed to get the rust color Ring.

I saw Hanagasaki a number of times raising her evasion skill on Slimes. 

She must think I am still weak, she even warned me ‘Bosses are dangerous, so stop it’.

When I told her I had already defeated it countless times, she was seriously surprised. What a rude girl.

Even when I appraised the rust color Ring, it only showed ????, and didn’t really tell me anything.

I could get it appraised if I were to go to a workshop, but it is not like it will change the effect, so I decided to just equip it.

If I were to get a proper appraisal, it would show Ancient Ring.

<<Ancient Ring (C)

HP +300
Magic Power +30
Damage Reduction +8

It has the highest damage reduction effect within the Rings that show up in early game. 

It doesn’t have resistance to magic, but there might be worth to it.>> 

It was written vaguely when talking about its worth, but you could say this is an absolutely necessary Ring in this situation where my life is at risk.

By the way, the Ring Hanagasaki has on is B rarity and Jinguji is C.

My level is now 6.


Takasugi Takashi Lv6

Bishop Lv3

HP: 462/62 (+100+300)
MP: 28/32

Strength: 25 (+80)

Magic Power: 31 (+80+30)

Agility: 21

Vitality: 29 (+80)

Mind: 21

Equipped Skill: Holy Magic Ⅰ – Magic Ⅰ – None – None


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