SG – Chapter 7: Dungeon Dive

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“Well then, see you tomorrow.” 


“Sorry for worrying you. That’s why you were keeping an eye on me, right?” 

“There’s no way I would be worried. Aren’t you overly self-conscious? My mood was soured, so I will be leaving.” 

Saying this, Hanagasaki walked off to the girl’s dorms. 

I properly reached level 3 and obtained a Common Skill called Appraisal. 

I can use this Skill anytime without having it equipped.

I don’t need it since I have the Strategy Guide, but even if so, I am happy about having gotten my first Skill.

I thought at first she was trying to find out my secret, but now that I think about it, there’s only one reason she would follow me as the lowest. 

She knew of my initial Status and it wouldn’t be far-fetched that she got worried.

I only have around 20% of the stats she had after all.


I ended up coming late the next day and missed 2 classes. 

They were classes I am good at, so there’s no issues, but the fatigue really did hit me. 

The mohawk went ‘heh’ when I passed by him.

The mobile terminal must already be showing level 3.

He may still have an issue with me, but from here on I will simply be dashing to being the strongest, so I don’t have the time to be indulging him.

Next is to aim for level 5 and achieve a Class Change. 

I am thinking of changing classes to Bishop which makes it easier to increase HP, Magic Power, and Vitality.

The troublesome ones are the hidden classes, so I won’t be able to use the magic I learn in front of others.

This world has set visual effects for each spell, so it would be impossible to play it off. 

Once morning classes were over, we were given a magic crystal quota.

It seems like we have to form parties during lunch break. Since I left my seat empty because I went around the academy looting items, I ended up getting left out completely. 

The policy of this academy is to preferably have 3 combatants together in the dungeon.

And so, I could tell with a cursory glance that everyone was cleanly divided by 3 people. 

“Can’t be helped. You can come together with us.” 

The one who told me this was Hanagasaki.

Even though we were that late in the dungeon, she managed to properly show up to the 1st period, and there isn’t even a sign of fatigue on her face.

She was injured yesterday and her crystal clear leg was dirtied with blood, but there’s no trace of it now. 

“You will get hated if you stare so blatantly at someone’s legs, you know? Well, I do understand the desire.” 

The one who said this was Jinguji Ayano at her side.

“It is fine with you too, right, Ayano?” (Reika)

“Of course. It was a bit scary being with just you, Reika-chan.” (Ayano)

“Why is it scary with just us two?” (Reika)

It seems like she is not aware that she is being called the ice queen.

Of course, I am the one who knows the most that Hanagasaki is not that kind of person. 

“You are a woman that can kill someone without a twitch in your face.” (Takashi)

I said this while remembering the time when she pointed her palm at me and told me she would use Bolt. 

Hanagasaki directed her bluish purple eyes at us while raising her eyebrow a bit. 

“Ooh, you’ve got quite the tongue there, Takasugi-kun.” (Ayano)

Jinguji said this while cackling. 

The head of the class and also the ice queen, moreover, she is the daughter of a noble family, so Jinguji also has a lot of guts to tease Hanagasaki.

My current Status is as follows.


Takasugi Takashi Lv3

Apprentice Lv5

HP: 30/30
MP: 15/15

Strength: 14

Magic Power: 15

Agility: 10

Vitality: 15

Mind: 11

Equipped Skill: Magic Ⅰ – None – None – None


I am honestly happy that my Strength and Vitality increased. 

The growth in my stats is uniform because I don’t have a Class yet, and their growth is bad, but the single digit stats are gone. 

The growth of the stats depend on the Class, so it is pretty much left to luck right now when I don’t have a Class.

We immediately headed to the dungeon and went straight to the 2nd Floor.

Goblins are what show up in the 2nd Floor. Small green humanoid monsters. 

Their appearance is horrendous, they have decent intelligence, moreover, are filled with malice. Incredibly displeasing enemies.

“You are weak, so stay behind me and shoot Bolts.” (Reika)

“Haha, she told ya. It is true that you are weak, so it would be better to not step to the front.” (Ayano)

I had obtained what was technically a ninja katana with a handle and hand guard at the academy on lunch break.

<<Ninja Sword (E)

Added Damage +30>>

Even if the damage of Goblins is double that of Slimes, I can endure it now that I have 3 times more HP than before. 

When you consider that, level 1 is just the initial Status, and it was a pretty dangerous state. 

The advice of Master Tony is to run away before it gets dangerous. 

There’s apparently the risk of getting caught by enemies while running away if you were to run away when it is already dangerous. 

If something like that were to happen, I will be the first one to scamper off.

“I will take the frontline. I have a weapon too after all.” (Takashi)

“That’s a great weapon, but there’s no point if you don’t use it.” (Ayano)

“I will learn to in no time.” (Takashi)

I stood by the side of Jinguji, who seemed unconvinced, and walked while searching for enemies. 

A goblin showed up right then, but the spear of Jinguji thrusted at a speed faster than the eye could catch and pierced through the middle of the eyebrows of the Goblin.

A spear isn’t too popular since it is hard to handle in a cramped dungeon, but it is apparently the strongest against single opponents according to the Strategy Guide, and the dojo of the Jinguji household is more popular than other martial art guilds. 

The martial art guilds are a bunch of outlaws that would literally attack other conquest guilds. 

It sounds like they are pretty much bandits, but in this world where the hierarchical system still exists, it is easy to erase crimes. 

Of course, if explorers put their hands on civilians, the army would step in.

They are treated like yakuza. 

However, when it is a dispute between outlaws, they would mostly turn a blindeye. 

The Jinguji household has connections to such things, so they might be even nastier than your regular noble. 

But maybe because she is one of the heroines, or the policy of her parents, she doesn’t bring around henchmen into the dungeon with her. 

By the way, the spear being the strongest might have been the intention of the developers, but they actually messed up the tunings for it.

And so, the katana is the strongest weapon against single or multiple monsters. 

“Well, this is pretty much how it goes against mere Goblins. I doubt there will be any opportunity for you here.” (Ayano)

That may be the case against one, but 5 Goblins showed up this time around.

Jinguji defeated 2 in an instant, but one of them jumped into range. 

Jinguji still managed to deal with that Goblin with one thrust of her spear without any troubles though.

There’s 2 Goblins in front of me that I must deal with. 

This is by no means courage.

It is not courage, but when the battle started, the inside of my head unexpectedly lost the leeway to think about how to fight. 

My body felt light as if fear had disappeared.

I focused on one of them, took a stance with the ninja sword to my hip, and stabbed the chest of the Goblin, placing all the weight on my body as if tackling it. 

But due to the unreasonableness of the game, the ninja sword that should have hit a vital point in one thrust was blocked by an invisible something, and the tip of the sword was stopped by a hard sensation just a few centimeters into the flesh.

The Goblin didn’t even stagger from the attack and its fangs dug into my arm.

I kicked it and took distance, but the meat on my arm was gouged out and blood dripped out. 

I recompose myself and slash it this time around. I got hit by a club as a counterattack, but I managed to defeat it after a number of attacks.

It seems like damage only accumulates from the number of attacks, so a high risk attack seems to be pointless.

Moreover, if the full power attack doesn’t hit, it doesn’t deal proper damage. 

Even if I swing it blindly, it barely deals damage. It might not even deal any damage at all. 

It seems like the measurement here is pretty strict. 

“Pupupu, see? You are weak, so don’t push yourself.” (Ayano)

It strangely doesn’t feel bad being told that, but the slender body of Jinguji already surpasses a male athlete in strength, so this really is crazy. 

Hanagasaki casted Heal on my wound and progressed even deeper in. This time around, we encountered around 10 Goblins camping.

‘Oi oi, am I going to die in a place like this?’ -is what I thought for a second, but Hanagasaki shot the spell Iceberg, and the moment it connected, several spikes bursted out, skewering around 8 Goblins and turning them into black haze in an instant. 

Jinguji defeated the remaining Goblins without any difficulties.

“That one was tasty. There’s few people today, so we might be able to earn EXP.” (Ayano)

The merry voice of Jinguji echoed and the tension in my body escaped from that. 

I said this after confirming that they didn’t see me getting scared.

“It won’t be training for me if you guys defeat them all.” (Takashi)

My back was actually damp in cold sweat, but I said this to put up a strong front. 

“You are also obstinate -despite being weak.” (Reika)

The one who said that was Hanagasaki.

I have only been responding to her in an unfriendly manner, so she has begun to speak without reservations. 

“Go ahead and make as much fun of me as you want. I will become the strongest real fast and pass you all in an instant.” (Takashi)

“Puha! The strongest, he says. That’s hilarious.” (Ayano)

Jinguji showed a big smile at that. 

Even my heart will break at this reaction.

It is true that my initial stats were horrible, so my speed, attack power, endurance, and everything are lacking.

2 of the 5 that showed up next were passed to me. 

Let’s go back to the basics.

The teachings of Master Tony: Just think of taking damage and making sure your attack goes in.

My damage and that of the Goblin; when you consider our Vitalities, I shouldn’t lose.

“That was one muddy battle. That’s weird. Isn’t it about time you flip the ‘strongest’ switch?” (Ayano)

Sharp words. 

Anyways, the recommended battle style of Master hurts so much.

I would like to file a complaint or two.

I somehow managed to defeat it through all the biting and scratching. 

“Still far from that. He is still at the point where the green of being the weakest hasn’t fallen off yet.” (Reika)

The peanut gallery that was spectating after having defeated their opponents was noisy, but there’s no room for doubt that I am the weakest right now. 

On the next 2, I shot Bolt on the head of one of them, and defeated the other one while it was stunned. 

If I continue hitting it with Bolt, I can technically keep it stunned forever, but it doesn’t go as smoothly. 

The passing students seem to be defeating monsters without any issues, so it seems like me having trouble against them is because of my low stats. 

I am finally level 4, but what was that in the Strategy Guide about stats being easier to go up with level ups until level 5 when your initial stats are low?

They increased by around 3.5 on average. I really am showing my luck in the draw.

By evening, Hanagasaki got to 7, Jinguji to 6, and I got to 5. 

The Class list showed up inside my mind for the possible Class Changes, but I left that for later. 

Even though the difference in level is shrinking, there’s still so much disparity in power it is vexing. 


Takasuki Takashi Lv5

Apprentice Lv10

HP: 49/49
MP: 24/24

Strength: 22

Magic Power: 23

Agility: 18

Vitality: 21

Mind: 19


It seems like the last dice roll blessed me. I managed to pull more decent numbers than before. 

I have also managed to learn the Skill called Item Box. 

I was asked whether I would like to continue after dinner, but I decided to pass because I have some other business.

“You have no drive. You won’t ever become the strongest like that, you know?” (Ayano)

Jinguji said this as if making fun of me, but it is true that I have other business. 

Moreover, it is something absolutely necessary to become the strongest. 

“And what’s this business you speak of? Let’s meet up at the dungeon entrance at 6:30 pm.” (Reika)

“Okay~. We are leaving then.” (Ayano)

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