SG – Chapter 10: Leveling Start

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Resentment towards Class C has accumulated within the class.

The atmosphere in the class was bleak, but I was jeered at a lot for some reason as the lowest in the class as if they were venting their anger on me. 

Within all that is happening right now, joint classes will be starting from today, so everyone was on edge. 

The joint classes that can be chosen are: swordsmanship, spearmanship, shield art, blunt weapons, and acrobatics. 

I went straight for swordsmanship.

It seems like no one understands the greatness of swords, the most popular one was sword and shield, the next one is spear, axe, staff, mace, and the last one is holding a sword with two hands.

There’s heroines in other classes too, so I was looking forward to getting a glance of them, but there wasn’t a single one in the swordsmanship class.

Not only that. It was full of men, so there was no healing factor here. 

“Tch, I am with the lowest of Class D?” 

The one who said that was a long haired guy from Class C.

Is long hair trending in this world?

He doesn’t seem to like this, but this is a good opportunity for me since I wanted to know just how strong Class C is. 

You could say that being able to have individual battles in this class is a pretty valuable experience.

I was thinking about making him serious by provoking him a bit, but it doesn’t seem like that’s needed.

He seemed to be burning with the desire to show me the difference in power, and looked like he wanted to refresh himself by making me suffer.

He is acting all condescending towards me but sings praises of the Class A and B students while deprecating himself, so he most likely hasn’t gotten an opportunity in the spotlight. 

We are using dulled weapons that have had their attack power lowered for training, but he came swinging at me seriously the moment the signal to begin was given.

The sound of the sword cutting the wind rang as the tip of the sword passed by the tip of my nose. 

I reflexively casted Bolt, and thrusted my sword while he was stunned.

The conceited long haired guy faltered at getting hit, but his face still showed confidence.

“Using damn magic in a swordsmanship class.” 

“No, it doesn’t matter. Continue.” 

The one who said that arbitrarily regardless of the teacher was a student from Class A.

The long haired guy directed a flattering gaze towards the student. 

“I see. That’s fine then.” 

Now that I look closely, the other students participating in the swordsmanship class were watching our training, so this must be a show of hierarchy of some sort.

The Flame Burst that the long haired guy shot right after bursted right by my feet and blocked my vision with fire. 

I obviously wouldn’t take damage from a spell casted by a swordsman, but it is impressive that he has already evolved his Domination Crest. 

Seeing that I could stay up without any issues even when being hit by his spell, confidence disappeared from the long haired guy for the first time. 

The moment I saw him kick the ground, I felt an impact from the side as if hit by a club without being able to ready myself for it. 

It was only after I was sent flying that I finally understood that I got hit by the sword.

While I was in the air, the long haired guy dashed towards me with outrageous speed.

I somehow managed to block that attack in midair, but I was sent flying further back again. 

Being hit by a slash that had more impact than even the tackle of the Super Slime, I lost balance in midair.

There wasn’t much damage, but I was overwhelmed by a battle of this level. 

I tried to parry the attack of the long haired guy that pursued me while raising a cloud of dust, but I am eating up almost the entire attack here. 

I casted Bolt again and took distance in the opening of the stun. 

It seems like my Bolt is dealing the most damage compared to the sword that has had its damage mitigated by his Vitality. The long haired guy was holding his left shoulder where the Bolt hit. 

It shouldn’t be difficult to defeat him if I continue using magic like this. 

I also have Heal.

Magic really is the scariest thing for a physical Class.

It began all of a sudden, so we haven’t gotten a warning that we can’t use Heal. 

I thought this was a forced defeat event, but I easily found a path to victory. 

“How pathetic, against a Class D.” 

The long haired guy’s eyes changed after being stirred up by the spectators.

The sword of the long haired guy dyed red. I can tell he used the Blaze Skill. 

It is a swordsman Skill that buffs attack power by infusing magic on the blade.

It was as if the long haired guy had disappeared all of a sudden.

I instantly judged that this was because he had moved to my back, and by the time I looked behind, a red blade was approaching me. 

Feeling an impact like that of being hit by a basketball and heat that burned the air, I was blown to the back head first. 

I put strength in my arms to regain my posture while rolling on the ground.

It was hard to breathe because my nose was broken, so I used Heal to bring it back to normal. 

This inhuman speed created from that abnormal leg power is troublesome. 

If it is just to win, I can just use magic while prepared to go down with him, but I would like to fight a bit more with the sword.

I can’t do anything about the difference in speed though.

I try sending mana to the Domination Crest in my back, but I don’t feel as if I have been buffed.

I have to pour more EXP to it or my buffs won’t be of use. 

I would like to fight with my sword, but my hands are tied here. 

I casted Bolt to bait an attack, but this time I saw him round to the left. 

I can still follow him with my eyes if I concentrate, but my body can’t keep up.

Even when I tried guarding my flank with my arm, my posture crumbled from the outstanding power. 

I struggled to cast Bolt on my opponent that went straight at me after blasting me away. 

This stunned the body of the long haired guy and he stands in place. 

“Match set, huh. Oi, newcomer. No magic from here on.” 

“No way! It hasn’t been set yet.” 

“No, you have lost since the point you couldn’t deal with the magic. Saito, you will be fighting the mohawk next.” 

Speaking of which, this guy also chose swordsmanship class -is what I thought as I looked at the mohawk by the side.

The mohawk that’s always acting all high and mighty seemed to be doing his best just to stay standing.

The mohawk was beaten up in just a few minutes and rolled on the ground.

He was rolled around until the class ended without even being healed.

I won’t go out of my way to heal him.

I managed to stay up till the end because I had healing, but it was still a development where I was beaten up one-sidedly by the long haired guy called Saito.

It is impossible to win while just using a sword when I am losing in my Agility stat.

Also, if he uses Skills, attacks so fast they are impossible to avoid with my reflexes would come at me. 

It is not like this Saito has especially high Agility. He has placed his resources on magic, so he is in the low caste of the swordsmanship class.

Once the class was over and I returned to the classroom, the classroom had a funeral atmosphere. 

There’s girls who were weeping and men groaning. 

I personally considered that class to be pretty fruitful in understanding what I am lacking. What are they so sad about? 

Everyone is in tatters and not in a state where they could take classes, so class was dismissed just like that.

It seems like Class D getting all beaten up in these classes is a yearly tradition, and it feels like they planned on ending with just the morning classes.

The teachers seem to be turning a blind eye to this Class D discrimination. 

No, the rule of this academy is that strength is everything. 

The class president, Kazama Youji, told us before lunch break as if in cue that there won’t be afternoon classes.

They began chatting with that funeral atmosphere, so I slipped out from the classroom.

I want to raise my level right now, so I can just ask them what conclusion they reached later. 

I had the time, so I bought dinner for later, and headed to the 7th Floor of the dungeon. Class C may have been blocking the path in the 3rd Floor, but it is not like they do so 24/7. 

Whenever monsters showed up on the way, I would use an item called Smoke Bomb.

In the 7th Floor, there’s monsters called Ghosts, Skeletons, and Zombies. 

It is a map resembling a small battlefield. There’s broken spears and what looked like wheels all over the ground, so the footing is pretty bad. 

This is the Bishop hunting spot for speed leveling.

The spells of the enemies are pretty powerful, moreover, Ghosts can only be defeated with magic. Elemental weapons are rare, so this is a map that everyone just skips. 

Ghosts and Zombies can be defeated in one hit with a High Heal, but the problem is the quick Skeletons that even have magic resistance, so I had to go to a part of the map where Skeletons don’t show up.

I have left my mobile terminal in the dorm in order to keep this hunting information hidden, so I will have to be careful about getting lost. 

Well, the Strategy Guide also has detailed maps, so I wasn’t that worried.

I arrived at the destination after a short while. 

The defeated Ghosts dropped orange sized magic crystals, so it is not a bad earning either. I can also defeat them the moment they enter my vision, so it is efficient too. 

Knowing such an efficient hunting spot, I didn’t even care about the fighting over their territory in the lower floors.

They can waste their time as they please.

Mana Potion: Effective Time 3,600 Seconds. Recovers 3 mana every 15 seconds. 

It is an MP healing potion made from crystallized ether, and it is incomparably more expensive than a Potion.

You can pick up a whole lot of them in the laboratories

There were only 7 Mana Potions I could loot from there, so I am thinking of leaving once I use them all. 

I will have to buy them myself after I use them all, but the problem is that they cost 1,200 yen each. 

I can’t enter the labs so easily and it would be way too unnatural to buy a whole lot in the Trade Department. 

In the first place, I don’t think I would be able to earn so much by selling the magic crystals here. 

I couldn’t concentrate well on the hunting because I was feeling bad about using expensive mana potions. 

It also bothers me that, even if it isn’t a problem in the game, there might be some sort of effect in your brain if you were to use potions too much. 

I can defeat the enemies in one cast, so the hunting efficiency alone is unreal. 

I got 2 rare drops in 3 hours. 

An E Rarity Nodachi which is a really long japanese sword. The Strategy Guide doesn’t have much good written about it though.

Even though it has a design that tickles the chuunibyou fancy this much, the evaluation it is given is that it can be sold at a decent price. 

I tested it out on a Zombie, and I was on the verge of being killed because of how difficult it was to use. 

Zombies have incredible brute strength, and the ice magic they spit out from their mouth managed to freeze me all the way to my bones. 

That’s how much damage I received after the damage was mitigated twice, so it served as a reminder that I will lose my life if I forget that I am in a hunting ground that is far beyond my mettle. 

It was only after it was close to late in the night that a weapon I might be able to use dropped called Uchigatana. 

<<Uchigatana (E)

Added Damage +40>>

I decided to use that as a signal to wrap it up.

It has more attack power than the Ninja Sword, so let’s switch my weapon to this one. 

I hurriedly exited the dungeon and entered the school premises before it closed. 

I sold things like Rings and stuff like that just barely before they closed, but I only got around 3000 yen. 

It is a decent earning, but I was consuming items that were worth close to 10,000 yen, so it doesn’t make me happy. 

My level is now 14.

There wasn’t anything off about the way my stats increased which is what I was worried about. 

I feel like I would still be able to raise my level there, but the issue is the MP.

I won’t be able to bring out the same efficiency as today with breaks in between. 

I dragged my tired body and once I returned to my dark room in the dorms, a call from Hanagasaki came from my mobile terminal.

It seems like the discussion didn’t lead to any reasonable conclusion, and the decision in the end was to raise the strength of everyone in the class.

I went to bed with the Strategy Guide in hand. 

It seems like I have to raise my Greatsword Skills a lot in order to use a Nodachi. 

There’s absolutely no need to take a side path, but the desire was eating me away.

The Nodachi I got today is still in my Item Box.

I should rent a greatsword for newbies tomorrow.

Because the level raising went so well today, I feel like it might be good to use that in classes in order to raise my Greatsword Skill and hide my strength. 

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