SG – Chapter 4: Obstruction

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After finishing a light self-introduction, on just the second day of enrolling, we are already setting up for a dungeon diving class.

Of course, we have even prepared ourselves for that, so there’s no issues.

Even when looking at the textbooks that were distributed, as someone who finished high school and was studying for college exams, it doesn’t seem like I will have to worry about the normal subjects.

If there’s a problem, it would be that the day of the Strategy Guide has been shifted by 1 day.

I only noticed that yesterday night.

The day of the entrance ceremony shifted the day by one, so there’s the need to be careful with the details of the Strategy Guide.

It would be nice if it is just a misprint, but could it be that it has gone outside the game scenario? It is possible that anything could happen in this world.

Even though I already believed it completely, I feel like I have been betrayed here.

On top of that, the contents of this Strategy Guide are written for the protagonist or a custom character, so there’s also the issue of whether what’s written here will work for a character like me who retires midstory.

Also, if there’s a change in the scenario in the middle of it, there’s a high chance that it won’t ever go the same as the Strategy Guide.

If I were to move conspicuously, it would definitely change the scenario, so I should move as carefully as possible until I get stronger.

For now, today’s dungeon dive is simply to go to Floor 2 after lunch, so there should be no need for me to fight if I just stick close to my classmates.

Even in the Strategy Guide it said that battles don’t happen unless you get away from the group.

If you are already in a party, you will go straight to dungeon diving, so you would have to return to the surface.

It would be outrageously weird to do that in the real world, so even if I form a party, I wouldn’t be able to become a leader, so such actions would be impossible.

It would be hard to think up an excuse to leave the party, so it really would be necessary to be solo.

So you can see the information of your classmates from the mobile terminal, but in the morning, when the information was updated once we came to the classroom, most students were already over level 3.

The students above level 4 were most likely the ones who were entering the dungeon before enrolling.

The current highest level is Hanagasaki Reika at level 6.

The 3 of the protagonist party are level 4.

I think they leveled 3 levels by yesterday.

“Even though you can level up after defeating Slimes a bit, why are you still at level 1? Could it be that you couldn’t even defeat a Slime?”

“It is just that I haven’t fought yet.” (Takashi)

The one who spoke to me in the classroom is the low strata comrade Mohawk-kun who seems to be burning in rivalry.

He is actually the only one who talks to me.

“Even if your stats are in the single digits, I think you can at least defeat a Slime. Ah, you did have stats that are not single digits. Sorry sorry.”

Even though there should be no need to say this in a loud voice, he still did so to have the people around hear it, so the classmates looked over here with surprised faces.

He is saying this with a grin, so he must be doing this on purpose.

There’s curious gazes directed at me, and I can even hear whispering, so it is terribly uncomfortable.

Moreover, there’s even gazes looking down on me, so it amplifies the effect.

I thought he was talking to me because he felt a kindred spirit with me since we are both at the very bottom, but looks like that’s not the case.

But it is clear that I am in the advantageous position, so there’s no need to pay him any heed.

We are both at the bottom, but there’s a fatal difference between us both.

One that has a Strategy Guide and one that doesn’t.

Gloat as much as you want.

“I can defeat Slimes. I still haven’t tried though.” (Takashi)

“Want me to help you level up?”

The one who said this was the protagonist of this story with a handsome face, Ichijou Kazuma.

It is most likely the default name, but it does feel a bit weird.

But contrary to his name, he is a character with high Status, Unique Class, and special magic.

I would be blown to bits if that spell were to be used on me right now.

That handsome face with an expression filled with a sense of justice really is the spitting image of a protagonist.

“There’s no need.” (Takashi)

I said this to cut off the conversation.

I don’t want to get involved with others as much as possible, so I will take a cold attitude towards my classmates.

There’s no need for me to say more than necessary to mingle with others.

I would just be tying up my own noose if I do something like that.

“I see, if you need help, ask me anytime.” (Kazuma)

He answered with a refreshing smile even at my cold attitude.

As expected of the protagonist. That presence and stance of his draws attention.

The mohawk couldn’t even say a word when Ichijou entered the conversation.

“We have exams against other classes, so I don’t mind you giving me a call when you need to. Bringing everyone up will help us out too after all. There’s no need to think of it as troubling us.”

The one who said this was one of the protagonist’s party members, Kazama Yoji.

He has been chosen as the class president in the morning homeroom, and he looks like he has good grades.

I just waved one hand to answer him.

It is not like I am being reserved here. Not only that, I even feel it is a hassle.

I can’t increase my level right now, so I would like you to stop worrying about my level.

If I were to be told to increase my level, I wouldn’t have enough strength to go against it as I currently am.

I would like to progress my playthrough chart as peacefully as possible.

The protagonist party wouldn’t use such forceful methods, but I don’t know about the mohawk by my side.

There’s some really hotblooded people in our class, so it would be troubling for me if this were to roll in a weird direction.

Ichijou didn’t say anything, and they returned to their own seats where the girls were waiting.

“They are saying that, so how about taking their offer?”

I didn’t answer the mohawk, and moved my gaze outside the window.

Even when I am in a class seat that emphasizes my low standing in class, being by the side of the window is the only nice part of this.

I am also at a position where I can get a look at the relationships within the classroom, and I can avoid being talked to if I look outside of the window.


Once the dungeon dive began, I entered the circle of students that I had avoided until now, matched their pace, and once the class ended, I ran out, and returned to the position I was before.

The Slime I didn’t slay yesterday was still there, and I began increasing my hidden stats with it.

Perfect Evasion showed up in the very first shot, so it is looking good.

This process will get easier to do as time goes together with the increase of the Skills. Being able to feel the progress of the Skills really helps out in motivating me.

I still have a lot of time today, so I can take plenty of time to raise my Skills.

Physical Evasion also activated. My body just reacted on its own to the tackle of the Slime, and it passed by as if slipping away.

I continued avoiding it with the minimum amount of movements so that I consume as little stamina as possible to avoid a repeat from yesterday.

I began to sweat in less than 30 minutes, and I began to hesitate shooting Bolt because of the pain.

After 1 hour when I began to feel tired, a glass shard that flew from out of nowhere stabbed the Slime, and the liquid inside of it began to flow out.

“How horrible!” (Takashi)

I shouted this as I looked back, and the one standing there was Hanagasaki Reika.

This way too beautiful girl that completely clashed with the dim dungeon made my brain stop for a moment, and I couldn’t even tell what was happening.

Could it be that she mistook this as me being in danger and came in to save me?

I had grown attached to the Slime, so I ended up blurting that out.

“Uh, are you okay?” (Reika)

Hanagasaki averted her gaze and said this awkwardly.

Even her side-profile was drawing such a beautiful perfect contour to the point it felt like a miracle.

She is wearing a fancy white robe on top of her uniform, and looks like the very picture of a mage.

She was holding a blue staff that’s not a rental.

“Y-Yeah, I was having trouble fighting it, so you saved me.” (Takashi)

I ended up saying something weird to play it off.

Will there be a new rumor going around that I was having trouble with a Slime?

I was so distracted by the heavenly appearance of Hanagasaki that my brain couldn’t think up what to say.

“Need help?” (Reika)

Straighten yourself here.

The ones I have to avoid contact the most are the main cast of the game.

She gets deeply involved in the scenarios, so if I were to get in the way of the protagonist, there’s the risk of changing the scenario.

“No need. More importantly, what brings you here?” (Takashi)

“I just came here because I heard a voice. It is fine if you are okay.” (Reika)

She is most likely referring to the ahs and uhs that I raised whenever I shot the Bolts.

I can endure them, but it still hurts quite a lot, so it can’t be helped that groans would escape from me.

Even though that should have been the end of our talk, she for some reason was standing there and didn’t show signs of leaving.

I am already having trouble increasing my level, so I don’t want to waste a single second.

No matter how beautiful she is, I would like her to disappear somewhere already.

“If you’ve got no business, can you please leave me alone?” (Takashi)

Hanagasaki didn’t answer me and said this as if having a casual talk.

“Have you increased your level?” (Reika)

“No, not one bit.” (Takashi)

It is as if I am saying I can’t even defeat a Slime, but for me, raising my Skills is more important than bad rep.

The only thing I can rely on right now is the information in the Strategy Guide.

“If you are having trouble, can’t you just defeat them after getting help leveling up?” (Reika)

“I am not having trouble defeating them. I can defeat them without issues all on my own.” (Takashi)

It may sound like I am putting a brave front here instead of being unfriendly, but I also can’t bring out topics that could connect to further conversation.

Getting friendly with a heroine that Ichijou could add to the party would just unnecessarily increase the chances of affecting the scenario.

“I see.” (Reika)

It seems like Hanagasaki doesn’t believe I would have trouble with a mere Slime, so she easily accepted it and left somewhere.

What was she doing at a place like this?

I was now alone again and sat down on the rock that’s shining faintly in blue.


I shot a Bolt on my own leg, and this time around, I endured the groan too.

There’s no Slime now, so let’s continue while reading the Strategy Guide.

It is information that I don’t know if it applies to me and there’s no way to verify it, so there’s at least the need to investigate the contents with care.

The nonchalant and frank literary style made me uneasy and made it hard for me to bet my life on it.

However, it is also the truth that I only have this to rely on.

For now, I would like the protagonist to impede the scenario flag of what’s called a Stampede which is a dungeon rampage.

What’s vexing is that the only one who can deal with that flag is the protagonist due to how the scenario progresses.

It is possible that I would just get stomped by the monsters as I am right now.

That said, is it really okay to believe everything Master Tony says?

The fighting style I am aiming for is apparently one that puts everything into attack.

The strategy in battle is to abandon evasion and endurance. Take all the damage with your body and fight while recovering with magic.

That might be fine in the game, but this is reality.

Master Tony said ‘this is truly the forego your flesh to cut through the bone’.

This is apparently the style with the least risk and you get enough resistance to take damage. It also brings the most stable playthrough.

With a frontline Class, you can get level and tankiness, and since a physical attack Class doesn’t have MP consumption, you don’t have to manage that, so it is easy to earn EXP.

Also, even if you get hit, you can heal easily and instantly with magic, so there’s no need to worry no matter how much damage you are dealt.

There’s a high risk with mage classes that don’t have enough Agility and don’t have many choices to escape. They also lack in their endurance, so they can’t avoid eventualities.

Within the items that monsters drop, only the Ring has the effect of mitigating damage within the gear, but there’s still gear that is manufactured in factories and sold to the public.

Today there were classmates who had stuff like metal armor and protectors.

But they are heavy and block your vision, can’t protect you from magic attacks, and restrict your movements, so it is apparently a pain.

Moreover, if you rampage in the dungeon, it breaks pretty quickly and the cost to repair it is high, so it apparently siphons your cash fast.

It is better to use your money for weapons and consumables, and always have Potions at hand -is the mindset of Master Tony.

Master is stating that there’s no need for it, but as someone who doesn’t like pain, I would like to get stuff that doesn’t limit movement at least.

Different from the game, when I get hit on the stomach, I can vomit, and if I get hit on the head, I could even get a concussion.

It would be better to train so that I can chant healing magic even when I have a concussion.

I really do have to make my own adjustments in the guide and not follow them by the letter.

This may be obvious, but with lives being at risk here, I should be prioritizing safety at foremost.

Anyways, I would like to get a Scapegoat Ring as soon as possible.

In the first place, even the training of today where we had to go to Floor 2 while I was still level 1 had actually quite a lot of risk.

This is not a game, so there’s no retry.

Also, there’s the possibility of getting hit by a stray shot because of a dispute.

However, the Scapegoat Ring isn’t such an easy to obtain item.

I should go to the Trade Department at lunch to check out the gear.

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