D.E.H Chapter 12: One way route

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I was now in the presence of a God.

But, I don’t know why. I only felt irritated in the presence of him.


Maybe it’s because all he has been doing for a while now is scratching his head(?) while going hmm.

“Then, is it okay if I am the one that begins this conversation?”

I say, finally giving in to this infuriating situation.

You are the one that called me and are stuck in what to say? Really, then don’t go asking your oracle to bring me here so soon. You are a God, understand your position and the fact that the person you are giving the job to is a zealous person that follows you!

Don’t get surprised that she did her job so fast!

“Oh, that would be nice. I don’t know how many centuries it has been since I have done a proper conversation you see. Go ahead, ask away”

The fuzzy shape of World claps his hands and accepts my proposition.

My brows twitch a bit seeing this. No good, I drink the cup of tea in order to calm myself. The tea was incredibly good, but I don’t taste it properly. I try not to indulge in the taste and only use it to clear my throat and mind.

Quickly placing the cup of tea back into the table, I look back at the shape sitting in front of me.

I had way too many questions, but there was a central question I wanted an answer for.

“Why was I brought to this world?”

I don’t have any intentions of asking about this world or what is up with it. I don’t have that much interest to ask God itself to answer those questions. Right now, the biggest question marks I have, are of myself.

“Right, about yourself huh. Good, that’s a good place to start.

Youma, I assume that you have read the history of this world on your way here right?”

“Yeah, that you are the true God and your actual creations are the deities that administer your world right?”

“Haha! Yeah, I am that God. Yours truly!”

The God in front of me nods while stretching his left hand. A cupcake appears suddenly on top of it.


“I don’t”

“Geez, what a buzzer”

World seems to dislike my response as he brings the cupcake into the place that his mouth is supposed to be. And the cupcake began to disappear as if it was being eaten. Even though there was no signs of a mouth.

What’s up with this God? Did he bring me here to have a tea party?

… After eating his cupcake and leisurely drinking his cup of tea, he finally begins talking.

“So you already know that there can only be 5 heroes summoned and that you are the 6th


Thanks to that I got a very “kind” reception.

“You must have read about what happened with the people that ignored my warning. More than 5 heroes and the world that I have created won’t handle it. That’s why, Youma, you are not a hero. A hero would destabilize this world after all”

So he made me walk through all that story hall on purpose.

The place turns silent. It seems he is waiting for me to talk…

“Then, what am I?”

“Oh! I am glad you asked!”

“The other heroes are existences that are outside my jurisdiction. They are summoned by humans and it can be said that your world’s God itself is the one that chooses who will go. I have no say in who will be chosen to come here. But you, Youma, are different. You were directly chosen by me!”

World lifts both of his hands and faces me. He is talking as if I should be proud for that. If possible, I would have wanted to just die in my world though.

“It was your misleading invitation that brought me to this world. It’s not like I consented to it”, I said irritated.

“Hoh? Are you telling me that you accepted thinking that you would be sent straight to the netherworld?”

World’s tone of voice changed slightly, though it was hard to tell with how his voice sounds. He was certainly talking differently, as if he changed gears with my words.

“Well then, Youma, I don’t know what to tell you. Because right now you are certainly alive. Alive in your own world that is”


I couldn’t contain my shocked voice. World lets out a small laugh and lifts his right hand. A hole appears and in there, an image I was very familiar with. A white room with a single bed. And two people standing there, mom and dad. Not only that, my body, the thin weakened body of mine was resting there.

“That is…”

My hospital room! Why am I still there?! I should have died! Then, what is this body I am in?!

“Isn’t that beautiful? You are still being taken care of Youma”

World laughs mockingly. His words completely changing into a different character.

So this is your true self.

“What is your objective?”

Showing me such an image. Right now, I felt like my body was bound in the seat. If that wasn’t the case, I would have jumped out and punched him in the face already.

“Now now Youma, calm down. Hear me out first and then decide. I am not good at treating others lower than me, so it is a bit hard to choose my words.

As I told you, this world can’t handle a hero. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are from another world. Then why? Why are you able to stay here? Why is it that you are here and yet, still there?”

Closing his right hand, the image disappears and World gets up from his sit.

Leaning his upper half, his blank face is placed right in front of mine. That nothingness was staring right at me as if sucking me in. I couldn’t do anything but stare, as my body had lost all of its free will and just stayed in place. I could only grit my teeth as I endured.

“That ‘body’ of yours is special. What was brought here wasn’t something with clear form, a pure mana existence. That is what you are Youma, not human nor hero. An existence close to a spirit”

… A spirit.

“You must have thought that you died in your world and were now in a situation close to reincarnation, right? That you were released from those nightmarish days, getting a new body and being able to do things which you were unable to do. That you liberated the curse that you yourself casted upon your parents”


Now he is running off his mouth! After taking out my body’s freedom you are saying whatever you want!

No, is it my body anymore?

“This body of yours is not like the other heroes, their whole existence was transported to this world after all. Which makes the burden in this world completely different from that of heroes, a third existence.

But that also carries some ‘downsides’. Your body is unstable Youma, as pure mana, it will waver and disperse slowly. In order to stabilize that body of yours, you need to do certain things”


So, the reason why the Double Edge class has been destroying my body is because it is made out of mana?

“As you are a being made out of mana, of course, mana will help you stabilize yourself. Anything made out of mana will help with your recovery, and raising your level is the best and most constant way to increase that stability. HOWEVER…”


World suddenly stretches his hand and pierces right into my chest.

A pain runs straight into my brain, his hand was moving as if it were mixing up my insides.

“Oh, found it”

Saying that, his hand is forcefully taken out.

I felt as if my soul itself was extracted. My mind blanking out for a moment.

World lifts my head that was hanging down and directs my sight to something that was on his hand. He held a small pebble, no, it was more like mist? Its form was ever changing and had a dark color to it.

“This is your core Youma. How unsightly right? So small and frail. Right now, this little soul can’t handle anything, it would dissolve at any moment. That you have survived after being so rash with it, is close to a miracle. But I have to give it to you, you have tempered it a lot since the time you came.

Your body in your original world was on the verge of death after all. Its soul was so weak that it barely survived the transfer. To actually come this far, what a good choice of candidate”

I don’t need your praise…

I couldn’t even retort anymore.

World looks down at me, and after returning the dark misty matter to my body, he walked a few steps back. The table, the tea, everything was gone. The only thing left in the space, was the single chair that I was sitting on.

“So, as I said, that body needs mana to stabilize or it would disperse, meaning death. In order to stop that from happening…”

World grabs my left hand and points at it. At the tattoo.

“You have to collect the dungeon cores spread in all 5 continents. Since you have one already it would mean you have 4 more to go. Once that is done, your body will regain stability, no, it would reach further than that”

Hah, so that’s how it is.

“So that is your objective huh?”

“It saves me a lot of time if you are sharp. That’s right. But it won’t be a bad deal for you either”

Saying that, World once again lifts his right hand and the image of my hospital room appears again. My father and mother leaning against my unmoving body, weeping.

It was hard for my eyes and heart.

“Once you gather all those cores, your body, no, your soul will stabilize, allowing me to return you back to your world. Not only that, since your soul has been strengthened, it would heal your body itself and you will be able to live your life normally once again with your family”


… Certainly, I didn’t consider the fact that I would be able to return to my world. Since I thought I was already dead, I just went about continuing my life here. But if I were given the chance to return to my world… To reset my life and support my family.

“How is it, not a bad deal right? You will be able to return and maybe even save your family from the impending doom you have caused yourself”

This bastard. He brought me here purposely with a half-assed summon in order to have me collect these cores of his on the guise of stabilizing my soul.

… But if what he says is true, and I am able to return with a healed body. I can do something to save my parents with my own hands.

“Can I really believe what you are saying?”

“I swear to God. No pun intended”

“How long will my body last? I need to know that”

No matter how much my parents try, my body has its own limits. And not only that, my parents itself have limits. Knowing them, they will use every single penny they have in order to keep me alive, as they have done all this time.

“Don’t worry, as a God, I am able to return you in the exact time that you were summoned. After all, it would be pushing it, asking you to walk through all 5 continents with a time limit like that”

A weight in my mind was lifted. I can’t trust him completely yet, but that is certainly good news if it’s true. Moving around a whole world before my body dies out is impossible. And knowing the templates, I will be obstructed in my journey. If all the places I have to go are like the cave in the Forest of Beginnings, all of them must be highly guarded. I don’t know if it will go as smoothly as this time.


But of course, there is a catch.

“No matter how stable you manage to become, a soul is still a soul. Once a set time has come, you will perish, no questions asked.

You are free to choose if you want to accept my proposal or not.

But keep in mind, that your stay is limited”

My paths were blocked. In the beginning there was only one choice. This bastard of a God cut off all of my routes and left me with a ticket to hell. To return and save my parents or just stay in this world and wait for my inevitable doom.

“What a crooked personality you have there, God. So, what are you planning on doing with those cores I collect?”

“Is there a need to know?”

World’s tone clearly told me that he had no intention to tell me. Really, a nice personality.

“Your time limit is 10 years. More than that and I can’t guarantee your stay in this world”


I was forcefully transferred back after those words.

I was back in the core room.


What a joke. So there’s no need for further discussion huh.

Blocking all of my paths and using my own parents as hostages. Is it okay for a God to be this underhanded?

“Oh Youma, you are back… eh?”

Haha, how nice. How nice of you, World!

“You wait and see!”

I will definitely get you back for this. Definitely!

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