D.E.H Chapter 1: Knowing where I stand

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5 days passed.

I was doing my routine exercise.

“Yo, Youma! Keeping up the pace today too!”

“Early as always. When will you decide to buy things from me?!”

As I pass by, a number of people call out to me. In my time here I have collected information and interacted with the various stores. I was already a usual sight in their mornings.

In these pass days a lot of things became clear to me. There weren’t many beast, spirit or demon race that could be seen in sight. The only ones were mostly beast and they were all, without exception, wearing rags and a grand collar around their necks that symbolized their slave status.

I felt sick at their treatment but it was something I couldn’t interfere in. This was most likely a system that was already deeply rooted, and as a foreigner in this matter, it’s better to steer clear of those.

I don’t know why, but in the time I have been in the library, I haven’t been able to find a single book with information regarding the past with the other races. Just an overview of them.


“Phew” Drinking a glass of water after exercise feels great.

With that random thought, I head to the usual library.

It was a routine I have been doing during these 5 days.

Inside the library, the librarian lowers her head as a greeting. I do the same and as usual, take a book and begin reading it.

This was the last book left in this library that I haven’t checked. Well, I mostly skimmed through repeated information or irrelevant things.

The moment I finished reading the book.

[+1 magic]

A notification appeared in front of me. Resembling a pop up from games.

‘So I received another point’ (Youma)

I discovered a number of things about myself. First of all, there existed a menu that I could check at all times where my stats and my non-existent skills were displayed. Actually there was a single one called [Calm Voice] but it was a passive skill and I didn’t even know what it was useful for. Basically, all my information was shown in that Profile Window. Second, the stats were not only affected by my level, but my actions too. In fact, I’m still level 1 and my stats are as follows:

Name: Youma

Age: 21          Gender: Male

Class: Villager        Race: Human

Alignment: None          Guild: None

Lvl: 1

Stamina: 136/136

Mana: 134/134


Strength: 14

Dexterity: 11

Vitality: 13

Magic: 17

Luck: 9

The magic stat was affected by me reading books, while the Str, Dex and Vit; all physical attributes, were increased by my daily exercise. For some reason, the luck stat reduced by 1.

I could only think of one reason why that happened and it made me feel angry all over again. If that really is the reason why I lost 1 point in luck, the ones who made this system are real pricks. But this also meant that stats could decrease if an event is triggered. I have to be careful.

With my thoughts now arranged, I begin to head out of the library.

“Are you leaving already?”

I was surprised. The librarian barely spoke to me or even looked at me. Judging from her gaze, she must know that was my last book.

“Yes, you have been a great help to me. Now, I will be heading out to explore the places I have learned here.”

These weren’t empty words of gratitude. She really helped me in these 5 days to make my research more comfortable. Even though she didn’t speak that often, she pointed out the books I should read and how to read it in a way that it wouldn’t have a discrepancy in the timeline. She knew every single book, helping me properly connect the information I had with the new ones.

If I didn’t have her help, I would have spent extra days just trying to arrange my thoughts.

“I will make sure to use the knowledge I have gained in this library to my utmost ability.”

With a final bow, I resume my steps outside.

In the last moments of exiting the library I saw her gaze, her face showing an expression that I haven’t seen in the days I stayed here. A face rich in emotion that had happiness and a tint of sadness.

I learnt this in the inn a few days later, but it seems that books in this world are not viewed favorably and are used just as a symbol of status. I was most likely one of the few that came and maybe the only regular in that place.


The information I got from the library was mostly useless.

It was all about the impossible feats the heroes did (which is questionable) or nobles and their “achievements”.

Information in the library seemed to be tailored specifically to these subjects.

Public access? Yeah, propaganda.

I did find some useful information about the famous areas and the origins of this world, so it wasn’t that useless. I am also able to gauge a little of the limits of humans from the stories. Of course, I don’t know about its credibility until I see it for myself. They were all pretty farfetched after all.

In terms of origins, I found out that the different races were actually created by individual Gods. Eliminating all the blabber, the Gods used their forms as base to create all the other races. Each one had their unique points. Humans had intelligence, Beasts had strength, Spirits had magic, Demons had shrewdness and Dragons… they had superiority.

Between all of the races, the dragons were the closest to Gods. They were made out of the entirety of the God itself. It divided itself into 4 entities that were now considered the “dragon race”. Only 4 entered that category and they were all immortal, or so it says. They will never die of old age. It’s said that they watch over the world in place of the gods. Directly intervening if the need arise.

Dragons do exist of course, but the original ones had humanoid forms while their offspring were dragons with the lizard like form, really similar to the ones in games. These were in no way weak. They are all considered superior beings as well, with millennial knowledge and wisdom as well as a rigid body and tyrannical strength.

I also got information regarding the world in itself. It seems the world is pretty advanced. Even if their clothing and fashion were pretty antique. They resolved most things with magic and lagged the basic processes we are forced to use like the crop rotation in which they only need to use water and earth magic. It may also be because of the influence of the heroes.

Most processes stemmed from magic and the basics were taught for daily life.

Though, I got some information of what I wanted. The plants, spices, edibles, tools, crafts, materials, ingredients. Products this world had, that differed from our world.

So it was a good research, mostly thanks to Librarian.


Are you messing with me?

Carrying an iron sword with a basic design, I intently stared at one part of the sword. 2 silver.

So expensive!

I went to a Blacksmith shop because I finished the visit to the library early this time and had to prepare for the planned real monster hunt tomorrow but… If I have to count the armor, shield, legs, helmet, shoulders. I would be broke in a second, no, I wouldn’t even have enough!

Checking my bag I see my lifeline of 7 silver and 50 copper. Oh right, the value on the silver was indeed 100 copper, making it easier to get accustomed to.

If I buy this sword…

“Hey kid, you look quite troubled while holding that sword in your hands”

A bald old man with a bandana and sturdy build stood behind me with a ‘what to do’ face.

Don’t look at me like that, I am the one who should have that face.

“Well you see, I was planning on beginning an adventure to the plains but I’m kind of having a hard time with my pocket.”

“Kid, you sure you want to use a sword? There’s a magic shop pretty close where you can buy some mage equipment.”

His gaze was fixed on my body when he said this, looking like he would let a sigh escape if he wasn’t careful.

Is this world that stereotyped about peoples’ bodies? Will I always get that body gazing treatment?

“No sir, I have already decided to walk the path of the warrior and I would want to buy my equipment here to begin my steps on this route”

I gave my fiercest gaze in response.

I already tried to walk the path of the mage in my time at the library and it was a complete failure. Because a mage didn’t need to use any external equipment to use magic, I thought it would be a good idea to use this route in the beginning to save on money, but I got hit by a harsh reality. I’m no good at magic.

The old man, with a wry smile, took the sword in my hand and placed a shield on top of it.

“Well, you are a bit old to be saying those words but I will trust those eyes. My name is Gaund the smith, remember that name kid. This set of sword and shield are the best combo for a beginner. You have good eyes to set this sword as your first weapon. I will offer both for 2 silver, how about it?”

This is a great offer. I already expected the prices from this place to be high when I saw the cost of the inn but this expense is necessary if I want to begin my journey.

I couldn’t help but think that the people in this place were actually pretty kind hearted.

It was quite a refreshing feeling from that gloom place where I was the reason everything around me rotted…

‘No good, no good’ I shake my head and dispel those thoughts.

I have already decided to forget about the previous world.

“Old man Gaund, my name is Youma it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I would like to purchase that sword and shield”

Hearing my words, the man just stared blankly for a bit and then…

“Bahahahaha! Youma, right? Don’t be so stiff kid. If you want to buy something from me you don’t need to be so formal.”

A thunderous laugh resounded in the open smithy shop. As the smithy didn’t have any doors and was on free display from outside, everyone on the streets just watched the shop while laughing.

The laughs from this old man were indeed contagious.

With a laugh of my own I change my request,

“Sell me that sword and shield, old man Gaund!”

With a fierce glare and a firm posture.

The old smithy nodded at this and gave me the sword and shield. With a strong pat on the back that almost made me fall over with the added weight of the equipment.

“You are still too stiff! But you do seem to have that resolve. Don’t hesitate to come back when you get stronger, I will personally make you a weapon of your own.”

A real smile that was contagious, really contagious.

“I will be such a strong warrior that you will be troubled over how to make that weapon worthy of me.”

I didn’t know what it was, but the man in front reminded me of the only person in my world that was truly nice to me. He reminded me of my dad.

For a second there, I reverted to my old self, my old naïve self.

Seeing this, the old man gave a big smile, one that competed with the inn keeper.

“Gahahahaha! Aren’t we getting pretty high with that stiffy attitude! That’s how it should be, but remember this kid, The Smith Gaund will always reach expectations.”

Crossing his arms and raising his chin, he puts a proud expression.

His figure now really made me see him as someone that I can truly rely on. He was truly a dangerous person in a totally different way.

“I will be counting on you, old smith”

Paying the 2 silvers, I return to the inn.

There, I practiced with my newly purchased sword and shield. The sword flew about in a practiced manner as the day went by.


I stuff the breakfast into my mouth and drain the contents with a glass of water. Slapping my chest to make it go down faster.

“Oioi kid, what’s the hurry?”

The inn keeper, that was always early in the mornings, faced me. Surprised by my barbaric way of eating.

“Today I am going to challenge the plains.”

With a last gulp of water, I get up from my sit.

The inn keeper didn’t say anything. In these days, he watched my preparations and training and most likely already inferred my intentions.

He begins to rummage behind the counter and takes out 2 flasks of red liquid.

The classic health potion!

“Kid, take these pair of potions. They will help you out there”

The potions in this world were 25 coppers each. Of course that’s only the low quality ones. This potion is made from herbs collected in the forest and increased the natural regeneration of your body for a period of time. Truly an example of gaming potions.

The inn keeper offered these to me most likely because he knew that I didn’t stock up on any. It wasn’t that I didn’t know of them, but because I can’t afford to buy them.

“Thank you inn keeper, this will be of great help”

I bowed and took the 2 flasks of potion offered to me and put them in my bag.

“Oh? Kid, I thought you would be more stubborn about this”

“You wouldn’t let me refuse, right?”

I have been staying for practically a week in this inn. I know that in terms of stubbornness the inn keeper was clearly not to be underestimated.

“Hahaha! As payment, you have to tell me about your adventure today, got it?”

“I will be glad to.”

Preparing all my things, I began my short journey to the plains.

I wasn’t even there yet and my legs were already trembling in anticipation of going outside in this new unknown world, with this new body that was gifted to me.


“Where are you heading to?”

Or not.

I got stopped at the gates.

Four armored men lined up before the gate leading outside the kingdom. They seized me with their eyes.

“I am an aspiring adventurer. Today I was planning on going to the plains to train myself in real monster combat.”

The guards looked at each other with questioning faces. After a while, one approached me and stretched out his hand.

“Let me see your identification card”

The other 3 left as they saw no more importance or suspicion in me. It wasn’t like I was the only one trying to leave the kingdom of Arnesti anyways. It was most likely because I messed up in the process of leaving that I got stopped like this.

With a reluctant gesture I take out my ID card.


The guard took the card just staring blankly at it.

“How is it even possible for you to be a level 1 at your age, Youma?”

The remaining guard looked at me with a puzzled expression.

I couldn’t answer the question. In the time I was at the library I couldn’t find a single clue about how this system of levels worked or the way to gain them. I was even more surprised by the fact that they were aware of levels and are using them to classify their power.

The silence lasted for a while and I was feeling troubled.

‘Should I have leveled up inside the town? No, I don’t even know how to do that’

I was counting on leveling game style by killing monsters. I just didn’t expect they would really stop me when a lot of people enter and exit through these gates.

“It seems you have your own issues. Here you go.”

The guard breaks the silence and gives me back my card.

“The plain isn’t dangerous so you might be alright. Just try not to venture into the forest, that place is filled with strong monsters that you definitely won’t be able to handle.”

Out of nowhere, the guard gives me advice about the surroundings.

‘Is he telling me I can go?’

Thanking him for the advice, I take my card back and exit the kingdom before he changes his mind.

Seriously, are all people in the kingdom so nice? With the exception of Melroc.


A guard that was eavesdropping on the conversation gets close to the guard Youma was speaking to.

“What happened there? Why did you let that man go?”

The guard was seriously surprised. The one who was speaking with Youma was a lieutenant and his leader. Actually, if it weren’t for the fact that he just came back to rest after returning from a fight up north, he wouldn’t even be here. He was clearly still not in his best condition.

He is famous for being extremely strict and wouldn’t let anything suspicious go unchecked.

The man that he let go was clearly an example of a suspicious person. A level 1 at that age?

‘From what I saw, he was at least 20 years old’ (Guard B)

The lieutenant just stared blankly at the guard and said,

“He is clear, he’s not suspicious at all”

Those words were completely unlike his self and his tone was extremely soft as if he was speaking of his own son.

‘This is not the usual lieutenant’

The guard was paying attention to everything that occurred however, not a single word was spoken from that man. The lieutenant just one-sidedly continued the conversation. Yet for some reason he said that he wasn’t suspicious.

“Lieutenant, can I ask the reason for your basis? From my point of view that man should have been further inspected.”

The atmosphere around the lieutenant turned heavy all of a sudden and he just stares at the guard, not with that blank expression, but with all the pressure he was exerting. The guard felt his whole body get pressed down as if a giant boulder just fell on top of him.

Every single guard and passerby around felt this pressure and stopped moving their feet.

‘Eh? What?’

The guard was completely confused. Why was the lieutenant acting like this just because of that question?

“Your name was Lingalei, right?” The lieutenant asked with a cold tone unlike the one he showed a few moments ago. It was the usual lieutenant that didn’t forgive any wrongdoing.

The guard shivered at this and could only affirm.

“Lingalei, I believe the force of the Blue Scale Regiment that protects this country of Arnesti works in a hierarchy system. You being a soldier should know to step down the moment I said “He is clear.”

The guard frantically nodded and then knelt on the ground.

“Sir, please forgive me! Forgetting my own position, I questioned your decision”

“… It’s okay”

With those short words he cuts all the pressure in the area and everyone is able to breathe properly.

The guard that was on his knees gasped heavily for air as he was released.

Turning his feet, the lieutenant leaves the gates and heads into the kingdom. There wasn’t anyone who stopped him or asked for a reason anymore.

Normally, the lieutenant wouldn’t just leave it at that.

No one knew that the lieutenant left because he was beginning to question it himself, the reason why he let that suspicious man called Youma leave so easily, and the reason he snapped that way.

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