D.E.H Chapter 5: The Freyhart’s situation

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“…? Where am I?”

I wake up in an unknown room. My body stung as I got up from the bed but it was on a bearable level. Both of my arms were moving properly and my legs were not swelling anymore.

“Oh? Are you up already?”

A woman with a tight school uniform, which was clearly not of her size, enters the room. Putting a bowl of warm water on the table, she places her hand on my forehead.

“Um… who are you miss? And why am I here?”

“You don’t remember anything? You can’t think of any reason as to why you are here?”

The woman removes her hand from my forehead and returns my question with another.

I try racking my brain, suddenly remembering everything as it plays in my head like a movie.

“Did a girl with light blue hair come here with me? Her name was Elinalise… something. Is she okay?”

The woman just laughs at my words and points to a part of the room.

“She has been here the whole time.”

There, beside the bed, I see a girl with beautiful light blue hair and clear skin that seem to shine as her slumbering body basked in the light of the sun. Her clothing had changed and she was now wearing a light white one piece that reached to her knees, further enhancing this picturesque scene.

Breathing a sigh of relief I try calling her out, but was stopped by the hand of the woman. Her index finger covering my lips and flashing me a luscious smile, she makes a ‘sshh’ gesture with her other hand.

With skipping steps, she turns back and gestures me to ‘come down’.

I follow her down, looking back one more time before closing the door gently.

This place seemed to be a pretty well off residence with 2 floors. Its decorations were pretty lacking but it gave off a homely feeling. I arrive at the living room, where a man with blond hair waits for me; his clothing clean and reserved. I couldn’t help but notice that his body was not overly robust, yet it seemed sturdy. His muscles were well built.

“Mr. Youma, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Ethan and I am a bodyguard for lady Elinalise”

With a polite bow, Ethan introduces himself to me.

I follow fit and bow as well with a, “Nice to meet you, Ethan. My name is Youma.”

Lifting both of our heads up, I move my gaze to the girl beside me. The girl who was happily humming at my side was staring intently at my eyes.

‘Hey, I am asking you to introduce yourself.’ Shooting signals that didn’t seem to arrive properly; she just goes “Iyaaah~” confusing my stare as a love signal of some sort.

“This person who is unable to understand etiquette, is Lylian. She is a bodyguard who is also in charge of lady Elinalise. She was the one who brought you here and healed you up. Just try to ignore her.”

Ethan being the only understanding person, introduces her to me.

Contrary to her looks, she seems to be the one who healed me. She doesn’t seem like the type to have any knowledge in that area though.

“Mr. Youma…” Ethan calls out.

“Youma is fine.” I corrected his way of calling.

I didn’t like those types of formalities.

“Then Youma, I have already heard all the details about your encounter with lady Elinalise and I am truly in debt to you for going through such lengths to save her.”

He bows deeply and his upper body seemed as if it would reach his knees if he went a bit further.

“It’s okay. I did so of my own volition. I am sure anyone would have done the same. Anyways, how long have I been out?” Not liking the overbearing topic, I try to switch to the important matter.

Hearing this, Ethan and Lylian both exchanged glances and smiled gently towards me.

“You have been out for 4 days. Lady Elinalise has been overseeing your recovery in those 4 days without leaving your side. It was to the point where I was beginning to wonder if she would be alright herself.”

His words carried warmth as he remembers those events.

More importantly, 4 days? I was out for only 4 days? Although my injuries have completely recovered and, though my body still feels a bit heavy, I suffered life threatening injuries. Is the magic and medicine from this world that incredible?

Lylian forcefully approached me and continued, checking me out with curious eyes.

“You see, your condition was incredibly serious. You had both of your arms broken, a number of ribs broken, your whole body had injuries and your muscles were pulsing. It seemed pretty painful and yet you didn’t seem fazed at all.”

Now that she mentions it. I didn’t feel much pain when I woke up in the plains. I don’t know if the atmosphere had anything to do with it, but I was able to ignore the pain, though my mind was still exhausted to the point of dragging me back to rest though.

If I take into account that I was still on the plains when that happened and the diagnostic of the one who treated me, Lylian, it means that I was no better than when I passed out at the woods.

“Well, I am confident in my ability to endure pain.”

I say this, remembering my times of arduous training that tempered my body and the events that strengthened my mind in my previous world, though I’m not sure if this is my body anymore.

Lylian just laughs at my short and plain response and continues:

“It isn’t just your ability to endure pain though. Your body in itself intrigues me.”

Saying that, she makes her way towards my body and begins touching me in all sorts of places.


I try to push her off, but her body clung to me with unexpected strength.

With heavy breaths she went and touched every part of my body saying “Does it hurt here?” “Or maybe here?” as she violated my body.

“Stop that Lylian.”

Ethan promptly takes her off me with a face that said he was already used to this.

If you knew that would happen help me sooner.

Lylian had a disappointed face as she looked at me and then she switches again, cheerfully continuing.

“Your body seems to have recovered to a point where it’s already fine to exercise. Your rate of recovery is something I haven’t seen before. Your body should have taken at least 2 weeks to get to that point, yet you didn’t even take a third of that time. Tell me; is there a secret to it?”

Her face was beaming with anticipation, awaiting my response.

I didn’t understand it myself, but I was quite sure that this had something to do with me not being from this world. I may not be a hero, but I am still a summoned being. I don’t know the whole situation, but I am now sure my body is indeed unusual according to this world’s standards.

I shake my head.

“I was born with a special body and ever since I was young, I had a metabolism rate that recovers quickly from injuries”

And do my usual lie routine.

Lylian was about to pounce at me with a “and where were yo-“but Ethan yanks her collar and stops her before she could do so.

“This should be enough to satisfy you.”

Lylian doesn’t say anything and just pouts, stomping her way to a sofa before sitting.

It was truly a childish gesture befitting of her uniform, but not her body.

Ethan just shakes his head helplessly.

“Sorry, if she doesn’t get it out she becomes unbearable and won’t let us continue. Just consider it as an after recovery examination and report.”

I wave my hands in response and said that it was okay.

I didn’t mind, she just gave me a wonderful piece of information after all.

Ethan nods and proceeds to his topic:

“I will be blunt with you Youma. I wish for you to accompany lady Elinalise in her upcoming journey.”

It was indeed pretty blunt.

“Aren’t you guys her bodyguards? Is there something preventing you from going?”

With a face that seemed to say I hit a sore spot, Ethan shakes his head.

“We are unable to accompany lady Elinalise. Even if I say we are bodyguards, our position right now is similar to that of examiners.” Ethan said those words with utmost disdain, clearly showing his discontent.

“Lady Elinalise comes from a pretty renowned family. I believe you have heard of the Freyhart?”

“No, I don’t. I come from a pretty secluded village so I’m pretty oblivious about these kinds of matters.”

I didn’t study that deeply about nobles in this world. I mean, there is an unbelievable amount of them and I wouldn’t finish anytime soon. I am not here to lick anyone’s shoes so I wasn’t interested to begin with.

Ethan was slightly shocked at this, as if it was impossible for someone not to know about them but still continues.

To summarize, the Freyhart is a pretty important family. They are a long standing family that has produced countless talented magicians and have their own share of secret spells that are conferred only to chosen individuals. Thus, even nobles from far out regions reach out greedily for the power that is rumored to level even countries.

Yeah, the only part that interested me was the spells. Everything else went out.

Finishing the background story, Ethan continues explaining.

“The Freyharts have a tradition that when one reaches a certain age, they would have to embark on a journey where they nurture themselves in the outside world, learn from the surroundings and interact with the elements, which is a vital thing for a mage. During this journey they are given the freedom to choose their partners, but are not allowed to have someone with a level a rank higher than themselves.”

“Our duty is to protect Elinalise from anything that threatens her life that has no relation to her journey. We also provide any miscellaneous service or assistance as long as it doesn’t impact the comprehension of her journey and we evaluate her progress as she proceeds at her own volition.”

The life threatening things must be referring to assassins or kidnappers.

As a family with such a background she must have people attempting to nab or threaten her life.

If these guys are the ones given this job, they must be strong.

“That’s why we are unable to accompany her. As you can see we are not even able to follow her into the forest, if you didn’t come to help, lady Elinalise would have surely ended her journey there. I ask you once again; please accompany lady Elinalise on this journey!”

‘Then what happens if she’s attacked by an assassin at those points?’ I thought that but didn’t delve deeper into it.

With a deep bow, he pleads me. His voice seemed to be pretty desperate for some reason.

“I refuse.”

I didn’t have the freedom or time for this.

Ethan raised his head immediately, his face white as sheet. Lylian also jumped out from her seat and stared at me with a shocked expression.

It seems they really didn’t expect me to refuse. The allure of a high stratum family must be strong in this world.

But I couldn’t bring Elinalise with me. Melroc is most likely keeping a close eye on me and I don’t know what he will do next. His clutches might even be more powerful than that of the Freyhart. The Freyhart family is indeed strong, but this journey is telling me clearly that no matter what happens to her in the middle of it, it would cause no issues at all.

I can’t involve her with my own problems on top of hers.

And I already have other things in mind.

Ethan bows his head numerous times pleading me to reconsider, even Lylian was pitching in.

They really cared deeply for her.

“I’m sorry but I have my own issues that cannot permit me to accompany Elinalise.”

Rejecting their request clearly, I apologize.

Both of them seemed to be pondering about something.

“Is it something the Freyhart family is able to resolve?”

I shake my head. Ethan seemed troubled by this, slumping his shoulders he heaved a sigh that signaled his surrender.

With a tone that was missing a lot of his previous energy he said,

“I get it. I won’t pursue any further. Let me thank you once more for saving lady Elinalise, this is something we want to give you as a token of our appreciation.”

Lylian walks up to me and hands me an object wrapped in a piece of cloth.

When I check what it was, I see a beautiful ornate sword. Its blade was lustrous, depicting its sharpness. The hilt was long enough for both hands and the blade was long and thin, it suited my style. I swing it and confirm its weight.

It’s a wonderful sword.

“Is it really okay for me to take this sword?”

“Yes, the sword you had was rendered useless after that fight, so consider it as compensation as well,” Ethan ascents to my question.

It was indeed troublesome if I didn’t have a sword and with my money, I will surely not be able to afford a new one.

I thank them and accept the gift. They also gave me the loot they had gathered from the Blood Bear.

After all of that, I decide to stay until Elinalise woke up. It would be in bad taste to leave the girl that looked after me without even saying a goodbye.

Elinalise seemed reluctant to let me go but I had a lot of things in my mind that I had to arrange.

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