Chapter 20: The rise of the TS medic

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Chapter 20

This is the report for this time’s invasion. 

Our assault operation ended in a great success. 

The casualties were also not that high, most likely because the defense of the enemy was thin. 

We succeeded in advancing more than 50 meters without having a lot of units wiped out.

The soldiers in the frontlines were moved with elation. They linked arms and sang songs of their victory. 

Their morale was at a high, saying that the day when they would force back the front all the way to the riverbank is coming soon. 

A bit of pastry was distributed to the soldiers as a celebration for the victory. 

The victory on the offensive as well as the delicacy they haven’t tasted in so long raised the morale of the foot-soldiers. 

But it can’t be helped that they would be over the moon because of this. 

If you only look at the result, they resisted the fierce attacks of the enemies, exhausted their forces, and regained the distance with low casualties. 

It is a strategic victory that leaves no complaints. Headquarters apparently announced it as such to the masses.


But within all that heat…some were looking at this and tightening their fists in vexation. 

There were some soldiers who saw the results of yesterday as a defeat. 

“Rodley-kun.” (Touri) 

“What, runt?” (Rodley)

The night when the assault succeeded became one of the few breaks for the assault soldiers. 

The Captain told us to have a rest this night without exception. 

“Can I sleep by your side from tonight on?” (Touri)

“Hah?!” (Rodley)

“It is a prevention measure for violations. I have been asking Gray-senpai until now.” (Touri)

“…Aah, that’s what you meant.” (Rodley)

But it is different from the previous free day. Captain Gaback didn’t hold a party. 

His liver blew up after all. 

Alcohol is out of the question and there’s even the possibility of him dying. 

And so, I advised the captain to go to the hospital quickly in consideration to his health. 

It seems like the captain himself didn’t feel like partying today, so he listened to my advice and obediently walked all the way to the hospital while saying ‘hmph, I see’. 

How can this person even walk? 

“I don’t mind, but I won’t be here tonight.” (Rodley)

“…I see.” (Touri)

“I have been invited by Allen-senpai.” (Rodley)

Rodley-kun said this and faced away as if feeling a bit awkward about this. 

The veteran scout Allen-san withdrew in the early stages because of an injury, so it seems like he has already finished his treatment. 

…I am glad there’s no risk to his life. 

“So you have decided to properly tag along with such things.” (Touri)

“I am learning from Gray-senpai. I won’t stay a child forever.” (Rodley)

Rodley-kun said this with an enlightened face. 

I can feel his resolve to not run away anymore. 

Looks like he has grown greatly as a soldier and a person. 

“So, where were you invited to?” (Touri)

“…Somewhere.” (Rodley)

But he is leaving vague where he was invited, so he must be going to that kind of place. 

“Aah, right. I have a nice pick-up line if you are going to such places.” (Touri)

“Oi, you know where I am going?” (Rodley)

“This is a pick-up line that was used on me by a certain wonderful person.” (Touri)

…It is nostalgic. 

Speaking of which, Sarusa-kun was also invited by Senpai after the invasion and went to that kind of place. 

“‘A good woman can tell a good man by instinct. In other words, you are a good woman’.” (Touri)

“…What’s that cheap line that would rot my teeth?” (Rodley)

“I think it is a good line though. Please strive to be able to say those words naturally.” (Touri)

“That’s unexpected. So you like such loose men.” (Rodley)

Rodley looked at me dubiously and I responded with a smile. 


By the time the sun went down. 

The male soldiers had all gone off somewhere. 

I was the only one left in the trenches. 


The frontlines today have a bright mood because of the victory. 

I have tasted this atmosphere in the previous victory celebration. 

“They can smile with so much fun even though people die, huh…” (Touri)

I can really feel how insane this environment is. 

Of course, there must have been units who succeeded in their invasion without any casualties, but that’s a rare case. 

Most of the platoons had more than one casualty in this time’s assault. 


Everyone might have gotten used to the deaths of their comrades in arms. 

Or maybe they are acting cheerful to hide their sadness. 

…If that’s the case, parties after a victory might be a ritual in order to overcome the deaths of their comrades.

“…Senpai.” (Touri)

I still haven’t gotten over the death of Gray-senpai. 

There’s barely any people who know how cool and brave he was. 

The only ones in this army who know about his final moments are me, the captain, and Rodley-kun.

“……Senpai.” (Touri)

Death is a saving and a goal for soldiers. 

These words were said by Gray-senpai himself. Just how much at ease would I feel if I could cling onto that. 

I still can’t think about Gray-senpai being lucky for being killed. 


That’s why I will feel pain silently on my own. 

Also, I have to accept his death from tomorrow on and overcome it. 

Senpai has given me way too many things. 

He spoke to me kindly when I was suffering, saved me when I was in trouble, and he opened the heart of Rodley-kun at the end. 

I can’t just overcome his death easily.

Or rather, I don’t want to. 

And so, please allow me to be sad for today. 


I leaned my body in the small gutter near the luggage of Rodley-kun, at the trench where there’s no one around, and tried to sleep just like that. 

It should be fine right now. There’s no one watching. 

I cried while keeping my voice down, wiped my face, and closed my eyes. 

Rodley-kun will make fun of me if there’s traces of me weeping.


Soldiers are always by the side of death. 

When you live on the battlefield, I feel like the lives of people slowly get lighter. 

Why do I have to fight enemies and kill each other? 

The reason is most definitely because of the grudges between the countries from a long past. 

This ‘hatred’ will surely get stronger the more battles happen. 

Just what kind of meaning are the higher-ups drawing from this war game they are having. 

They must be secretly developing some sort of new weapon to break through this current situation. 

Or maybe it is as Captain Gaback said… Will it stay this way the whole time as long as we don’t break through the enemy camp and smash the back? 


I don’t have a way to obtain the answer as a single private. 

Just how many comrades do I have to lose and how many times do I have to cry before this war is over? 

No, how many times will I be able to survive and cry? 

And, at the time when it is eventually my turn to die…just what kind of death cry will I let out? 

At the time I was repeating such questions that have no answer…


I had fallen fast asleep at some point in time. 


Late at night.

“…Those pieces of shit. I won’t believe in them ever again…” 

I couldn’t sleep much because I was working in the hospital last night. And then, we had to sortie today just like that, so the fatigue accumulated, and I ended up falling fast asleep. 

I must have been pretty exhausted mentally because of the death of Gray-senpai. 

My attention to the surroundings had dulled a bit that night because of this. 

“What’s that about heaven? This is my first time in such a disgusting place.” 

This is something I heard about later, but it looks like it is a tradition of the Gaback Platoon to invite the new recruits to the night city and have them charge into a gay bar naked.

When I asked ‘Who was the idiot that created such a stupid tradition?’, the name of the loose senpai that I respect a lot showed up. 

Rodley-kun was no exception. He was apparently made to charge through a gay bar butt naked as a prank of Allen-san. 

“Geh, that runt is hugging my rucksack…” (Rodley)

Rodley-kun was different from Sarusa-kun who was trampled without being able to do anything. He resisted with everything he had. 

And then, he somehow managed to cut open a path without retrieving his clothes, and escaped from the gay bar. 

“…Don’t wake up…” (Rodley)

And well, this is the reason for the sad accident. 

My sleeping posture was so bad and I had a habit of hugging whatever was close to me. 

I apparently used his luggage as a hug pillow. 



Rodley-kun tried to take out clothes to change into from his own rucksack, but the moment he grabbed my arm…I finally managed to wake up.



Just how would this look if you don’t know the circumstances at all? 

If I am to describe this situation objectively…there was Rodley-kun completely naked late at night, bent down and grabbing my arm when I was fast asleep. 


“Wait, you’ve got it wrong, runt.” (Rodley)

I glared at Rodley-kun silently. 

It is fortunate that it was pitch dark around. 

I was saved from seeing the thing of Rodley-kun after all. 


“It is a misunderstanding, so calm down first. Also, let go of the luggage you are holding.” (Rodley)


“I will explain. I will properly explain, so calm down first.” (Rodley)

Rodley-kun was repeatedly telling me to calm down, but he was the one panicking the most here.

I was truly calm at that moment. 

Rodley-kun is pretty young, so I thought his sexual desires were overflowing. 

I had a whole lot of misunderstandings, thinking that his tastes were undeveloped women like me though. 

I did feel I should at least listen to what he had to say. 

The issue is…

“What are you doing, 2nd class soldier Rodley…?” 

“Geh, Corporal Verdy?!” (Rodley)

Corporal Verdy woke up in good timing or maybe bad timing, and came to check what was going on. 

“……Haah, do you remember what happened in the matter of Naridome-kun?” (Verdy)

“Wait, it is a misunderstanding. Please let me explain.” (Rodley)

“It can’t be helped that you are brimming with young passion, but I don’t know about directing such carnal desires to your comrade.” (Verdy)

“Nevermind.” (Rodley)

As for why only Corporal Verdy is here, he was reporting the matter of Captain Gaback in the upper echelon tent the whole time. 

He was tired from that, so he didn’t go to the red light district and returned to the trenches to sleep. 

“…Uhm, I was saved by Rodley-kun so, even if I don’t really want to, if he asks me to help out…as long as it doesn’t collide with military discipline…” (Touri)

“I am saying you’ve got it wrong, runt!” (Rodley)

“Just wear your clothes already, 2nd class soldier Rodley. I will listen to your circumstances in detail.” (Verdy)

“I want to wear clothes as well!” (Rodley)

It seems like the night preaching of Corporal Verdy went on for a while after that. 

My drowsiness won at that time, so I went back to sleep after getting permission from Corporal. 

In the end, the misunderstanding was solved after he explained things. 

They apparently judged that the explanation of Rodley-kun was worth believing because of the testimony of Allen-san and how I hugged his rucksack once I went back to sleep. 

But he was teased with a shameful nickname like Erodley for a while by the seniors of the Platoon.

“…It is great that you managed to fit in the Platoon so quickly.” 


It is obviously the joke of the seniors. It must have been their way to play with Rodley-kun who had begun to speak to them. 

It might have been partly a way to get back at him for having spoken so rudely towards them before. 

As a result, Rodley-kun began to mutter that the army is an unreasonable organization. 

“It is okay. I don’t think you are Erodley-kun.” (Touri)

“Shut up.” (Rodley)

And the heart of Rodley-kun that finally opened had closed again. 

It seems like Rodley-kun was more straightlaced than I thought. 

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