Not-A-Chapter: Looking for a new story

Hey guys, Reigokai here! 

Man, time really does fly. It feels like it was yesterday that I picked up LS, and now it is all the way to chapter 300. 

But that also means the end is coming near. About 84 chapters near. And so, I have once again come here to ask you for your help, lol.

You can use this post to recommend other stories you would want translated, maybe ones that have been abandoned too. I mostly just check the Japanese raws that haven’t been touched at all since that’s where most people can’t look.

So if you guys have any recommendations, I will check them out too. 

Guidelines are as always: 

-It has to be a web novel. I don’t take light novels because of the legal issues that might come with it. 

-If the story already has a translation, the translation must have had at least a 3 month hiatus.

-Preferably more than 100 chapters.

-If possible, tell me the reason you recommend that story.

I also check whether the story has been on hiatus (if so, I won’t take it), but if it is not a hiatus but the story being completed, I don’t have issues with it (World is a Game is an example of this). But I will do that on my side, so just recommend away without bothering about it. 

Also checking each story takes a lot of time, so I am asking for recommendations now to give me time to check them. It will be a while before I actually decide on one. 

I will be keeping an eye on the comments here, so comment away.

And thank you to all the readers, commenters, and patrons for all the support! Motivation is the drive of all human beings, so it really is crazy how what I thought would just be a simple pastime hobby would turn into a full blown community is insane for me even to this day. 

It is even crazier now with the new influx of people from the S2 of Tsuki ga Michi.

Once again, I am extremely grateful that you all are here. Let’s open up the doors to a new isekai!

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