Chapter 82: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 82: 1st Nightmare After – 2


“Well, he did his best.” 

“Right. I do think he did his best.” 

“I think you did your best, brother.” 

“You could even say it was a great display considering the reputation as a whole.” 

Going straight to the result, Blakuro lost. 

However, the fight lasted for more than 5 minutes, moreover…

“It is true that you got pretty close.” 

“Yeah. You would have won if your opponent had made one or two mistakes.” 


“Well, not doing those mistakes is what makes Sukuna Sukuna though.” 

They would continue chaining combos without a single break, injure each other, and the attack of Sukuna landed before the attack of Blakuro with just paper-thin difference, which led to the victory of Sukuna. 

Sukuna only said I did well when he fought me, but he even roared in his victory here. 

“Sorry, I lost.” 

Oh, Blakuro has come back, huh.

We all speak words of encouragement to him. 

Most comments in the bulletin board were positive. It seems like everyone has judged this battle a good one for the finals. 

“Man, that person is seriously strong… Or more like, his movements got more and more polished as the fight went on, and got faster and sharper. It is really insane as the one fighting him.” 

“You are also impressive for being able to keep up with him.” 

That said, Blakuro seems to be vexed by this, but it looks like he is also stirred up in various fronts, he is turning his shoulders lightly and hopping. 

If there’s a time when I have to fight Blakuro, I will try to take as much distance as possible. 

I really should only do close-quarters combat when I have no choice but to.

[Did you have fun?! You monsteeeers!!]

Looks like the closing ceremony is beginning. 

The jellyfish avatar of ThousandTwists-san showed up in the TV.

[I am the admin, ThousandTwists. How was the event?] 

ThousandTwists-san began to talk about the event this time around. 

Well, what he basically said was: ‘The battle between the tops was fun, right?’ and ‘You managed to meet a lot of people you wouldn’t normally meet and talk with, right?’ and ‘Techniques that were kept a secret have been made public now, right?’. It was basic stuff, so I just ignored him.

What’s more important comes after this. 

[Now then, about the event this time around, you are actually inside the dream of the Holy Maiden-sama. And so, Holy Maiden-sama~.]


“Ooh, that’s the Holy Maiden-chan!” 

“Ani <Brother>…” 

ThousandTwists moved to the side and a girl with blue hair and ultramarine eyes showed up. 

[Brave cursed who have been ailed with the curse of immortality, I have had the honor to watch your battles with my own eyes. I am praying for your continued growth, and the possibility that that power of yours will save the world.]

[Okay, thank you very much~]


The Holy Maiden-sama was giving off a fleeting atmosphere as she directed words at the players. 

But as someone who has met the Holy Maiden-sama before the preliminaries…the Holy Maiden-sama shown in the TV has dozens of masks on. I can only see her as her hiding her real self and playing the ideal Holy Maiden. 

[Now then, we shall award the top participants!]

<<You have obtained the title: [1st Nightmare Medal – 3rd Place].>>


“It came all normally.” 


The title is as announced prior: a commemorative title with no effects at all. 


[1st Nightmare Medal – 3rd Place]

Effect: None

Condition: Obtain 3rd place in the 1st official event – The Cursed Nightmare Banquet the Holy Maiden thinks of.

Congratulations on getting 3rd place! 

[A boundlessly cursed monster like you being 3rd place is truly a nightmare…]



Is the flavor text at the end directed at me? 

“Uhm, Taru-sama, why are you smiling like that…?” 

“Oh my, I am sorry. Something amusing happened, so it just showed up.” 

I unconsciously smiled and Straus-san pointed it out. 

Yeah, I should try to aim for the outside once the event is over. 

I should be able to meet the Holy Maiden-sama if it goes well.

“Ooh, a nice-looking dagger came!” 

“As for me…a shield made from a combination of metal, wood, and leather.” 

As for the settings…there’s an exclamation mark. 

Looks like you accept the item from the settings. 

And so, once I accepted it and materialized it…4 metallic rings shining golden showed up. 

Let’s appraise it for now. 


Brass Rings

Level: 1

Durability: 100/100

Effectiveness: 100

Erosion Rate: 100/100

Deformity Degree: 1

A thin ring made of brass. 

The strength has increased because of the curse, and has been made harder for it to bend.



It is not bad, including the curse it has. 

But I feel like it would be better to add curses with this as the base instead of using it as it is. 

Well, let’s wear one for each leg and arm for now. 

“It is mainly equipment, I guess? It is as if things each one of us would want have come.” 

“Something like that. It is most likely the same as the semi-auto function when creating our avatars. They are probably matching them with that.” 

“Sounds like it. These two daggers are totally like the better version of the ones I am using.” 

What Straus-san and the others are saying is most likely correct. 

It wouldn’t surprise me even if CNP were to do that much.

“Well, it is good that useless stuff didn’t come.” 



Ah, it has been a while since I have seen my Status. Let’s check it. 

It has been a while? Yeah, it has been.

It is just that my perception of time is getting weird. 


[Foolhardy Cursed] Taru: Level 10

HP: 652/1,090

Satiety: 72/100

Effectiveness: 109

Deformity Degree: 19

Immortal, Insect Wings x 6, Increased Eyes x 11, Floating.

Titles: Illegitimate Child of the Boundless Curse, Raw Eater Newbie, Eater of the Strange – 1, Eating Poison all the Way to the Plate – 2, Iron Stomach – 2, Poison User, Not Enough Curse, Heavy Drinker Surfeit – 2, First Sorcery Obtainer, Hide-and-Seek – 1, Ruler of Dungeon, Sentient Tool, Tool with Title, Foolhardy Cursed, 1st Nightmare Medal – 3rd Place.

Sorcery – Demonic Eye Technique: 

[Poison Demonic Eye – 1: Taruwiveno].

Items in Possession: 

Poison Mouse Flail, Curse Clad Bandage Outfit, Strange Mouse Hat Zarichu, Brass Rings x 4, Appraisal Magnifying Glass, Tooth Knife of Poison Bite Mouse, Fur Bag of Poison Bite Mouse, Potion Kettle, etc. 

Dungeon in Possession: 



[Now then, I plan on doing the item exchange, too. Ah, right now it is only a catalogue, but it will be materialized after the maintenance is done, so please do keep that in mind.]

“Fumu fumu.” 

The gathering for item exchanges was done, and at my hands appeared a catalog of what has been exchanged. 

Zaria and the others must have exchanged a good deal of things too, they were concentrated every time their gazes moved. 

And so, the result of my exchange was…

-Separate set of 3 Poison Bite Mouse Skin → Bright Red Animal Skin x 1, Something that looks like Flabby Skin x 1, Around 2 meters of Lumber x 1.

-Whole Body Set of Poison Bite Mouse x 3 → Complete Set of Monster Carving Items, Complete Set of Crafting Tools, Complete Set of Sewing Tools. 

-A set of a dozen Flesh Flower Fern Leaves packed in a vine x 3 → Grass Blades of unknown origin tied up with string x 2 dozens, Cased Suspicious Mushrooms x 1 dozen. 

– Around 2 meters Flesh Flower Fern vines x 1 dozen → Dark Green Suspicious Gem x 1.

Hmm, what’s vexing here is that just the name and pictures in the catalog is not enough to understand. 

For now, I should just consider it a big win that I obtained 3 complete sets of items. 

[Now then, this marks the end of the event. The maintenance will take place at 18 o’clock. Please enjoy the community map until then. Enjoy CNP from here on, too.] 

This is how our first event ended with quite the results. 

I am tired from fighting all day, so I will log out already. 

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