Chapter 83: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 83: At the Real World – 3



“You seem to be sleepy, Zaima-san.” 

The next day after the 1st official event of CNP, at a decently strong rainy monday. 

I find the sleepy Zaria…Zaima-san at the cafeteria of the college. 


“You hesitated for a moment there, didn’t you? Also, can I take a seat here?” 

“Go ahead. The reason I hesitated is…you know, my brain rejected the difference between this world and that one for a moment.” 

“Doesn’t that just mean you are lacking sleep?” 

I sit at the seat in front of Zaima-san and begin eating lunch. 

Zaima-san seems to be quite sleepy on the other hand.

“Lack of sleep… Well, I can’t deny that, after the maintenance was over, I was playing until my very limit there.” 

“Lack of sleep is an enemy of everything, so it would be better to be careful.” 

“It was the perfect time to earn, so I just ended up going all out. What about you, Taruzaru-san…” 

“I logged out after the event ended and haven’t logged in since. I will be logging in for the first time since the event ended once classes are over today.” 

“I see.” 

Well, contrary to me who has a base -Damavand- that doesn’t really move, Zaria mainly acts in the normal fields, so it is true that right after maintenance is a good time to earn. 

But I think lack of sleep is bad. 

Every day is at least 6 hours. 

Sleeping without affecting your health is something irreplaceable for a healthy lifestyle, and it is also necessary in order to not mistake how to deal with the unknown. 

That’s at the very least my opinion. 

“But even without the lack of sleep matter, I feel like the gap in personalities is way too big Taruzaru-san.” 


“Yeah. Leaving aside your way of speaking, you are practically a different person.” 

“Hmm, the shape of my face doesn’t change though.” 

Zaima-san and I talk about CNP. 

We obviously talk about our opinions of the event, about what kind of changes happened after the maintenance, what we will do from here on, and also advice each other when possible. 

“That said, why do you like the unknown so much, Taruzaru-san?” 

“It is because it feels good. It also makes me happy to learn about things I didn’t know until now.” 

“But you can do that in the real world too. Uuh…there’s a lot of nasty directions where it could go though.” 

“Aah, that, huh.” 

The topic of conversation switched to me. 

“To put it simply, in the real world there are things I already know, and it is also filled with unknown things that you can’t walk back from.” 

“Things you can’t walk back from…” 

“What’s already known is boring. Even the unknown, if it is something that you can’t walk back from, the aggregate amount of unknowns you can get further ahead will decrease greatly. Of course, there are unknowns that can be obtained without causing issues, but I don’t have the talent to obtain such things in the real world.” 

“What are those irreversible things…?” 

“Putting it in general terms, it would be criminal acts. I don’t want to do them or have them done to me, but I don’t want others to fall into that path either. The people who have committed crimes might have found unknowns, but they would be lost.” 

“You are a serious case…” 

“That’s why the world of CNP is fun. It becomes a bit questionable with NPCs, but if it is towards players, most things can be reversible.” 

“Haah… So that’s why you would do this and that, huh…” 

I spoke about me with a smile, but Zaima-san seemed to be baffled, holding her head. 

Maybe her lack of sleep is affecting her. 

Or…well, in that case, let’s tell her straight. 

“You don’t need to understand me. I am aware myself that I am weird.” 

“Is that fine with you?” 

“It is. In the end, it is not like humans can understand others 100%. What’s important is to compromise and be able to live in society together. If you can smooth over a relationship with others, it doesn’t matter what kind of messed up thing you have inside that skin of yours, there’s no issues.” 

“Ah, yeah. The Taruzaru-san here and the one from that world have finally overlapped. You are certainly one and the same.” 

“It is great to hear you understand.” 

-My way of thinking. 

“Speaking of which, Taruzaru-san, about the other CNP players in university…” 

Now then, let’s leave my way of thinking until there. 

The topic changed again. 

“Aah, crap, I am so sleepy…” 


“Obviously, with how late you were up… But you helped me out. I think I will be able to begin smoothly thanks to you.” 

3 male students passed by our side with good timing. 

Zaima-san spoke again once they passed by. 

Yeah, I noticed with that just now. 

“Do you think they have noticed?” 

“I think they haven’t. Or more like, that’s just like you. To think you would be able to tell from that just now.” 

“Their way of walking was exactly the same after all.” 

I most likely know 2 out of the 3 just now. 

Also, I remember having heard that one of them has a high school little sister. 


“Don’t worry, I won’t tell them. I myself don’t plan on going out of my way to tell them.” 

“No problem then.” 

Well, it has nothing to do with me. 

The game is the game; reality is reality. My stance is to separate those two cleanly. 

“Now then, I will log in once I come back from college. What should I do after that?” 

“I look forward to meeting you again over there. But no PK. If you do it, I will get back at you at full force.” 

“I know, Zaima-san.” 

I check out the window. 

We are in the middle of June, the rainy season. It was raining until now. 

But the sky was clear by the time I noticed, and a beautiful rainbow…like the eyes of Taru in CNP, was decorating the sky. 

A smile surfaced after seeing this. 

I feel like there’s still a lot of things that can be reflected in those rainbow colored eyes in the world of CNP. 

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