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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu (POV) Mio Horse Ride with Waka

This chapter takes place between chapters 28-37 during the carriage ride and the first few days at Tsige


A journey with Waka.

This is the best.

Though this would have been better if we were alone together.

My master, Misumi Makoto.

I, who does not have any memory of the past and was driven insane from my hunger, was saved and given a home and future to live for.

He is the master whom I have contracted to and decided to serve my life.

The person who has given me a new identity, Mio. The person who was originally the black spider of disaster with compassion… and well you should be aware of it.

…Well, I will not go against Waka-sama’s decision.


While I am sitting on this coach, looking at the boring scenery passing us by while and having nothing to do, I start to think about the past and other things.

The other things that I think of besides Waka are… mostly about food. Well, this cannot be helped as I have very little memory of the past.

The food provided in Asora is very delicious in its own way, but on this path, anything that resembles food or is food is not very tasty or helpful to me.

I know that I had lost my reason due to my hunger, but currently, that problem has been resolved, and thus I have been caring more about the taste of food lately.

Well, let me just leave it for now. I am also troubled by the reason why me and Waka are not alone on this coach.

The people who call themselves adventurers are also on this coach, and although they have said something like they will protect us, but in reality, it is us protecting them.

I feel quite uncomfortable at them disturbing the time I have with Waka alone. Tomoe-san, who is another servant of Waka, is off doing things after saying something like, “Musha Training!” or I have to Level up!” She just jumped into the wilderness.

Well, if it was just the child Rinon accompanying us, then I wouldn’t have any problem. But the other people, the adventurers who are accompanying us, have been asking us to slay that monster or this monster. After I listened to Waka and killed those monsters, they have frequently started talking to me.

After a while, Waka-sama also told me to collect parts of monsters. Waka was amazed after learning of the monsters’ weaknesses, and also when  Waka learned that various parts of these monsters could actually be sold in a market. Waka told me that this was training to learn how to hold back my powers after that recent incident.

But doing this is very troublesome.

I wonder if it is okay to clean up those adventurers first, so I can have a quiet time with Waka. There’s Rinon’s older sister Toa and… who are the others again?

Well, I understand that he is telling me this because we wrecked the base and the town along with it. But it was not entirely my fault, Tomoe-san is also at fault, though I understand I have to reflect a bit on this.

I have a habit of letting the blood get to my head easily. Thus I will obey Waka-sama for now and learn tolerance and gentle handling for now.

Well, looking back on this trip….

I am just happy to spend some time with Waka.

But I am also annoyed that we are with the adventurers.

…But my happiness from being together with Waka had overcome all of this.

But not all the people are bad, Rinon was cute and was quite interesting to talk to. Besides, this time with the adventurers will soon end when we arrive at the town.

Yes, we will soon break up with the adventurers

Fufu, how great.

I heard from Rinon that Tsige is a very big town that the previous one pales in comparison. I am sure there will be plenty of people and things in the town.

“Woooooooow!!! It’s such a big wall!!!!” (Rinon)

Rinon, who was looking around at the scenery, looked up and yelled.

It was true, as the coach climbed the hill, a big wall came into our field of vision. Hmm, I wonder if that is Tsige. It is certainly a very big city and not anything like the town before.

It seems as though there is quite a bit of distance, it must be on top of a large hill. The large outer wall divides the town and wilderness.

The walls seemed to go on and on, stopped only at the cliffs on either side, making it impossible to pass into the city without going through the wall. So to enter Tsige you must pass through the wall otherwise you will be stuck outside.

Well for me and Waka-sama that wall is the same as water to us but taking the coach is troublesome. There is no reason to avoid proceeding through the main passage way.

I saw Waka-sama and Rinon talking to each other a little. I let out a breath and sigh. I can finally see the end of this journey.

I have to endure a little more.

“Well, I hope every trip was this easy and comfortable. I can even eat while we are still in the coach.” (Toa)  

It seems that Rinon older sister also joined in the conversation. I am truly up to my neck with these adventurers, I have to endure just a bit longer then I will have Waka-sama to myself again.

“Onii-chan, there’s something in the front!” (Rinon)


Rinon do not trouble Waka with this petty matter, I would have finished it off before you would have even noticed or reported to him.

“Waka-sama, it is over there.” (Mio)

Since I have no choice, I reported the situation to Waka-sama. I pointed at the direction and informed him.

Ah, another annoyance to impede my time with Waka.

Waka-sama confirms the situation and I also notice the annoyance to figure out whether it was ants or bees.

If it ants….it had better not be the one who melted my kimono. I will crush it to pieces.

There is a bee that is in a different color from the rest, but it does not matter to me. I hope Waka-sama will not tell me to handle them gently again. I see the adventurer saying something to him, are they perhaps…..

[Mio, I am counting on you] (Makoto)

As I thought.

“Waka-sama, those ants melted a part of my kimono before, I would prefer to avoid them.” (Mio)

I show him the missing part on the sleeve that I am concerned about.

I ask Waka to leave this one for now although the sleeve wasn’t the problem.

[Mio, don’t worry I will fix that for you when we get to town, I will do something special as well, but for now, please.] (Makoto)

“Very well, I have no choice….” (Mio)

Since it was a order from Waka-sama…I have to have patience.

“Mio-sama, please leave the blades of ants!”


I heard something else.

“Please don’t crush the ruby eye head!”

“Also obtain a feather of the ruby eye…”

Another p***k.

I got another p***k in my head.

…..Of course

Waka-sama has hardly needed to fight anything during this journey and enemies of that level will not even warm him up. I have decided.

“….Waka-sama” (Mio)

[What is it Mio] (Makoto)

“I don’t want to do it.” (Mio)

[Mio, what do you mean?] (Makoto)

“Every single, every time, every monster…. Every time aim for that place or get the material! I have endured it for too long and have reached my limit!” (Mio)

[But, Mio you understand those might be valuable materials and this will help with controlling your power?] (Makoto)

“I have complete control over my power right now, this will be good for Waka-sama’s training so please take over!” (Mio)

I have to get this off my chest and have him listen to my request from time to time. For the most part it’s not like we will use those materials thus why do I have to kill with caution? I believe that Waka-sama is perfectly able to handle this with great mastery. I saw Waka-sama take out his bow and arrow from underneath the bed. I put Rinon on my lap and showed that I had no intention of moving.


Beyond my wildest imagination, the city of Tsige was full of people. The city was full of noise and the streets were crowded with humans and other beings. The adventurers that we were traveling with had to report to the guild, thus we split up.

Waka-sama and I were walking through the streets.

“Waka-sama, what is that?” (Mio)

[Grilled skewers? We still have some time until dinner, let’s get some.] (Makoto)

“Yes!” (Mio)

We ate food at various stalls and enter some shops from the aroma they gave off. This is bliss.

[Everything I see is very different. I do not see myself getting tired from just looking at each and every store.] (Makoto)

Waka-sama seems to enjoy looking at the stores and then asking them what kind of goods they are selling. It was the first time for me in this town as well, but I believe Waka-sama is concerned with another matter entirely, he is looking around in an inspection fashion.

“Waka-sama, do you plan to open a shop here?” (Mio)

[Yeah, for the time being I do. The competition looks really fierce and they seem to have every kind of good here to sell, so I am worried about what to sell.] (Makoto)

“Any shop you create I will help with all abilities” (Mio)

[Thank you Mio.] (Makoto)

If possible, I hope Waka-sama creates a shop selling food. But for things like competition to worry Waka-sama is meaningless. Competition only happens if there is another shop, but if those things disappear then the problem is resolved. Every shop Waka-sama creates will thrive no matter what.

“Hmm? Waka-sama, I smell something odd.” (Mio)

[True?] (Makoto)

It was an odd smell, but it was not a smell I have smelled for the first time. Yes I remember this smell, it was from a…

“Yes, look Waka-sama, it is a dwarven Workshop!” (Mio)  

[You’re right, I wonder if they are have a weapons craftsman, I feel like I want to see it, let’s go.] (Makoto)

“I hope there is something interesting.” (Mio)

[I wonder what level of equipment they can make.] (Makoto)

When entering the street with the craftsmen shops, we entered a slightly different type of atmosphere than before. You can see them working from outside and hear the clanking of metal. The weapons they were making looked delicious, I like meat and vegetables more but weapons have a different kind of taste. I will go see the elder dwarfs after this.

“The shops seem to be popular, but the craftsmanship is disappointing.” (Mio)

[Elders are that much superior, I wonder if I wanted to make an arm’s shop, would I have to talk to the person that is in charge of this street. I don’t see many shops with names.] (Makoto)

“I am pretty sure there is a guild that also manages this section of business as well.” (Mio)

Waka looked at me and nodded.

[I see, very true, it would not be strange for guild to oversee this section of business as well. Mio you are amazing, I forgot about it totally.]

“I only think it is organized like this.” (Mio)

[I think we should be able to find the craftsman guild somewhere on this street. I want to know of the place before going back] (Maktoto)

“Yes, let’s find it before heading back. Oh Waka-sama! Look at the sign over there.” (Mio)

[Sign? Oh you mean that. That is a name of a company, not a sign for the guild….hmm it says it is Hanza company. I wonder if it handles armor.] (Makoto)

“Maybe so…..Waka-sama that must be it!” (Mio)

[Oh, that one…yeah this is it. Nice Mio, I see it is not that far and is bigger than the adventurer guild they have…..I wonder if they keep materials and things?] (Makoto)

Waka-sama stopped and started to look around, he looked at the guilds and the workshops that were in the street. I believe that Waka-sama is interested in many things and wants to see and learn a lot of things as well. It was the same when we were looking at the shops and stalls.

[Ok Mio, this should be enough, we still have time and there is no need to do all the work right now. Let’s go back to the inn and wait until dinner with Rinon and the others.] (Makoto)

“Yes, since they were such a bother to me and Waka-sama, I hope they give us enjoyable food to repay us.” (Mio)

[Somehow, my instinct tells me that adventurers know most of delicious shops in the city, so it is fine to get your expectations up] (Makoto)

“Yes, then I shall increase my expectations.” (Mio)

While we return and wait for Rinon and the rest to contact us, a adventurer who happens to know them said we should head to this shop. What poor communication skills, they could have contacted us sooner and then took us directly to the shop.

The streets became dark as night set in, we walked to an area with large eating establishments. The shop they told us to come to had a certain type of atmosphere.

[Great Meat, the name is short and straight to the point.] (Makoto)

“Great Meat, I wonder if it’s the self-confidence that the cook has?” (Mio)

[The name is good and the atmosphere I get from the shop is also fine, let’s go in.] (Makoto)

“Yes.” (Mio)

After a brief exchange, we enter the shop. We see Rinon and the others with her, around a round table. Everyone gets up and welcomes us with a smile. It should be like this, after all the work you had me do.

I would’ve cared about that if I didn’t see all the food lined up on the table. Yes, yes, looks like my expectations have been fulfilled. Everything looks very good……

I saw them continue to smile but then heard Waka-sama shout something and point to a particular dish. It seemed to be a big meat with a bone. I wonder if that is his target. Waka-sama seems to charmed by that meat and looked at it with great astonishment.

If it is that delicious, I must try it quickly!

“Well, a toast to meeting Raidou-dono and Mio-sama. Cheers!!” (Everyone besides the main two)

When the meal started, without a single moment to lose Waka-sama quickly indulges himself in the meat afterwards he stopped and then quickly continued again. Waka-sama that meat must be very good!

Waka-sama ordered many other dishes and drinks to accompany the food. I drank the drinks but it was somewhat lacking but the food was seemed to be quite good from Waka-sama’s expressions.

I also ordered some food and started eating. Of course the first thing I went for was the meat. The taste….it was shockingly delicious. My favorite food may be Waka-sama’s blood but this meat’s fragrance that gives off; the texture are all exquisite. This food is able to enter the top 5 food I have eaten in all my life.

Waka-sama kept ordering food and I was also eating various things that was on the menu. It was amazing how many flavors there were for the meat. I think of Hyumans as nothing but useless beings but this dish is amazing.

This dish to say it was made by magic is not far from the truth. I was very impressed by the food but also by how fast I was eating the food and vegetables. I seemed to have accumulated quite a bit of dishes at the table. I think that may have been quite rude of me however I do not regret a thing I did today.

I devoted myself to the dinner and was able to conquer the entire menu. I thank you all for this fine meal. The liquor was quite bad but the food was fulfilling and met my expectations.

I would have no complaints if there was stronger liquor but this did not come true. I have tried the strongest liquor in the shop it did not satisfy me and  give the good punch I was looking for.

Though it is regrettable that the liquor was weak, the food was quite diverse and delicious thus I shall leave it at that.

Waka-sama seemed to be talking to the adventurers and playing with them. I think Toa did a fine job at the end, it was a very good banquet.


Next day

Waka-sama and I went to Asora to see how the construction work was progressing and to receive a report from the Highland Orc Ema. After listening to the report I was supposed to go to my people and receive a report about the surrounding in Asora but the leader of the Elder Dwarfs came and we had to meet him first.

We ordered various armaments from him. I use a fan and wear a kimono thus I really do not have any armor or weapons so I requested him to make another kimono the same as this one with stronger material. Waka-sama seems to have chosen a coat that will give him a better performance at using his magical power.

I wonder why Waka-sama wanted something like that, it seemed to be quite complicated but it was not necessary for him to have armor like that is it? The elder Dwarf seemed like they wanted to repay Waka-sama somehow thus I kept this thought to myself.

After sending them off, we went to hear the report from my people the Arke. Fufu, I was with Waka-sama for a very long time.

I do not know how long this day or time will last but I wish for it to last forever.

We received reports of various different things that grow and reside in Asora. Wood, Ores,  Plants, Fruits, and Mushrooms. Waka-sama when hearing about mushrooms looked very strange and had a complicated expression telling the Arke to be careful around them.

I wonder why, I said that it is not like they would die if they ate one. Both the Arke and Waka gave me a weird look.

“Mio, Mushrooms are very dangerous, I don’t want any of you to get hurt so be extra careful around them.” (Makoto”

“It may seem to be tangy, but that is actually a level of poison that will make you vomit and have diarrhea repeatedly. It will feel kinda like a squeeze to the stomach but it is actually a blow to the stomach and will cause you to die. There is bad smell that comes from you when you die like that and it is not instant death either.” (Makoto)

“I do not know why but the mushroom and herbs here are much stronger than the ones outside, so please don’t put anything in your mouth Mio.” (Makoto)

Because I said something strange I got sermon from Waka.


Waka-sama left now and this is the data room that Tomoe made to record all of Waka-sama memories. I can understand the language Waka-sama speaks in these data crystal so I was asked by Waka to organize the data reported by the Arke, Lizards and orcs.

Originally Tomoe was supposed to handle this so I do not have any motivation to do this. Ah, I want to walk with Waka-sama more in Tsige.

“Oh, Mio, you’re here, well then….oh here it is, The Mito  gate, the old public.” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe-san, if you are back, should you not report to Waka?” (Mio)

“Don’t say something so stiff, are you not here?” (Tomoe)

“I am only here because you were not!” (Mio)


If you have arrived Tomoe then please say so!

In the first place, I couldn’t accompany Waka because you were not here!

“All right, all right! I will report to Waka after I confirm something.” (Tomoe)

“I hope you receive a scolding from Waka.” (Mio)

Well it is good for me if Tomoe’s image in Waka falls, then I will increase in his mind and continue to stay by his side. I didn’t say any more to her and returned to watching the memories of Waka, the memory of a mysterious place and of a strange knowledge.

I know that Waka has a secret but I do not think he will tell me right now. I hope someday that he will tell me everything. Since I hope for this to happen, I must increase the trust Waka has in me.


What is this I wonder?

The picture is moving , it is quite interesting, it is like a theater except in picture format.

Children are most pleased by this kinds of things.


It was really funny, let me see another one


I was quite amazed by the moving picture. By the time the story finished, an entire 30 minutes had past and my hands had stopped. I was completely absorbed by this. I quickly try to find another one but I cannot seem to find one.

No, I must stop, I have to do the task that Waka told me to do.


I will only watch one more, then resume my task.  But finding another one is tough….oh yes right she was here.

“Tomoe-san.” (Mio)

“Tomoe-San!” (Mio)

What is it Mio, I am busy at the moment.” (Tomoe)

“Come here for a second.” (Mio)

“Wait just a moment, it is the important part where they find the killer in the magistrate house.” (Tomoe)

“Please find the continuation of this.” (Mio)

“What!?” (Tomoe)

“I like to see more of this!” (Mio)

“Even if you tell me that….” (Tomoe)

“If you do not find me the continuation, I will disturb you every single second.” (Mio)

“What are a kid? Fine….it’s over there rolling.” (Tomoe)

“Thank you.” (Mio)

“Ok…now back to the climax of Musashi versus the Killer.” (Tomoe)

I listened to Tomoe and discovered the continuation of the story. I watched until Waka came back.

How scary is it to be hooked onto something?

…..If Tomoe-san had told me sooner without complaining then I could have seen another episode. 

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