Lime: One step ahead of Darkness [34-43]

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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu (POV) – LIME


One step ahead of Darkness


“Ah, hello, do you know who accepted that request?” (Lime)

“I don’t know, but I do know a little about the situation. It seems that the request for the ruby eye was taken.” (Adventurer A)

“Can you tell me a little more about the person who accepted it?”

“All I know is that it was a guy. The request form was gone when I arrived, and the receptionist said that it was a guy who took it” (Adventurer A)

There are many taverns that open at noon in this city.

The city is very convenient for adventurers, and as there are at least a few thousand adventurers in this city at any given time, and the demand for taverns is high, a lot of common people open taverns to make a living.

Several Adventurers gather in the daytime to exchange information.

“Who the hell could take such a…hey… hey! Those guys are the ones who came back from the wilderness… . Do you know anything about them?” (Lime)

“Nah. They made a lot of noise yesterday, but today they said they were off to sell the materials they got on their travels. They also seemed like they were preparing for something or other… well, you know that request was an S rank so those people could not accepted even if they wanted to.” (Tavern head)

“… dammit, not a single person knows much about situation of that group, or the person who accepted the request. Hey guys, I want you to spread out and search, look for anyone who may know something and if they do, buy the info and bring it back to me, I will take care of any amount you guys can’t pay.” (Lime)

“OK. I’ll go out and see if I can get anything out of the guys who came back.” (Lime’s acquaintance)

“OK, I am counting on you.” (Lime)

The guy goes out of the tavern.

He is a really reliable guy.

I know he has been an adventurer for a long time in Tsige.

But … who are you dude?

There is nobody in this city who does not know about the request posted by the Rembrandt company, and nobody touches it at all.

The request is hard and the prey is really rare. You also need skill to kill it in just the right way, the ruby eye has to die in a very specific manner to obtain those materials.

I am trying to think, is there such a guy in this town?

Nope, there is no one who is that good in this town.

I would definitely remember a guy like that, as he’d be the highest level in this place.

That means he must’ve come very recently.

“Then Lime-san, please excuse us. We’ll check in town and in the guild to see if we can get any more info.” (Lime’s gang)

“OK.” (Lime)

“Let’s go guys.” (Lime’s gang)

The people I was drinking with stood up and left the tavern.

They are also adventurers.

I am the boss of the adventurers in this town.

Well there are other factions but, I am the head of the largest one.

I’m not a guild official, just an adventurer.

The highest level adventurer in Tsige.

I am the adventurers’ face in this town.

“Sorry ‘bout this but, look for the level and rank of the people who came into the city recently. Let me know if they have someone who is really high level.” (Lime)

“OK, please leave it to us, everyone else also understands.” (Lime’s gang)

“Sorry guys for asking this, I know you have to take requests as well.” (Lime)

“Please do not worry. I ‘got a rough idea as to why you are doing this and do not think it is bad.” (Lime’s gang)

“Here. Take this to cover any expenses that may arise.” (Lime)

“I cannot take this.” (Lime gang)

“Take it, I know you guys made a mistake in your last job and broke your weapons.” (Lime)

“… thank you very much.” (Lime’s gang)

All of them left the tavern, and I felt really lonely for some reason.

“Damn, Rembrandt! How much will you do until you are satisfied, or did you already kill all those people who cursed you? … How far will you abuse us, you bastard?!” (Lime)

The Rembrandt company.

The way they do business is something I ain’t ever gonna like.

I’m good with businesses that sell things to make a profit, and make requests that pays us the right amount.

But this guy’s work is always the same. Going to really dangerous places and endangering our lives for nothin’.

This shit-head has never stopped, and even after complaining, still doesn’t stop.

I took action against that bastard.

But even now, that shit-headed bastard still hasn’t changed a goddamn thing.

I ain’t gonna doubt that the bastard has figured it out….

The guy we hired to do it said he was happy ‘cause he also got a bone to pick with him.

We saw his corpse recently, it was not a pretty sight.

I’m sure that he talked about all the demands and things we wanted him to do for the fix.

But even knowing about the illness in his family he still hasn’t moved.

Our intel from the company is not coming through, and from the mansion it is mute as well.

I can’t tell what action that bastard will take.

“Aren’t you going a little too wild, Lime?” (Lime’s friend)

“…Oh, you…what are you doing here?” (Lime)

“Come on, this is just a greeting. I’ve got valuable info about that request, so I came here quickly.” (Lime’s friend)

“I don’t trust shady people.” (Lime)

“ Now, now. No reason to make me angry. I like that bastard Rembrandt about as much you do, that’s why I’m helping.” (Lime’s friend)

The shady person that came in to talk is the number two adventurer in the city.

She is a front guy, with a lot of powerful techniques.

I don’t have a fixed party, so I usually team up with her and go have some fun.

If there is something wrong in the wild, it is usually me and her fixing it.

…The ruby eye needs a direct shot to the chest to get it successfully, so it can’t be this girl as she crushes them.

I know a lot of adventurers that can secretly accept requests.

This girl in front of me is not that type of person, who would come to me after betraying me.

When we are this high level, we do not need too much money, so being bought with money is hard.

It is faster to earn money yourself and we are too young to be exclusive to a company.

I know that butler over at Rembrandt used to be an adventurer, but he’s kind of old.

“OK, will you cooperate with me for a while?” (Lime)

“OK. I’ve also mastered a new magic so I want your help to break it in. I am working cheap for now so, buy my help at 1% of the normal price.” (Number two)

“OK, I will take you up on that.” (Lime)

“Well then, let’s drink to our friendship shall we?” (Number two.)

“…OK, let’s drink.” (Lime)

OK for now, the most important thing is to determine the one who accepted the request.


Very suspicious.

In the evening, I listen to the report from my people and a specific person caught my attention.

A woman in black.

It seems that she was dressed in some rare clothes that they’ve never seen before, and had like a short bob of hair.

Hair and eyes, both black.

This woman is obviously not from here.

Seems like she came with them back from the wild.

Seems to be a member of a company.

The leader of the company is a little guy who wears a mask all the time.

The guy is nothing, the woman is the problem.

Someone who had direct contact with her said that she is strong enough to be in the top 10 of the city.

This news makes me smile as an adventurer, but frown as someone against Rembrandt.

It was unbelievable at first but it fit all the conditions of the request.

We need to monitor this person and maybe give her a little talking to.

“We will act tomorrow. Monitor this person for now, and keep watch on Rembrandt’s mansion and shops.” (Lime)

“Understood” (Lime gang)

“You got the inn they are staying at?” (Lime)

“Yes, it is under the name Kuzunoha company. I’ve got the location too.” (Lime gang)

“Kuzunoha company huh?” (Lime)

I never heard of it.

“The leader seems to be named Raidou, he wears a mask and is small. The other person is Mio, the women in black.” (Lime’s gang)

“Raidou and Mio, even so…why a mask? It is not a costume right?” (Lime)

Mask huh, quite easy to recognize.

What the hell is he trying to hide?

An ugly wound or is he using it to fake being hyuman?

Either way, there is a reason for using the mask.

“Also… Raidou can’t speak, he uses written words to communicate.” (Lime’s gang)

“A guy with a mask that can’t speak, it is like he wants to stand out. Does he use a pen and paper to communicate?” (Lime)

I do not feel any sympathy for this guy.

“No, I heard he uses magic to create characters in the air, he may be a merchant who is also a magician.” (Lime’s gang)

“Well there should be no problem with me here now, if it is a magic battle then I got it, no problem.” (Number two)

I am glad I bought her help.

We will surround them and then quickly attack before they are able to cast a spell, but if they do manage to cast a spell then she will counter it with her magic. A solid plan.

OK, I think we’ve got a good prospect now.

We will start tomorrow.

We will keep going for some days then execute the plan.

I think it is also time to finally have a face to face with Rembrandt as well.

Every occupation needs to resolve the problems in its foundations.

Both adventurers and merchants have to do this.

If the base becomes smaller, our range of skills becomes narrow too.

He will understand the reason, I am sure of it.

Also, even if he did not do this to us, it is still his responsibility as the CEO of the Rembrandt company.

It won’t be funny if the quality of adventurers fall in Tsige.

I know some strong ones are coming, but the weak ones are more than ever.

I try to earn enough to help them as well.

I’m also sure he wants to save his wife and children too.

I have the materials needed to cure them, and it is a small price for this shit to finally die down.

The women in black Mio, Raidou and Rembrandt.

I will have finally ended this feud.


This could not be happening…

I couldn’t believe what I heard.

The next day, we did not see the woman come out of the inn.

And as for Rembrandt, his butler invited Raidou to take a carriage to collect the rest of the materials.

Not only that.

The request to collect the eyes was already completed.

It seems Raidou took it.

The receptionist said the request was changed from S rank to special rank because he already had the materials.

How smart, I mean, how evil of him.

In other words Raidou met with Rembrandt and solved the disease curse with the elixir.

We still could not find the woman, but this situation is already an emergency to be worrying about that.

I thought nothing was gonna’ happen today, but everything happened today.

I became impatient so I quickly gathered some guys and hid in the path leading towards the mansion.

It hurt my wallet a lot but it can’t be helped.  

“Lime, it has come… but….” (Number two)

“But?” (Lime)

It was rare for her to be nervous

I wonder what’s wrong.

“The woman is here, and also some other woman who is not the alchemist is coming.” (Number two)

“What, the woman in black?! She should still be at the inn! I heard from my people just a minute ago that she did not come out.” (Lime)

“Exactly, I am confused now, what do we do?” (Number two)

“I am worried about that other person, but we know that the woman in black is bad news, I will try to strike a deal with her, and also show her what a weakling Raidou is.” (Lime)

“Strike a deal huh, hee hee.” (Number two)

“Well since, she is a bodyguard, there must be some money involved. So when the endangerment of life happens to a person they will cling to whatever there is.” (Lime)

“Ok I got it.” (Number two)

“I will try to talk to her alone, so provide some kind of life threatening situation, OK?.” (Lime)

“I will show my new trick here, a fire magic, the power is tremendous and it is quite difficult to avoid.” (Number two)

“Good.” (Lime)

Is that supposed to be a new technique?

Well I feel sorry for them.

She did not even hesitate to fire.

She started casting, and, as soon as we could see their faces, the magic circle appeared underneath and she pointed at the blue haired girl and said:

“Dead.” (Number two)

It was a  clear voice that Raidou picked up on, he evaded the magic along with the black clothed one.

The blue girl just stood there.

Raidou, for a magician, has some good reflexes and fitness.

A flame whirlpool appeared from the foot of the woman and she blew up.

It was not just power, but also the heat.

We could feel it from here.

I don’t think even bones will be left….

“Hmph.” (Tomoe)


Hey, hey, come on already.

Even if I took that head-on, I will be unable to move for at least 20-30 seconds.

To just get rid of it with a flick of the hand….


I wonder if she is as strong as the woman in black?

To be a master is not as easy as some people may think.

The woman in black is dressed unusually so you can tell, but this woman is dressed in an ordinary way.

The quality of adventurers in this town is high, but not to this level.

I hope she is just strong in terms of fire attribute, and that that is why she could do that.

“She did not even use a chant, no way….” (Number two)

“Don’t worry I am sure she has a talisman or something, quickly recast and attack them again.” (Lime)


What I said was totally… no, my thoughts of even attacking them from the very beginning were a mistake.

The woman in black followed my words and told me she would stay out of the battle.

But she also said that she was not on our side,it was just that she didn’t need to help.

And as she said, the result was defined before it even started.

I thought we could do it if she stayed out of it.

How wrong I was.

Raidou barely attack us but from what I could see he did not even need to attack.

We surround them with ten times their personnel but we still got our ass handed to us.

This woman was not in the report.

She was named Tomoe apparently, and was kicking our asses like a child crushing ants.

I thought she was a goddess of war, or a lone wolf that could easily become a ranker in the guild, she also took my sword.

She took my sword and used it to make everyone faint by hitting them with the hilt.

I was speechless.

The only ones left were me, and number two.

Only two people beat the top 20 of the guild in this city.

But in reality, it was just one person who did it.

They slowly walked in front of us.

I told you that I was the highest level adventurer in Tsige.

It was somewhat of a bluff.

But I am strong enough to be not laughed at.

The woman in black smiled at me and then looked away.

My number two buddy tried to run away but was blown away by Raidou.

It was kind of funny.

I really wish Raidou would make it clear whether he is a fighter, magician or merchant!

Well, merchant is no doubt a lie.

Wow, the whole package: strong, smart and has a way with money.

Really the winner in this battle.

I am done.

“Don’t mock my hair!!!” (Tomoe)

I was told this as I was punched in the face.

The woman in the blue hair.

I don’t remember anything from there.

I remember something about her stopping my sword with her bare hand but after that, completely blank.

I woke up and saw a sword stabbed beside my face.

I was looking like a beggar. My face had that type of expression.

Right now, my mind did not have Rembrandt or anything like that but a strong desire to live.

I really wanted to live.

“Waka, so do you have something to ask?” (Tomoe)

[Why did you attack?] (Makoto)

Fortunately Raidou, got me off the execution platform by talking with me.

But in the process I was robbed of…No, I had to give them protection money for attacking them. I heard some facts afterwards that made me wanna wet my bed.

[What are you talking about, the spell casted on the Rembrandt’s family is a certain death level 8.] (Makoto)

[Ok, I got it already.] (Makoto)

[Yes, please prepare someone to help with the treatment.] (Makoto)

[Sorry about the dagger, that was expensive right? We will pay some reparations for that.] (Makoto)

The letters in the air disappeared as Raidou kept talking.

I am thankful they will pay for the sword but I am way beyond caring about that.

I did not know that happened to Rembrandt’s.

I wondered what he was so concerned for.

I told Raidou I am thankful for the sword but he did not respond and left with the two woman.

Man! I’m so glad he is nice.

I guess because he has a disease, he hates illness of all kinds, that is why he was so pissed off when hearing about that.

I thought he would be more haughty, but he was an alright guy.

…Nope, there is no way I can think that.

The inside of my head is a mess.

My adventurer life ended after this incident.

I said goodbye to all my friends and gang and retired.

Adventurer Lime Latte’s life ended, but I never, in my life, thought I would end up working for that certain guy with a mask.

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