Lime 2: Lime’s Passion [100-110]

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I know I had said that I will release all of the Tsuki Pov as a mass release but I have to delay it a bit, the team is going to Move sites thus to celebrate this I was going to mass release all the Tsuki POV, but sadly due to the guy we hired to make our new Theme sucking at his job, we have to delay the move. We have decided to make the new theme ourselves and should be done this week (I pray to god)  please enjoy this second POV of Lime which I found to be very interesting to me

Reader’s Discretion: this chapter depicts very gruesome events and those who are unable to handle this kind of thing may wish to prepare themselves before reading or just skip the first part and go to the second part.

Thank you to the mysterious Joukyuu for editing


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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu POV – Lime 2 chapters 100-110

Lime’s Passion


I woke up in a prison cell…

“Will this be a good beginning for my report … ?”(Lime)

I quickly escaped the cell and I’m now exploring the old building with the librarian from the academy that was confined with me.

I am not escaping but rather gathering information.

I am a Kuzonoha company’s employee, my job in the company is intelligence officer and quasi-combatant. My name is Lime Latte.

…… I am still in the middle of the mission.

I will try to gather as much information as possible.

My main objective is to investigate details regarding the human experiments and trafficking.

This information was obtained from the demons, I am still conflicted with that part, but anything regarding the mission I have no qualms.

If it were me from a while ago then I would have not cared about this stuff and would have just said that it is their fault for being weak.

But now it is different.

I have been taught to follow the ideal.

I have been taught by the existence of power that is close enough to crush any reality.

I had that light burned in my heart in my dull and boring world.

It was my boss, the young master of the company – Raidou and his subordinates, Ane-san and Mio-san.

That is why I will not overlook it anymore.

As long as this body can still move, I have no reason to give it up.

Yes, I did lose against somebody before.

It was a ridiculously strong guy that I met on this mission.

Man… I stuck my head too deep and almost lost it, that guy had really cold eyes.

He was very different from the young master.

I had my sword and quickly slashed at him but that guy was able to stop it with his bare hands.

I used many of the tactics and attack I learned from my training with Ane-san but it was not enough, I got through and did injure him slightly but could not escape.

“Lime-san, did you hear me?”(Eva)

“Oh sorry, what is it” (Lime)

“Are you sure that the person who beat you is not here anymore?” (Eva)

“…Oh no worries about that, he is gone for now.”(Lime)

“Lime-san, I do think it is better to leave this place now.”

“There is no use thinking about that kind of monster, whether he is here or not it does not matter to us. That monster could easily catch us again without any effort so right now is the only chance I have to conduct what I am here for since he is not here.”(Lime)

“But we do not know if there are other people like him here though!” (Eva)

But…but..but… oh god this woman is annoying.

“All the presences in this building will only amount to 20% of my strength. I could pick you up, hold you on my back or under my arm and kill them all while having a thought transmission conversation about the weather with the young master. Just listen to me for now, I have more experience in this field and I am trying to call for help right now too.”(Lime)

“Help….you mean you can use thought transmission and want to contact the Kuzonoha Company?”(Eva)

“If it is thought transmission then everyone in the company can use it, even the store clerks. It is an essential skill you need to have to be hired.”(Lime)

This skill of thought transmission is something that all merchants wants, whether you are successful or not merchants want this on people because being able quickly communicated to the town is very useful for business, and we have everyone in the company who can use it.

Even if you are an adventurer we always look for people who can use thought transmission on a level of a few kilometers. These people are middle rank adventurers though.


Well now she is silent, which is nice.

This is a pleasing event.


I know the general area where the device they are using to seal the thought transmission.

I have narrowed it down to three places, huh ?

The first place is not that far away and I feel confident that it is the place with the device, the other places are decoys or traps to hide the real one.

If I destroy or shut it down then I should be able to use thought transmission again.

I do not know, if it is because I am angry that I lost or it is the sense of danger, my skill regarding searching has gotten better.

My body also has been moving better.

I am not exaggerating when saying that all these pieces of crap are an easy victory.

That is why I said we can escape later.

First I have to investigate.

“Man, I can smell all those pieces of crap from far away.”(Lime)


I tried to avoid detection and move quietly, but unexpectedly my voice came out and my nose started to move.

This reaction and words are from my adventurer days, I had a keen sense of smell and could smell any filth whether it was human or monster from far away.

The hallway had a similar smell…….

“Eva-san, please stay here for a moment, I will leave a barrier for you that none of those monsters could break, so stay inside.”(Lime)

“No, Lime-san, you are-“(Eva)

“I have to go over there.”(Lime)

While stopping her by putting my index finger in front of her mouth, I signaled to say there are people over there in the hallway.

There is a large amount of them there.

Is it an experiment or trafficking exchange place?

My guess is the former.

This girl seems to be kind of irritated.

There will be a battle soon, so I do not want any baggage with me then.

Also they have weapons with them too, right now I do not have the luxury to carry people since I am going to fight a lot of them.

“Lime-san, you cannot just leave a girl alone in a place like this!”(Eva)


I know I am using magic to suppress our sounds but seriously what is wrong with this woman, why can’t women ever see the situation they are in?

“I told you, I will not be gone for long, take a nap or sit down. There is nothing that can harm you in this barrier.”(Lime)

…..Also, I do not want to scar a little girl like her since nothing I am going to do right now will be pretty.

The mercenaries and security guards that will see this girl will try to take her too.

“Lime-san, there is no possible way I can take a nap here!”(Eva)

“That’s the spirit, now please wait just here and I will be back in a jiffy.”(Lime)

I turned my bracelet into a weapon, I got this from the elder dwarves, and quickly jumped from behind the corner.

The two guys that were lookouts quickly noticed my presence and tried to pull out their swords but it was already too late.

I cut the neck of one of them enough to kill him but not make his neck fly away, ram him into the other guy and split both of them in half.

Blood splatters everywhere.

It got on me as well, but I do not care as long as it does not block my eyes.

I kick the door and look inside the room.

“…. Damn!”(Lime)

The scene in front of me was worse than my imagination.

The demi-humans were torn apart alive, transplanted organs, experiments with different body parts…….and so on.

Nothing decent in here.

There is no coming back from this.

There was one demi-human that was fine but in his eyes you could see nothing but despair.

It was the same eyes I saw in Tsige so many times, just before your death or waiting for it. All light disappears and all hope is gone.

…..Damn it!

“Even though I knew something like this…, calm yourself!”(Lime)

I try to bring myself back from this scene by repeating words and thinking of the training with Ane-san.

But…I could not do it.

“I can’t do this……but I am glad I could not do it.”(Lime)


Every single living thing here.

As a form of salvation.

I will set you free from this world.

I kill the guards who were looking over my sword which has been my partner forever.

I kill the other two that were looking at a sword that was stuck in the ground.

I kill three more people without moving a bit.

I did not mind the bright red liquid and go to the four alive subjects and put them to sleep.

I close the eyes of the last one who saw me at the end.

I still did not feel any better.

But it was a given.

I could not help anyone.


I let out a sigh.

There was one woman left, she was wearing a white garment….I did not kill her yet.

“Murderer!!! I do not know what kind of thug you are but do you know what kind of place this is…..does your boss know about it!?” (Woman)

Murderer, this is the first voice I heard.

Well, I guess not the first, I heard lots of screams and shrills but those were not words, so I guess it is different?

Whatever the case, this is the first time in my life that the word murderer did not fit or echo in my head so much.

“Who I am, I will tell you now.”(Lime)

Hypnosis, techniques to encourage confession and how to break down a person’s spirit…I knew how to do this already.

Conveniently…..if the other party is already scared of you it is much easier.

I check if Eva-san is alright….

Ok, there are no problems.

I can do this without any interruptions.

The recovery of thought transmission will take…….five minutes.

The woman answered everything but the process did take longer than usual.

If Shiki-san was here, he could do it in a snap.

Whatever, though I wanted her to scream and shrill from fear.

Tears and a runny nose.

The woman began leaning on the wall and looking somewhere else. Soon after the wall was painted red and I left the room.

I joined Eva-san and restored the thought transmission. I contact the young master.

I did not know why but Shiki-san’s mood was apparently bad and the Boss asked me about a dragon.


………End of report……..I threw out the paper.

Right now I was fighting against my toughest enemy, my report of the incident. I do not know how many times I have written and rewritten it.

I already submitted an oral report and a written report as well but I was rejected at the written report.

Shiki-san and Ane-san said that I had to resubmit it.

“This is a good opportunity Lime, in the future you will not just report things to Waka or maybe Waka will not have time to listen to your reports. So use this chance to learn how to write a good report, have Shiki guide you and correct it!”(Tomoe)

“It is exactly as Tomoe-san says, I do not believe I will have time to listen to your reports in the future thus we need you to learn how to write proper reports.”(Shiki)

I completely agree with them.

Just because I can’t do it does not mean I should never be able to do it.

My goal in this company is to become the right-hand of Tomoe Ane-san.

In the future, the number of people who will be beside them will not decrease but actually increase.

So, if I start to slack off then someone else will take my place, I want to stay close to the boss. I am not aiming for the top but I want to be someone needed by them.

I have to keep improving myself and acquire higher heights in both knowledge and strength. Learn to train my subordinates and keep practicing these things.

The boss is a man of power and merits.

I do not want to bring them trouble and also just stay in this position forever because I was always here.

……. It is my prediction that one of the students in the boss’s class will join the Kuzunoha Company after graduating from the academy.

It is a scholarship student and an academy graduate, just by these facts alone he surpasses me in value.

I may soon become a subordinate of this guy if I do not keep up with my training and learn more skills.

I do not want to be a subordinate of anyone other than the boss and Ane-san’s group.

It is exactly for this reason I know there are things I can still do to get better.

“But….. I did not think……my opponent then……it was a superior dragon….of course I can’t beat him alone right now.”(Lime)

An unforgettable opponent, the cause of my defeat.

It was not even any ordinary superior dragon….it was the one people who spend their entire lives searching for and cannot find.

Man, when I am with the boss, there is never a dull moment.

The boss told me it was a dragon named Root?

Apparently it is a guy really close to the goddess.

Am I not good for managing a scratch…huh?

Am I not good for being alive…right?

Yup, I am great!

Make the important points easy to understand while putting them in bullet points.

I work on the report while praising myself over the dragon event.

Also speaking of superior dragons, the people in Tsige have poems and songs about them, those songs even tell where the superior dragons live. I am not gonna sing them though.

It is said that the Water Dragon called Waterfall lives in Limia and has a contract with the royal family since long ago. As long as people never try to invade the land it lives on it will make the land people live on fertile and rich. It is said that it can even cure the worst illness and sometimes helps the royal family out.

Crimson Light, the fire superior dragon lives far to the north in a mountain volcano. It has been said that he’s the fastest creature in existence and can fly to every single place in the world in a day. The breath attack of it is also one of the most powerful attacks as well and it will make you a shooting star if you are hit by it. I do not think it will match up to the Boss though.

I think I remember part of the song mentioning the night dragon, Darkness Clad lives somewhere in a labyrinth in Lorel. I think it was east of Lorel as well too, apparently some kind of ancient city is at the bottom of that labyrinth and he has resided there for years and countless treasures exist there. Though nothing can beat the treasures here in Asora.

Also something about at the Wasteland……but I can’t remember this one at all. Well since there is 7 of them, then I am sure one is in the empire and somewhere like the Wasteland.

“But what is the top of those dragons doing at the adventure guild and working as the boss of it. The boss and Ane-san said he is the leader of the guild but did not explain why that guy was doing that. I can’t imagine the top most dragon just sitting there and signing papers all day. But there is no way they would lie to me so it is true but why?”(Lime)

The dragon Root seems to be the creator of the adventure guild and has been the boss of it ever since the start.

They did not go into details, but if that is true then I am quite grateful to him, up until now I was just an adventurer and quite liked that life.

It is thanks to the adventurer guild that anyone, even the lowest of the crop can become a true person and dream for a while.

That dragon, Root, visited the company a few days back, he was in the shape of a person and seems to have had a long conversation with the boss.

I felt him coming thanks to my sword, the marking ability it has was left on him and I ran to the boss to see if he was alright but I was rejected at the door.

I know that it was because no matter what I do it will not be effective against that guy…. But still I felt helpless then.

Ane-san after having that conversation with that Root guy seemed really down that day, I asked what was wrong but she did not tell me.

The boss’s smile was also kind of weak.

I again felt helpless that I could not provide them comfort or even have the ability to tend an ear to them.

That is why.

Even when I am working like this, even when I am sleeping…. I start to think about what Root said to them.

The academy city will be entering summer vacation soon.

That is why the boss said the company might be a bit freer starting then.

It is at that time that I will spend most of my time with my men training.

And honestly I do not do much clerk work in the company.

Most of the clerk work is handled by the Forest Onis and the elder dwarves. I am pretty sure they can handle most of the work alone.

My subordinates, Akua and Eris are the two people that work together with me in the intelligence division. The boss did not ask me to help them grow but rather to make sure they do not go overboard.

Also those two are pleasant to be with but right now they are in a special training camp, they said they have to train like their lives depended on it or they will die.

In my case for training, I will first battle in the Wasteland by myself and ask Ane-san to give some pointers if she can……


Also mentioning the summer vacation.

Two girls came into my mind.

No, I do not mean as in love.

The two daughters of Rembrandt.

During the summer vacation those girls and the other students will be doing a special training and boss will do a special seminar as well for them.

The boss accepted this special seminar even though he is busy because Rembrandt told him that those girls are not going home for the summer. So he said he would do this if they go home for the second half of the summer.

I heard from Shiki-san that those two are also kind of in a bind how to train and increase their power.

I did some horrible things to those two, no to the Rembrandt family before.

The boss put a good word in for me, so the matter was forgiven because of that and I got forgiveness from Rembrandt as well.

Meaning that matter is forgotten.


“The one who gave me the opportunity to ask for forgiveness was the Boss….I am truly grateful to the Boss.”(Lime)

The academy and I have nothing to do with each other.

Of course I also have no intention of touching anything related to the Boss’s side job as a lecturer either.

But I do not think it was a coincidence that Shiki-san told me about the sisters, who did not need to say anything to me.

I am pretty sure they were aware I was still burdened by it……that is why they have me that chance.

Those students also went into a forest near the academy, it was quite high level for them. Apparently they got their confidence broken into pieces during that trip.

It seems the boss gave Eris a special job of tailing them during the trip in case something went wrong. They had no injuries when they got back but had an expression that said – I am weak. Ever since then, I see them living each day more seriously and carefully than ever.

Live carefully every day, live seriously every day.

This is quite easy to say but incredibly hard to do.

I am a little jealous that those students were able to do it so early in life and they also get taught by the Boss too.

I am not sure that those girls will be able to do this when they are back in Tsige. I know that I do not have a care about the sisters anymore and will not do anything unreasonable to them either.

But I guess I can help a bit.

The place I want to train is close to there and I have absolutely no problems moving and protecting them there either.

I guess I just can’t win against you boss.

Isn’t this the best opportunity for me, for the many problems I have in my head right now.

Sif Rembrandt and Yuno Rembrandt.

I do not think this will atone for what I have done.

At least let me help you keep up with the others.

I will be meddling a little bit in your training boss, ok ?

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