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Hello Here is a small bonus POV of Makoto….yes I know he is the MC but Reigokai did no translate this part thus It falls in my jurisdiction of POV’s.  Thus rather than POV it is more of a summary leading up to the battle with Sofia in Limia Arc.

Also, I have finished a POV, actual POV but since none of the editors have responded to me to edit that chapter, thus if you are an editor who did email or want to edit one chapter please contact me by email at [email protected]

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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu POV Makoto extra story -154.5

The attack on the Academy city this time was huge.

The disaster of people turning into powerful monsters.

We thought of using this situation to increase the reputation of the Kuzunoha company because of the previous situation that was happening.

The plan we had made worked really well, and the result of all that hard work was in front of us.

But no matter what, something always goes wrong.

I did not think my luck was this bad.

Yes, again, something got in my way.

Furthermore, it was the one thing I did not want to appear right now. It was the goddamn bug, making its appearance after a long period of absence.

She was trying to kidnap me, kidnap!!!!!

Seriously there is absolutely no good point to that bug.

This time I resisted against it; maybe it was because I resisted that she could not just dump me somewhere like last time. I was in the same place as when I first came to this world, a subspace palace, whose place of existence I do not know.

…..Because of the incident last time, we had prepared countermeasures against their weird power to instantly bring us to her. But it did not work. Rather, if I’d kept at it, we would’ve been spotted by the hyumans and this would have led to even more trouble.

I had a very nice talk with the bug, gave her a piece of my mind, and thanks to this opportunity, got the ability to finally talk to the hyumans.

Her condition was that I save the hero at Limia and take down the Stella fort.

She transported us to Limia in a very comfortable manner. You know, like how she sent me down before, in the beginning.

The trip was so comfortable that I really wanted yell thank you right next to her ear while amplifying my voice with magic.

We got thrown into the royal city of Limia.

It was at this time that I was reunited with a person I never thought would be here.

The person was a celebrity in the school and was now a hero to the Kingdom of Limia.


Hahaha, I wanted to laugh so much at this bad luck of mine.

After I came here, this kind of thing seemed to happen a lot.

I really wanted to ask why she was here in this world at the moment, but I swallowed my words.

This was not a bad surprise in itself. It was quite unexpected, but since I now knew what she was doing, I could be prepared later.

However, right now, another thing is making my mood much worse. To be specific, it is my clothes at the moment. Also, why is she dressed like a one of heroines in my eroges?

I could not ask her during that mess, but seriously why……

I manage to switch my focus back to fighting the demon general that is in front of me.

I have no choice but to fight this battle.

The demon army is made up of all types of different species and has high morale, with great teamwork.

I really like this side much more than the hyumans.

But I still must fight them. I do not want to, but I have to.

I have to keep my promise with the goddess, but this will only be once, and I will promise to make it up to them.

I do not want to break my promises.

Besides, I had ordered Tomoe and Mio beforehand.

While we were taking care of the situation in the kingdom, I asked both of them and everyone in Asora too.

Take back Kaleneon.

The Highland Orc and Mist Lizard are personally trained by Tomoe and have experience in fighting. Also, with Mio and Tomoe there, it should be completely one-sided win.

Even though it will be one-sided, it does not mean that there will not be casualties.

Since it is a war, it is completely possible for someone to die.

But I still ordered them, knowing the consequences.

Thus, even though I like the demon side a bit more than the hyumans, it does not mean I will stop fighting them.

Just because it is a promise with the bug, I will not do it because it is promise with the bug that it is not going to happen.

I have to do this.

I have to push my will through.

I will not run away this time.

I will protect the hero from the demons and take over Stella fort.

This will happen no matter what.

This is also the perfect opportunity to use the new power I got during the summer vacation.

The incident in Rotsgard

The battle in Limia

The war in Kaleneon

I will win all of them

The CEO of Kuzunoha Company is here, Have at thee.*

*Tlnote: oshitemairu, there many translation for this but since he is an archer I went with this one

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