Akua 2: Akua’s encounter with Fate [114-116]

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Here is Akua second POV, not really anything important just a funny chapter

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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – POV Akua 2 chapters 114-116

Akua’s encounter with Fate

The city was very lively today.

Just before the big event that is called a school festival and right after the summer vacation over. This city, Rotsgard had a very different atmosphere than it usually does, it is much more lively and attentive than it was during the holidays.

I, the forest Oni Akua, is watching those lively people preparing for the school festival and was enjoying seeing people like this.

However, unlike those people, I am just a shop clerk at a company called Kuzunoha, selling to those students, people who have money to spend during this busy time.

Though to be honest, I did not like that I had to work more because of this so called school festival event but Waka-sama said he would give us that as a bonus for doing this extra work.

This thing was enough motivation for me to strive through these days.

It’s value is quite high in Asora because Waka-sama does not distribute it yet

I and my best friend Eris are both going to do our best.

That fruit is the greatest longing for us Forest Oni right now. Me and Eris have the chance to obtain large amounts of this fruit, thus we are very happy.

“Akua, why did Waka-sama remove Banana from the cup of fruit we sell, of course even though I am showing a boomerang I mean a banana, it is because we don’t have any banana’s on hand that I am doing this”(Eris)

Eris wondered why the cup of fruit did not have banana’s.

while telling me something really meaningless

“…….you forgot? Eris it was your fault. You always picked out the Banana’s from the cup of fruit and refilled it with other fruits.”(Akua)

“….Oh ya…..why did that happen, how did I get caught. I made sure to adjust for the missing weight and the customers seemed to have no problems with it.”(Eris)

“The customer of course did not have problem with it, they get all the profit. The company is the one losing money.”(Akua)

“But Waka-sama does not care about profit, and the hyumans themselves even comment they hate the bananas….stupid hyumans should only eat the filthy apples.”(Eris)

“Well I do agree with that sentiment….”(AKua)

“Also, it is not like I was alone in this crime, you also have this sin.”(Eris)


“Oh Bananas as a bonus, love you waka-sama. Maybe I will ask to be paid in advance or I know not ask for bonus but ask for them to put it back in the cup of fruits we serve. I will promise to leave one piece of banana.”(Eris)

“So, you still will take the bananas from the cup either way…….Eris should you not be out in front, changing the shelves and working the rounds?”(Akua)

“I am off, the newcomer Erdoi in now on shift. I attended to the regulars and took care of most of the other work so it is fine now.”(Eris)


What she said made no sense to me, but I know she does her work properly.

Furthermore, there has been no complaint from the customers when she is on duty.

Though sometimes when she spots a bad customer or tough customer she completely gives them to me, but her work is always accurate and fast.

I am always going at full power but Eris always seems to be one step further than me.

I always thought this was unfair but now I am glad she is like this.

This is just Eris.

I know she does not mean anything bad but only does bad stuff, we grew up together and overcame that hell training camp together.

She is unmistakably my partner.

However, I do think that she has been getting the good parts lately, when she protected those students on Waka-sama’s order, she got a banana as a reward…..so unfair…..

“Eris, look your fans have come.”(Akua)

The students waka-sama teaches came to the store.

I hope they spend their summer vacation fruitfully. They often come to the store to hear Eris’s stories.

Since the time they were saved by Eris, they seem to stick to her like glue, they even come when we went for training yesterday. I know they did a special training camp with Waka-sama.

But we who have been trained by Tomoe-sama and Hime Komoe nightmare training camp are way over these students who have only seen the surface of the iceberg. I heard their lectures are quite tough in terms of hyuman standards and that Shiki-sama only uses healing magic to heal serious injuries only.

“Well I guess it is time for me take off and tell some stories to these young’uns ja no”(Eris)

“Are you trying to imitate Tomoe-sama? It’s terrible”(Akua)

“Well enough of that but right now since Waka-sama and Shiki-sama are off to the temple, we are in charge of the company, hahahah.”(Eris)

“….Please do not bother the other customers.”(Akua)

Even though I said that I know she will not follow my words.

The other day someone from the temple came over and told waka-sama and Shiki-sama to come over to the temple of the goddess.

It seems that they want to know how to make the medicine we sell over here.

…….I can already see the outcome though.

All their aims and plans are a complete waste.

Even if they found out what and how to make it, they will never be able to sell at the price we sell it at.

The materials, success rate, price of delivery, and the abundant amount of failure will skyrocket their price.

They can maybe make 1 in 100 tries but never will they set the price as the same as ours.

This is just harassment to them, Waka-sama.

I wonder why they acted now, is it because of that rumor of a top official of the church dying because of heavenly punishment.

Or is it because of the school festival….

Well since the other party is our Waka-sama, there is no way for them harass us and make things difficult for us.

“Well, I should start work now, I also have to do Eris’s work as well”(Akua)

Even though I said this, I never thought this random choice would lead me to the greatest moment in my life.



I just cried from the bottom of my heart.

A marvelous flavor takes control of my mouth.

Even though it looks really close to plain milk, the taste is heavenly.

My tongue is in complete ecstasy from the cold cool liquid entering my mouth, the texture of the milk going through my teeth and then passing through my throat.

I have always respected Waka-sama’s battle ability.

But now that is irrelevant.

I worship him for his true skill, his culinary genius.

I have always thought that banana’s when eaten should be alone.

My partner tries a variety of ways to find out the best way to eat a banana but all ends in failure.

But now…….

This Banana Milk!!!!

While taking the incredible taste of banana’s and mixing it with the fine taste of milk thus mixing the two flavors to create a mysterious and harmonious combination. If it was Eris who had drunk this first I am sure she would say “Marvelous”

He taught this weird word

I call it Eris’s language.

For some reason Waka-sama is able to understand these mysterious words.

Fruits and Milk

Waka-sama is the true god of this world.

Unknown ideas

With this product, we forest Oni are able to fight for the next 10000 years.

And to think I am the first Forest Oni to taste this

This has been the greatest moment of my life.

I did give some to Eris but now it seems she is in the same trance as me.

The reason why I got to drink this first is because when Waka-sama and Shiki-sama came back, I told them about Eris stupidity and foolish behavior.

I wanted to get revenge at Eris

But now I am truly thankful that she committed such stupidity.

Simply Great.

At a later date, all of the Kuzunoha company went to our favorite store, Gotetsu and had a big party. Waka-sama at the beginning of that party commended my work. I was completely in awe of him.

I am truly happy.

For some reason, even though they don’t drink, Mio-sama, Tomoe-sama and Shiki-sama all started drinking like fishes.

I was making the nabe and distributing it. I also was in charge of the banana Milk.

Because of this fact I was satisfied at being in charge of the nabe.

School Festivals huh, this is not that bad.

I am glad it is only once a year but I quite like this now.

……….even though, it has become quite chaotic now.

Today’s party was conducted at a private room in the back of Gotetsu.

Because of this fact Tomoe-sama, Mio-sama, and Shiki-sama became complete drunks and were starting to fight each other.

Oh, Waka-sama escaped the room.

“Oh, no it is fine…..our guys are having fun……if you guys are, then it means this party is a success. One question though, how did the banana milk in the nabe taste.”(Makoto)

Waka-sama looking at the empty glass in my hand with a very complicated expression

Waka-sama, Thank you for the Banana Milk it is the greatest.

“I love this milk Waka-sama! It is so much better than any meal and drink!”(AKua)

“…..I see that Akua is also drunk, by the way, what is Eris doing? She is looking really carefully at the glass and meat.”(Makoto)


I wonder why he said that.

I have not drank much tonight.

The elder drank a lot, but me and Eris did not drink that much sake but a lot of Banana Milk

“Eris is wondering why the meat and sweet drinks combine so well together and how to add some spice to it.”(Akua)

“…..is everyone but me drunk?”(Makoto)

“Huh, Waka-sama?”(Akua)

Waka-sama for some reason looked at the ceiling and started to move to another place.

By the way, I was asked by a customer what the letter written on the signboard of the store mean.

Even though it did not lead to any trouble thus I had no reason to report…..i got a little worried.

I will tell Waka-sama at a later date.

We wrote that on the request of Waka-sama and we are supposed to say this line as well when people ask.

I believe it was that it is written as Kuzunoha and read Kuzunoha.


“What is it, Eris”(AKua)

“Did you notice?”(Eris)


“The School festival has started.”(Eris)


“In other words, there is a high chance of Waka-sama making a new recipe to rival this one!”(Eris)


“If something like this appears again, it will cause a revolution for the forest Oni.”(Eris)

“……That is true.”(Akua)


“Eris, why are you struggling?”(Akua)

“Don’t worry, just leave it to me.”(Eris)

I wonder if such a thing is possible?

I am in doubt.

But it is Waka-sama thus I can never really predict him.

Well, in any case after today’s party, I am in full throttle for tomorrow.

Come on, Customers

I will make sure to serve you all until the last day.

I was completely conscious when making this decision.

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