Rembrandt and Zara: Rembrandt and Zara at the school festival [119-133]

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POV Rembrandt and Zara Chapter 119-133

Rembrandt and Zara at the school festival


The biggest event in the world right now is the Rotsgard Academy’s festival.

This was originally supposed to be a commemoration for founding of the academy but now after a long time became a school festival.

However, even though the name changed, it is not like the scale of the event went down.

It became even more large-scale than last year, with people from the highest status coming to visit as guests.

The number of people who come here to visit the town for sightseeing purposes also increases during this time and the students had started to prepare for this event several months in advance.

This is the time the town is booming and the liveliest.

“It has been a long time since I have come to this neighborhood.” (Rembrandt)

“Why do you talk like it is nostalgic, you did not even spend that much time here.” (Zara)

“No, it is not that. I am talking about the times and memories I have; where this town caused me such difficulties…. you know, during the time I was a smaller peddler.” (Rembrandt)

“Oh…. you still remember that era of our time?” (Zara)

“I could never forget the humiliation, bitterness and despair I felt, the sorrowful history in my perfect life as a merchant……I had many of these moments in this town.” (Rembrandt)

“Then why did you leave and go to Tsige, such a remote city? I wanted the two of us to build our lives here but one day you just left without even trying to give me an explanation.” (Zara)

“……I had various reasons for doing that back then……well, it does not matter now…” (Rembrandt)

“True, it does not matter now, but I still want to hear that story from your mouth. I want to know why all the blood, sweat and tears we spent just disappeared into thin air. You just took all your stuff and left. That mystery haunts me even now.” (Zara)

The city was bustling, look at any street and you could see this to be true. The two men were viewing the town from on top of a large building. They looked down and watched the city but did not let their eyes meet yet. This was the Rotsgard’s merchant guild building. It was the best reception room this guild had to offer, with luxurious furnishings filling the room.

One man was a merchant who had come to see his daughters’ growth. Another was the representative of the merchant guild of Rotsgard. The guild representative will not meet with just any merchant but this man with him was not any other merchant. He was Patrick Rembrandt, the merchant who makes a living and is still alive while doing business at the wastelands.

“…. huh, stop being so uptight, Zara. We are not young anymore, let us sit down.” (Rembrandt)

“This is something I should say to you, not the other way around. Has that remote city robbed you of your courtesy as well?” (Zara)

“I felt that you weren’t going to say it anytime soon so I took the liberty of saying it.” (Rembrandt)

“…haaaa” (Zara)

“I am not here to negotiate any deals with you today, come on let us sit down, we are old friends.” (Rembrandt)

“If we are old friends, then why are we skipping the part of talking about the old times, you even gave me some baggage to deal with as well.” (Zara)

The man named Zara all this time did not let go of his serious expression, unlike the other person, Rembrandt, who was clearly in quite a happy mood.

“Baggage? What are you talking about? Well, why don’t we discuss it together, I have a lot of time today so let’s talk slowly.” (Rembrandt)

“Oh, don’t worry old friend, I will definitely take you up on that offer.” (Zara)

As he sighed, Zara sat down on the sofa opposite of Rembrandt. Both of the sofa were worth a fortune on their own. The transparent crystal table is worth more than one can afford in their lifetime too. Neither Zara nor Rembrandt felt out of place, they were both quite relaxed and seemed used to being around such luxury items.

“Come on, you have just been reunited with an old friend, act a bit more pleased at least. If there is a misunderstanding between us, we can just laugh at it together, here you take the first laugh.”(Rembrandt)

“……….” (Zara)

“Ok, this looks like the first meeting between distant cousins. Fine, I will show you something special, a portrait of my daughter. Be careful though, one look and you may fall under her charm in an instant.”(Rembrandt)

Rembrandt tries to take out a palm sized portrait from his pocket. Zara signs stop with his left hand and starts massaging his forehead with his right. He was trying to suppress a headache.

“…. I think you are forgetting which school those two go to, I do not need to look at a portrait, I often see them pass by the guild.” (Zara)

“Oh true, well what do you think, they are both beautiful as Lisa aren’t they?” (Rembrandt)

“…Yes, I do agree that they have inherited their beauty from their mother…. but they also inherited their father’s strange habits.” (Zara)

“Oh, the other day they wore a dress and did this beautiful dance. I have to say the education at this academy is quite good, although I have no idea about their battle prowess but I believe in their lecturer.” (Rembrandt)

“I do worry about your daughter Yuno, she is too honest…. this behavior might lead her to danger but I don’t believe anything will happen. After all she is still a Rembrandt and I don’t think anyone in this city will try to pick a fight with you.” (Zara)

“……” (Rembrandt)

“Well, I do think that they were beautiful when they danced……I wonder if they will go to Gritonia or Limia to study further…….” (Zara)

“…. Hey, those are my daughters you know? Aren’t you being a bit too creepy, how do you know that they pass by this street every day, I thought you would be busy with work…how do you know about Yuno’s honest behavior and her dress…Is it alright to hit you about a 1000 times?” (Rembrandt)

“Hey, wait, wait! This a misunderstanding, I spotted them sometimes while I am on break. I know they are your daughters thus I have placed several people to look after them during their stay here in the academy. And that dress comment I just heard it from some friends afterwards, it is just coincidence…. I did not go to that party!” (Zara)

“Is it because they are Lisa’s daughters……you’re not thinking of anything strange right?” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt’s voice was low but his words were cold. His stance in this line of questioning is to probe Zara intentions.

“Patrick, I am a really old man, even if I do go for the girls, they have to first graduate.” (Zara)

“Hmm, ok if it is graduate girl……. wait a minute, Sif is only five years from a graduate student’s age!” (Rembrandt)

“That makes a huge difference in the world of adults! Calm down!” (Zara)

They fought for several minutes before returning to the sofas. They were breathing heavily. It was a very lively conversation between two merchants. Most of the conversations between merchants are stiff and dangerous with the atmosphere being so tense you can cut it with a knife.

“Well, I finally understand that my best friend has become a child liking pervert, but you being at the dance was natural thus I will forgive it.” (Rembrandt)

“I am not a child liking pervert and I thank you for finally understanding. I am a single man who actively socializes with women.” (Zara)

“Did you see…Lisa?” (Rembrandt)

“Yes, she was beautiful as ever.” (Zara)

“…. Never mind, I am going to continue hitting you.” (Rembrandt)

“Patrick, we have to continue the conversation.” (Zara)

“Ok.” (Rembrandt)

“I, out of consideration for you, did not call out.” (Zara)

“…. yes, that is true…. I am sorry old friend” (Rembrandt)

“It is fine.” (Zara)

“However, you sure are under pressure, the festival has so many world leaders coming. I saw the prince of Limia, princess of Gritonia, two generals from Aion and lady Sairitz from Lorel at the party.” (Rembrandt)

“Yes, I have also been informed that his Majesty, the King of Limia, will also be coming.” (Zara)

“Him as well….! It is about 20 years since the last time he came here hasn’t it?” (Rembrandt)

“It’s for sure that this year the visiting people have much higher status than usual. We do get kings and queens of small and medium sized countries as a regular thing but the king of a major power coming is quite a surprise.” (Zara)

“Well, for you it is a happy opportunity for business?” (Rembrandt)

“Yes, but only to me, the others have been scared off, you know why that is?” (Zara)

“Of course, “this is too dangerous, dealing with such major power and not enough profit, too much risk” right?” (Rembrandt)

“Yes, it is fine to make a greeting and then leave the stage. But this time we have a fool who does not know that here.” (Zara)

“………” (Rembrandt)

“A fool who got introduced due to a letter of introduction from a certain someone in this room. I have to now deal with that baggage.” (Zara)

“………. ku” (Rembrandt)

Zara started to mention Raidou. Rembrandt trying to hold back his laughter showed a weird smile.

“What is wrong?” (Zara)

“Oh nothing, please continue.” (Rembrandt)

“That baggage does not even come to the local meeting or the regular guild meeting of the town. I would understand if he was the representative of a big company but he has only one store and even if I count the one at your city, it is still only two. He is acting too hasty and risky.” (Zara)

“But, isn’t that only because that person is a lecturer at the academy and he cannot make it to the meetings.” (Rembrandt)

“…I do not know why you are not mentioning his name even though this is clearly your fault but I will play along……. I am fine with him being a lecturer at the academy and we can make accommodations according to this if he informs us…” (Zara)

Zara who was trembling with anger continues.

“But he does not do this and sends this young man named Shiki…or these two women. Many people have come up to me to complain about him and want to attack him directly. This will be bad for him. I have succeeded in keeping such people down but then another problem came. A letter from the Church saying that we have to force that guy to increase the price of the medicine they sell and when we asked them for the manufacturing method, they gave us this impossibly high priced method. There is no way for such a small company to do this thus I am stuck at what to do with him.” (Zara)

“Oh Shiki-dono, he is fine man is he not?” (Rembrandt)

“Oh, yes he’s a fine man…. quite smart and competent…I wonder how such a baggage was able obtain him. Also that demi-human woman, she is also a competent person, I want to take her away from him.” (Zara)

“Fuf, I see.” (Rembrandt)

“Anyway, the executives in this town are fed up with him and want to get rid him completely including that other shop. I stopped them for now but I do not think I can keep it up any longer. I will be honest here, I am going to crush his store here in this town and give that baggage back to you.” (Zara)

“What?” (Rembrandt)

“I personally think that for him it will be better if he becomes a doctor or a medicine man, not a merchant. I also think he should become an adventurer so when he comes back to your town, tell him these things.” (Zara)

“That…. I wonder….” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt dismissed his old friend’s proposal and thought:

(As expected he is still that word Raidou-dono described to me – “tsundere”.)

“Patrick, what were you thinking of sending that baggage over here…he is clearly unfit to be a merchant.” (Zara)

“I wonder…. He is someone who wants to help everyone who is suffering under the curse disease. His ultimate goal in life or as a merchant is to eliminate all diseases from this world thus I do not believe he will quit being a merchant, Raidou-dono will not quit.” (Rembrandt)

“Suffering from the curse disease……. I understand why you want to put your weight behind that……. but entirely eliminating diseases is beyond the power of any merchant, it is not even realistic.” (Zara)

The words spoken about the curse disease from his old friend clearly affected Zara.

Zara knows the relation between that disease and his old friend thus was stuck in between words.

“Yes I agree it is unrealistic…but it is because of that person that my family is able to laugh once more.” (Rembrandt)

“…. He was the one who provided the ruby eyes? I could not get exact information…. but that is the reason you are siding with him, huh? I do agree if he is at that level of an adventurer then he is more than qualified to be a lecturer.” (Zara)

“Although you are close, it is a little different. I do agree that he does possess a tremendous amount of promise as an adventurer.” (Rembrandt)

“What is different?” (Zara)

“Oh, let me leave it at that. Zara I will say this; he is the person I could not become…. thus I want to see what lies at the end of the path I chose not to follow.” (Rembrandt)

“I do not know what you mean Patrick, I will bring Raidou here once…. I am sorry but I will crush him at that time. I will make sure that no one touches anything he does in your city though.” (Zara)

“……Zara, I will tell you this now, this is a bad deal. You can still change it.” (Rembrandt)

“No, Patrick, this is the conclusion of the guild and I do not believe he will be able to manage doing business here.” (Zara)

“I truly wonder about that?” (Rembrandt)

“Patrick, I do understand that you want to help your savior but!” (Zara)

“Zara…. those people who complained about Raidou-dono, can they compete with my company?” (Rembrandt)

“…. You…you will go that far…. of course not, if it’s you then they will instantly back away and leave him alone forever. This city’s relationship with Tsige is essential for business.” (Zara)

“Really?” (Rembrandt)

“Pat, I do not believe this will be good for Raidou….” (Zara)

“Oh no, I am not going to do anything yet…. just I will say this to you now……if Raidou-dono ever says that I helped him out a lot and that my company owes him a debt that it can never pay, it is the truth.” (Rembrandt)

“You….” (Zara)

“If Raidou-dono ever says he uses the transportation method we use at our company that is also the truth. If Raidou-dono even says that my daughters have asked for his hand in marriage, then that is also the tru…th” (Rembrandt)

“Patrick” (Zara)

“And if he ever says that he has the complete backing of my Rembrandt company, this is the absolute truth. If they have a problem with this tell them to go and see the representative at this branch of my company. We will welcome all who are willing to do business with Raidou…We will crush anyone trying to harm Raidou as well though…. this will be the line I will order my representative to say to them.” (Rembrandt)

“…Do you have to go so far?” (Zara)

“Zara, this is just if Raidou ever mentions any of the things I said before……I doubt he will though. He is a sweet young man and tries to not rely on other people much. I feel this is somewhat lonesome. I will tell Raidou that you called him here, he will surely come.” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt got up and quietly left the room. Rembrandt Company fully supports the Kuzunoha Company and will crush anyone who tries to harm it. He said so. Zara did not know that the Church retracted their statements and started to leave the Kuzunoha Company alone. He was filled with humiliation and irritation at himself for not being able to see the core of the Kuzunoha Company. Whenever he sees the representative of the company he feels that Raidou is too immature. Even if he’s a top notch adventurer, he’s a 3rd rate merchant. He cannot keep his company alive with these methods.

“I wonder if my friend has gotten soft after experiencing that horrible situation. I know that his city is not an easy one to live in and he has become successful. I am really sorry to see you in this state Pat.” (Zara)

He got up and started to look down the street again. He saw his friend leave the guild and the day turning to night.

The festival starts tomorrow.

“I will listen to you, old friend. If he mentions your name in our conversation, then I will immediately retreat and convince all those executives to leave him alone by using that method. But, old friend, if he was such a person from the start then I do not believe he would be in this mess.” (Zara)



The fighting competition.

The first highlight of the school festival. This is a place where the students fight both one on one and as a group to show off the techniques they have learned in the academy. Students also do this to help the officials from other countries remember their names and faces for a chance at a brighter future.

The audience is also happy to see the student fight. The venue is always full of people and the preliminary 1v1 are the first day highlight. The betting who will win in this competition is fierce and always brings in massive amounts of money.

“Are you finished with your business, Zara” (Bishop)

“It was some foolish individual causing problems; he will leave after this.” (Zara)

“Well that is good, the archbishop is very intently watching the matches.” (Bishop)

“Intently at the matches?” (Zara)

(Just remembering that conversation with Raidou pisses me off. Actually I am way more pissed at Patrick for fully supporting that kid. But I cannot show that here. I was called here by the archbishop of Limia. He usually does not care about these matches and just attends for face but right now I can see him really intently watching the matches, why?)

“Well, it is not just the archbishop who is watching these matches intently, the King of Limia, the princess of Gritonia and other nobles too are watching these matches carefully.” (Bishop)

“Well, I am glad for the students then, they are giving it their best.” (Zara)

(Every year, the students battle is quite high level….is it the same this year? Oh, there is the son of the Hopelace family. I believe he is the top contender for this year’s winner. There are many Hopelace families in the world but the one in Limia is quite special. That idiot Raidou also caused problems for the Hopelace family. They came to the guild many times wanting to shut down his business. There is an iron rule when dealing with the kingdom of Limia, the Hopelace family is on equal standing with the royal family. They are a family that can move the country on their own and have a vast territory within the kingdom. And that idiot caused problems with them. I investigated and saw they had no prior dealings with them. To cause problems with the Hopelace means that you cannot do business in Limia. It is just another proof of that guy’s stupidity.)

“Well, I doubt he is even aware of this problem.” (Zara)

“What is it?” (Bishop)

“Oh nothing, archbishop, please excuse me for now I have some other business I must attended to.” (Zara)

The archbishop that came to Rotsgard from Limia is only looking at the matches.

(In my opinion, this woman is quite dangerous and ambitious. I have no doubt that she wants to reach the top, and wants to do it fast. I guess that is why she is paying so much attention to the child of Hopelace’s match.)

“No, please stay, look over there…. I believe it will interest you greatly.” (Bishop)

The bishop points to the matches with his finger. The space were the guards and the guests are all watching the matches….

(No, they were tranced by the matches, why?)

I do not have much interest in fighting to begin with but I cannot disregard this invitation.

“Hmm, I will do as you say.” (Zara)

“Well…. oh ok, I remember that some daughter of a merchant made it to the finals and won……I think it was a merchant from the wasteland?” (Bishop)


(Rembrandt? Sif and Yuno made it to the finals? I did not get such a report. Hmmm………….)

(TLnote: These are random spectators thus no name is there)

“Impossible, a kick from there?!”

“That casting speed is completely unfair…. they cancel it partly and use only the needed parts…. that power too!”

“Every one of them has a complete grasp of each other’s skill and does not let the other party finish their casting!”

The knights and mercenaries are all looking terrified at the students’ matches.

(Come on, I get they are students from the academy but losing to these people. How deplorable.)

“Looks like Illumgand of the Hopelace family will lose” (Bishop)


“The group fights are all just them….no normal adventurer can beat these people.”

“This is not a fight; it is a one sided massacre!”

“I really do not want to fight them with the same number, I would rather carry my employer and runaway.”

“Really…. well I would do the same, this school must be really impressive if it can create kids like these.”

“Even though it is 3 on 7 they are completely overwhelming them. The two people who are the vanguard are constantly attacking, while the other person in back is in complete sync with them.”

“I really want to meet their teacher.”

“I think everyone does now. I can see people asking the academy officials for more information. But I think it is impossible that one person taught those 7 people, right?”

I look at the students that they were talking about.It was a party fight organised by the academy. Hopelace’s kid is in danger.

“….” (Zara)

I watch the match and the individuals in it. I saw Yuno there and two other boys. They are overwhelming the opponents. Even I who know nothing about fighting can see this. I wonder if it’s because I can see the stadium as a whole. The 3 students cut, beat and take down the other 7. They do not let them use sword arts or magic and cut them off quickly. It was indeed a massacre. Really. Most of the guests are watching this match, aren’t they? They are trying to get more information and recruit these people. And moreover the teacher of these students.

I already know who that teacher is.

Yuno’s favorite teacher.


He’s also Sif’s favorite.

“No way, he taught these people?” (Zara)

“Hmm?” (Bishop)

“Oh no, it is nothing, I am just saying how marvelous these students are.” (Zara)

I got a lot of glares when I  blurted that line out, thankfully no one heard what I had said then.

“I am truly astonished by this, who won the individuals matches?” (Zara)

“The swordsman’s division runner-up was the Hopelace’s child” (Bishop)

Illumgand in my eyes is very good. The Hopelace sword skill is increasing every year

and someone was able to beat him.

“The winner of the swordsman division was that boy up there.”

“Huh?” (Zara)

Another woman adventurer told me who won the swordsman division. It was the boy that is quite tall and is waving that wooden sword with a lot of vigor.

(Wooden sword? This is unnatural……. I wonder if it is a restriction.)

“It seems that he was a child in the mid rankings in the past but has now grown impressively to become the runner-up for the entire thing. I believe the one who was the champion was the sister of the girl currently up there, Sif Rembrandt is the champion this year.”

“That was no little girl…. I don’t want fight that girl even if my life depended on it.”

“I am the same way. She was quite the powerful magic user.”

Sif is the champion?

She stands above everyone this year….

“That is quite….” (Zara)

I did not know how to connect my words.

(What does this mean? Sif was not that kind of child, was she? In fact, they never came here to learn battle techniques in this school, so why? Is it because of Raidou? If he can bring up this level of students in such a short period of time then why is he a merchant!? If he does this mainly then he can get 100 -300 students paying him to teach…his income level will be much higher than any medium level merchant. This is the academy that is the most prosperous in the world. There is no doubt they will pay you more for giving useful people to the world. Being a lecturer is based on skill unlike being a merchant which is just connections. The margin of compensation is too skewed. Does he just want play being a merchant? Why is he…..?! If you are such an excellent lecturer than why were you afraid of me?)

I do not need to see any more of this match, the outcome for the entire tournament is given.

“Zara, if you have time, come with me for a second” (Bishop)

The bishop called out to me again.

He wants to talk to me.

I wonder if he wants me to see the archbishop.

I wonder if it is about the students.

If they are wondering about Sif and Yuno, then they better give up.

They will return to Tsige most likely.

(Ahh, this going to hurt my head again. I wonder if it is about Raidou, I just got ri….)

“I understand; I will be there.” (Zara)

I cannot make them wait. I was already late once. damn it, ever since Raidou came to this town, things have been really unpredictable. I wanted to relax and walk through the stands and eat some food while drinking sake. Now I have to deal with this.

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