Chapter 72: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 72: 1st Nightmare Talk – 4

<TLN: Changed floating to levitation>

“If anything, I would like a part that serves as a balancer.” 

“That might be true. Having one and not having one seems to make a lot of difference.” 

I don’t know from where they heard it, but the levitation players had gathered around me and Storas-san by the time I noticed.

There are around 10 people. Considering the whole playerbase of CNP, this really can only be described as very little.

And so, the conclusion after hearing about the control methods of everyone…practice and patience are absolutely necessary. 

It takes at least 8 hours in game time to be able to move properly. It seems like there’s some who take a whole 2 days, so there’s no choice but to steel yourself for that one. 

“Also, I would like a method for propulsion aside from kicking the ground on tight turns.” 

“Well, you can just prepare a staff with a long talon at worst for that one.” 

On top of that, a part that would serve as a balancer…like wings, feathers, or a 3rd arm. 

They apparently would like a suitable part for tight turns too, or like, a curse. Anyways, they want something. 

It seems like there’s rough points with just levitation. 

“…But well, the general consensus really is…” 

“As long as you don’t think it is indispensable, don’t get it. That seems to be it…” 

“It is sad though. I can’t just tell the newbies that will be coming in the future to just trip for a whole day to begin with.” 

“Agree on that one. So if you want to learn it no matter what…you have to learn it with resolve, huh.” 

The conclusion unfortunately didn’t change. 

All the players gathered here that have the ability to levitate have the perception that the ones who don’t levitate have the clear advantage after all. 

Of course, I won’t deny that there will be future players learning this, but I wouldn’t proactively recommend it. 

That’s basically how it goes.

“I unconsciously laughed at the ascent that looked like a bug exploit.” 

“But learning it would make things convenient, you know?” 

I taught everyone here how to use the levitation to go up a totally vertical wall, and they managed to replicate it. 

I confirmed with the admins just in case and they told me it is working as intended, and there’s no issue in utilizing that technique. 

It is one of the few applications of levitation, so it will most likely be used more actively in the future.

By the way, the immediate reaction of the ones around at the time when I showed them this was…

“That stinks of a bug.” 

“Actual levitation.” 

“The anger of the God Havoc?!” 

They are quite the unique bunch.

Well, I understand their feelings though.

“It is almost time, Taru-sama.” 


I was having a talk between people who have the levitation ability, exchanged information, and verified things, and by the time I noticed, it was already 10 minutes before the tournament started. 

I was gathering practical information on the side, so there’s no issue. 

My motivation has increased to a nice degree too. 

“I will be cheering for you as a levitation comrade. Please do your best in the tournament.” 

“Thanks, Storas-san.” 

I registered Storas-san as a friend in order to have exchanges with her in the future. 

She would be my second friend after Zaria. 

As for the reward for providing her information, I decided this friend registration would be that reward. 

My connection with Storas-san from the confirmation team will most likely be beneficial in many ways in the future. 



That’s when I noticed at the corner of my vision that the Holy Maiden-sama had come. 


The expression of the Holy Maiden-sama is grim. 

On top of that, her gaze was directed only at me and didn’t seem to be interested in anyone else.

“No, it is nothing. There was something that bothered me a bit, but it seems like it was my misunderstanding.” 

“Is that so—no, it seems like it wasn’t your imagination, Taru-sama.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“A number of members from Egiaz seem to have come to check our verification.” 

“Aah, about that, huh. I haven’t done anything that would trouble me if seen, so there’s no issue.” 

Now that I look closely, I can see a number of people with metallic skin around. 

There certainly does seem to be members of Egiaz around. 

As for the Holy Maiden-sama…it should be fine to ignore her now. It doesn’t seem like she will be beginning anything anyways.

“…Taru-sama, how much do you know about Egiaz?” 

“I investigated the bulletin board in my free time. They are apparently a group of pro gamers. And my opponent this round, Egiaz 1, is apparently their leader.” 

“I see. So you have a general idea of things.” 

The tournament is going to be starting soon, so I began to do some light warm-up exercises, and also swung around my flail lightly after warning my surroundings.

“As for something I am curious about personally, it would be their disposition.” 

“Their disposition?” 

“Yes. Do you know about it, Storas-san?” 


Storas-san thought about it for a bit.

Storas-san is from the Confirmation Team, not an information broker. 

That’s why she knows a lot about public information and specializes in its accuracy, she is not detailed about information that hasn’t been made public. 

That’s why this is just a question that would be nice if she knew, but I didn’t really hold much expectations for an answer. Even so…

“As far as I know, Egiaz is a pro gamer group that has a good reputation. They don’t make fun of others, and they are cooperative with other players too. They are saying they have come to CNP for training, but I think they are properly enjoying it too. They are most likely hiding their personal information at the very least…” 

“That’s pretty much the fate of MMOs, or like, a matter of fact. I myself am hiding most of the information about my Sorcery after all.” 

“Right. As for Egiaz 1, I have heard that he is level-headed as the top of the group, but I have not heard anything bad about him. Ah, as for Egiaz as a whole, they have a reputation of being outstanding pro gamers as a group rather than individually.” 

“I see. At the very least, their spirit is the real deal then.” 

I got quite a lot back.

And with that, I adjust my evaluation of my opponent. 

“The real deal?” 

“It means they are true pro gamers. In this era, all people who can’t put up a good front stay as second-rate. There’s a limit to how much someone who looks down on others and makes fun of them without being able to act politely can get. If there’s none of that, it should be safe to assume their strength in spirit is the real deal.” 

Now then, it is already time.

“I will be heading off.” 

“Do your best, Taru-sama.” 

“I am rooting for you!” 

“Show them the power of levitation!” 

“Give them hell!!” 

I fly to the space where the preparations for the tournament matches are done. 

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