Chapter 71: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 70: 1st Nightmare Talk – 2


“Now then, what should I do?”

There’s around 3 hours in game time before the tournament begins.

Guess I should gather information in the forums, but killing time with just that would be pushing it a bit.

Well, if the players that are the most serious about winning have the clearest image of what they lack, they would use this time to think of countermeasures for the players that they have to be careful of, or would try to increase their level as much as possible even if it is only a bit.

“But that would be impossible for me.”

However, in order to accomplish that, you would have to extract the information of the videos from the preliminary matches and the forums with precision, and use your vast experience and knowledge in PvP to deduce the strong points and weak points of the other party.

And then, after seeing through this, if you are going to be forming a countermeasure through items, you not only have to make sure what item and in what way you will process it in order to achieve your objective, you also have to analyze in your mind in just what timing would you be able to use the item most effectively, and train in order to apply it in actual combat.

That goes the same for countermeasures to battle tactics and -I don’t think there are but- also countermeasures for sorcery.

Also, if you are going for increasing levels, you would have to wrap it up at a good time in order to not leave any exhaustion for the coming battle and the efficiency of the experience farming.

Whichever the case, they are things that are a bit too difficult for me to do alone.

You need to ready the extraction of information, crafting of items, and have a training partner within your own group already at the bare minimum, or you won’t be able to make it for the tournament.

“Now, it is time for a gamble. Let’s gamble big on who will be winning within the 32 people.”

“Everyone is obviously gonna go for Sukuna.”

“No, it is gonna be Cactus-chan.”

“Oi oi, don’t forget about Egiaz.”

Now then, let’s return my consciousness to the interaction map.

Maybe because this is the break time between the preliminaries and the tournament, the interaction map doesn’t have many people.

“Can you retrieve the drinks you get here inside the game?”

“Who knows… To be honest here, the current state of things is that most haven’t even finished exploring the first area.”

“It is big after all… You need to be at least 40 to get from a city to a field that changes in terrain even if you go straight there.”

“Yeah yeah. And because of the monsters, the mist, and the dungeon, exploration there hasn’t advanced properly.”

In the interaction map, the players are interacting just as it is intended.

There’s players betting for who will win from the ones that passed the preliminaries, and there’s those that are chatting while drinking.

The mock battles are lively as always and there seems to be a good deal of players who dove into dungeons in order to increase their levels.

“Is the Holy Maiden-sama or something of the sort around here?”

I look around the place.

There must be people who can tell I am Taru who is part of the tournament, there’s some of them who are watching me from afar.

But I have no interest in that, so I ignore them.

If they come talk to me with respect, I will respond to them in kind, but if they are rude, I am calling the GMs at once.

“Hmm…the normal high Monstrosity Degree players can only spectate and interact in this time’s event, so I feel like it wouldn’t be strange for them to be able to do something related to the Holy Maiden-sama in the meantime…”

I don’t see the Holy Maiden-sama.

I think she is most likely somewhere, and if high Monstrosity Degree players find her and make contact, some sort of event should play out…

“E-Excuse me, are you the tournament participant, Taru-sama?”


A female voice suddenly called me, so I faced that way.

The one there was a girl wearing a skirt so long it was dragged on the ground and a short sleeve shirt.

She has an Appraisal Rupee hanging on her neck, so it should be safe to assume she is a player.

“I am a player confirming every aspect of CNP, my name is Storas. There’s something I would like to ask Taru-sama. Is it okay to get a bit of your time?”

“Aah, you must be from the Confirmation Team.”

“I do get called that often.”

Storas-san nodded lightly.

That said, the Confirmation Team, huh…

Storas-san seems to be a respectful person, so there should be no issues with talking to her.

But what would she want to ask me?

“And so, about what to ask…”

“I can only say it depends on the topic. I can’t go exposing my sorcery and the items I have in my possession before the tournament after all.”

“Of course. I also won’t be asking such important questions, and I can’t.”

Looks like this is not about my sorcery and my items.

Judging from the expression of Storas-san, it actually looks as if she herself would be the one trying to stop me if I were to talk about it.

“So, what is it you want to ask about?”

“It is about the floating. I uhm…also use floating, but it is hard to say I am using it properly. And so, I thought that maybe you could tell me a trick or two as someone who has mastered floating.”

“I see.”

Storas-san lifts the hem of her long skirt a bit.

That’s when I see her feet are not touching the ground.

Also, considering that her feet are facing a bit forward…it seems like she has increased her number of legs.

“Ah, I will of course pay you. I don’t know if this will satisfy you, but I want to do as much as possible. Can you please tell me?”


The trick to floating, huh… I am sorry for Storas-san who seems to be somewhat desperate here, but floating is just…

“Unfortunately, the control of my floating comes from patience and getting used to it, so there’s no particular trick I can provide. You probably already kick the ground with force in order to move fast, and the intricate controls I do are done by moving my wings, so it will most likely not serve as reference.”

“Patience and getting used to it, huh… I want to ask this as reference, but how long did it take you to stand up properly and move around, Taru-sama?”

“Around 8 hours in game time. It was a repeat of standing and falling. What about you, Storas-san?”

“It took me a whole day. It took me my everything to just stand…”

Storas-san and I sigh together.

“So I really have no choice but to get used to this, huh. This floating.”

“Yeah, no choice. As if you are relearning how to walk with two legs.”

The conclusion was: get used to it.

“Ah, want to get a drink from a nearby stall? I would like to talk with you for a bit more.”

“Right. Maybe if we compare the way we both do it, we might be able to see the logic of it.”

But well, there might be discrepancies in the small details.

And we could tell something from those differences.

When Storas-san and I decided that, we both got a drink from a stall nearby and sat down on the chairs around.

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