Chapter 70: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 70: 1st Nightmare Talk – 2


“Taru, I will ask you bluntly.”

“What is it?”

Judging from Zaria’s expression, it seems to be a pretty serious topic. And so, I look at the face of Zaria with a serious expression too.

“Do you remember having done PK with sorcery at super long distance two days after the service began?”


When speaking of the second day of CNP beginning…it would be the day when I obtained the Poison Demonic Eye – 1.

That day…I did PK once.

“I do remember I did. I unleashed the sorcery at the place where the outer wall of the dungeon had crumbled and hit a group of 6 people.”

Zaria didn’t show much of a reaction at my words.

The one who reacted instead was Shirowhi. She seemed to be somewhat dumbfounded.

Octohead-san doesn’t react at all.

Blakuro…has disappeared at some point in time.

“So, is it okay to ask why you asked this?”

Honestly speaking, I already have an idea as to why.

I simply am not sure about it.

Even so, I acted as if I didn’t know anything and asked Zaria.

“Because that group of 6 were us.”

“Aah, so that’s how it was.”

The gaze of Zaria turned even sharper and changed into something that might even be called killing intent.

I didn’t change my expression despite that.

The reason is simple.

“And so, what do you want from me? Reparations? An apology? Or do you plan on prosecuting me?”

It is because this is a battle.

It is not one of martial arts but intelligence and heart, however, it is certainly a veritable battle.

In that case, it is the correct answer to stay calm and proceed plainly without changing my expression.

No matter the result.

Even if this ends up turning not only Zaria into an enemy, but also Zaima-san.

“Not at all.”

At the same time as my mouth closed, what came out from Zaria’s mouth was an answer that was different from the one I thought would be given.

“CNP is a game that allows PK. Moreover, it is not only the fair and square ones, but even those where you set traps or deceptions. That’s certain with you being at this place right now, Taru.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“That’s why, if there’s anything I want right now, it would be for you to advance to the second round and fight me with everything you have. When that time comes, I…will try to kill you with everything I have.”

The moment Zaria said she would kill me, clear killing intent was showered onto me.

As for me who got hit by that killing intent…a smile leaked out unconsciously.

I couldn’t hold back my excitement.

“…Taru, why are you smiling?”

“Of course I would.”

“Because I am the kind of woman that holds a grudge from being defeated in a game?”

“In a sense, yeah.”


The sharpness of Zaria’s gaze increased.

A gaze as if she is on the verge of cutting me down right here and now.

Aah, this really…this really is exciting.

“If I had to correct something, it would be that this smile is not from scorn but delight.”


“Yeah, this is the first time I have been directed this much killing intent and hatred in real life and the game. I can’t help but feel happy about this unknown feeling.”

There’s unknown feelings.

Zaria’s killing intent, hatred, disgust; a trove of negative emotions were being directed at me.

Emotions I definitely would have never felt in real life where I have to be a good girl, and if I were to go the paragon route in games.

Even in my battle against Poison Rats in the Venom Lard, I didn’t feel something as strong as this.


“It is not something I would like to feel over and over, nor something I would like to be basked with continuously. However, it is a sensation I have not experienced once in real life. Can you tell just how great it is to be able to taste something like that, Zaria? I don’t mind if you don’t get it. However, it is something wonderful for me. You understanding this would be enough for me. The result of that would bring about even more negative emotions from you… Aah, scorn, confusion, fear; they are all wonderful things, aren’t they? From the bottom of my heart all the way to the marrow of my bones; I want to enjoy it with every pore of my body. That’s why, please Zaria…aah, don’t avert your gaze~.”

By the time I noticed, I had closed my distance to Zaria, to a point where our breaths could touch.

And then, Zaria grabbed my face with both hands for some reason and tried to push me away with everything she had.

Ah, since when was the wall at the back of Zaria?

Hmm, when did we move this much?

Oh well. More importantly, I want to bask in the negative emotions of Zaria more…more…more…!

I want to taste them to the point where I have tasted them so much I am bored of it.

“You…just give it a break already!”


The forehead of Zaria hit mine and I fall in place from the impact.

“Zeh…haaah… Good grief… Just in what part of that did her switch get flipped?”

“Ouch…?! It hurts! Ouch ouch! My limbs too?!”

{It was a natural response-de chu.}

Zaria then quickly held me down on the ground.

I was grappled down firmly to a point where I didn’t know what to do to get out of it since I have no experience in martial arts.

“Aah, but this is nice in and of itself…”

However, the pain of my joints getting stretched to their limits is also an unknown experience, so this is pretty nice in its own way. Aah, it feels good.

“Uhm, Taru-san, are you a masochist?”

“Eh? I am not. I simply like unknown things. If it is about pain, I would like to refuse any type of pain that’s irreversible or partaking in the same kind of pain twice… Ah, it hurts! It hurts, Zaria! It hurts, but it feels goo—ooph?!”

But I should properly react to Shirowhi’s accusation that I am a masochist.

It is not like I like to be injured after all.

“Yeah, I get it now. For now, Taru, once you advance to the second round, I will kick your ass with so much strength it would be like I am making you swallow a thousand needles whole. With that, we will wrap up this matter regardless of who wins or losses.”

“I will be looking forward to it. That goes for you as well, Zaria. Don’t go losing on the first round from worrying too much about me, okay? Well, it is not like it is assured I will be winning the first round though.”

Zaria for some reason sounds as if she has given up on something.

And then, she released me.

“Won’t it take an instant with your sorcery?”

“I don’t think my opponent is one who can’t make countermeasures.”

I get up and pinch Zarichu relatively hard as I wear it back on.

“I am looking forward to the second round if you manage to advance.”

“Right. Let’s fight with everything we have.”

Zaria and I show smiles.

Confrontational smiles that say we will defeat our opponents no matter what.

“See ya then.”


I left the room and moved to the interaction map.

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