WG – Chapter 225: Light of the Heart

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The Stray Slime sliced down in one swing disappeared in particles of light as it screamed in its death. 

“This is impressive.” (Souma)

The new Shiranui, True Shiranui, fit in my hand more than ever before, and I defeated all the monsters that appeared in the Deus Plains with one swing.

Also, the faint light that’s covering my body. 

It is the special ability of Ultihate, the Constancy Buff.

It is a convenient ability that increases the wielder’s power depending on how many friendly characters are in the field.

I am currently acting together with my comrades. 

That’s why, even if it is only a low percentage, my stats have increased. 

After the Ultihate panic had calmed down…

“…Well, it is not like the Divine Sword will be returning even if we were to complain now. 

That’s why, I will take a good look at the power of the trump card you went as far as to melt down the Divine Sword to create.” (Mitsuki)

And so, we went to the Deus Plains with the suggestion of Mitsuki to get used to the new weapons and to test swing them. 

But because of what happened before…

I would cut and throw, cut and throw…no, it is not like I threw them, but anyways, I cut them all down with the intention of search and kill. 

Not only with normal attacks, but I also tried out combos, and they worked without issues. 

As for what I have tried and seen, it seems to have inherited the special ability of Ultihate that ‘only people who have overcome the trial can use’. 

The exclusive equipment flag normally resides in the ‘Shape’, so this is unexpected, but because the conditions differ with Ultihate, it might have been a trait within Special.

Well, depending on how you think about it, it means that they can’t take my weapon. It is handy like that, so let’s just say that’s good.

This should satisfy Mitsuki too.

Thinking this…

“How’s that?! This is the power of my True Shiranui!” (Souma)

I looked back with a smug face, but Mitsuki was making a questionable face.

“I know it is incredibly sharp, but…can you please rethink your stance of naming everything with True?” (Mitsuki)

“Eh?!” (Souma)

Being told something unexpected straight to my face, I didn’t know what to say. 

“N-No, but you know…isn’t True Shiranui cool?” (Souma)

“I didn’t want to say this, but that’s probably what’s called a chuuni—” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki was about to say that word, but…


It was shut off by a small shadow. 


It was one of our comrades, the blue haired small girl, Ringo. 

Ringo got in between me and my comrades as if covering me, and spread both arms like a martyr to protect me. 

“…Souma…is doing his best. 

That’s why…even if his naming sense is…dreadful…don’t judge him.” (Ringo)

No, being told it is dreadful is more of a shock instead though.

“Well, the matter of the name can be thought of later, so that’s fine, but…aren’t you a bit too soft with him lately, Ringo-san? 

Even in the matter of better, you were the only one who didn’t criticize him.” (Mitsuki)

That certainly bothered me. 

I feel like she said a variety of things every time I would do something though.

“…Hn. I have added a change…in the plan…after all.” (Ringo)

“Plan? Aah.” (Souma)

Speaking of which, I think she said ‘Souma True Humanization Plan’ or something like that before, but that was still ongoing?

“…I have changed the span of my plan…from 10 years…to 30 years.

My policy is…to pamper him thoroughly…for the first 10 years!” (Ringo)

I don’t get what she is saying here, but it seems like she is determined here. 

“That’s…I can only see a future where you will continue pampering him exhaustively till the end though…” (Mitsuki)

I do somewhat feel that way too, but I of course didn’t say it out loud.

It would be foolish to reduce my allies here. 

Mitsuki and the others still have questionable faces, but they can’t win against crying children and Ringo. 

They eventually shook their heads as if they had lost. 

“And so, what do we do? If you want to test it out somewhere else, we will tag along.” (Mitsuki)

“No, I think this much is enough, but I would like to fight a bit more just in case until I am sure. 

…Also, there’s still…” (Souma)

I glanced at the mountain of rocks far away. 

It seems like that alone was enough to let Mitsuki know. 

“I have high expectations.” (Mitsuki)

She simply said this and withdrew.

After that, at around a total of 49 monsters cut down, I wrapped up the hunting of small fry for now. 

No problems happened until now. 

There’s already no need to doubt the True Shiranui.

But this is not the end. 

The grand 50th one will be…

“—We really have to confirm it with this one.” (Souma)

The Deus Plains’ nightmare, bug spawned monster: King Butcher.

I ready my katana onto the spawned Butcher on the hidden spawn point. 

I am not nervous anymore. 

I have become quite strong since the first time I met him.

Also, I have True Shiranui with me. 

I am without doubt stronger than when it was a game now. 

My level in the game was over 300, and my weapon then was a customized Shiranui with the Special and Performance from Soul Eater in it. 

It is a realm that only no-life Nekomimi Neko players could reach. 

If I combine that with True Instant Samidare Slash, I can defeat any kind of enemy. 

That’s just how strong I was in the game days. 

…But my strength right now far surpasses the me of that time. 

I have increased my Strength by exploiting the seed bug, and with the Power Seeds of the Butchers that Mitsuki still continues to hunt, I am growing at a fearsome pace. 

But the saddening part is that the attack power of my weapons have not been able to keep up until now. 

Because of the damage calculation of Nekomimi Neko, your damage ends up getting restricted if you only increase the damage of your weapon or just your character. 

In other words, the weapon has been pulling my leg until now, so I haven’t been able to show my high base stats. 


“If it is with this True Shiranui…!!” (Souma)

I make use of my high base speed as I shout this, enter the range of the Butcher quickly, and swing the katana. 


Mitsuki gulps her breath behind me. 

But that’s natural.

The King Butcher that made us suffer so much in the past, this high level dungeon boss with high physical resistance and one of the toughest monsters in the game, has…

“One hit…?” (Mitsuki)

It is not like I used a skill or buffs. 

With just a normal attack, I have defeated this guy in an instant. 

I looked down at the Butcher, who had fallen and was becoming light particles, and was now certain of it. 

—This True Shiranui is the strongest weapon.

Of course, when it comes to special abilities and ease of use, there’s other weapons superior to this one. 

But within the weapons currently of this world…no, from the past, present, and future, there will most likely be none who surpass this one when it comes to attack power. 

And that’s not all. 

“…I will…be able to do this.” (Souma)

Just how strong is the Evil God? 

Just how strong will it become? 

Even I don’t know about that.

However, I now have the cards to challenge this.

“—With this weapon, I will challenge the strongest!” (Souma)


“…I will be fighting the Evil God alone.” (Souma)

The moment I declared this, the reactions I got were half understanding and half surprise.

“…I expected that would be the case.” (Mitsuki)

“…Hn.” (Ringo)

We have known each other for a long time now. 

It seems like the two had a faint idea of this. 

In contrast to the two who had silently received those words of mine…

“D-Don’t be stupid! I will also be fighting!” (Sazan)

“The world will be in danger if the Evil God revives, right?! Leaving it to just you, Souma, is…” (Maki)

The ones that blew over were Sazan and Maki.

But I will have them accept this one no matter what. 

“Of course, I won’t say the cooperation of everyone is pointless. 

If it is just about winning, the chances of winning would be higher if everyone were to provide support.” (Souma)

“In that case…!” (Maki)

I stopped Maki, who raised her voice, with my hand.

“But my objective is not only to defeat the Evil God. 

If at the time when everything is over, even one of my comrades were to be missing, I wouldn’t be able to call it a victory.” (Souma)

“Ah…” (Maki)

Maki falls silent at my words.

The one who spoke instead was Ina.

“Then, we can’t do anything? 

The only thing we can do is watch you fight without doing anything…?” (Ina)

Ina said with a pained voice.

But I was actually waiting for that.

“…No, that’s not true. 

It is true that I will be the one directly fighting the Evil God.

But I am not alone.” (Souma)

Everyone there had question marks on their head at the riddle-like words I spoke. 

Seeing this, I raised the corner of my lips and said this. 

“—There’s something I would like to ask everyone to do.” (Souma)

—The battle against the Evil God was decided to be 10 days later. 

There’s a lot to prepare for, and I would also like to train for the battle, so I have decided on that timeframe.

The first thing I did was check out the marshland at the west where the Evil God is sealed in.

According to the seal specialist Sazan, she said it at least shouldn’t be resurrecting within 10 days. This isn’t a situation that allows guessing though.

And so, I have gotten assurance from Sazan.

Sazan has inherited the memories of past priestesses with the power of the Treasure Tool, so she apparently can undo the seal of the Evil God at her own discretion.

When I told her to withdraw the moment the seal was undone, she glared at me in tears. 

If I were in her position, I would be in pain too.

I felt a bit of pain in my chest when she ran off in silence, totally contrary to her usual noisy self. 

And then…

We spoke to other people in order to ‘prepare’ for the Evil God battle, practiced my combos, would wolf down seeds, and got pampered by Ringo… Eventually, 10 days passed in the blink of an eye and…


It is finally the decisive day. 

The day when the fate of the world is decided.

It is literally a do-or-die battle. 

My once in a lifetime selfishness that has the world on the balance. 

I was staring at space in front of the marshland where the Evil God sleeps. 

It is not because I was scared of the Evil God sleeping in front of me. 

It is actually the opposite.

It is because I am scared of looking back. 

…The last ‘plan’ I thought of for the battle against the Evil God was to get the most out of the special ability of Ultihate.

Ultihate increases the power of the wearer for the amount of friendly characters in the field.

That’s why I had the people of the city be brought to the marshland where the battle will take place. 

That’s the full picture of the ‘preparation’ I asked my comrades of. 


Even if I am being called a hero, I have not done anything of the sort.

I am not that aware of it myself, but my comrades would tell me all the time that I am self-centered.

Even the resurrection of the Evil God this time around could be considered my fault. Fighting the Evil God is also for my own selfishness.

We may be able to defeat the Evil God if it goes well, but how many people will move for the sake of a request from someone like me? 

I do plan on being as careful as possible so that no casualties occur, but there’s still obviously danger to this. 

That’s why it is possible that when I look back, the only ones there will be my comrades…

“Ouch!” (Souma)

I was suddenly smacked on the head and let out a weird noise. 

“…Haah, you really are miserable no matter when.” (Maki)

It was Maki.

She was looking at the unreliable me with a baffled face.

Maki was staring at me for a while, but she then softened her expression.

“There’s no need to worry. I think your feelings have reached the people of the city, you know?” (Maki)

“Eh?” (Souma)

She said this and…

“If you are worried, how about you unsheathe that sword of yours?” (Maki)

She grabbed my hand and tried to forcefully make me hold my weapon.

“Wa?! W-What’s with you? Hey…” (Souma)

I ended up taking my sword out of the scabbard. 

At that instant…

“Ah… The light…” (Souma)

White light flew from behind and jumped into me. 

And it is not one or two. 

Dozens…no, even more than that was raining on me. 

“…See?” (Maki)

Still being indecisive, Maki forcefully made me turn back.

And then…

— “Wooooooooooooh!!” 

Cheers rang. 

What I saw there were people, people, and more people. 

There were enough people here to cover the field from one corner to the other waiting there.

“…This is…” (Souma)

When I muttered this dumbfounded, Maki puffed her chest out proudly. 

“…There’s apparently a thousand people in total. It was really hard, you know? Everyone said they wanted to go, they wanted to go. 

But it would be bad if there’s some sort of eventuality, so we had to select the people who would come.” (Maki)

“Ha…haha…” (Souma)

The special ability of Ultihate is to give a 1% increase in base stats to the wearer for every friendly character. 

…Meaning that 1,000 people easily fulfills the buff cap of 9.9 times from the power up state.

“Seriously…why is it that this world is filled with only good people…?” (Souma)

I spread both arms and watched the lights that were still flying into me.

Each one of these lights is a shout of support. 

Thinking about it in that way, I felt power deep inside my body that surpassed that of my stats. 

“…Thanks, everyone.” (Souma)

Words of gratitude naturally leaked out from me. 

It was a battle for my own sake at first. 

But there’s so many allies supporting me, cheering for me. 

“—It would be a lie to say this isn’t pumping me up!” (Souma)

I won’t turn back anymore.

But it is not because I am scared.

—It is for the sake of facing the enemy I should defeat! 

And then…

I speak to my own weapon which made this miracle possible. 

“Let’s do this, Ultihate! This light isn’t something we alone created!” (Souma)

This light is the light in people’s hearts. 

The crystallization of the people’s wish to protect the world from the Evil God.

With the emotions of many people on my back, I take a step towards the marshland where the Evil God is sleeping in.


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