Chapter 32 – Mebius World Online

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Chapter 32: Mari-ane and Naming Again


If I remember correctly, I saw that phrase in a novel. 

The high school boy, who bought a bike with the money he saved from his part-time job, sped through with his bike, and within that flowing scenery…

‘I feel like I have become the wind’.

He muttered this short sentence. 

He didn’t touch on anything like ‘the feeling of fulfillment from finally being able to buy the bike’ or ‘the speed being incomparable to that of walking’ or ‘the fast moving scenery’. He just said those few words.

That left a strange lasting impression on me, but I am currently feeling the same thing as that boy. 

There’s still no name, but this polar bear was moving fast in the plains like wind. 

I don’t know at what speed we are going here, but a refreshing feeling I have never felt before was coursing through my whole body. 

By the time I noticed, we had arrived at the end of the plains, turned around, and had come back to where the 3 are. 

“……I am back.” (Mari)

I got down from that big back and I needed a little bit of time before regaining my usual senses.

“W-Welcome back. That was some outrageous speed. Roulette-chan, Mareus-chan, what did you people do?” (Kanna)

“Man, that speed was far from what I imagined. I took the traits of Nero as reference, and used the wind magic crystal of a Storm Horse for its eyes, but that alone wouldn’t explain this.” (Roulette)

“You said the name of a strong enemy in the 2nd area and a trademark item of it as if nothing… As for me, I used mythril in areas like fangs, claws, cranium, and parts of the limbs with high strain. But I doubt that will bring out this monstrous speed.” (Mareus)

“Mareus-chan also brought out the current highest ranked metal at present as if nothing…” (Kanna)

“And what about you, Kanna?” (Mareus)

“Mine is normal compared to you 2. The material is also an easy to obtain one: Break Edge Lumber.” (Kanna)

“It is true that it’s relatively easy to obtain in the 2nd area and it is a sturdy material, but…just how seriously did you make the skeleton?” (Marius)

“Seriously enough to borrow books about polar bear skeletal structure and memorizing it before making it.” (Kanna)

“You are putting effort on the level of Roulette!” (Mareus)

I wonder why… It could be seen as if they are praising each other, but why is there a bloodthirsty atmosphere? 

“Uhm…doesn’t it mean you 3 were incredible?” (Mari)

When I pointed this out, they stared at me for some reason.

“Speaking of which, there’s also her.” (Mareus)

“We forgot the biggest factor.” (Kanna)

“I am aware this is uncouth to ask, but is it okay for you to tell us the skills you used and your stats, Maria-san? We will form a party before doing this talk so that it doesn’t leak to the outside.” (Roulette)

“? I don’t mind.” (Mari)

A party invitation came, so I agreed to it and communication from Roulette-san came soon after. 

<<First, let’s talk about the skills, okay?>> (Roulette)

<<Understood. Aside from controlling strings, I have a skill called [Companion Puppet] which allows it to move independently. It was [Puppet] before the Class Change, but the name changed once I did. The skill level is 10.>> (Mari)

I also tell them the details of the skill.

The strength of the controlled target is reliant on the Stats, Skill Level, and the quality of the controlled target. 

<<I see. If it is a level 10 variant skill from a high rank class, that’s quite impressive. The quality was affected by us since we were the ones who made it, so there’s no need to discuss that one. So what’s left is the Stats, huh. What’s your DEX?>> (Roulette)

<<80.>> (Mari)

<<Huh? 80, you say?!>> (Mareus)

Why does Mareus-san sound so amazed? 

Ah, because it was far lower than what he imagined? 

In that case, uhm…it is going to be increasing a bit more.

<<Sorry, to be more specific, including the special traits of my equipment, it would be 90.>> (Mari)

<<That’s a number that rivals the ones who specialize in one stat.>> (Kanna)

Eh? It wasn’t because they thought it was low? 

<<It is mostly settled then. I remembered this after hearing the skill level and stats of Maria-san, but there’s the possibility that the special traits of the equipment are also included.>> (Roulette)

Special traits of the equipment… Ah, could it be…

<<It might be the shoes’s (special trait) movement speed +5% and the skirt’s (special trait) wind resistance reduction (low).>> (Mari)

<<Seriously? Having the special traits of the user’s equipment included in it is crazy.>> (Mareus)

<<In exchange, Nero-chan and this one can’t be healed with potions and magic, so it wouldn’t be strange in terms of balance…probably.>> (Kanna)


<<No, please don’t fall silent there…>> (Mari)

It makes even me uneasy! 

In the end, we arrived at the conclusion of ‘oh well, it should be okay’. And so, we have decided to hide the existence of this child as much as possible until the event. 

<<Speaking of which, what do we do about the name?>> (Mari)

The one who reacted straight away to my words was unexpectedly Mareus-san. 

<<It is yours, so do as you please.>> (Mareus)

<<That’s true, but it was a child born from the efforts of everyone, so there’s cases when the ones who made it are the ones giving the name, right?>> (Mari)

<<Well, can’t deny that one.>> (Mareus)

<<Naming, huh. That’s a bit embarrassing.>> (Roulette)

<<Even if so, I think it is basic etiquette to respect the name Maria-chan has thought of first. Now, showcase the names you have thought of!>> (Kanna)

Kanna-san, if you push me like that, it will make me nervous.

Hmmm…polar bear, white bear…white…bear…

<<What about Sir Bear…?>> (Mari)

<<<<<<Alright, let’s all think about it together.>>>>>>

<<I was ignored again?!>> (Mari)

And why is it that you are all so in sync at only these moments?! 

…Fine. My naming sense is an unwanted child anyways.

<<There’s Nero-chan, so I would like to make a connection there, but if we are going to associate the names, it would be emperor, right?>> (Kanna)

<<Tyrant Nero, huh. Speaking of Nero, there’s also the ‘number of the beast’ that shows up in John’s Revelation.>> (Mareus)

<<The ‘number of the beast’ is 666, right? If I remember correctly, there was a horror movie called Omen when speaking of 666. The boy with the 666 mark was called Damian.>> (Roulette)

<<Damian…the ‘child of the devil’, huh. What do you thi—>> (Mareus)


Mareus-san asked me, but I pushed the No without saying a word. 

That’s right, and full force. 

The name Nero was simply something that I decided on purely because Esther-san and the children did their best thinking about it. But the origin of this child’s name being ‘child of the devil’ would be way too pitiful. 

<<…Let’s think of a different one.>> (Mareus)

<<Obviously!>> (Mari)

Who can blame me for raising my voice there? 

I can’t take this…

Hm? Since when did I begin having this strange feeling of disapproval in the flow from unreasonableness to the words of just now? 

<<From its size and denseness, how about taking the name from a tank or an armored vehicle?>> (Mareus)

<<Men really do like that stuff. Like Leopard?>> (Kanna)

So Kanna-san is going for the girl’s perspective, huh. But if so, you bringing out a name candidate from that category is also questionable, you know? 

I won’t be retorting to that though. 

<<I would say its atmosphere suits an armored vehicle more than a tank.>> (Roulette)

<<Then, the Guardian from America, or Dingo from Germany. Type 96 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier from Japan…wouldn’t work as a name. Ooh, the defense ministry has given it the alias Cougar.>> (Mareus)

Mareus-san’s tone was like that of someone who was reading from an external site as reference. 

<<Cougar… Doesn’t sound bad.>> (Kanna)

<<I also think that’s good.>> (Roulette)

<<Then, it is decided. This guy’s name is Cougar!>> (Mareus)

The 3 were nodding at each other filled with satisfaction as if they had finished one job here. 

And in this way, the name of this child has been settled to be Cougar with my opinion being ignored again. 


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