WG – Chapter 91: Chain of Death

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The slime mold monster that dropped many Nekomimi Neko players into despair, the Yellow Slime. 

That overwhelming ferociousness was on a level where there would even be a warning written at the Nekomimi Neko Wiki for a period of time, but that didn’t last for more than a week. 

A few days after the threat of the slime molds had become a hot topic in the forums…

A Nekomimi Neko player coincidentally found the countermeasure for the Yellow Slimes, and they publicized it. 

…That’s the Slime Mold Radial Extermination. 

The ground-breaking Yellow Slime countermeasure that takes advantage of the special trait of the Yellow Slimes. 

This Slime Mold Radial Extermination uses poison. 

It doesn’t just simply use poison. The core of this countermeasure is that you place one cushion in between.

There has been the approach of defeating Yellow Slimes with debuffs in the past. 

However, the tenaciousness of the Nekomimi Neko players at that time ended in a whimper, and they couldn’t manage to debuff them.

The debuffing attacks and items didn’t work at all. 

However, by applying a little trick, you can debuff the Yellow Slimes. 

Not only that. By exploiting the predation and division of the Yellow Slimes, you can wipe them out in one go. 

According to the one who discovered this, they simply discovered this by mistake. 

He was desperately trying to stop the attack of the slime molds in order to protect the city, but was pushed back by the wave of Yellow Slimes, cornered to certain defeat. 

At that time, he threw the poison flask as his last struggle, and it ended up hitting a companion.

That companion unfortunately got poisoned. 

He clicked his tongue at his own mistake, but this created an unexpected miracle. 

The moment the Yellow Slimes clung on to his comrade, something unexpected happened. A strange chain reaction wiped them all out. 

Being surprised by this, he created a similar situation after that to verify this, and reached this conclusion.

Basically, the Yellow Slimes get infected by the devoured target…

This immediately was verified by other Nekomimi Neko players and the conclusion was the same. 

Countless experiments verified that when Yellow Slimes consume something, they will get a state change of the same intensity as the consumed target. 

If they eat a poisoned target, they get poisoned; if they eat a paralyzed target, they get paralyzed. Even when the eaten target has an HP buff, they will receive that one too. 

This discovery was a priceless piece of information for the Nekomimi Neko players who didn’t have any means against the Yellow Slimes. 

But that’s still a bit lacking to stop the invasion of the slime molds. 

The biggest harvest in that new info was how dramatic the effect of poison was on the Yellow Slimes. 

It is true that it is useless being able to paralyze them. You can’t expect a change in the situation as a whole from that. 

It might serve to keep them in place, but the remaining ones just go for the player and it doesn’t solve the root problem. 

But from the many debuffs, poison alone was different. 

It had several factors that made it super effective on Yellow Slimes. 

This game’s poison is said to be the beginner killer. The damage itself isn’t that big of a deal, but the space between each tick of damage is really low. You get a tick of damage each second. 

Even if it is 1 damage, you get 60 damage in 1 minute, so there was even a diagram made in the early stages that stated poison = death. 

Remember when the Water Elemental died instantly when it got to 1 HP?

In many RPGs, the effect of the poison stops when you get to 1 HP, but the one in Nekomimi Neko finishes you off without any mercy. 

Also, this goes for all debuffs in general, but even when a monster reaches 0 and dies, the debuff will stay on the corpse until it disappears. 

It is a whole lot of settings that are annoying, but all of those factors created a Yellow Slime killer. 

They only have 1 HP after all.

Because of how the poison works, they will definitely die in the first tick. 

The next point is that, when Yellow Slimes die, they become the best food for other Yellow Slimes. 

They prioritize the consumption of their comrades’ corpses rather than humans and monsters -regardless of poison.

What happens is that energetic Yellow Slimes will get infected by the poison when they consume those corpses.

But wait, there’s more. 

They multiply after eating them. 

The devouring and multiplying when they are crowded is abnormally fast, so when comrades closeby are killed, the process of consuming and dividing will be achieved in just 1 second. 

It is a trait that was an incredible pain to deal with when fighting them, but that bit them back. Because what is born when it divides is one that is in the exact same state as its original. 

When a poisoned one divides, a poisoned one is born. 

What happens after that is simple. 

The more they eat the poisoned corpses, the more the Yellow Slimes increase in numbers. 

The more tightly packed they are in the field, the more smoothly the poisoned Yellow Slimes increase.

The smoothest process would be an increase of 1.5 in a space of 1 second. 

I vaguely remember it, but there was an ‘Exterminating Slime Molds for Dummies’ at the Wiki, and this is basically what was written. 

  1. Poison a monster or human.
  2. Have them be consumed by the Yellow Slimes. 
  3. The predating Yellow Slime (called A henceforth) will be poisoned. 
  4. They only have 1 HP so A dies immediately after from the poison.
  5. A’s corpse gets eaten by B, and B also gets poisoned. 
  6. Poisoned B multiplies and creates C.
  7. B and C die from poison.
  8. The corpses of B and C get eaten by D and E, poisoning them. 
  9. D and E multiply and…damage spreads. 

From there on, the Yellow Slime death is endless. 

A lot of things are simplified here, but this is the Slime Mold Radial Extermination.

It creates a death chain of poison and multiplication to eradicate the damn slime molds.

Discussions as to whether this technique is a bug or intended were endless among Nekomimi Neko fans.

There’s people who said it was an unexpected interaction with their fast propagation. Their multiplication was the developers’ malice, but the method to solve it was outside their plans. 

However, I am actually on the side that pushes the theory that everything including the solution with poison was part of the plan of the developers. 

Using the threatening propagation ability of a dangerous being to bring their demise. A development often found in stories. 

It is such a popular cliche that there’s even stories like aliens with the latest in technology not taking measures for viruses and being wiped out. 

Also, how the slime molds multiple and how the poison works fits too well to be a coincidence. 

I may be overestimating them here, but the flow of events where the players made a ruckus about the abnormal Yellow Slime propagation and their defeat by poison could be considered an event of sorts. 

I think this was an intended way of properly enjoying the game by the developers. 

Now then, it is finally time for the main topic. 

After the Slime Mold Radial Extermination was established, barely any Nekomimi Neko players were troubled by the Yellow Slimes anymore. 

This time around as well, if it had been in normal circumstances, we could have gotten through this without any issues, but I dealt with it badly. 

If you are going to use the Slime Mold Radial Extermination, you would first have to poison yourself, a comrade, or a monster, and have them charge right into the Yellow Slimes like that. 

There were no monsters around, and poisoning Ringo or Mitsuki and having them charge into those guys is out of the question. 

As for the Bear, I don’t even know if it would get poisoned, and don’t know if the Yellow Slimes would eat it, so that’s not an option to begin with. 

The correct answer was for me to drink the poison from the very beginning when we were surrounded, and charging into the Yellow Slimes, but I didn’t have the courage. 

That’s why I was hoping for them to die by themselves from eating the poison they normally couldn’t eat in the game, and ended up throwing the important poison. 

In the end, that plan ended up failing, and when I was hesitating about drinking the poison, Mitsuki threw the last poison flask I had. 

Unable to use the poison flasks, I had no way to poison myself now. 

I haven’t learned poison spells, and skills normally can’t be used on yourself. 

After that, we ran away while I tried to find a different solution, but I failed. 

That’s the reason why I directed the Golden Sakura onto the two with no choice but to use Poison Fang on either Ringo or Mitsuki. 

I say the two, but because Mitsuki has way too high debuff resistance, I would have ended up using Poison Fang on Ringo at that rate. 

But the Bloody Ogre came right at that moment, so I sacrificed him and successfully achieved the Slime Mold Radial Extermination. 

The Bloody Ogre died immediately after I attacked since it was already weakened, but there’s obviously no need for the target to die immediately. 

As long as it can last for the 1 second when the Yellow Slimes are on it while poisoned, the target will switch to their dead comrades with their priorities. 

I doubt Mitsuki or Ringo would have died with their current stats, but it isn’t hard to imagine they would have suffered quite the scary experience.

It is an experience that I was on the verge of being traumatized by even in the game after all. 

In this world where the reality has been amplified even more, this wouldn’t just be a fearsome experience. 

If I could have solved this without getting anyone dragged into it, that would have been for the best. 

The Bloody Ogre really saved us in a lot of meanings.

That’s what I was thinking, but it looks like the opinions of my companions were different. 

“…Souma…you are too reckless.” (Ringo)

Ringo said this and she has been holding my clothes tightly with no signs of letting go. 

It is as if she is saying I would jump off somewhere if she were to let go. 

*Smack smack*

The Bear might be angry here. It is grabbing my neck like a ghost, and it is smacking my cheeks as it pleases. 

It honestly doesn’t hurt at all, but it probably is telling me to reflect there. 

And the one who showed the most obvious anger was unexpectedly Mitsuki.

“If there was such a solution, you should have let me do it at once. I wouldn’t fear enemies like that, and with my skills, I could have adjusted the amount of Yellow Slimes on me.” (Mitsuki)

She declared so with a mighty atmosphere like the first time I met her.

“If you had died before reaching the ogre, or if your skill hadn’t poisoned it, you would have died. You may have been trying to be considerate about us there, but if you die, we might have died as well since we didn’t know about how to deal with the Yellow Slimes. You should have relied on us more.” (Mitsuki)

I couldn’t say anything. 

It is true that what I did had a lot of uncertain factors.

Having decided to run to the Stream Cave, deciding to poison the Ogre instead of Ringo or Mitsuki; they were obviously all things I decided on because I thought we had a chance. 

But if you ask me whether my desire of not wanting to cause harm to them wasn’t mixed in it, I can’t say with confidence that’s not the case. 

I feared harming my companions more than necessary and brought the risk of our party being wiped out.

I certainly have no means to refute that. 

That said, a normal girl would hesitate purposely being predated by the Yellow Slimes, but Mitsuki is the daughter of Hisame family. 

A family of brave warriors that would say from the bottom of their heart ‘I am glad that you are okay’ towards someone that’s heavily injured and on the verge of death. 

In this world where it is simple to heal injuries with magic, wounds that don’t lead to death can’t be considered risks.

Even in my trials, Mitsuki was completely normal. 

She is different from Ringo who would get angry at my recklessness. I thought Mitsuki was purely getting angry here because I pointlessly created the risk of being wiped out by using a method that had a lot of uncertainties despite there being a logical solution.

“How do you think I felt while I was watching you sink into the Yellow Slimes? That’s the first time I felt that way…and I don’t plan on tasting that ever again.” (Mitsuki)

Now that I look closely, her cat ears are trembling faintly. 

Maybe Mitsuki was worried about me in her own way. 

While I was thinking that…

“Do you still have an item with the poison effect inside here?” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki suddenly grabbed my bag and asked me this. 

“Well, if you search, there’s still poison flasks, poison knives, and things of the sort…” (Souma)

Poison items are not used often. 

I don’t remember where I put them, but I am sure I will find them if I take my time.

I answered while confused and Mitsuki nodded.

“Then, I will borrow this for a bit.” (Mitsuki)

She came to an understanding on her own and was about to walk off with my bag. 

“W-Wait a moment!” (Souma)

I obviously stopped her.

“No, I won’t. Ringo-san, please grab him for a bit.” (Mitsuki)

“Ringo?!” (Souma)

Ringo grabbed me from behind and I was the one who was stopped in place instead.

Mitsuki looked at me coldly while I was immobilized.

“This is your punishment for being reckless alone. Please rest in a safe place.” (Mitsuki)

“Punishment, you say…” (Souma)

Mitsuki said while I was confused. 

“There should still be Yellow Slimes in fields aside from this one. I will move around and wipe those Yellow Slimes. I just have to throw in poisoned monsters, right? If that’s the case, me alone…no, it would be easier for me to go alone.” (Mitsuki)

“No, but…hnn?” (Souma)

I was going to protest, but Ringo covered my mouth with her slender fingers from behind.

“…Is that okay?” (Ringo)

Mitsuki nodded at the short question of Ringo without hesitation. 

“I said a lot there, but me throwing the poison flask was my mistake. I must properly show my worth here by doing my job, or I won’t feel right. Also…” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki looked at me and Ringo, who was holding me, and covered her face a bit. 

“…That role doesn’t suit me. You could call it the right job for the right person.” (Mitsuki)

I was thinking of denying it, but my mouth is being covered. 

Ringo was going to speak instead, but she didn’t say anything in the end. 

She didn’t say anything as she pulled my body onto her. 

“Please evacuate to a safe place at that time. I can tell your location with my ring, so there won’t be any problem no matter where you go.” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki said this, turned around, and was about to run off. 

A yellow shadow jumped at that moment. 

That wasn’t a Yellow Slime that had overcome the threat of eradication and was waiting for the moment to strike, but…

“Oh, you…want to go with me?” (Mitsuki)

It was the Bear that had gotten down from my head at some point in time. 

The reason why the Bear that normally doesn’t even get close to Mitsuki has decided to accompany her is most likely because it saw her discouraged, and is being considerate here.

This Bear is well made in a lot of meanings. 

After Mitsuki and the Bear were gone, we treated my leg and moved to the Stream Cave. 

When you eliminate all the Yellow Slimes, the Monster Invasion Progress of the surrounding areas also decreases greatly, so the monster spawning should have calmed down. 

Also, because the patrolling route of the enemies in the Stream Cave is set, the area close to the entrance is a complete safe zone. 

Ringo sat with her back leaning on the wall of the cave, and she forcefully made me lie down on top of her legs. 

On top of that, she even wrapped her arms around my face as if hugging me. 

I can’t run away with this. 

That said, I really am worried about Mitsuki and the Bear. 

It makes me think if it is really okay for us to be resting here while they are doing their best fighting the Yellow Slimes. 

“Hey, Ringo, we really should—” (Souma)

“…Rest.” (Ringo)

But Ringo didn’t allow it. 

I was about to stand up, but I was completely stopped by her holding my forehead. 

Looks like it will be hard to convince her.

(This is troubling…) (Souma)

I was on edge because of the Yellow Slimes and the clock was showing it was already night. 

I of course also feel like resting. 

I do understand Ringo and Mitsuki being considerate to me and trying to make me rest by making up any excuse. 

Even with that, I still can’t hold back this uneasiness. 

I tried to get up several times, but Ringo would stop me every single instance. 

When I was finally about to give up…

“…Souma.” (Ringo)

A low voice came from above. 

When I looked up, Ringo was looking at me with watery eyes. 

“Souma going away…is the thing that would trouble me the most.” (Ringo)

For some reason, that tightened my chest. 

Her white and slender hands brushed my cheek gently. 

“…That’s why…don’t go disappearing on your own.” (Ringo)

Ringo pushed her body onto my head and hugged me. 

I could feel the warmth of Ringo from where it was touching. 

(Could it be that she is…feeling anxious here?) (Souma)

Ringo is expressionless, so it is pretty hard to read her emotions, but I can tell that there’s times when she would think more seriously about me than even myself. 

The subjugation contest, the Nekomimi Mansion, the Hisame family’s trial, the Yellow Slimes; these few days have been continuous days of life threatening events. 

If Ringo was worried about my life even more than I did, she probably didn’t have a single moment where she could relax. 

Thinking that, I suddenly felt guilt rushing into me. 

I want to soften her uneasiness as much as possible. 

‘I won’t disappear from your side, Ringo’, is what I was thinking of answering with, but…

“I won’t—” (Souma)

I stopped my words in the middle of it. 

There were dangerous situations today, and I worried Ringo quite a bit in the Hisame family’s trial, but I have no intention of dying here at all. 

I can say for sure that I will definitely survive. 

(But I…) (Souma)

After all these series of troubles calm down, I will be meeting Maki. 

Maki is my cousin who came from the same world as me. 

When I meet her, we will obviously be talking about how to return to our original world. 

Even if we find a way to return to our world, I plan on staying in this world at least until I defeat the Demon Lord, but…

(What will happen after that…?) (Souma)

Defeat the Demon Lord, bring peace to this world, and then what?

Will I be going back to my world with Maki? 

Leaving behind Ringo and Mitsuki who treasure me so much?


(I…) (Souma)

I couldn’t bring out words to continue that thought.

In the end, I was caught by the delayed drowsiness without being able to find an answer, and fell into the world of dreams. 

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