Tsuki – Chapter 458: Victory Conditions

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A bag of mixed feelings, but it is the waiting game now!


The demons might be far more cornered than I ever thought.

As far as what I heard from Hibiki-senpai, that is.

“That’s basically how it is. Considering how much we have struggled until now, it has been going scarily smoothly. That said…it is an opponent that’s plenty possible they are inviting us into a trap like at the time at Stella.” (Hibiki)

It seems like Senpai thinks it is her role to actually be prepared for that surprise attack.

“Aah, Hades, was it? The aforementioned giant pitfall.” (Makoto)

“You know about it as if it were natural for you to do, Makoto-kun.” (Hibiki)

The trap at the Stella Fortress.

It refers to the giant pitfall trap that Rona set in front of the fortress, called Hades.

‘Their forces crumbled in an amusing manner and it killed many. It was exhilarating’ -is what Rona herself said.

I can’t go telling Senpai this though.

There’s no need to and it would only worsen the atmosphere unnecessarily.

“Despite appearances, I am a merchant, you know.” (Makoto)

It is a trade where information is life.

Leaving aside the Hades name, Rembrandt-san should also know about what happened there.

But the Hades naming…

Do the demons have the knowledge and sense like that of Wises and Lorel and all that stuff?

It is true that there was a Demon General that had a name on that vein.

The guy that used something called talisman magic.

“…Demon Generals aren’t showing up yet, so it is only inflating the bad feeling though. Just like at that time, I can’t read what’s awaiting in the future. So vexing.” (Hibiki)

“Meaning that, in your eyes, the demons have no cards anymore?” (Makoto)

So it is a state like in chess where, even when you try to read several moves ahead of your opponent, there’s no moves they can make -a checkmate.

Does Senpai think that this time’s invasion and the fruits of it have left it in a state that can settle the battle of the hyumans and demons?

I have seen the Demon Generals, Demon Lord, and the demon lord children directly, so I think they still have some cards up their sleeves though.

Even if it was an unexpected invasion, they are not the kind of guys that would just get pushed all the way and lose.

It is true that the state of the war isn’t good for them.

The demons must have to admit that themselves.

“I think it is a slanted war to the level of ‘I wanted to stand up, but my knees were broken’. Their second and third biggest cities have already been seized by us. If the remaining one, the Sandglyph capital, were to fall, it would be the end…” (Hibiki)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“? Makoto-kun?” (Hibiki)

Ah, I see.

The place I was invited to…wasn’t the capital, huh.

Or more like, the capital’s name was Sandglyph, huh.

If Senpai knows about it, Tomoki probably also knows about it. He can use his Charm to get decently accurate information.

Eh? Something is bothering me here.

Something is, but…I can’t quite pinpoint it.


Right now what’s more important is Senpai, huh.

Stuff like the former capital, the capital, the name, and all that can come later.

“So it would be the end if the capital falls.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, their main cities have already fallen after all. There shouldn’t be any more settlements that could serve as their capital city anymore.” (Hibiki)

“In other words, the decisive battle will happen in the capital?” (Makoto)

“Even if you ask me if that’s what will happen, I don’t know how to answer that. Normally, there’s no choice of falling further back. What’s bothering you?” (Hibiki)

What’s bothering me is something about this capital.

The reason why I let out an ‘eh?’ at the question of Senpai was…

“What Waka-sama found strange was whether all the Demon Generals, the Demon Lord, and their elites were all gathered there.” (Shiki)

Shiki answered in my stead.

On top of that, even if they were to bring down their main cities and seize the capital city, as long as they have the drive of rebellion, war won’t end.

At worst, they would escape to the hyuman territories and begin guerrilla terrorism.

That’s the problem of this war.

I don’t know what Senpai is thinking.

But I think the will of rebellion is the most important part.

If they want to end the desire for battle on all fronts, in the case of the war between the hyumans and demons, it doesn’t matter if they direct their blades towards soldiers and civilians.

It would be inhuman…and at the same time, I am confident in thinking it is the correct opinion.

“It is true that it is unknown how many demons remain.” (Hibiki)

“As well as information.” (Makoto)

“Information?” (Hibiki)

“For example; how many Demon Generals are there? What are their fighting styles?” (Makoto)

“Io, Rona, Mokuren as their researcher from the back, and Reft who is a military commander like Io, right?” (Hibiki)

Senpai continued on by lining up the fighting styles of the Demon Generals that she knows of.

…I see, it isn’t precise.

It is a lot more vague than the information we have. They are also not clear about their appearance and about Mokuren.

“I see. Then, what about the Demon Lord? Do you know the name and appearance?” (Shiki)

“Demon Lord…if I remember correctly, the name is Zef. As for appearance, I only know it is a fearless and blonde demon.” (Hibiki)

“That’s basically like not knowing anything. Even if the Demon Lord were to hide in the shadows and escape, you hyumans wouldn’t have any means to know.” (Shiki)

“! A double. Right, there’s of course that possibility.” (Hibiki)

“The people closer to the Demon Lord naturally have more loyalty, but they also get more knowledgeable about the Charm of the Hero that is being used heavily in your strategy. They would kill themselves before you could get their information extracted helplessly. On top of that, you of course don’t know about the child of the Demon Lord, about who is the successor of the Demon Lord, right?” (Shiki)

“…I see. There’s a heavy chance that we will end up letting the head of the enemy escape. That’s quite the negative move for the demons…no, would they go that far if they were cornered?” (Hibiki)

Well, Rona was Charmed though.

The words of Shiki probably have some spite towards her mixed in it.

‘Killing themselves’, that’s basically what she chose to do.

Also, leaving aside the talk about not using me, we managed to learn about the hidden trump card of Rona, and it was quite shocking for her that I managed to endure it, so you could say it ended up with a result of two birds one stone.

…It hurt a hella ton though!

I ended up remembering something I didn’t really want to.

“Speaking of which, I wonder if the Demon Lord is married?” (Makoto)

“W-Waka-sama? Right, since he is a king, he should have several wives. I think he would have many children as a result as well.” (Shiki)

“Right. And so, I was finding it strange that there was no information about his children or wives, you see.” (Makoto)

I have met him once, so I know that he isn’t married and the only one blood related to him is Sari.

But it is not about Zef, I simply was curious about how Demon Lords manage their marriages.

The successor is decided by ability, so do they have a custom of not leaving children? Or maybe they definitely leave strong descendants, so they work hard to make children?

How was it with the past generation of Demon Lords?

“In other words, my bad feeling is half my trauma and half the lack of information. Is that what you are trying to say, Shiki-san?” (Hibiki)

“…Who knows.” (Shiki)

“If you still have more to say, I am in Academy Town, so I would like to be taught by Shiki-sensei and Makoto-sensei too.” (Hibiki)

“What I am slightly worried about is truly just the common stuff though.” (Makoto)

“I don’t mind. It is the words of the Hero Teacher after all.” (Hibiki)

…Senpai, that’s a critical hit.

If you hadn’t gone and put on a play there, it wouldn’t have caused this much damage.

“Even if it is a fast invasion, I feel like you have gone way too deep in a straight line. Because of how impatient of a march it was, you don’t have enough forces. If you don’t manage to put an end to it and instead get countered, it won’t end nicely. That’s the kind of foolish worry I have.” (Makoto)

“Way too fast of an invasion… Is that what it looks like to you, Makoto-sensei?” (Hibiki)

“I will be repeating something pretty similar to before, you know?” (Makoto)

“Go ahead.” (Hibiki)

“Even if a number of settlements get taken away in the hyuman and demon war, it won’t become a winning condition. I think you should properly gather information and shouldn’t lower your guard until you certainly lop off the head of the opponent.” (Makoto)

“Throw away the softness, huh. It is simple, but cruel. And it is truly the one thing that we shouldn’t forget.” (Hibiki)

“That said, I am not telling you to be dyed in hatred. It doesn’t suit you, Senpai.” (Makoto)

“…Really?” (Hibiki)

Senpai narrowed her eyes for a second and asked me while showing uneasiness.

It was truly for a moment, to a degree where I could mistake it as being my imagination…

“I think you are an extremely capable person that would even use your own anger in a calm manner.” (Makoto)

“With what eyes are you watching this uninteresting student council president, Makoto-kun?” (Hibiki)

“That was my impression when seeing you, Hibiki-senpai.” (Makoto)

Seeing Hibiki-senpai immediately switching and showing a condemning expression as she interrogated me, I expressed my heartfelt impression.

“Good grief, joking around the whole time. At least spare me from the Kuzunoha Company showing up once we attack Sandglyph, okay?” (Hibiki)

“The Kuzunoha Company has no business trips to the demon city.” (Makoto)

“…I can trust you in that, right?” (Hibiki)

“Yeah, I wish you luck.” (Makoto)

I see.

Senpai came here to erase the uneasiness that maybe we are already on the demon side, huh.

The clash between Demon Lord and Heroes is finally coming close.

Tomoki whittled down their army and opened the path, and Senpai is the blitz arrow.

The battle formation of the Goddess is simple but certain.

They even got a power up.

After that, we had a little chat, and Senpai left.

Seeing that state of hers, she might stay in the academy for a bit.

It seemed like she wanted the academy to bring out the priced magic tools that are exhibited.

Tomoki came and demanded, then Senpai came and demanded.

Giving away and getting demanded.

“Hey, Shiki.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Waka-sama?” (Shiki)

“The Goddess is more serious than ever.” (Makoto)

“Right. It seems like she is trying to hit the war in perfect condition.” (Shiki)

“You see, I don’t have any basis for this but…” (Makoto)

“Yes?” (Shiki)

“I feel like the more you choose steady and certain cards…the higher the chances of failing.” (Makoto)

“If it were as usual, I doubt any uncertainties would happen with the Goddess, but right now there’s Waka-sama, so there’s no knowing.” (Shiki)

“What do you mean by that?!” (Makoto)

“The existence of Waka-sama creates irregularities. Just like you, Waka-sama, I have nothing to back this up, but I myself think this.” (Shiki)

“W-Well, leaving aside my presence, it seems like the Kuzunoha Company holds a decent amount of weight on Senpai and the demons.” (Makoto)

It rarely happens in reality that putting plus and minus ends up with minus…

But at the same time…

Me and the Goddess being plus and minus might be an unexpectedly accurate comparison.

“You could call it a plus and minus relationship. Waka-sama and the Goddess would definitely repel each other after all. Hahaha.” (Shiki)

“Strangely, we were thinking the same thing, huh. Now then, I wonder what card has Zef-san truly left.” (Makoto)

“There’s no doubt that it will be a deciding factor in the victory or defeat, but it is vexing that I can’t imagine what it might be.” (Shiki)

Even Shiki can’t read it, huh.

By the way, I wonder who is the plus and who is the minus between me and the Goddess inside of Shiki’s head.

I of course asked him, but he simply chuckled and I didn’t get an answer in the end.

I-It bothers me now.

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