Tsuki – Chapter 457: Stone of the Monarch

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Leaving aside the plans of Senpai, I think Hibiki-senpai will be good stimulation for Jin and the others. 

In other words, there’s nothing for me to worry about when it comes to the academy. 

I think this while watching Senpai carefully take each exhibited stone to confirm just like at the time with Tomoki the other day.

I had a few thoughts of my own, so I didn’t add one thing there, thinking: ‘is that even possible?’.

The stone that Senpai brought from Japan, chrysoprase. 

Within the exhibited stones, there’s actually the chrysoprase that I had them search for a bit abruptly.

One that was manufactured into a ball in a way that fits the palm of your hand just right. 

If that stone really is the correct one for Senpai, would it react to that one too, or would it only react to this one? Or maybe she will react to both? 

I am a bit interested in that. 

I could feel the sensation of Senpai’s accessory from my hand that I had in my pocket. 

Of course, it isn’t reacting at all to me. 

“She is confirming them pretty meticulously.” (Shiki)

“Yeah, Tomoki was rough when compared to Senpai. No, just as you say, Shiki, he would be the normal one and Senpai is the meticulous one.” (Makoto)

“Right, it is like there’s no oversight with her… I can understand why Tomoe-dono has her own share of thoughts regarding Hibiki.” (Shiki)

It seems like Shiki found this a good opportunity to observe Senpai. 

He is not even calling her Hero-dono here. 

It is because we are at the basement of the company -at homeground. 

Of course, this change is brought by his notice that Senpai doesn’t have any intention of admonishing his attitude. 

Shiki is also the same in that there’s no oversight with him.

“Hibiki-senpai is a person that can concentrate all too naturally after all.” (Makoto)

“…Using her origins, sipping on the benefits as she asks for things, and yet, that impudent boldness of seriously checking the goods in admiration.” (Shiki)


“It should be natural for her to have something akin to an item box since she is a hero. She should be able to take the goods with a smile and check the goods after that.” (Shiki)

“But with that…” (Makoto)

If the item she is looking for is not there, it would be a pain to make another request. 

But my words didn’t continue.

“To comrades, she would act grandly but never open her heart completely; and with compatriots, she would depend on them and would drag them into her own troubles without a shred of guilt.” (Shiki)

“I see…she certainly is a scary person. Most of all, she excels in personal relationships which Waka-sama is not proficient at. To put it in simpler terms…she has a bad character.” (Shiki)

“Shiki, did Tomoe put something in your head again?” (Makoto)

“Haha, it is completely my personal opinion and my impression of her.” (Shiki)

That’s even worse.

“But she is indeed appealing. I do understand why Lime would be pulled by her and why you would evaluate her highly, Waka-sama.” (Shiki)

“Ooh.” (Makoto)

This might be the first time a follower of mine has given a decent evaluation towards Senpai. 

“I do have the intention to give an objective opinion, but it really ends up being the perspective of a man in the end.” (Shiki)

Shiki scratches his eyebrows while saying this with a bitter smile.

“Does the evaluation of that person change that much depending if it is a man or woman?” (Makoto)

I feel like it was actually women who were liking her more to an overwhelming extent. 

“The majority of the people that hate Hibiki are most likely women with excelling capabilities.” (Shiki)

“Excelling capabilities? Only capable women?” (Makoto)

“A part of that group.” (Shiki)

“In other words, stupid men and women and capable men won’t hate Senpai?” (Makoto)

What’s with that? 

And what’s with that division? 

The fact that I can somewhat tell what division you are in is making me a bit uneasy, Shiki-san. 

“That shrewdness and her impudence as if she had already predicted it. Even within the men who have enough intelligence to notice that, they would count it as one of her cute points, or would forgive it, looking at it as if it were the impudence of a cat. On the other hand, if it is a woman, there would be people who would feel disgust, jealousy, or hatred.” (Shiki)

“But it is not like Senpai is doing radical stuff like doing evil deeds or stealing from others.” (Makoto)

“She most likely doesn’t. That’s why there’s the chance of being hated by the layer of people that hate idealistic things. Hibiki is the type that would make those idealistic words into reality -with good and bad included in them. If her own strength isn’t enough, she would easily take the hand of others to achieve it.” (Shiki)

“Yeah, isn’t that what makes her an incredible person?” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama, there’s people in society that hate those types from the bottom of their heart.” (Shiki)

“…Are you saying that’s Tomoe? Hey now, Shiki…” (Makoto)

The period dramas that Tomoe likes normally have those types of people in it. 

I would say Tomoe actually likes people who have a mix of good and bad, and are able to back up their idealistic words. 

Good grief.

“There’s different types when it comes to mixes of good and bad after all. I myself feel slight disgust in the mannerisms of Hibiki, but I would find it a lot more agreeable on Tomoe-dono.” (Shiki)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“They are both the same type, but they are slightly different. Disliking someone can come from faint differences like this…” (Shiki)

Is there differences between mixes of good and bad…?

No, there indeed are. 

So deep. 

But where would Mio fall into with that logic? 

I feel like you could say she is the type to swallow anything. 

“By the way, Mio-dono always puts Waka-sama at the forefront, so there’s no clean or dirty about it. Poor eating and the good and bad mix are two completely different ways of thinking, Waka-sama.” (Shiki)

“…Yeah.” (Makoto)

What’s this? I feel like Shiki has been seeing through my thoughts lately. 

“Makoto-kun.” (Hibiki) 

“Oh, sorry, I spaced out there thinking about something.” (Makoto)

Not good, not good. 

Senpai had come back at some point in time. 

“This one felt somewhat different from the rest. Just that, I feel like it is different from what the Goddess explained.” (Hibiki)

Aah, I see.

There wasn’t a clear-cut reaction like with Tomoki, so I lowered my guard there, huh.

It didn’t cross my mind.

There was a creamy green colored ball in the hand of Senpai.

…The ruler stone. Is the chrysoprase really the stone of Senpai?

“The chrysoprase, huh.” (Makoto)

“Oh, you are well informed.” (Hibiki)

“I would at least know the name of the goods that I am handling, Senpai.” (Makoto)

“I somewhat feel that it is this one, but…it doesn’t click. What an irritating feeling.” (Hibiki)

“…Then, how about this one?” (Makoto)

“? !!” (Hibiki)

I bring out one earring to Senpai and give it to her.

No…return it? 

“This is…?” (Hibiki)

“Yours, Senpai. It was going around in Tsige from an underground route, and we ended up with it. Of course, your clothes and such stuff too.” (Makoto)

I say this and point to a cloth bag with my eyes. 

There’s no value for us aside from being collector stuff. 

There’s no problem at all in returning it to her here. 

“…No, this alone is enough.” (Hibiki)

The words ‘figures’ surfaced in my mind.

The power of Senpai shot up. 

It is the same as with Tomoki. 

The two heroes have stones that serve as their Guardian Stone. 

How about me? 

Shiki said before that he would be able to defeat her 99 out of 100 times, but from what I can see right now…

I looked at Shiki and his face was stiff. 

This is most likely because he is witnessing a rare occurrence in this world and because he has gauged the latent power of Senpai after her power up. 

If we put it in numbers, I would say Shiki surpasses her by a little bit. 

How unfair, right? 

It turns out like this with just one piece of equipment after all.

“Those are things that there’s not much point in us having though.” (Makoto)

“Then, how about you try to sell them to the academy as personal possessions of a hero?” (Hibiki)


T-There was that option!! 

It is a much better idea than selling it to some perverted old man (prejudice) on Tsige!!

Damn it, why didn’t I think of that sooner?! 


“Makoto-kun, you are a merchant, right?” (Hibiki)

“K-Kinda.” (Makoto)

“W-Well, that’s fine. But why is it this? At the time when I had it on me, it didn’t serve me much purpose.” (Hibiki)

Senpai tilts her head while lightly playing with the earring that she has already put on.

“Maybe a beloved article awakened?” (Makoto)

I answered with whatever. 

It is completely a protagonist move there -though I won’t say it out loud.

“Beloved? Even though this is only my second time putting it on?” (Hibiki)


“Why did you bring something you didn’t even like that much over here?” (Makoto)

“Even if I were to leave it in Japan, it would only bring unnecessary trouble.” (Hibiki)

“As in?” (Makoto)

Shiki warned me later that I should pick up on it to a certain extent from the atmosphere, but despite me having become pretty careful in those areas recently, I ended up asking by habit. 

“…It is a present that was given to me by the father of my fiancee at that side. That’s why, even if I am gone, no one would benefit from it if I were to leave it behind anyways.” (Hibiki)

“…Fiancee.” (Makoto)

“You see, there’s a number of people who still have those kinds of practices, you know; fiancees. The so-called political marriages.” (Hibiki)

“Political marriages…” (Makoto)

An incredible word jumped out. 

Eh, we are talking about reality here, right? 

“What a face you are making, Makoto-kun. In the first place, having fiancees and political marriages is common in this world, and swords and magic are all over the place, you know.” (Hibiki)

“It was a word that I didn’t hear anywhere else aside from TV when I was in Japan, you see. I got a bit dumbstruck there, sorry.” (Makoto)

“It is fine. I forgive you.” (Hibiki)

“Thanks?” (Makoto)

“That’s why, won’t you come with me to settle the score against the demons?” (Hibiki)

“I humbly decline.” (Makoto)

“Tch, can’t you?” (Hibiki)

“What are you trying to throw in the confusion? Good grief.” (Makoto)

“The joke ends there, huh. Then, as thanks for your cooperation here, how about I share with you a bit of what I currently know about the situation?” (Hibiki)

“…Is that okay?” (Makoto)

“Of course. I don’t want to be hated by you, Makoto-kun. I don’t know if I can provide any new information, but I will do my best.” (Hibiki)

Senpai, Shiki, and I head to the reception room. 

Now then, how are things on the site? 

There’s no contact from the demons, so let’s indulge in the offer of Senpai and hear what she has to say. 

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