Tsuki – Chapter 456: Hero Teacher…born?

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“Run aw—eh?!” 

The Hero Hibiki, who was riding a wolf far above, began lowering her altitude as she was approaching her objective. Sensing several presences in her approach, she was about to take a battle stance, but let out her voice in surprise. 

It would be one thing in the territory of the demons, but it is an impossible reaction in Rotsgard. 

It is rare for Hibiki to get flustered in the sky no less. 

“Makoto-kun’s acquaintances? I don’t have the time to be tagging along in any pranks though.” (Hibiki)

That said, Hibiki is someone who has already overcome several tribulations. 

She is a hero that would stand at the same level as the top class of the people in this world in terms of power without any shame. 

“An elite platoon of the demons? …No, it is more of a squad…? If it is this much, there should be no problems.” (Hibiki)

She gauges the ability of the other party in one glance. 

“! I see…” (Hibiki)

Hibiki feels that a spell of some sort was deployed and she was caught in it. 

Her body was slightly heavy. 

The wolf she is riding on, Horun, was peeking its fangs as if finding this sensation unpleasant. 

It is an unusual first move, but for Hibiki, it isn’t to the extent that her movements would be dulled. 

Hibiki continues observing them without lowering her descending speed.

“They are not picking a fight with me in the sky. Instead, they are using anti-aircraft spells, huh.” (Hibiki)

Several different offensive element spells were flying their way. 

Getting an idea of the power they have, Hibiki sighs. 

“…Exemplary students, I would say? These must be the students of Makoto-kun I have heard of before. What are they thinking, picking a fight with m—geez!” (Hibiki)

She has somehow understood the situation here. 

However, the only choice Hibiki can take is most likely the development Makoto wants. 

Considering all the debts Hibiki owes him, she has no right to complain here. 

She would use her Japan connection to act shamelessly audacious when necessary, but she also understands when to stand back.

If Makoto considers this as paying back the interests to some extent, then this would instead be a tasty development for Hibiki. 

Also, Makoto doesn’t take into account the situation and circumstances to a relative extent. 

For him, even if it is daily life or the battlefield, a debt is a debt, and a favor is a favor. 

One is one. 

Hibiki switches her mindset to battle mode. 

She takes out her sword, and forms a plan with her partner wolf with thought transmission.

Two at the frontline. 

Dual-wielding sword and longsword; a rare composition for a frontline. 

Longsword slightly a few steps back. 

The positioning is strange for a middle guard. 

(Also the rear; there’s a strange pseudo-Makoto-kun. The one who deployed this spell is…the dual-wielding guy, huh. A line-up to gauge the strength of the opponent; if that works, then stay like that; if not, the two withdraw; and…aah, that longsword guy is the shield, huh.) (Hibiki)

There’s still a few seconds before contact.

Hibiki’s fearsome situational awareness. 

The spells that were shot at Hibiki lacked aim and were dealt with by the roar of Horun. The spells that were clearly aimed to hit Hibiki were already swept away by her sword.

And then, the dual-sword and longsword frontline face Hibiki riding Horun.


“A chance to fight a hero rarely ever comes. I think it was a good decision.” 

“Moreover, it is against a person that I am sure will hold back and not kill them, so no objections about it.”

Jin and Daena came out first to clash blades in this battle against the hero. 

Today, a single line ran through the sky, and Hibiki-senpai’s presence was approaching at fast speed.

…Good grief. 

Tomoki came without even a notice beforehand, so that’s a hopeless case, but I have to question Senpai who is coming in the middle of the morning lessons despite the arranged time being in the afternoon. 

It would have been fine if she didn’t come here, but now that she has, I have to deal with her. 

Right now with the matter of Tomoki the other day, I am being seen with weird eyes, so meeting Senpai at the school would be the worst. 

And that worst is certainly approaching this location. 

Weird rumors are going to sprout again…is what I thought, and suddenly had a good idea pop up. 

It is not an all-powerful idea that can solve everything, but it is at least a move that can utilize the situation. 

I said this to Jin. 

“Jin, we are changing the lesson of today. Try to fight the person that will be dropping down here in the remaining time with everything you have.” (Makoto)


A hero dropped down just before, so the students hesitated for a few seconds, but they immediately predicted the landing point after that, and they all nodded before running off.

Yup yup, these lectures have seeped in your bodies. 

Is what I thought.

“Oh, so she is not even going to let them clash blades with her?” (Makoto) 

“It seems like she has accepted to participate in this. That girl seems to have the concept of returning a favor which is slightly relieving.” (Shiki)

“…I think Hibiki-senpai is a person that does things properly in that area.” (Makoto)

“Right. However, she isn’t the honorable type that returns a debt without a contract either. She is a bit of a different sincere type from you, Waka-sama.” (Shiki)

“…And here I was wondering how she would be coming here. To think she would be coming from the sky on a wolf, Senpai really has her surprises.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. She unleashes a chain from some sort of skill or magic tool, and puts it on the wolf that she summons. I can’t get an exact gauge on it, but I think it is a transportation method that excels in the cost for performance. The only con to it would be that only one person can be transported -2 people at most.” (Shiki)

“Despite appearances, Senpai is the 1-vs-1 type in terms of abilities. Even though it seems like she would be good at commanding. Her abilities don’t match.” (Makoto)

Jin and Daena were sent flying by the tackle of Horun. 

In the opening when Misura charged at Horun: Amelia, one second; Yuno, 3 seconds; Sif, 1 second.

They do a pincer attack at Horun with Misura. Even though it should be the first time it is fighting and seeing the abilities of Misura, who can literally control the damage, it ended with him being suppressed by Horun. 

By the time Jin and Daena had recovered, there wasn’t anyone left aside from themselves. 

Even though they barely managed to deploy the clone and the pseudo-Sakai… What a shame. 

Senpai had already run behind them. 

Even though she isn’t wearing that embarrassing attire, she is still outputting that speed, huh. 

That’s impressive, Senpai. 

I get why it was written in Lime’s report that she has a super high speed battle style. 

The blades of Jin and Daena hit nothing, and the two fall on their knees.

“10 seconds after the battle began. Let’s just say they did well.” (Shiki)

“To think Senpai would manage to judge how much damage the Juuki can take in just a few seconds. That’s nasty.” (Makoto)

“Using a handle to crush her jaw was a bit too actual combat oriented though.” (Shiki)

“…It might be that she shows no restraint because they are both women. Senpai is a hero, but she was originally Japanese. It might be that she doesn’t adhere that much to the concept of beauty as much as hyumans do.” (Makoto)

“…Amelia had her hair grabbed and was sent flying with some strange barehanded combat style.” (Shiki)

“I don’t know if that’s judo or aikido, or maybe she learned it from someone here. That was an impressive throw.” (Makoto)

“Otonashi Hibiki has become quite ferocious in the time we haven’t seen her.” (Shiki)

“How is it? Do you think you could win against her, Shiki?” (Makoto)

“Not sure… I can fight in a way that I don’t lose though. I don’t know how good of a fight this person Waka-sama calls Senpai can put up.” (Shiki)

So he would be reserved because of me, huh.

“If it were without any of such restraints?” (Makoto)

“I would win with an 80% chance. Depending on the hidden trump card of Hibiki…it would be 10% we end up taking each other out, and 10% I lose.” (Shiki)

“That’s quite the defeatist mindset.” (Makoto)

“I smell the faint scent of Tomoe-dono and Mio-dono from her after all.” (Shiki)


What does he mean with that? 

I end up whispering that in my mind.

Hibiki-senpai, Tomoe, and Mio.

I don’t think they are that similar. 

“The tactics of Tomoe-dono and the tacticless Mio-dono; for some reason, I can feel both of those from her.” (Shiki)

“Tactics and tacticless, huh.” (Makoto)

I don’t get it. 

“The style of Tomoe-dono where she lies in wait and sneaks in several plans, and…” (Shiki)

“Yeah?” (Makoto)

“The reckless style of Mio-dono where, no matter how many hits she receives, she doesn’t care.” (Shiki)

“No, Shiki, Senpai isn’t the type to take attacks but avoid them, right?” (Makoto)

Shiki looked at me with a blank stare at my retort. 

“It is the recklessness of ‘if it doesn’t hit, it doesn’t matter’. Isn’t that the same?” (Shiki)

“R-Really?” (Makoto)

It is true that Mio is the type that, no matter how many hits she takes, as long as she is standing, she doesn’t care. 

Senpai is the type that would avoid any powerful attacks or crush them before they are shot. 

Depending on how you look at it, they are the same, I guess? 

Wrapping them up as reckless? 

I do feel as if this evaluation of Shiki is being affected by his personal grudge or trauma. 

“Judging it calmly, I would still be above her, but even if I were to win 99 times out of 100 battles, there’s still that 1 fight that could happen when we clash. I can’t throw away that faint fear. There’s that factor in that hero.” (Shiki)

“…I see. I get that.” (Makoto)


Senpai and the Wolf-kun are approaching. 

She and the wolf are carrying the whole group of students. 

What a surreal sight.

The 2nd generation is watching this whole development absentmindedly.

“It has been a while, Makoto-kun.” (Hibiki)

Senpai says this with a smile that you would find hard to believe someone would show after having a battle. 

Not a single sweat in sight. 

Not a single sign of her reproaching me for this. 

That’s Senpai for you. 

I already know that, internally, she wants to say something about this after all. 

“You came quite early, Senpai. Long time no see.” (Makoto)

“It has been a while, Hero-dono.” (Shiki)

Shiki and I also return the greetings. 

The 2nd generation grows noisy. 

Someone must have noticed the identity of Senpai. 

Or more like, I can feel the presence of people in the surroundings too. 

This damn swarm. They plan on coming into the practical application field too?! 

“Thanks for giving some of your time to my students.” (Makoto)

“! No, I can’t refuse the request of none other than Makoto-kun after all. I couldn’t pat their heads and say ‘good job, good job’, but was that good enough?” (Hibiki)

Senpai decides on the situation before anything is said. 

It is better to just wrap it up quickly as ‘she has paid a bit of her debt’.

“Of course, there aren’t many opportunities to spar with a living legend after all. If possible, I would like you to look after my students in the academy for a few days.” (Makoto)

But well, I mix in a few jokes. 

What’s next can be after I finish the lecture, and we can meet at the store. 

“Oh, I do have an interest in the students of Rotsgard who are going to be rearing the future of this world. Since you have so kindly offered, maybe I should do just that. In exchange, please give me a bit of a discount for the unreasonable request this time around, okay, Makoto-kun?” (Hibiki)

“…Eh?” (Makoto)

“A miracle stone that has no magic power. That Goddess began throwing a tantrum like that of a grade schooler saying ‘we don’t have this’, ‘we don’t have that’. Give me a break. She made us rush into the very depths of enemy territory, and now she suddenly tells me to search for a power stone. What kind of joke is this?” (Hibiki)

“Hahaha. No, that’s not it, Senpai. You have come from that battlefield, so this isn’t the time to be looking after students, you know? It would be better to return as soon as possible…” (Makoto)

So Senpai also imagined a power stone from the details of what she was told, huh.

That I managed to reach the same conclusion as Hibiki-senpai, even if it is something simple like this, it makes me a bit happy. 

Also, why is it that so many people take my jokes seriously? 

“The current state of the war is because of the big charge of the Empire; I am just decoration.” (Hibiki)

“No way that’s the case.” (Makoto)

“Fufu, right. Tomoki has returned, so this time it is my turn. This time around, we have talked it out.” (Hibiki)

“Between Senpai and Tomoki?” (Makoto)

“Between the Empire and the Kingdom.” (Hibiki)


“The Empire is serious. We plan on putting an end to the battle against the demons. I have felt it with my skin. Limia was one step late, but we are seriously sending supplies and reinforcements.” (Hibiki)

“So you are going to be settling this, huh.” (Makoto)

“We will technically be using the momentum of the Empire to its full extent, but…we will settle this.” (Hibiki)

Looks like I will have to hurry if I am going to go ahead with the plan of accepting demon refugees.

I plan to have Kaleneon be the core of this plan, but I should shape up the details with Sari on the Asora side. 

I exchanged glances with Shiki, and he nodded silently. 

So the preparations are done. 

How reliable. 

“Hm, I apologize for having come a bit earlier than planned. This is the first time I have traveled this much of a distance, so my plans were slightly off the mark.” (Hibiki)

“No no, don’t worry about it.” (Makoto)

“I am already here anyway, so I will go with you to the company, okay?” (Hibiki)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Senpai said something outrageous as if nothing. 

The voices of the students grow noisier. 

This gallery of students that just came out as if they own the place. 

I picked up a number of words I didn’t want to hear through Sakai.

“Raidou-sensei really is friends with the Hero-samas.” 

“The Empire’s Hero-sama and now even the Kingdom’s Hero-sama; moreover, they act so close.” 

“Hmm, isn’t he being relied on?” 

“That black hair is so beautiful…” 

“Could it be that Raidou-sensei is also a hero?!” 

“No way that’s the case! But…” 

“Yeah, he may be a legendary warrior that can stand side by side with them.” 

“I did hear that the battle against the demons is heating up.” 

“No matter what the future may bring, the heroes will always leave new seeds of hope.” 


“That’s right, I have heard that they would make a vow with their irreplaceable friend to please raise the eggs of future heroes.” 


“I didn’t know that Raidou-sensei was that, but…there’s no doubt.” 


“Yeah, Raidou-sensei is the one who raises the future heroes…being a legendary warrior himself yet a teacher.” 


…I want to puke. 

Why is it that shitty rumors that go from 0 to 100 are the ones that spread like a disease. 

Since the time with Tomoki, there has been the budding theory that Raidou = Hero Teacher. 

In the first place, a Hero Teacher is something I haven’t seen or heard in this world’s history. 

We are heading to dark times just like in the confession rush days. 

T-This is so unreasonable! 

“Since when did you class change into the Hero Teacher Raidou, Makoto-kun?” (Hibiki)

Senpai whispers to my ear. 

“You are doing this while fully aware, aren’t you, Hero-dono?” (Shiki)

The way too familiar conduct of Hibiki-senpai which would invite even more misunderstanding. 

Shiki retorts, but doesn’t seem to have any intention of fixing things. 


“And then, Raidou-dono who had to part ways from the Hero-dono of the Kingdom to walk the path of a teacher…has finally reunited with her again!” 

“Eh?! I heard rumors that the Kingdom’s Hero-sama was engaged with the Empire’s Hero-sama though. Could it be…?!” 

“Does that mean…?!” 

Aah, geez.

Heroes are always the center of conversations. 

Being dragged into all of this by the people themselves is quite the pain, oi. 

Thinking about how I am going to be called something I don’t want to again, I get dejected.

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