Tsuki – Chapter 450: Unchanging Place, Fleeting Moment

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2 times in the past. 

I have been practically forced by the Goddess to get involved in the battle between demons and hyumans. 

That’s right, by the Goddess.

It is not like I had prior knowledge, thought it smelled fishy, or heard that there was weird movement in a country somewhere. 

Reality is a cruel mistress.

And so, it seems like this is the 3rd time a big battle has begun, but there was no notice or effect on me. 

If the hyumans are at an advantage, I would just go ‘that’s how it goes, I guess’.

By the way, there’s barely any talk about the war in Tsige either. 

“It seems like the Empire is making a big move.” 

Is what Rembrandt-san brought up in casual conversation. 

That it is quite the delightful march, but he doesn’t know how it will go. 

I just nodded without really listening.

That person’s information network is astounding.

I honestly don’t read the newspapers much, but it might not be a bad idea to at least skim over the pages. 

Which newspaper was the one Rembrandt-san said he always makes sure to read? 

It has been a while since the students safely left Tsige. 

My side has also calmed down a bit too.

As for the city, whether the students are there or not, it doesn’t change much.

It is in a way because Tsige is a frontier all day every day.

Normally, things would get more noisy if promising students of the renowned Rotsgard Academy were to come.

We cooled them down in that area beforehand, so we managed to avoid any weird things happening.

With our name only, it would be too weak, so we had the joint signature of the Adventurer Guild, the Merchant Guild, and also the Rembrandt Company when deciding their plans to make it so no unnecessary meddling from outside happened…

Man, we really worked hard. 

If the long awaited school trip had turned into a big recruitment war, the meaning of it would have changed.

In the middle of it, I found myself asking the fundamental question of ‘just what is a school trip in the first place?’ but we did it. 

I couldn’t get an answer though.

“Gritonia will be waiting for Limia and the supplies, huh. Hmm…” (Makoto)

That means they will be having some breathing room over there. 

It is not like the demons will be having a big change in objective because of Rona having returned.

It is a war state as if a pike has been stabbed in their eyes, but well, it is not like the demons will just get pushed till it is over.

I know after having felt the atmosphere of the Demon Lord and the demons with my own skin.

They are not people that would let it end just like that. 

The report of the foreign business teams is ok with this, then.

The big companies of Tsige…are all greedy. 

The place of Batoma-san is riding the idol path of his daughter and selling limited products, and creating a sister group with the employees to service the customers, opening a new idol chain store for a big offensive. 

This city is entering a new type of advertisement with handsome men and beautiful women singing and dancing. It is impressive how they are taking that in without any reservation. 

At the place of Capli-san, I heard that they are on the way of establishing a great horse rearing that will bring a revolution to the mass transportation of goods. 

A great horse is a demonic beast. 

It is like a giant and stronger version of a normal horse, and its speed isn’t bad at all.

It was said that it is impossible to rear them because of their violent temperament, but Capli-san told me with a puffed out chest that they have made it possible behind doors. 

She also said with vexation that this should have monopolized the talk of the city, but with the current Tsige, that wouldn’t be possible. She really has that young side of hers.

The Bronzeman Company has ascertained that there’s a Skill called Item Box within the production branch of the blacksmith, and that has created a festive mood. 

Even if you learn Item Box, because of some issues with it, it is easy for problems to occur, so they are having meetings with the Adventurer Guild every evening regarding the matters of the rights and the shares for the cases when the people with that Skill accompany others in adventures. 


Shut up, do it where I can’t see ya! 

That’s the kind of atmosphere Tsige has.

“There’s no changes to the amount of bases, and there’s no problems with our sales. Yeah, it is currently peaceful.” (Makoto)

The demon city, Bellgoat, had fallen into the hands of Gritonia before night came just as Ririto, who had been watching it long before me, had guessed.

The reinforcement requests must have reached Aion and Lorel, and the major powers will have no choice but to move again.

The independent country, Tsige, will obviously have to show a stance in the war too.

According to the meeting in Asora about the Kuzunoha Company, it is apparently going to end with giving out some money and things and that’s it. 

Rembrandt-san didn’t seem to show much interest in the war, so I also think that’s about it.

“That doesn’t seem to be the case, Waka.” (Tomoe)

“That’s rare of you, Tomoe. Showing yourself in the office.” (Makoto)

Tomoe has been cooped in Asora lately. 

Going through the trouble of showing herself in the Tsige store…could it be that she had some business with Root or Grount-san?

“That side has gotten used to accepting adventurers, so problems are not as prominent anymore, you see. So I am thinking of learning from Mio and going out more often.” (Tomoe)

“I thought you had moved around outside to the point that you were already bored from it. And so, were there any bad waves or something?” (Makoto)

“I wouldn’t really say ‘bad’. Lorel is apparently going to propose opening a land route with Tsige in the near future.” (Tomoe)

“The tunnel that was spoken of before? Isn’t that tame compared to the war north?” (Makoto)

“The people of Lorel being able to easily come here is quite the big deal for us.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe brushes her sword. 


In the end, the former holy object turned into a wakizashi that Tamaki had brought and has now settled onto the waist of Tomoe.

I personally prefer Shirafuji better since it is more matching, but it seems Tomoe has taken a liking to it. 

The name I was hurried to think of and ended up with was Madoromi Kohaku <Drowsy Amber>.

It came from a shrine, so I was thinking about a name related to Tsukuyomi-sama, but somehow…this sword gave me a strange feeling of uneasiness.

And so, I gave it a name of ‘please stay docile, okay?’.

There’s also a part of me that feels like such a wish won’t be working when it comes to my surroundings though.

The amber part is because the handle of the wakizashi has an orange stone polished into a ball embedded there. 

I felt the power of the Charm in it, so I asked to confirm with Tamaki, and she apparently encapsulated the Charm power that she took out from the Forest Oni Shii and Rona. 

She said that, in case of emergencies, you can break that stone to Charm the people in several kilometers for an emergency escape or something.

It is probably the consideration of Tamaki in her own way since Tomoe goes out often.

“I haven’t heard any detailed info of that from Rembrandt-san either. Where did you get that information?” (Makoto)

“The dragon network. That place has a pointlessly high amount of dragons, so the information is all laid bare.” (Tomoe)

“So it came out in a tea talk with Root or Grount-san?” (Makoto)

“Basically. Lorel is apparently going to send dragon knights north, so it looks like hyumans are going to be settling the battle here.” (Tomoe)

…So that’s the main piece of information, huh.

Lorel will be bringing out their treasured dragon knights. 

So they are going to properly show that they have participated…

“What about Aion?” (Makoto)

“They are in a mess as always. They have probably accepted that they will soon not even be considered one of the 4 major powers.” (Tomoe)

“…With Tsige obtaining independence as well, they have only been standing out in a bad way after all.” (Makoto)

“They have gathered up a decent cavalry, so they do have their good yields, but you know, there have been talks recently about Tsige using big horse demonic beasts as transportation. They are barely holding on, hahahaha.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe is merciless.

And I have almost the same opinion, so I can’t even cover for them a little bit. 

“But the Goddess is staying quiet this time around.” (Makoto)

“Right. Must be because the hyumans are on the advantage here.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe made a daring smile as if saying she can bring it on. 

“I just hope nothing happens. Like, seriously.” (Makoto)

Just how great would it be if things just wrap up with Tsige simply talking about it for a bit like right now. 

“Pretence, isn’t it, Waka? I can tell. You are waiting for the moment when the Goddess does something, right?” (Tomoe)

“It would indeed be fun to see her trip.” (Makoto)

“Oh, those documents are about Mio. Recently, she has been going together with the Neptunes to Koran and doing her best in stuff like appraising the maritime products of Koran. How praiseworthy. A fish market that doesn’t lose to that of Tsukiji** might be made there. I am looking forward to that.” (Tomoe)

Tsukiji Fish Market.

“True. The market of Tsige always ends up being mostly centered around meat. There’s a decent amount of vegetables, but…the market for rare items from the wasteland is just too strong…” (Makoto)

“…A tourist market that beginners can look around…hmm, it might become a special feature together with the food carts.” (Tomoe)

“I will try telling Rembrandt-san the next time he comes. If it is an idea that utilizes what’s already there, implementing it might happen in the blink of an eye. The great horses apparently contributed heavily already with the large passenger carriage of before.” (Makoto)

“A city where the main method of moving around goes from walking to vehicles is probably only Tsige even when speaking in terms of the whole world. The plan of turning Tsige into Edo is finally reaching its climax…” (Tomoe)

“Don’t turn it into Edo. Please be satisfied with just Asora.” (Makoto)

‘Oops’, Tomoe says as she shrugs her shoulders.

She is already going crazy with the city structure of Asora. 

There may be a number of areas where it is really similar to Edo with the district divisions and all that stuff, but she has been doing as she pleases. 

There’s even the cottage that’s serving as the villa of Tomoe.

“…I will restrain myself to a certain extent. Now then, will we be participating next time on the hyuman side again? It would also be amusing to rampage on the side of the demons for once. We are also looking forward to how Waka will be destroying the plans of the Goddess.” (Tomoe)

“I also plan on restraining myself there. I won’t be able to answer your expectations even if you look forward to it.” (Makoto)

“I wonder about that.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe laughed ominously. 

The plan of the Goddess, huh.

She hasn’t been making any actual moves as of late, so won’t she just be doing whatever whimsically this time around as well?

There aren’t many people as unfitting for the word ‘tactician’ as the Goddess after all.

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