Tsuki – Chapter 449: Release and Relay

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Looks like people who always think about conspiracies really become distrustful of others. 

I have managed to ask Rona everything I wanted to ask, so I decided to return her to the place of the demons.

“Is this really the bottom of the ocean?” (Rona)

She asked.

It seems like she couldn’t help but wonder whether what Shiki said was true or not about teleportation being pointless.

Honestly speaking, if I were in her position, I would have let that part go.

I probably wouldn’t be bothered by it.

Or more like, I wouldn’t have the leeway to. 

Rather, I would be more worried about my own situation.

The Hero and the hyumans -her sworn enemies- are attacking her country after all.

She is tough.

“…Can’t see anything.” (Rona)

I did guide her to a window that lets you see the outside, but even when she tried to push her face onto the window to confirm the outside, it didn’t work.

Obviously, since we are at the ocean depths after all.

There’s no way light would reach, and would naturally be pitch black.

Having windows here was 100% solely because the eldwas were trying to brag about their technique.

I thought ‘isn’t there no need for something that’s pointless to have?’, but it seems like the production of windows that can be used in the bottom of the ocean are popular with the Neptunes and the races living there.

The sense of values for creations changes greatly when seeing it from an insider’s perspective.

I have once again noticed something that’s extremely simple, period.

When I told Rona that the bottom of the ocean is dark and the reason for it, she used a night vision skill or magic to confirm the outside.

After a while, it seemed like a giant something swam here, and she accepted that this was the bottom of the ocean. 

…The one of Asora, that is.

Well, I won’t tell her things that I don’t need to tell her though.

“I can’t see anything.” (Rona)

And then, when we were going back, Rona said the same thing. 

That’s because we have blindfolded her.

When I asked her whether she knew the area around Kaleneon, she told me why I was asking such an obvious question, which was a response that made Shiki pop a vein, so we are leading her there. 

I have obtained quite a lot from my reunion with Rona as a result. 

I don’t mind her tone or way of speaking. 

Or maybe…she still thinks that being killed by the Kuzunoha Company will be beneficial for the demons…no, for Zef.

I don’t know and don’t have much interest in it. 

It is an old book method, but we blindfolded her, warned her not to use magic, and on top of that, spun her around before we had her teleport into the mist gate. 

And that brings us to now.

“Ugh…what terrible torture at the very end… Can’t believe this.” (Rona)

Looks like getting spun around is also painful for even a Demon General. 

It is also because Mio went ‘I forgot to thank you for what you have done’ and forcefully added around 100 more times to the count. 

To think you could use strings like that… Mio, what a fearsome woman.

As for Tomoe, maybe because she is completely enthralled with her new sword, she didn’t seem to be that irritated by the conduct of Rona.

It must be possible because of her trust in Mio…or not. 

“I will take off your blindfold, so stop for a bit.” (Makoto)

“I will try.” (Rona)

She is staggering.

Not so hindering that it would make it difficult to take off her blindfold.

“It is a bit north of Kaleneon. You shouldn’t have any problems here, right?” (Makoto)

“That’s impressive. Yeah, no problem. Super long distance teleport… That Raidou himself had to personally come with me must be because of the magic power, huh. With that absurd magic power you have, you would be able to move from that ocean who-knows-where to the territory of the demons.” (Rona)

Magic power?

Aah, that.

It is a convenient misunderstanding. I shouldn’t retort to that and just leave it as it is.

“Well, there’s no problem with crossing one or two countries.” (Makoto)

“…That’s crazy. Well, I don’t think I will ever see it again, but I was shown the world of the deep sea, so I will at least believe it.” (Rona)

“It will be a long long time before the demons can reach the deep sea after all.” (Makoto)

I feel like the Neptunes here would get in their way after all. 

That’s the opinion of none other than Rona.

“Those are some fighting words. And so, I am really free from here on, right?” (Rona)

“Of course. Give my regards to Lord Zef.” (Makoto)

“…I see. I will at least express my gratitude. Thank you, Raidou.” (Rona)

“That’s rare. This may not be a necessary thing to tell you, Rona, but the tower ahead has been dropped by the Empire. Oh well, just be careful.” (Makoto)

“! Alright, then…” (Rona)

Rona raised her hand without looking back here, and ran into the expansive forest, concealing herself with the trees, and disappearing from sight. 

Magic power, huh.

I came here personally in order to confirm the momentum of the Empire.

The basic strategy of Tomoki is to preemptively rule the battlefield with high firepower from the sky. 

Has his strategy changed after the effects of his charm increased, or has it simply enhanced that strategy of his and it is still the same?

On the other hand, just how are the demons dealing with it? 

They are being pushed back, but even if they have the numerical inferiority, by seeing their actions, I feel like we should be able to tell a bit how they are thinking. 

After seeing and hearing, I can go back and ask for the opinion of everyone. 

I sniffed and confirmed just a moment ago, but it seems like the Empire is currently in the middle of invading further north.

Sorry, Rona, but I will go ahead of you and check out the state of the war.

“As for Kaleneon…next time, I guess. Its presence is still being hidden even in the march of the Empire.” (Makoto)

Maybe because it was a good move in the short run to have the Empire’s scout team disappear, there’s no shadow of the Empire’s army close to Kaleneon.

The Limia Kingdom that has already dispatched soldiers and has Senpai on campaign too are most likely more rational than the Empire.

Meaning that it is currently fine. 

A diplomatic relation improvement with the hyuman major powers this fast would be way too hard. 

“Now then…” (Makoto)

I teleport. 

Thanks to the foreign business team making a map, I am not troubled about where I should be teleporting. 

They have also checked the points where there’s no eyes of people. 

I arrived at a place close to where there were a number of skirmishes on the way. 

It has been around 3 minutes since Rona disappeared into the forest. 

I feel a bit bad for her. 


It isn’t long before they reach the place the demons seem to be using as their capital. 

The demons might be in much more trouble than I thought. 

From the attitude of Rona, I thought that they had a bit of leeway. 

Could it be that?

She has taken off her poker face and is now desperately trying to return to where her comrades are?

“Waka-sama, I have been awaiting your arrival.” 


I was told that one group of the foreign business teams was here.

“Sorry for suddenly saying I wanted to come here.” (Makoto)

If there are people waiting for me, I have to first speak to them.

This is not the time to be lost in thoughts.

“No, it is an honor to be able to report to you in person.” 

The Forest Oni leader of the team speaks to me. 

1 Forest Oni, 2 Winged-kin, 2 Gorgon. 


If I remember correctly, this person is…

“Ririto, right? You have reported to me about a different matter once before, right?” (Makoto)

“Eh, y-yes! We have spoken before directly about the matter of the Saber Cats!” (Ririto)

Yeah yeah, I remember now. 

I am glad I was right. 

“Ririto, Robal, Egi, Natsuha, Uduki; good work. I apologize for the suddenness, but can you please tell me the current situation?” (Makoto)

It seems like I was right on the names of everyone, they made slightly surprised expressions.

Well, if you ask me whether I can see the faces of each and everyone and call them by their names, I don’t think I could. 

But even I am trying my best to remember them all. 

What I can tell from a glance about this war, is that it has already turned into an urban area battle.

In other words, the Empire has already won the battle at the outer walls, and the demons will sooner or later lose this one. 

“Yes sir! As you can see, the Empire’s army has already entered the urban areas. That city will most likely fall to the hands of the Empire before the night comes.” (Ririto)

“Right.” (Makoto)

“That said, there wasn’t really an intense battle before things reached this state. The internal maneuvering of the Empire they are specialized in has proved useful here. Leaving aside whether to call ‘maneuvering’ using betrayals through Charm.” (Ririto)

“There were several charmed people even in a place this deep in the demon territory?” (Makoto)

No, if we consider the perfume that they released in Lorel, they could just have their infiltration agents spread it and have them go under the effect of the Charm, huh. 

I find it hard to believe that the Charm has planted its roots that deeply into the demon cities. 

Moreover, coincidentally matching the marching route of the Empire.

I suddenly felt a shiver run down my spine.

I remember that happening where…an adventurer had made a mess of Asora, and because of a lot of lucky events, she managed to escape to Tsige…

The heavenly luck of hyumans. 

Since then, I haven’t met someone with as ridiculous luck as her, but we are talking about the army that has the Hero as their lead. 

It wouldn’t be strange for there to be that factor here. 

But if you think like that, all reasoning and speculation would lose any meaning though.

“I don’t know the details, but with the arrival of the Empire’s army, conflict occurred in several locations of the urban areas, and hostilities happened.” (Ririto)

“…What about explosions?” (Makoto)

The Empire has apparently added explosives to their war tactics.

In that case, there must have been explosions in the conflicts inside the walls.

“There were. There were differences in scale, but there was one that got a direct hit on the outer walls, and opened a big hole.” (Ririto)

“I…see.” (Makoto)

Even if there are people infiltrating, is it really possible to bring that many explosives? 

Maybe Tomoki has a power similar to Item Box?

Destroying the outer walls is complete treason. There’s no doubt it was either a spy or someone charmed.

“At the time when the Empire army was about to arrive, they activated their blessings, and attacked the city just like that as if they were flowing inside. It felt as if they already knew about the chaos inside the city.” (Ririto)


“But…” (Ririto)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

I thought that was it, but Ririto continued. 

“I think there will be a small pause here, even for the Empire. The settlements they have downed until now were hurried constructions that one can’t expect much defense from, but this place, Bellgoat, is a long standing city of demons that has good enough outer walls. I think Gritonia will be making Bellgoat their base, wait for the reinforcements of Limia, and the support supplies of other countries before resuming their march.” (Ririto)

“Defense, huh. I see. That’s true.” (Makoto)

“Thus, it creates openings on them. If you give us a few days, we can enter and get even more detailed—” (Ririto)

“No.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Ririto)

 I immediately reject Ririto’s suggestion of gathering even deeper information.

“The Charm of Tomoki is dangerous. I would like you all to not get too close…” (Makoto)

“But…” (Ririto)

“Observing and reporting is enough. Even a Demon General was Charmed. There’s the off-chance something might happen. Also…” (Makoto)


“We have also obtained extra information from that Demon General. That’s why Tomoe, Mio, Shiki, and Tamaki are against going too deep currently. In other words, Asora has to be careful of the Empire’s Charm, understand?” (Makoto)

Ririto nods. 

I could also tell the other 4 agreed. 

Yeah, observing this city called Bellgoat from the hills around here should be safe from the Empire.

Even so…

Making this their base to wait for the Limia Kingdom, Hibiki-senpai, and the supplies, huh.

Ririto had convincing logic and opinions here 

But we are talking about Tomoki here.

I don’t know. I feel like it might be wrong.

Then, will they empty this place and continue their march on this momentum?

I feel like that would be too stupid…

“Then, we will cooperate with the other teams to maintain the current state and continue gathering information.” (Ririto)

“Tell the other teams that infiltration is strictly prohibited, and making contact with them is also strictly prohibited, okay?” (Makoto)

“I will tell them immediately!” (Ririto)

“I will be counting on you then.” (Makoto)

My business here is done. Let’s return to Asora for now. 

I also have a name for the new wakizashi. 

I am also interested in the information that Tomoe extracted from Rona. 


Even though I ended up knowing about the demons attacking the hyumans even when I didn’t ask for it, when it is the other way around, the information isn’t coming in.

I don’t know how to feel about this.

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