Tsuki – Chapter 451: It came unexpectedly indifferently

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The 2nd generation students have begun to not get involved in perfect arias and focusing more on the activation of the spell with the least amount of effort. 

I was told this by Shiki, but the 2nd generation students are clearly growing faster than the 1st generation students. 

I don’t know if it is because of the curriculum of me and Shiki, if we have gotten more proficient, or because of the existence of their seniors that are the 1st generation being a good influence on them, or simply that the 2nd generation surpasses the 1st generation in talent. 

It might be all of them, or maybe not a single one of them is right. 

I should have a proper talk with Shiki about that and see what brought this result. I would like to reach a conclusion soon.

“Too slow. Also, your choice of spell was bad. The two over there pass. The remaining ones will take the test again in the next class.” (Makoto)

Have them complete a spell in a set time. 

We have created a variety of situations and placed a number of conditions as we gave the 2nd generation the test. 

What’s being evaluated here is the selection of the spell used, the rate of the shortening, and the rate of the firepower decrease that comes with it. 

Those are factors that the 1st generation didn’t really learn in lectures but instead learned through mock battles. 

But they are things that test decision making and quick-wittedness, so we are properly explaining to the 2nd generation as we include it in the lectures.

By the way, only 2 have passed.

I wasn’t thinking everyone would pass with just one test anyways. Well, they are doing great.

…Now that I think about it, the 2nd generation has had less chances of mock battles compared to the 1st generation. 

It is also because I thought that it is okay to teach them in lectures and have tests for the parts that could be cut off, so you could say that’s an achievement from the 1st generation.

However…it is also true that the instincts of the 1st generation hammered through mock battles are better.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying the 2nd generation wait for instructions, but comparing the 1st and 2nd generation, they do have a slight air of wanting to be taught instead of learning themselves…

When it comes to adapting at the moment, the 1st generation would be superior, I guess.

There’s its own merits to making mock battles the main constituent?

Hmm, one more thing to think about for the lectures.

So vexing.

““Thank you very much!!””

“Good. Do your best in the next lectures too. Properly think about the pre-established conditions once more, and make sure to pursue the best option for each situation. That said, the next time will be a test with the same conditions. You can consult with your own circle, or lower your heads and ask the 2 who have already passed. Make sure to do your best to pass.” (Makoto)

Today, I was in charge of the 2nd generation’s test. 

Shiki is watching over Jin and the others. 

After the school trip, the color of their eyes have clearly changed even more, and they are working even harder in their lectures. 

I personally thought the learning here had already simmered down, so I was thinking about closing up the lectures with the preparations of the graduation in mind, but it looks like my plans have changed slightly here.

As for the Rotsgard Academy as a whole, it is already that time when people are aiming to scout the graduates.

Even though they are being highly coveted for, they are all still so passionate.

While I was tidying up and organizing the luggage, Shiki came back. 

“Sorry, Waka-sama, to have you do the clean up.” (Shiki)

“You came here to finish the lecture of Jin and the others, right? I am the one who made you wait. And so, how are they? Are there any signs of an end to the lectures?” (Makoto)

“None. At that rate, they might cling to the very near end of graduation.” (Shiki)

Shiki smiles wryly as he goes ‘good grief’.

That I can also feel the same amount of happiness in that expression of his must be one of the secrets for Shiki-sensei’s popularity. 

“This isn’t something a temporary teacher should be doing, but it might be better to announce a graduation exam and put down a line on it.” (Makoto)

“…They have long since passed the growth we originally had settled on. It is true that a graduation exam would serve as a good ending point. There’s the need for a knot after all.” (Shiki)

“Yeah, I think so too. You definitely would want something that says ‘I properly did all my lessons and have finished’. If they want to participate in the lectures after that…well, let’s just leave that to their own discretion.” (Makoto)

I think it is better to draw a proper line for stuff like retirements and graduations just like in the last tournament of sport clubs. 

Why? Because I myself am used to that in the sport clubs, so it feels too natural for me. 

I undo the barrier that I overlapped on the field we applied and borrowed for the lecture.

Alright, with this, today’s class is over.

“A fitting task for the current students…” (Shiki)

“We have to think whether we should have them do it as a party, or give tasks individually.” (Makoto)

Shiki and I walk the academy grounds on the path to our office. 

There’s already no wounds remaining from the incident in the academy.

The students are also regaining their everyday life.

The town as well. 

What’s different is the evaluation and impression towards the Kuzunoha Company, and how busy we are. 

“Oh?” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama?” (Shiki)

“Even though they should be in Bellgoat. What brings this?” (Makoto)

I sensed a rare presence. 

Moving at high speed in the sky and heading here.

It seems like Shiki hadn’t noticed yet, but he must have gotten on guard because of my state, he noticed soon after.

“Just what’s going on…?” (Shiki)

Shiki opened his eyes wide.

“I doubt they will be dropping them here, but I can’t read their objective. Sorry, Shiki, but protect the students and, if you have the leeway to, the state inside the academy grounds…” (Makoto)

“Leave it to me. What about you, Waka-sama…?” (Shiki)

“I will be okay. Counting on you.” (Makoto)

“Yes!” (Shiki)

The figure of Shiki disappears.

The luggage I was carrying also disappeared. 


Nice, Shiki! 

“Now that I think about it, Hibiki-senpai and the Priestess had come too. Of course it wouldn’t be strange for you to come too, huh.” (Makoto)

That’s fast. 

When I looked up, there was the shadow of a dragon.

The students grow noisy. 

It is bigger than the dragon I saw before, I think?

I thought the chances of coming here because of me were extremely low, but it looks like it is coming my way. 

Judging from the shadow on the dragon, it seems like they plan on jumping off here.

They could just land with the dragon, you know.

There’s a proper landing space for flying beasts in the Academy Town, you know.

“…What. It is you all of a sudden.” (Makoto)

“Heya, been a while.” 

“…Yeah, it has.” (Makoto)

“Does the Empire have time to come to a place like this?” (Makoto)

“Time? The Hero of the hyumans is visiting the Rotsgard Academy that’s nurturing the talented young ones who will support the future. Hibiki from Limia is also doing that, you know.” 

How to say it. 

It is true that I was uneasy about what kind of mental state I would be in if I were to meet him, but… 

I am indifferent to a surprising extent.

As if I am meeting after a long time with a classmate from middle school I wasn’t close to at all and only knew the name of.

Is it indifference, or is it just that so much has happened since then that we have both grown enough that we can talk calmly with each other?

It is certain that it is a mysterious mental state.

“You’ve got a point. Well, it must have been destiny that we reunited here in this way. I don’t know where you are going, but I can guide you…Tomoki.” (Makoto)

“You? Me?” (Tomoki)

“At the time when Sen—Hibiki-senpai came, I met her by coincidence as well. You are both heroes, so it is not good to make distinctions here.” (Makoto)

Yeah, this is a front. 

It would be troubling if you were to spread your Charm here and there.

“Is that so…” (Tomoki)

“And so, have you managed to control your Charm now?” (Makoto)

“Don’t just suddenly ask something that’s like trying to peek at someone’s hand. Are you sane?” (Tomoki)

“This place is my workplace in a way. Even if you are from the Empire, just try and spread your Charm here. It will get wild.” (Makoto)

“Wild, you say? As in?” (Tomoki)

“There will be a storm of complaints.” (Makoto)

“…Huh?” (Tomoki)

“It will be plain troubling. I am sure of that.” (Makoto)

I wouldn’t want to deal with that. 

Anyways, as expected of one of the only two heroes.

The students around noticed him and were frozen in shock.

This goes without saying, but the female students were welcoming him with cheers.

However, fortunately, it is not accompanied with Charm.

It is a pain to deal with the aftermath, so I am definitely not letting you spread your disease.

“I thought you were a psycho bastard that solved everything with violence, but you are suddenly playing the fool with nonsense.” (Tomoki)

How rude.

I did try to soften the mood, but I wasn’t playing the fool.

I won’t deny the violence part. 

It is true that I have had those moments. 

“The Empire’s Hero has suddenly come to visit. It wouldn’t be good for the academy grounds to be too tense. I am thinking in my own way, you know.” (Makoto)

“There’s no way I can’t properly act as a Hero. I have been standing on the stage a decent amount of time as a Hero, you know.” (Tomoki)

Saying that, Tomoki begins to respond to the surroundings with a soft and gentle smile.

…I see. It is the natural and beautiful practiced smile that an entertainer would show. 

A good amount of nobles and merchants have also learned it as well.

He does it so easily. 

Just how long do you think it took me to get that smile that doesn’t show my nervousness and ulterior motives?

Senpai also has that. Damn Heroes.

Damn it.

“…See?” (Tomoki)

“I have completely lost, Hero-sama. And so? Where do you have business at?” (Makoto)

He hasn’t used his Charm.

He hasn’t, but the smile of Tomoki has shown its power towards both men and women.

The place was covered with a favorable impression, and there weren’t any rude people who would get in our path.

Everyone was showing respect towards the Hero.

It is not only the title, appearance, and the smile, but how to say it, attraction?

Looks like Heroes really are on a different level.

“Hm? Well, it is more of an inspection as a whole. I will be greeting the principal first. Lily should have contacted them beforehand.” (Tomoki)

“That’s quite the rough plan you got there. Oh well, got it. Let’s head to the principal’s office.” (Makoto)

“…You were seriously intending on acting as my guide? I really can’t read you.” (Tomoki)


Speaking of which, the principal…what did they look like?

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